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Personal Messaging & User Profiles on Sankaku Complex


Sankaku Complex is introducing a number of new features designed to aid communication amongst users, starting with personal messaging, an enhanced profile system and a user avatar system, all of which can be accessed by the menu at the top of the page.

The new profile system allows users to build a more detailed and useful account profile than was possible before.

In addition to an account name, a display name and a series of personal profile options are provided, including an introduction, interests, country, and so on.

The member directory can be searched by these options – allowing, for example, users in a specific country or with certain interests to be located.

Those concerned about privacy need not be alarmed – all such fields are strictly optional.

Further elements of this system will be unveiled in the coming days.

New and existing users who may not yet have created an avatar are encouraged to do so – the process is as simple as selecting and uploading a single image file, and even cropping can be done easily on the site.

Users with Gravatars will find these can still be used, although they may not have been created with the requisite resolution (a 200px square is the largest used on Sankaku Complex).

The personal messaging systems allows instant communication with any registered user – simply send a message as desired.

Settings for disabling email notification and similar are available on the profile settings page.

The rules should be straightforward enough – no illegal activity, spam, or harassment of any kind will be tolerated.

All of the features, along with all previous features, are accessible by the menu at the top – this probably requires no explanation.

Finally, these are but the first of a series of much more extensive features to be introduced in the coming days – expect more soon.

Comments and feedback are appreciated and can be left in the comments below.

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