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Final Fantasy 14 PS3 Delayed by “Many Technical Problems”


The strain of porting the graphical finery of the PC version of Final Fantasy XIV to the ageing hardware of the PS3 appears to have proven too much for Square Enix – after delaying the PS3 version’s release to March 2011, 6 months after the PC version, Square Enix has admitted they are struggling with a host of technical problems trying to get the game running on the PS3.

Lamenting the delay, producer Hiromichi Tanaka frankly admitted the port was not going well:

“Yes, it’s a shame. We understand the wrath of players and the developers are sorry because they did everything they could to have a simultaneous release date, but unfortunately they have encountered many technical problems on the development of the game for PlayStation 3.

We strive to release the game as soon as possible. If possible, we would publish the game sooner.”

This from the man who claimed players “wouldn’t notice” any difference between the two platforms:

Q. Can you enjoy both PC and PS3 versions at the same quality?

A. They don’t really look all that different. There’s no “3D Surround” [Nvidia multimonitor 3D gaming], of course. The textures are a quarter the size, and the resolution halved, but you won’t really notice.

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