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Men Complaining of Male Discrimination “Gang Rapists”


A feminist politician has denounced men complaining of sexual discrimination at the hands of women as being nothing more than “gang rapists” who “should be ashamed.”

Yoko Tajima, a former Social Democrat member of the Japanese House of Councillors known for outspoken feminist views and appearances as a TV “talent,” spoke out against men complaining of unfair treatment at the hands of women.


Speaking about criticism of the increasingly controversial “women-only” carriages in operation on various Japanese rail lines, which have been criticised as forcing men in overcrowded carriages whilst women enjoy substantially less packed carriages, she denounced men with the temerity to complain about unequal treatment as being “the same as gang rapists”:

Some have been complaining that women-only carriages and women-only discounts represent sexual discrimination against men…

Isn’t the reason we have those carriages because of men? Before they start quibbling over such things, they should do something to root out the perverts amongst themselves!

Things like “ladies day” are there to help reverse the low incomes women have. They should be sympathetic, but instead they turn around and complain – this is sheer cruelty.

It’s the same as gang rape! You’ve no chivalry, you should be ashamed!

The irony of a feminist complaining of a shameful lack of chivalry amongst men hardly bears mention.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Seems that she doesn’t only look dumb …
    actually I think there was a study in some land relating the unreasonably high percentage of females going to an university compared to males to the increased and females only focused sponsorship and aid provided by goverment and institutions. Wouldn’t surprise me actually – I mean if I compare what some of them had to do to get best marks it was rather easy sometimes compared to the work I had to do. This doesn’t mean that they were better – but they at least had better marks…

  • Anonymous says:

    frankly I agree to an extent we should whine less and its clearly done due to groping which really isnt something that should happen if blokes did more about that then it would be a problem or a need for separation.

  • Anonymous says:

    They’re always bitching about this. Nobody is restricting them from doing things. Want to make the fastest car in the world? Go ahead. Want to cure cancer? Go ahead. Etc. BUT the problem is that they fully understand that they can’t do shit, so they bitch about it and want us to do more and more for them.

  • Anonymous says:

    The thing they call ‘equality’ these days is basicly nothing more than favouring of women. As long as they try to enforce equality in such a way, real equality will never exist.

    If you want to know what REAL equality of genders looks like, watch ‘G.I. Jane’.

  • Anonymous says:

    >>they should do something to root out the perverts amongst themselves!

    How about rooting out the lying women looking to make money by falsely accusing people. That would certainly deflate grievances.

  • Anonymous says:

    psst not to be big headed, as an asian in europe i still manage to have girls coming over to me and stuff in clubs. Amongst them, there are some that are unpleasant and i rather not to be seen with. Do i tell all the girls to “root out the sluts amongst themselves?”… pervertness is man’s nature, even if u r gay, u just drool over men instead, why dont we have a gay carriage? Silly bitch up there want equality when it benefits them, that itself is supremacy. unless she isnt hiding that she wants women to rule over men.

  • Anonymous says:

    They are “Feminists” not “Equalitarianists”. They discriminate all men. Why there is no chivalry from women to men. See? they are no different from nazis.

    WTF woman you want Equality and chivalry at the same time??? Make your mind, then go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich.

  • Anonymous says:

    Its pretty obvious they are not about equality. After all they call them selfs “Feminists” not “Equalitarianits”. They discriminate ALL men. Feminists are no different form Nazis. Why the is no Chivalry from women to men???

  • Anonymous says:

    Apparently, this woman doesn’t realize what is going on. Females are being brainwashed by radical femnazi’s to view ALL men as potential rapists and ‘dangerous’… even their own fathers, brothers, etc.

    It’s time to realize that feminism has gone WAAAAAAY too far down the road to be anti-male instead of for equality.

  • Anonymous says:

    Chivalry has absolutely nothing to do with equality. Neither with what that.. Woman? Has said. What happens is because of a few imbecile chikan all the other men are suffering the consequences. And if they want equality then suffer what men must endure when they go working.

    It’s all about being sensible here. Feminists fail at being sensible, usually.

    From my end, I don’t believe men and women are equal. On the contrary, it’s why they are different and have different needs the reason they can complete each other and help each other….

    • Two words for you if anyone here were go that route:

      Hazard Pay.

      Another two words would be: free clinic.

      Those rapists will need both (along with some counseling) for what they went through.

  • Anonymous says:

    Feminism is non-different from prostitution. In both cases they’re doing it for money.
    So if prostitution is considered a crime in most countries, how come feminism isn’t?

      • Anonymous says:

        Good point. The fact is that prostitution is no more ‘wrong’ than starring in a porn movie.

        The whole ‘we are doing it to prevent disease in society!’ thing also doesn’t fly, most prostitutes I have talked with (yes, I have to do that on a regular basis as a social worker) are STD-free.

        They want to stay that way as well, because NO MAN is going to go to a prostitute who they know has STD’s, even with a condom.

  • While it is true that women earn less than men, keep in mind who spends more on trivial materialistic pursuits in the first place.

