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Sankaku Complex Users Now Allowed Friends


Sankaku Complex users are now allowed to have something called a “friend.”

As part of the incoming updates, users with an account may now “make friends with” fellow users, upon gaining their approval.

This works by visiting the profile page of the target and clicking “add friend” – this will request friendship. The other party may generously accept the request, or callously reject it.

By default (this can be turned off in account settings), friend requests and acceptances will generate a notification mail to the appropriate party.

Once friends are obtained, a list can be viewed from the “My Account” menu, or from the user’s own profile. Additionally, the friends of other users can be viewed from the profile page.

As this may be a new experience for some, users are urged to be nice to their friends.

The primary use of the friendship feature will become apparent in the next update. See also the announcement regarding personal messaging and avatars.

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