Panty & Stocking: “My Name is Panty, & I Love Having S*x!”


Gainax’s upcoming anime “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt” is proving to be even more idiosyncratic than it looks, as readily evidenced in the below manga:


“I’m Panty and I really love having s*x with guys… but this week the guys are pretty limp. They’re all being taken in by some bad p*ssy.”


“Octopus Vagina” vs Panty – Panty: “This is a se* showdown!”

“I won!” – “And for dessert I will have a meal of more *ex”

This source of this curious manga is not clear (a manga adaptation is due to start in Young Ace in several months however), leading those anticipating the series to adopt attitudes ranging from disbelief to horror and of course sheer delight.

Just what it implies for the content of the actual anime is a matter of speculation.

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