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One Piece Seiyuu Arrested for Nude Blog Exhibitionism


A seiyuu from blockbuster anime One Piece has been arrested on charges of distributing obscene material after police took offence to pictures of the seiyuu’s nether regions posted to the seiyuu’s blog in order to highlight an interesting tattoo.

The pictures in question can be viewed by clicking here – those offended by the naked human form may find the content objectionable.

The seiyuu in question, 56-year-old Norio Imamura, had apparently posted the pictures to a personal blog because “I had been getting these tattoos gradually for 10 years, and since they were almost complete I wanted to show them off.”

The pictures had been on his site for some two months; police have arrested him on charges of exhibiting obscene images, which under Japanese law includes simple nudity.

There is suspicion that his management of a tattoo-themed gay bar in Shinjuku might have been the real reason behind his persecution at the hands of police; also, the tattoo and line of work he is in unsubtly suggest he may be involved with the yakuza.

Irrespective of his circumstances, that Japanese police apparently have nothing better to do than hunt people down for posting naked pictures of themselves online seems as good an argument as any for a reduction in Japan’s bloated public sector, and more importantly its oppressive censorship laws.

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