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Police: “Chikan Guilty Until Proven Innocent”


A man accused of groping a schoolgirl on a train was exonerated in court by forensic tests of the alleged victim’s pantsu which could find no trace of his DNA, but in spite of a not guilty verdict police still refuse to acknowledge this “unexpected” outcome, and are considering an appeal.

The 35-year-old Saitama prefecture man found himself accused of groping a schoolgirl on a packed rush hour train, and police rapidly charged him.

Unlike untold numbers of other falsely accused men, rather than accept the charges and plead guilty, he resolved to fight the charges, but he soon found that, unlike in normal criminal trials where defendants are innocent until proven guilty, when accusations of sexual assault are levelled against a man he is expected to prove his innocence to courts.

His alleged victim claimed he had put his hand up a skirt and copped a feel, causing him to be arrested on the spot. Strenuously denying the charges from the outset, police still prosecuted on the girl’s word, with prosecutors saying “We can trust the word of his victim when she says ‘I caught the hand of the person who groped me'”, and seeking a ¥400,000 fine.

Such a case would normally result in a conviction, but astonishingly the accused was able to prove his innocence – DNA testing of the alleged victim’s pantsu failed to demonstrate any match between material found and samples taken from his hand, and forensic tests of fabric residue were unable to find any trace of his garments on her clothing.

Under just what circumstances the girl’s pantsu and uniform were taken by police is not described.

The court found him innocent – he reportedly wept for joy at hearing the verdict.

However, police are still considering appealing the verdict, on grounds which can only be guessed at.

A lawyer involved in one of the rare cases of successful defence against chikan charges relates the prevailing police attitude:

“Police will proceed with a prosecution even if they don’t have sufficient evidence.

Despite all the attention false charges of groping are attracting, police and prosecutors just don’t care. Even in this case, although the objective evidence was enough to demonstrate his innocence, the prosecutor still said it was an ‘unexpected verdict.'”

With some men driven to suicide by brutal police handling of such cases, pressure is most certainly mounting.

A support group for victims of false accusations is even more scathing:

“The police should know the results of their tests on the fabric and DNA. But in spite of this they are still considering launching an appeal against the innocent verdict!

They’re actually denying the results of their own forensic testing, which they claim to have absolute confidence in!”

A candid police source reveals their thinking about the issue:

“The base criminals responsible for these attacks are nothing but lies and excuses from start to finish, it’s a real shame their victims are put through this. If there’s nothing at stake for either party, our assumption must be that ‘the chances of him being the perpetrator are extremely high.’

We don’t just blindly accept the woman’s testimony, but with our hatred of this despicable crime,  in the end I suppose it comes down to ‘contempt for men.'”

Recent years have seen courts become increasingly concerned about seeing actual evidence of such crimes provided, but in the end it remains impossible for male commuters riding Japan’s overcrowded trains to avoid contact with female passengers, and when accidental contact does occur proving  it was not intentional is a virtual impossibility.

It would appear that travellers on Japan’s rail network unfortunate enough to be male must still prepare for the worst in the event of being convicted on the basis of the infallible testimony of a woman in a packed train.

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  • And they wonder why the birth rate is going down. They’ve got half the male population in jail and about 39 percent of the remaining half are only into 2D women, which consider all this chikan business, I can’t blame them. Also about 79 percent of women in Japan have no/little interest in sex with Japanese men (now that the worlds opened up, Japanese dicks just aren’t big enough). So we have about 21 percent of the male and female population of Japan producing and raising kids.

  • Anonymous says:

    its amazing, no adays they can get dna evidence of a dry finger print or or natural oil on someones skin…japan sucks! i cant imagine a country where you can be tryed for the same crime multiple times…the 5th amendment in the consitution prevents that in america

  • Anonymous says:

    DNA of the panties from someone groping them for 10 sec? LOL? Isn’t it obvious what’s really going on?
    Just try imagine the scene and the policeman going:
    “Hey miss, you said you got groped? Can you please give us your panties? We need them for evidence!” …

  • A lot of this esp after reading Anon 14:13’s link The police seem have their hands tied by a broken system.

