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Nausicaa, American Style


Classic Ghibli anime Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, or “Warriors of the Wind” as early releases were called, seems to yield some insight into national character by way of a comparison of its theatrical posters…

Above it can be seen with some of the original Japanese art.

The UK:




And finally, the American version:

Hopefully there is some mistake.

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  • Anonymous says:

    It’s not just the cover. They cut out 25 – 30 minutes of the movie. It isn’t even possible to understand the plot of the US version, they left the motif out. I think that’s why Hayao Miyazaki is so protective about his works and insisted to Disney not to edit anything in Pricess mononoke. They feared a too high age rating would hurt potential sales. (Nausicaa was created before the foundation of Studio Ghibli)

  • Anonymous says:

    I remember this horrible cover and dub… it was like 1984 or so… it was BAD. And of course the cover is completely wrong.

    Its a bad mix of DUNE – StarWars – He-Man’s Skelator and Pegasus?! W T F !

  • That is indeed the US cover for the movie. I’ve got it on VHS from like forever ago. It’s a great movie even in it’s hacked state, shows the quality of the product when you can hack it up and it’s still good.


  • RunnerRed says:

    as european mainstream media have been culturally infeoded for half a century to US’, it’s not surprising to have euro coutries follow that blindly the “primal” marketing techniques from US

  • Anonymous says:

    For those who want to know more about this history of this film:

    Miyazaki was livid over the changes the company made to the film. The cutting of the secret garden scene, the rewritten plot, music changes, and the title itself “Warriors of the Wind” were so angering to Miyazaki that he vowed to never let his movies get licensed overseas again. This is why it took Disney and a team of lawyers years of negotiating with Studio Ghibli in order to license his films – he told them to fuck off.

    In the end Disney won out, but it took suitcases of cash, a promise not to change _anything_ about the films except for the dubbing process itself, and absolute veto power by Studio Ghibli on all matters of script, casting, etc. (Ghibli once sent a katana to Disney with the message “no cuts” after an exec suggested changes to Princess Mononoke)

    • I love Miyazaki for stuff like that.
      I wonder why it was this film that gave him so much trouble?

      I remember reading somewhere that Miyazaki vehemently refuses to let any of his stuff be turned into video games, due to somebody making a game (on the MSX, I think) where you shot the bugs. He flipped and swore to NEVER let anybody do that again.

  • UncommonOtaku says:

    oh – OH!! this is so wronk!!

    Warriors of the Wind = was originally cut and edited by a bunch of western hillbillies who had no idea what the original Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind, was about.
    Which is why its such a screwed up farce. & WHY Miyazaki-san wants everyone to consider that that release never existed.

    I can appreciate what Nausicca means to Miyzaki-san, because he was the original artist & author of the original manga.
    What the Anime means to him as well, a lot of sacrafices were made to the saga of the manga, to make the anime. Which is why it doesnb’t follow the manga.

    But the mere fact that hillbillies messed up the anime in its first western release – is totally wrong.
    This does not need to be re-hashed and ridiculed.


  • Anonymous says:

    The American poster actually makes sense. They’re marketing to a completely different audience, one who was years away from taking a cute, action girl protagonist seriously. Now, something similar to the original poster could work, but they’d spark more interest with the action-oriented one.

  • lol I actually have the American VHS of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

    I used to watch it when I was little and then much later watched the “Disney” remake. The first dubbing was actually really good, they did a good job. When they redid the voices I was a little put off, but I thought it was still good though the first one I thought was better. All and all, good movie, and the Disney has parts that were cut out in the VHS, probably they were cut for time or … American BS reasons.

    As for liking a dubbing, all I can say is … “Haters gonna hate!” :3

        • Most of the top quality dubs that I can think of do come from the Ghibli Studio remakes. They actually get some good actors who have some experience and/or are good at dubbing.

          I will never forget the first few Ranma 1/2 seasons, man o MAN were they fun to listen to in English.

          Dragon-half was awesome because the actors literally went in the spirit of the show and were just as zany and over the top as the Japanese actors.

          Cromartie High and Cowboy Bebop are great too.
          Anabashi Shopping Arcade is also another favorite, crazy accents and all that I like.

          I agree that there are good dubbing. I hope I wasn’t misinterpreted as NOT liking dubs, I prefer them sometimes, because I don’t want to be read sometimes. All I said was that the VHS version I liked the actors who played them instead of the new Disney movie simply because of nostalgia, I own both and watch the Disney one because it’s a DVD and I don’t have a VHS player anymore.

          My “Haters gonna Hate” comment it to those who DON’T like dubs because … I really could care less what they think.

