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Sankaku Complex Discovers Secret of “Groups”


Sankaku Complex’s latest feature in its ongoing upgrades is the introduction of things called “Groups,” which allow multiple users to create primitive tribal structures based around shared interests.

A recently formed Beako Fan Club provides an ideal introductory group for those unfamiliar with the concept.

Groups allow like-minded users to gather together, pool their activity streams, issue updates to the group, and discuss (shortly) their shared interest or otherwise in their own forum.

The creator of a group may choose whether the group will be public, with anyone free to join up as they please, private, with membership by invitation/request only and no non-member access to anything owned by the group, or secret, in which case not even the existence of the group will be divulged to non-members.

Group invitations may only be given to friends to prevent spam.

The creator of the group automatically becomes the admin, and has control over the group settings and membership, and may also promote admins and moderators as required.

The groups will be gaining their own forums (each group may have a public or private forum) shortly, and likely wiki functionality after that.

A list of all publicly visible groups on the site resides here.

All Sankaku Complex users are cordially invited to join the Beako Fan Club.

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