    As for girls yelling Chikan when no grouping occurred it might be a good idea to remember the story of the boy who cried wolf.
    Eventually the police will simply start ignoring such claims knowing they are probably false and then someone will get raped but no one will believe her.

  • Anonymous says:

    There was an anime recently that had this in it at the start and it was very funny. But in Japan I believe the only solution is for guys to dress up in drag and really look like a very cute gurl plus do the holding 2 book trick thing that makes some girls look really cute. Thats the only way they will get by plus be prepaid to scream in an ultra high voice if some girl starts getting too close. /lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Correction: That’s the solution only for lightweight androgynous guys.

      Some 300-lb otaku’s only at best going to look like a 300-lb girl. Do we need more of that? I kinda think not.

  • Anonymous says:

    I know that all those human rights things haven’t been very good friends lately but this is literally what international human rights were made for.

    To protect people when their government is being unjust.

    In this case if the appeal goes and he’s declared guilty he could go towards the international court for a bigger appeal.

    I think this is awesome. There was bound to be at least one japanese with the balls to fight for his case and his innocence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Japan is not bound by the judgments of an international court unless it has agreed by treaty to be bound by such.

      Even then, international human rights regimes (like the ICJ, or UNICEF oh noooooooooo) tend to concern themselves more with ethnic cleansing and the abuses of multinational corporations than people who are at least privileged enough to ride the train every day.

  • Anonymous says:

    Happened to me once, the girl was pushed my way by the crowd and I had no time to act. I tell you, I’ve only been that close in that position when having sex with my girl.. I apologized for my lack of agility but she was very sensible and said it wasn’t my fault smiling and praised the fact I was apologizing (not a common fact).

    I must confess I was relieved she got stuck to me. Better than having smelly men rubbing on you u.u

  • Woman need to shut the fuck up over minor stuff like being touched in a crowed train. If you don’t want to get wet, don’t swim. It’s the basics, god damnit.

    Also, it can’t be that difficult to just turn around, when being touched.

      • Like I said, if you don’t want to get wet, don’t swim. But.. turning around is always possible. If you can’t even manage that, you couldn’t get on/off the train to begin with. Also, to completely repeat myself, woman need to shut the fuck up about minor stuff like being touched. It’s not like they are getting raped.

  • Anonymous says:

    For all the asshats saying “ride the women-only cars!” how about just demanding a society in which women aren’t groped, raped, or otherwise molested for having the audacity to leave their homes in anything less than a burka.

    Also, I know 90% of the posters are terrified of 3-D girls and think that all of us are money-grubbing, fat, ugly bitches, but if you access the non-stupid part of your brain, you’ll be able to see the complete lack of logic in your implications that all reports of sexual harassment are made by “feminazis” and/or attention whores.

    But oh right… this is the Internet and Sankaku Complex.

    • > For all the asshats saying “ride the women-only cars!” how about just demanding a society in which women aren’t groped, raped, or otherwise molested for having the audacity to leave their homes in anything less than a burka.

      I do demand that. And I still oppose to giving every woman free right to demand my money by pretending I assaulted her, then crush my life I if can’t/don’t want/out of amusement now she has what she wanted.

      That’s pretty much the trick with the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ trick. It’s annoying to let a guilty party go free out of lack of proof, but that’s one wrong. The reverse is two wrongs, and harder to socially accept.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe cause a good deal of you are attention whores and feminazis? I mean, just look at all these recent anti-man inventons, like the reverse condom that shreds your penis, or the chikan stamp. Look at all the laws and how they’re biased against men, how a woman gets half the time for a rape, if that. Look at all the women’s days, where only women get discounts, or the women only scholarships.

      It’s hard to be a man and not like most women in this day and age, and it’s as such because of you feminazi attention seeking whores making us out to be infinitely worse than we are. You think just because we have more testosterone than you that we’re all violent wife beaters, and it’s obvious that’s the case cause of recent studies showing the power of suggestion, where if you know what’s being injected is testosterone you act like violent whores, but if you’re not told you actually become calm and concentrate better.

      Here’s an idea, how bout you all stop falsely accusing innocent men? How bout that for a change. The world is only as bad as you assume because you think it is when it is not. Yes, bad things happen, but feminazis and the media try to paint a picture that all men are blood-thirsty thugs and women are the superior gender, so I say fuck all of you.