    And I’m not talking about the Otaku we all hate to love or love to hate.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ladies can’t live without Men, Like Men can’t either.

    Why are they both fighting for stupid things +-=

    Soon, Ladies will just go against the rule themsleves. so let’s just leave them be. THe more we care, the more they will move. Ignore them soon they will want for themsleves.

  • Anonymous says:

    This tends to happen with any politically active oppressed population after signifigant gains have been made. If you’re lucky there’s a tiny number of bright lights who want reason and equality to prevail, but the rest are only interested in the advantage they can obtain for themselves.

  • TehBoringOne says:

    Well… While I think that her feminism can closely be equated to “Tough Until Things Get Difficult”, I have to acknowledge that men seldom display a shred of chivalry when there is a disturbance in the train.

    I’m not talking about molesters only. I’m including cases similar to the one a drunkard gave a bunch of annoying schoolgirls a beating as well (reported here, by the way); I don’t think for a minute that there aren’t more cases in which men display a cowardly behaviour.

    Yes, that ugly ass bitch is stupid with her discriminating remarks… But I can’t refute what she says about cowardly men…

  • Anonymous says:

    No issue with the women’s carriage so long as it does not take up 33% or more of the train cars. Public transport should however feature Business Class and also VIP luxury carriages and separate entrances and exit annexes as well. These should be lower in density or featuring rooms. Also the cost should be proportionately higher to help in educating privileged society about necessity of wealth distribution.

    Make these provisions to encourage VIPs to use public transport and thus lead by example as well. Public transport should not be just for lower income users. Same with other public amenities like Hospitals and Educational or Governmental Institutions.

    Away from public transport issues, at the far top end of extreme convenience, licensed runners with controlled prices, authorized by users but limited to a certain number of ‘contracts’ each (to ensure no outsourcing and abuse of licenses towards extreme wealth occurs – civil servants should be entitled to no more than a comfortable retirement, if you want more wealth, don’t expect the taxpayers to support you) could also be used especially for registrations and such. These should however be counter checked with follow up calls where the person in question should have a 3G line registered under their own name.

    The choice for costlier and less dense or cheaper and more dense should not be denied consumer choice. Requiring people to waste money commuting to pay bills or register things is a waste of resources when people even work from home now. An open system which is immediately updated live is also needed to help re-assure consumers.

    Consumer records can be accessed via registered lines and nothing could be more fulfilling than electronic payments that are acknowledged immediately with live call centre personnel.

  • moebius22 says:

    Being a man who keeps abreast of Male Rights Issues, I can only say that this is the usual response you get from Feminists regarding gender inequality as it concerns public policy:

    -If you support joint custody legislation you support child and domestic abuse.

    -If you support due process when it comes to domestic violence legislation than you are a white man who supports the patriarchal oppression of women.

    -If you believe that men should also bee given access to domestic violence services you are a white man who supports the patriarchal abuse of women.

    -If you think government funds should be used to address the deficit of males to females in college education, you are a white man who wants to set women back in education.

    You get the idea.

  • I don't have objections to women in a nation known to have lame attitudes towards women, having options to counter act this…. like women only trains and such.

    But I'd rather real women make the real complaints.

    She's just another fem pissed off she wasn't born a man. And that's all they are eh, women that resent being women.
    She needs to be stripped and thoroughly used as a woman and then told, get over it, that's a cunt between your legs, not a set of balls.

    Now act like a woman, or get treated as a non person entirely.

  • Bronxdragon says:

    Silly Man women ugly bitches don’t get any love. But seriously when are they going to learn they can’t have their cake and eat it. Life doesn’t work like that. Besides didn’t when they complain they got all that sexist shit so why can’t the dudes complain and get cool shit. And that gang rapist comment? What the hell.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love this, a women(however smart…or stupid in this case) makes a retarded statement like this, and the men of this site start there typical rant about how men do more etc etc.

    But a man can make an equally stupid statement or worse and no one will care because this is acceptable in our society.

    You people make up society, the more you continue and allow stupidity like this to happen, no one can expect things to get better. Maybe you should get over all the stereotypes and find real partners or not if you don’t want one. And stop looking for eye candy then wonder why your relationship died so quickly.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m sorry, I guess I mixed you up with the half-racist islam-bashin that now and then pop up on this site, and I apologize for that. Fpr the record, åersonally I think that all religion, including both christianity and islam, is a cancer or a mental virus that we need to rid the world of… but that’s another discussion. I just hate hypocrites even more, especially the religious ones.

        • As long as it happens out of sight, most people tend not to care, sadly.

          Me? I have no problem with God, by whatever Name you’d call Him (or Her, if you prefer that). I just have a problem getting along with the rest of His ‘Good People’, who’ve used every conceivable reason under the sun to maim, murder, rape, pillage, and subjugate anyone who doesn’t toe their particular line of dogma.

          And even though we’d all like to think those kind of actions have gone the way of the Dodo Bird, it’s often enough not the case.