    • I believe the french version is even worse than the american, since the story was heavily changed.
      They took the american video, wrote another story, cut and re-build the movie.
      The story make no reference to Nausicaa, it’s something like the invasion of earth by some sort of alien.

  • Looking at Wikipedia, the American poster refers to a heavily edited version that was released in the 1980’s.

    “Many fans of Nausicaä, along with Miyazaki himself, dislike this version; Miyazaki suggested that people should put it “out of their minds.” Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki have asked fans to forget its existence and later adopted a strict “no-edits” clause for future foreign releases of its films.”


  • Anonymous says:

    Miyazaki suggested that people should put it “out of their minds.” Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki have asked fans to forget its existence and later adopted a strict “no-edits” clause for future foreign releases of its films. On hearing that Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinstein would try to cut Princess Mononoke to make it more marketable, one of Studio Ghibli’s producers sent an authentic katana with a simple message: “No cuts”

  • Anonymous says:

    This is why most american artwork for movies, anime, and video games FAILS. Someone punch out the guys doing this. They always never try to bring it even closer to the original. I’m American and I know the USA artwork SUCKS!

    • Anonymous says:

      This isn’t true. We made Kirby a badass.
      OK, I kid. It’s not really that bad but there are definitely some cases where they would replace much better artwork in a questionable move, and a whole lot of this happened in the period before it was safe to leave anime-styled characters on. We did however, give the world the surprisingly awesome Phalanx cover and the so-bad-its-awesome cover for the first Megaman title.

  • Anonymous says:

    No mistake. Before the official version on DVD came out, I actually watched Warriors of the Wind.

    They cut it up so bad. Not worth watching. I don’t think Miyazaki approved of this version.

    • That was pretty much standard practice back in those days, they pulled the same stunt with Macross. They didn’t care what the original story was, they’d just make their own to go with the animation.

      Always, always, always pissed me off, once I learned what the originals of the americanized abominations were like.

      • Kitsune9Tails says:

        Actually Robotech – Macross was not all that far from Macross the original. Only a few plot changes regarding the origins of the races and the song vs. human emotions being the deciding factor.

        In fact, I’ve seen both and Robotech has WAY better production values, IMHO (Better OP and ED and better sound editing and voice acting overall). Southern Cross looked boring on its own and was boring as a part of Robotech, and although I haven’t seen Mospeada, The New Generation series of Robotech was awesome, IMHO, even if it was different.

        So, YourMileageMayVary, I guess, depending on how hard a “only Japanese can do anything right” fanboy you are.

        • erochichi says:

          I am a 61 year old anime etc. otaku fanboy since 80s.
          I still think Japanese can do their own anime & other stuff best.
          You have to accept that. Americans can never come even half close. They don`t understand the effect of using kanji and how it creates very strong image memory for kanji writers and readers.
          So there will never be enough of ppl with good drawing skills in America, or other countries with simple writing systems.
          Why Chinese aren`t famous as good art drawers?
          Dictatorship. No freedom of expression.

        • “Better production values” is subjective. The opening and ending is basically clips from the series and a bit of the original openings. The voices being better is subjective too. If you ask me, the voices sounded like utter crap with exaggerated acting. That is my personal opinion. The originals range from okay to very good each on their own, but now Macross has more mythology to its universe, which I find much more appealing than Robotech, which I see as trash. But my opinion is just mine, of course.

          Considering the US version trash doesn’t have to come from believing Japan is The Land of Creativity and Innovation in all cases. There are cases in which animation from any part of the world can make for a far better and more fulfilling entertainment than Japanese animation. Still, your comment that owi2000 is a fanboy is unfounded. He only pointed towards his disgust to what he sees as a butchering of things that weren’t intended to be what they became.

        • erochichi says:

          There naturally was many in America very able to translate perfectly well from Japanese. But these video companies we`re poor, and they did not care about quality anyway.

          I have been otaku since mid-80s, i know the story how they butchered 3 different but somewhat similar anime series together.

          What i don`t like is Americans have very arrogant attitude to cultures of other countries and want to change things to suit their tastes, instead of trying to learn from others.

          This continues to some degree to this day, if we talk about anime adaptations.
          I think that well translated subtitles could suffice very well.
          But then it comes to lack of reading ability, even if it`s one`s own language…

        • Anonymous says:

          Honestly the robotech version of macross was way better than this. At least in that case someone gave a crap about the source material. Up until recently, all Japanese animation released on TV had some sort of extensive rewrite going on, but honestly it wasn’t so bad. I just hate that they had to make those sacrifices so Japan could hand us an endless parade of Moe pandering that’s completely unmarketable over here and generally not that original anyway (notable exceptions excepted of course.)