      • Anonymous says:

        The reverse condom is to prevent rape, genius. If you manage to get a woman to screw you willingly, then she won’t be wearing one. It’s not anti-male, it’s anti-rapist and anti-molester. Unless you are trying to say that all men are rapists and molesters, in which case you’ve proved extremist feminists to be correct in their rhetoric.

        While I understand that you’re probably just some otaku with Mommy-issues who has never had the courage to deal with women outside of the 2-D, under-14 world of anime there’s really no excuse for such a limited world view. Try meeting women who aren’t yaoi-paddle wielding fatties or cosplay attention-whores and you’ll be surprised to find that most of us like and support men, we just would prefer not to get raped or groped while trying to go about our business. And equal pay for equal work. That’s also good.

        • This is the reason why Japanese women have a hard time be taken seriously when they claim they been rape, and touched the wrong way.

          Because thanks to “feminazi attention seeking whores” most cases police do take it seriously but in the case of a Japanese College women who was gang rape they didn’t take her seriously what I am saying thanks to women who think its funny to lie about being touch or rape real victims are not being taken seriously.

        • Anonymous says:

          Apparently you haven’t heard of the women using those anti-rape condoms inside of flesh lights before. Some women seem to think it’s a funny joke to use that kind of crap to harm a guy just cause they don’t focus all of their attention on them, not much unlike the one who put glass wool in her boyfriend’s blow up doll. Yes, not all women are feminazi attention seeking whores, I’ll admit that much, just go out to more rural areas and you’ll kinda see that, but it seems the closer you get to big cities the more stuck up they all are.

          Also, the anti-rape condom is a terrible idea imho, cause all it would do to most rapists is just piss them off even more and increase their chances of getting killed, so the only “reasonable” use would be as a prank against someone else. It’s like kickin a bear in the balls, all you managed to do was piss it off.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    New World Order agenda.
    Modern women who seek to destroy men.
    Justice by points.

    This is an assault against the male. They want to turn us into ineffective, feminine weaklings. They especially love giving a woman more power than a man, degrading a man in front of a woman. A man crawling for a dominatrix is almost “Saturday Morning Cartoon” material, but reverse the roles it’s pornography that can get one arrested in some countries. (like Britain)

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        You don’t get it, deliberately I think…

        Ever heard of “Divide and Conquer”? One of the New World Order’s oldest tricks. In this insidious case it’s “Liberating” and “Protecting” women at the same time while “Marginalizing” men but at the same time treating them all as “Dominant Aggressors”…

        And it’s what was used to break the black man. Have him beaten in front of a woman, especially if its somehow set up to be at her whim.

        That actually might be a neat defense the next one can use; “Are any MEN left in the world? Or has our great nation fallen to the REPTILES that wish to enslave us all!? To let women be slutty jezebels that then scream for help when they are fondled as they sluttishly wish…”

        Prolly wouldn’t work, but it’d make whoever yelled it a “Man’s Hero” then his accuser and possibly his JUDGE could have images of them posted all over Tokyo declaring “Enemy of Japanese men! Agent of the New World Order! Slave to Reptiles!” and they’d find things more difficult…

        • You fail anon trolls have some balls calling Gor a troll. He makes more sense than most other people on here, if not everyone else.

          The feminist groups draw support and funding from politicions, so do the police, so them working together to strike a little fear into the people isn’t much of a jump. If you sheepify the masses, who would stand up to you?

          Its all political tactics to make the politicions supporting the efforts look good come re-election time. So when a politicion blasts an alleged “groper” accused by the feminazi and arrested by the cop, he tends to look good, and both sides get money in the pocket.

  • The guy had the balls to fight this in court unlike the other guy who kill himself the police won’t let this go because evidence prove him innocent.Sound’s to me they really hate this guy for being right when the police can’t admit they were wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s Japan in a nutshell. Always going by the book and unable to look at the bigger picture; cowards who don’t have the balls to face evil even if it stood right in front of their faces.

      • Hmm. That’s human who got used to an easy life in a nutshell. No ‘modern’ country do better in that account. Admittedly, the strange fetichisms of Japan make for interesting stories when that happens.

