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Seiyuu Misaton Groped by Chikan “I Thought It Was a Friend”


Seiyuu Misato Fukuen, best known for her role as Yoshika of Strike Witches, has reported she has been the victim of a ride-by chikan attack.


She explained her ordeal in a series of Twitter updates:

This morning I was approached from behind by someone on a bicycle, and they suddenly grabbed my breasts.

It’s gross to know this kind of person lives in the neighbourhood. Had he had a knife he could have run me through easily – it makes me shudder.

Conspiracy theorists or yuri fantasists might like to know that at no point does she specify the attacker’s gender explicitly, although it can safely be presumed to have been a male by all but the most desperate.

She continues:

As an aside,  it was morning so I didn’t really realise it was a chikan at first, I thought it was a friend at first. 2 seconds later I was like “uHyaaaaaaa”!


Yes, friends who do that are annoying aren’t they? Anyway, I’ll stick to main streets for a while.

Just what kind of friends she keeps to arrive at this misapprehension is best left to the imagination.

Some have noted the irony in a seiyuu best known for portraying a lesbian nymphomaniac groper being herself beset by a groper – in fact 2ch speculates that “Yoshika was the culprit!”:


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