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah of course there were no Americans who knew Japanese in the 80’s…
          If you had bothered to get any clue what you are talking about then you’d already know Macross did not have enough episodes to run in U.S. syndication. Say what you will about them now but at the time no executive or investor in the U.S. market would have touched these things without extensive repackaging, and at least the medium got exposure in the process so that later on it wouldn’t seem like as much of a risk.

    • Anonymous says:

      The next film that Miyazaki let be released overseas was accompanied by a katana and the message “no cuts!”. Ghibli fans do not discuss the travesty of “Warriors of the Wind”!

  • Anonymous says:

    Granted, the Warrior of the Wind artwork was from the 80’s, and a company that has long since been defunct, and represented a time in western culture when female heroes and “nature feel good agendas” was considered hippie crap instead of “righteously awesome kowabunga!”

      • It would be impossible for western culture to see itself as it really is. The whole idea of western culture is a generalization. It’s made up from a lot of cultures with different views, values and ways of doing things in life. Western culture can’t be seen as it ‘really’ is, it doesn’t ‘really’ exist. Same goes for Eastern culture.

  • Huh?

    At least with the other countries’ releases the art looks mostly similar. It may not look anywhere near as good as the origional, but at least there was a sense of consistancy. With the American art, we couldn’t even keep that up! Not only does it look horrid, but it is the farthest away from the origional. (at least the other countries kept it somewhat similar).

  • This was actually my first “Anime” outside of Saturday Morning cartoon stuff… And I mean the “Warriors of the Wind” edit that I’ve heard most Anime fans are supposed to hate with a passion.

    I didn’t even think it was Japanese, since I’d also seen “Light Years” I thought it was a Euro / Heavy Metal style story that they just had a Japanese animation studio work out.

    I sure have a talent for liking stuff I’m supposed to (“Fashionably”) hate, no?

    I also like “Wizards” a LOT and that’s part of this issue ’cause I’d recently discovered Bode when I first saw it. Then I found out through his son that he hated the thing as a rip-off of “Cheech Wizard” that essentially ensured it’d never be animated professionally (modern amateur ones don’t count, but are nice) because the earlier movie would mess with it.


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  • Well americans love our military-pirahna complex, that’s for sure.

    What jumps out at me, though is the difference between the UK and France versions. Despite being the same image, one’s fuzzy and cluttered, and one uses contrast to make an artistic, yet effective poster.

    Way to go, Francoghiblis.

        • i read it as billion, if i misread that than my bad.

          and as for military spending, i can actually explain that to some extent. granted i fucking hate how much we spend.

          see what america strives for in its military isn’t sheer numbers, or fire power. but survivability. having the best gun, or the most fire power means shit if you have to constantly retrain soldiers.

          also from the military spending comes other positives, at least were r&d is involved. it may sound like you hear it over and over again, but benefits from military spending do trickle down. i wont go into it to much, mainly because i cant pull examples out of my ass but here is a hypothetical that can help you get the picture.

          lets say they were investing in shocks for cars so they can go over extremely rough terrain, and not need to worry about bumps causing something to misfire or detonate.

          they make a smooth as glass ride.
          consumers get a down graded version of that.

          they figure out satellites in space, we get direct tv.

          now like i was saying, them making a more bullet proof soldier will trickle down to us. weather it means that we have a new coating on car windows to make them more bullet resistant, to swat teams having better body armor.

        • Anonymous says:

          Don’t even know how we got into talking about the U.S. however, the U.S. economy has already been overtaken by the EU by about 2 trillion dollars relative to the GDP (gross domestic product, which is a measure of the countries overall economic output)

          Americans on the otherhand still love to claim first because the EU is technically not one country, and by the way of american counting, thats not fair.

          On the otherhand you a probably right, on the fact that both with keep their trigger hands steady for not atleast, but make no mistake, IF america defaults on its loans which is the sole proprietor of the U.S. Dollar bill, America will set a very swift chain reaction to its demise, starting with oil based on the dollar. (you should look up who else america owes)

          America may have military superiority at the moment, however a monumental amount of the supplies needed to maintain this armed forces, comes from where? you guessed it, along with many other foreign countries.

          Also please take into consideration America has a national debt that will exceed its GDP by 2011.

        • erochichi says:

          Alidan you seem not to understand. The US debt is not ONE Billion USD, but 1.400.000 times that. It makes 500.000 USD for every US inhabitant. Bite it again.
          It is money USA has loaned to keep it`s ridiculously expensive military going, and growing. It is not your fault, their propaganda machine has duped even numerous intelligent people.