    • The charges would dissappear, the police usually don’t try to fuck over one of their own. So they’d tell the girl to beat it or go to jail for 3 weeks on no charges…plus beatings and many more unmentionables that happen in japanese police custody.

    • Not implying the Universe could exist as such with me actually having a girlfriend accepting my grope, but…

      How come I could not be accused of this crime if I was constantly groping my willing partner? Would the laws of physics be so bent that somehow a censorship magic would then prevent anyone from pronouncing words forming that kind of accusations?

  • master-evil says:

    ………………………………………………………………………………………………….. for a second more brain cells died after reading……………………………………………………………………………………….. ok the only time the police do “innocent until proven guilty” is when the criminal is someone they know or is related too other then that it has always been “guilty until proven innocent”, if i remember correctly everywhere your hands touch (everything no matter what it is) leaves behind dead cells and finger prints, so OBVIOUSLY when you test and find nothing it is suppose to PROVE that the person is innocent but stupidity is so great that they want the INNOCENT guy. I think the only reason they are appealing is because unlike have the other innocently accused, this guy actually decided to fight and not pussy out and allow them to ruin has life but of course if you fight back they fight back harder, if you don’t fight back they destroy you, i hope that all of this ends but just like every where else the police are just as bad as the criminals >__>

  • Anonymous says:

    If you are gonna be accused anyway is better to just grope the girls, after all at least you will have couped a feel. I would go for the 12 year olds, but that is my preference.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok so the solution to groping charges is grab the policemans weapon and start killing people left and right then get killed by a police sniper.

    I don’t get why the falsely accused chikans commit suicide instead of murdering a few cops, taking hostages then stand near a window so they can get their heads blown off.

    They die either way, but at least they can take a few of their persecutors out with them.


  • Anonymous says:

    Government and rail system is obviously good at tackling the problem.
    – High risk of false charges,
    – Heavy consequences on male side,
    – Do nothing about it.

    Last I read, that’s safety regulations fail.

    Also, I thought Japan introduced “Female only” train carriages for a reason. Females going into packed mixed carriages are asking for it.

    • Most of those money sucking woman is only targeting the male for their money even sometimes if the male just accidentally push her a little she claim that the male already grope her.

      So what can we male do? Sit down and cry because we are born with a rod in the middle of our balls.

      • Actually, theres a defence against this, although its a bit…morally debatable. If shes carrying a bag and isn’t paying attention to your hands, drop your wallet into her bag and ask the police to search her bag.

        It works, my friends have done it when they’ve tried to pull this shit against them. It may be wrong to do it, but its wrong to fake groping charges.

  • Eriol-kun says:

    This isn’t anything new, really. It has been studied countless times. There is even a very interesting movie/documentary done in 2007 called それでもボクはやってない which outlines the case of a young citizen undergoing the same case. It has a lot of insight into Japanese legal procedures, I recommend it as a watch if you are ever planning to travel to Japan or are simply interested in the Japanese judicial system.

  • Eriol-kun says:

    Not surprising.

    This has been studied countless times. There was even a greatly educational film done about this in 2008, named それでもボクはやってない that documents the trial of a young man that gets labeled a chikan by a schoolgirl, when he never did anything. Check it out, it shows just how messed up the Japanese judicial system can be.

  • ilovecutegirls says:

    Sometimes I don’t get it, woman just bullshit men and then go to the police just to get money off the men when most of them are innocent yet they are still accused, if the girl is ugly charges should not be pressed LOL

    • Nah, they will still do this shit even if you had no hands at all. I feel bad for this guy, hes been proven innocent yet is still being hounded by the police. Just goes to show you that the police shouldn’t be trusted, and how corrupt the judicial systems are to even allow this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh, wow, cool. Now the only thing you need to do to get jailed is to ride the same train schoolgirls do! That’s justice for you- no evidence required, those used-pantsu selling semi-whores could never tell a lie, could they?

    Remind me to NEVER ride Japanese trains, if I ever do come to Japan.

