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McDonald’s Burns Customer’s Car for Complaining


A customer disgruntled at being denied a free gift with his McDonald’s meal had his car burnt to ashes by an even more disgruntled employee, so he “wouldn’t have to go back to the shop.”

The incident began when a 35-year-old man visited a branch of the fast food giant in Fukuoka.

After ordering his meal, he was perturbed to find no free gift had been included (this was probably either a free World Cup Coca Cola glass, a Pikachu or a small generic small plastic toy), and made this known to the store manager.

He would later phone in with repeated complaints about the employee responsible.


The manager apparently rebuked the offending employee, and later had him pay a visit to the customer’s home to make a grovelling apology in proper Japanese fashion. Even this did not settle matters with the aggrieved customer however.

He resolved that he had no choice but to set fire to the customer’s car, and to this end went to his house with a kerosene soaked blanket, threw it under his car and set it ablaze. The car was completely destroyed in the blaze, along with part of the customer’s roof.

Police soon arrested him on arson charges.

Admitting to his crime, he remarked that “I was scared of what my boss would say, so I figured if I burnt his car I wouldn’t have to go to the shop again.”

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