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The Blu-ray Debut of Haruhi Suzumiya


Haruhi’s Blu-ray debut sees her entire 28-episode anime packaged into an 8 disc set, even going so far as to include English language subtitles.

The set, covering the entirety of the TV anime and a number of live events, represents something of a departure from Kadokawa’s less than exemplary marketing of the franchise.

International fans are also being allowed to show their devotion – the entire set is confirmed as being fully subtitled in English, still an unusual act of accommodation.

The set is due on the 22nd of October, with pre-orders having already opened, only to see the set sweep to the top place in’s DVD rankings.

At around ¥30,000 for 8 discs and 28 episodes (650 minutes), along with a variety of live events (bringing the total to 1080 minutes), the set represents something of a bargain by the standards of Japanese anime pricing.

Fans looking for a copy, whether international or Japanese, can pre-order it now.

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