    • Anonymous says:

      We don’t know jack shit if the guy is actually guilty or not, no DNA on the pantsu hardly is proof he didn’t grope her, nor do we have any proof that he did. It’s kinda funny how most of the comments here start whining about women lying etc while what this story mostly show is how fucked up the Japanese police and judicial system is.

      Then again, I got the feeling that most commenters here would still be on the guys side even if he was actually groping her..

      • Shiro_Amada says:

        But of course! What did you expect?
        We’re on the guy’s side ’cause most of us ARE guys, and ’cause we’re (mostly) n33ts with women being no more than a pain in the arse for us!


        The women… You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them…

        • Anonymous says:

          I expect sanity and rationality from most humans beings, not hypocrisy and inane behaviour.
          Ofc, since this is the net, I’m not surprised seeing people turn complete fuckwads, anonymity tends to do that to some people. Still, one cannot help to notice, you and the feminazis deserve each other.

    • As sad as that is…its so true, hell its worse if your a foriegner. Never ride the trains unless you have to, and if you do find yourself a car with no schoolgirls in it.

      I’d rather walk on foot in Tokyo than ride the trains.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a fucked up world!

      Well, offence is the best defence. Let’s see how the cops work it out if a guy calls a girl a groper. Wonder if the girls will be ‘guilty until proven innocent’.

      And those feminists still think they need more ‘rights’. Fuck them! Make me a sammich!

    • Shippoyasha says:

      Really sad really.

      If you think about it, this isn’t bad only for the men, but the women as well. It’s bad for the men because they get broadly stereotyped without the ability to make a solid case if it was a contentious groping incident. On the second hand, women who are actual victims of sexual incidents gets marginalized as gold diggers or crying wolves when they may actually being victimized.

      I kind of understand how this dynamic works, because I just don’t get any slack for being pretty big for an asian guy and you won’t believe how much vile look-backs from women I get. This honestly can’t be good for male-female relations for these scam artists to make light of all this.

      • Anonymous says:

        If it makes you feel better, the typical Sankaku goon would rail and screech against ‘feminazis’ (who, as we know, are bad because of all their railing and screeching,) groper story or no groper story.

      • cupcake_deluxe says:

        This! It sucks when articles come out like this and it’s time for the comments to bash all women. So annoying. 🙁 But what’s wrong with tall Asian guys? (lol I had a crush on one from a podcast) Unless you make a scary face, I don’t see what’s worthy of vile looks.

        • Most comments do *not* bash all women, but do bash women *at fault of these kinds of things*.

          I know it’s hard to tell your feelings to get the difference. But the difference is here, plain hard matter-of-factly.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          Oh trust me, cupcake. I actually think I’m far more mellow than most people I know but I get vile looks from everyone. And it seems women just don’t like the idea of seeing a big, tall asian guy.. It’s like people have this preconception that asian guys are always short.

    • Anonymous says:

      You guys are missing the point and are placing the anger at the wrong target.

      Firstly, the woman does not get the fine duh…

      Secondly, the ones pushing for the conviction is the police!

      ( We are not arguing the fact whether he is guilty or not, but the way the police is handling the case.)

      I can’t believe there are people stupid enough to think that the public receives money from court fines… It is a fine you know? Different from compensation… *facepalm*

      • Anonymous says:

        Criminal charge and civil charge. They’re(Woman) waiting for the criminal charge to be sentence on the man in order to strengthen their civil case. Harder to prove his fault for mental damage on civil cases alone if they can’t prove he did it. If he’s criminally sentenced then it “proves” he did it.

        • no, being drunk is ok. but being disorderly and drunk isnt.

          its hard to explain but i asked a cop about this once, because its illegal to drink in public and its (i thought) illegal to be drunk in public, than why the fuck inst alcohol illegal.

          basically what she said was the drunk and disorderly is when they do something bad in public, its like a modifier. say, pukeing in and of itself isn’t bad, and many will show concern for you. but being drunk and pukeing you are able to be fined for your dumb ass behavior even though its pukeing its different circumstances.

        • Admittedly the Japanese police is a WTF here. That doesn’t mean a woman is not to be blamed for falsely accusing a man until he gets arrested, whatever the reason is.

          (Now if the woman is drunk and does retract accusations later, I’d blame the police 99.9% for not dropping it. You’re not supposed to wander in public areas drunk, that’s not even legal. But society accepts it as a minor offense.)