          It is absolutely right to have a strong military to defend one`s own country, like in 1945-85, but thereafter the growth of military spending has gone through the roof.

          Add to that a debt of 960.000 x BILLION USD to Japan…
          They say Japan`s economy is in a slump. If it is, the reason is Japan has invested TOO MUCH in USA. The total economy of Japan is very highly on green. Now if those countries in debt to Japan could pay back for them little faster..that would make Yen YET STRONGER. No good.
          World`s economy is in very bad imbalance.

          This thread is of American illustrations of 80s anime releases. Horrible… i have nothing to say. American creativity today…R.I.P.

        • erochichi says:

          Sorry, but don`t misunderstand me saying this. I don`t hate USA or it`s people in general. But you must see US administrations have for long time had catastrophical bad behavior in what comes to country`s economy. Military spending has long ago surpassed the level which is needed for protection of USA, and military and it`s supporters give a shit how USA:s economy is going to suffer in long run.
          I can criticize China much more than USA:s different governments last 30 years or so, but the debt to foreign investors like China and Japan (-960.000 Billion USD) IS A REALITY. You can`t run away from that without very serious consequences.
          They naturally don`t demand payment in full on one occasion, but USA has to pay mortgages all the time, otherwise US Dollar will drop to zero in value.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Anon 14:25

          The reports of the demise of the American military are exaggerated. America accounts for 43% of the worlds total military budget. By comparison, China — the second biggest spender — accounts for 6%. Being willing to send troops into the line of fire is one thing. Actually *getting* them to the line of fire is another. China is presently in the *planning* stages of developing a blue-water naval force. They have zero aircraft carriers and a framework for what they’d like their navy to look like at some point in the next fifty years.

          Contrast that against America, with the largest naval force (and carrier force) in the world. Their fleet tonnage is greater than that of the 13 next largest naval forces in the world, combined. The bottom line is that in a war between continents separated by an ocean (whether invading or defending) you’re going to need naval support.

          If you want an even more jarring set of numbers, consider the following ratio: 40 to 1. That’s forty American nuclear warheads for each one belonging to China. I did see a statement several years back from a high ranking Chinese officer who felt that in the event of a full fledged nuclear war, China would likely be able to absorb a complete wiping of their seaboard still come out on top in a war of attrition due to their massive population base. To clarify, America has enough firepower to trigger an extinction level event sixty times over. How China intends to withstand that is beyond me; but hey, perhaps they have some secret plan in place to build vaults and stockpile Rad-X, so that they can take their chances with the bandits and rad-scorpions, hundreds of years in the future.

          Joking aside, of the countries that may possibly find themselves in an entanglement with America, China has the absolute least to gain from it, in that they would see a default on the trillions of dollars they’ve loaned to America and run the risk of radiation poisoning. The reality is that China is afraid of losing their control over the Strait of Taiwan. America, on the other hand, is flat out paranoid of everyone. Realistically, they need each other and accordingly, they’ll keep their sidearms in their respective holsters for the foreseeable future.

          China will become the world’s largest economy. There’s no doubting that. Your remark about the EU, on the other hand, is unlikely. Barring some sort of movie-grade catastrophe striking America, the projected course for world economies over the next fifty years shows China pulling into first place with 18.5% of the world GDP, America in second place with 16.5%, India in third with 12%. The EU is expected to compete with Japan and Indonesia to round out the top five. There’s a chance that the EU may not be represented in the top five world economies by the year 2050, as outlined by the world bank.

          All empires wind down with time and this may or may not be the last act of the Pax Americana, but like the poster above me has stated, we can expect at least 50 to 100 years before any massive change in the effect of America on the rest of the world.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon 14:25 has obviously never read a book on geopols or read a single graph available outside of propaganda… and I’m half-Chinese.

          China is catching up… economically.

          We are living in Pax Americana… and will for the next fifty-hundred years. Guaranteed.

        • Anonymous says:

          really? usa no.3? i love how all these foreign third world bitches get mad at my million dollar house and me buying up all their cheap shit. thanks for picking my avocados, and if you don’t someone in your immediate family probably does. lolz

        • Anonymous says:

          well for starters china can boycot usa if they dont pay up, that will prolly result in anarchy in the usa and government thrown over(seeing as everything on the shop shelves is made in china), if that doesnt work, then sorry china has more military power than usa and like cccp they are not afraid to send their troops in line of fire.

          or a softer approach would be to let their juan loose and see the usa sink along with their own debt value.

          usa is serioursly overestimating its position in the world, china has been no 1 for a while now, eu is steping on its heels and then usa comes as no 3