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Sankaku Complex’s Activity Stream Torrents Forth


The collective secretions of Sankaku Complex’s userbase have flowed together into the mighty “activity stream,” which allows users to keep track of anything their fellow users might be getting up to.

The Activity Stream tracks all user activity on the site. This includes comments, posts and social activities such as befriending. Forum posts will be fully included in a subsequent update.

The main feature associated with the stream is the ability to make “updates,” short messages which communicate some profound or utterly trivial thought on the part of the user – this can be done from a variety of places on the site.

Users can also reply to activity on the activity page, and continue threaded discussions there.

The Activity Stream can be viewed on a site-wide basis, as well as on a personal or individual basis, and the collected streams of a user’s friends can also be viewed.

The other important feature is the “Mention” system. Mentioning another user in the format “@username” anywhere on the site will be picked up in a list that user can access, so they will be able to keep track of anything intended for their attention.

Note that this must be used with the “username,” and not the display name – see a user’s profile page to find out the right name if in doubt.

All of these features can be accessed and modified from the new user profile page, and are linked to in the top menu.

Even more updates are still pending, with the next set to be user-created groups, due soon.

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