        • Take a look at the last story like this (too lazy to go back for a link), where the girl falsely charges the guy and her friends beat him up. Then he was arrested and charged with the crimes, but then the girl said she was drunk and it didn’t happen but they still pressed charges.

          So even if you didn’t do it, and even if the other side tells them the same…it doesn’t mean shit to the japanese police.

        • Anonymous says:

          If that girl came up and admit she made it all up or concede that she might have mistaken the guy groping her I doubt the police will be able to further pursue this case.

          If the police are willing to appeal, I’m sure that the girl keeps saying that, without doubt, that guy groped her.

        • Anonymous says:

          The women might or might not bring up a civil case afterwards but that is not the thing we are talking about is it? We are talking about how horrid the police is handling the case. They are the ones who are pushing the case.

          This just feels like retcon… Trying to push the argument after being proven that there is a fault in your reasoning. Just drop it; you are a dumbass for arriving at that conclusion.

      • They might offer to settle down for monetary compensation, and pretend they never did and let the prosecutor go ahead if denied the free money.

        I’m sure a lot of different situations happen.

        Then again, women have their women-only trains carriages. Men can walk female-deserted streets.

        • I think it shows the media bias that they refer to the girl as ‘the victim’. This actually assumes a crime occured.

          It’s one thing when something is obvious (like obviously there is a murder victim if you find a corpse) but with other crimes like this, we should say ‘the accuser’.

        • GuhROOgaTRAVIS says:

          The prosecutors are seeking the fine, not the girl. Reread the sentence. The prosecutors are just quoting the girl’s words, but are the ones seeking the fine. Both of those bits of information are in the same sentence, so I can see how you were confused. Plus, law doesn’t work like that buddy.

        • Anonymous says:

          So not only do we have femnazi’s we have femenazi’s. Considering Japan as well it’s likely that the girls are the largest perverts in all these cases, i mean they sell their pantsu, their underwear, themselves, they shorten their skirts, in a lot of cases it has to be bear baiting, but probably in just as much cases they are the criminal, but what stops the girl ‘copping the feel’…?

        • Anonymous says:

          “Nothing at stake for either part”

          Well, the girl was aiming for a ¥400,000 fine, I’d say that mean there is something she wants with the case.

          What if he claimed she was trying to pickpocket her? I heard that would make the girls change their accusation pretty quick.

          “Oh, eh… maybe I was wrong… umm… I, am late for… eh… something… gottago!”

        • i would carry a concealed 2 inch blade, assuming such a thing isn’t illegal in japan, or at worst a box cutter. if im going to be accused of a crime and me life is going to all but end ill slit the bitched thought and than my own.

        • Anonymous says:

          That is true MasterYuke. Otherwise how are innocent people sent to jail even when no one set them up?
          Also instead of committing suicide I would rape the bitch or if she’s ugly pay someone else to rape her.

        • Japanisokay says:

          Well, it’s funny because I’ve heard plenty of stories about how girls will try to report rapes and be laughed at by the police in Japan. And yet in these cases it’s the men who are presumed guilty. What a world!

        • Everyone is guilty until proven innocent, even when they say it is the opposite. The truth is that if you are sent to court for a crime you did not commit, you are still going to jail just because something illegal happened and they don’t want to have to search for the real perpetrator.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok we’ve got women only carriages, make men only carriages as well then. Make a system where you can dynamically designate train segments to gender based on time of day and estimated travellers.

    Voila problem solved. Oh wait most women fly into hysteria at seeing the word “Men only”

    This whole women = princess crap needs to go.

    • master-evil says:

      Actually when men ask for men only trains they will be called gang rapist. If you want to fix groping then show some mothafucking EQUAL rights. Sure it cost money but hell all the innocent guys who would be faisly accused for money or fun(yes some do it for kicks)would be much safer but not everywhere would get this, so it will only decease the innocent bystanders…

    • I dont know about train carriages, but there -are- men only capsule-hotels. Actually I think that the majority of capsule-hotels are male only.
      Doesnt have much to do with the subject at hand…just using it as an example that there are men-only things besides bathrooms as well.