        • Anonymous says:

          Or he could be a good godfearing christian from Kenya and have a nice little witch-burning…

          Sorry, but I just get so tired when ignorant (Christian) fools snickering point fingers at Islamic fundamentalists while having no clue about what the “nice” Christian Africans are doing…

  • SpideyPHL says:

    Something I can’t judge from this is whether she caught flak over this. Considering that here in the US Sonia Sotomayor got some shit for comments about latinos and whites, that this woman could possibly have gotten away with saying a much more retarded thing is worrying.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ummm most rapist or women haters are those that were abused by their mothers as a child. Women believe it or not help shape boys into monsters.

    We men are tuaght by our very mothers to show less emotion, never cry, get muscles, we must be masculine, act tough, never show weakness etc. Women forget youn males are only human, young boys have emotion just like everybody else but society is always much harder on boys just for being male. In return those boys grow up to be hyper masculine, angry, and always aggressive towards women.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, most rapists are milquetoast men who are too scared to approach women, and turn to rape to get out of that having to approach and talk to women.

      It’s not about ‘power’, it’s about FEAR on the part of those fear: fear of being rejected, fear of being trapped in a relationship, etc.

      My cousin realized that after being raped at 10 and 14, researching her rapists past life when she was out of high school, and finding that they were very milquetoast people.

      Oh, and not all mothers teach their sons that. My mother taught me that it was okay to cry, that it was okay to show emotion, etc.
      Now, OTHER people outside of my family? Hell yeah, they were all over me to do those things that Anonymous first mentioned.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh my… the way this is going, it’s going to be a interesting future indeed.

    Keep sprouting nonsense like this, and you’ll see it come true. Humans are really simple in that aspect; Insist that they are something for long enough and they’ll stop caring about it and actually doing it, in this case rape.

    Insist for long enough that all men are rapists and you should take a quick look at crime-charts and consentrate especially on the “Rape” collumn, I’m guessing it doesn’t go down, does it? (well, taken into consideration that the same % of people reports)

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah, the trick of accusing whoever disagrees with you! It never becames old. Hitler used it (whoever is against us is a thrall of the sion empire), Stalin and all the other dictators used it and even now the cospirationists (whoever says that this is not true is a slave of NWO) keep using this trick to avoid a discussion.
    Whenever someone accuses who disagrees with him (expecially of something awful like being a rapist or a child molester) rest assured, it’s because they cannot have a discussion, usually because they are wrong and they know it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Give them a penny and they’ll steal your wallet.
    Women should have never gotten the right to vote. See what it led to? 100 years in the future you’ll see those women-planet science fiction flicks becoming a reality.

    There’s no equality, there’s just plain natural standards which existed for a reason. Male social domination is what maintains the balance between sexes. Women with big mouths aren’t women to begin with. There’s no femininity in enforcing your ideals on others. Normal women never boast about their rights nor care about receiving an equal to men amount of whatever.

    Bound by stereotypes and moral standards, men are unable fight back the uprising feminazis. If no action is taken now, who knows what all of this will lead to in the nearest future? As if they’ll stop upon receiving an n amount of desired rights and privileges. Yeah, and pigs fly!

    Both sexes are dominant over one another, but in different spheres. If only the society would grow mature enough to finally realize that.

  • Anonymous says:

    Since when does being a bitch = Talent?
    If that’s true, then pretty much aren’t all women “talented”???

    I guess they must be since men has never stopped paying the price.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Isn’t the reason we have those carriages because of men?”

    No, it’s because of a far more significant cultural issue to do with social perception of rape and rape victims, and social inhibitions against actually standing up and doing something about that. You can’t just equate all men with sex offenders because SOME men are sex offenders. Some WOMEN are also sex offenders.

    Feminism is a movement for sexual equality in all things; this woman doesn’t appear to remotely understand this.

    She’s not a feminist – she’s a goddamn sexist.

  • Anonymous says:

    Women just want their cake and eat it. Not that I blame them. Heck, if there’s a rule in which I can sit in a comfy carriage while everyone else squeeze like sardines, why would I want that taken away from me? Who wouldn’t want the whole world to give them preferential treatment? That’s just human nature.

    Fairness? Equality? Haha, everyone just wants to be more equal than the other person. Get a dose of reality already.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow….she is fucking stupid. I’d talk about how equality only happens in a world in which anyone can do anything, so long as it doesn’t harm others, and no one will say or do anything about it, but that would be a total waste of my time.

    This lady’s idea of equality isn’t equality, it’s philogyny, an underused word. Men can’t be right, we can’t be anything other than dumb, drunken, jackasses who never amount to anything but the person who makes woman’s life easier, my proof: television, in any show featuring a married couple as the main characters this is almost universally true, though there might be a few which are different. I can’t think of any off hand though.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is true, which is quite funny ’cause if men really were like that, then we’d never have gotten out of caves. ( men are the ones who build civilizations, women are the ones who support them )

  • Anonymous says:

    “Isn’t the reason we have those carriages because of men? Before they start quibbling over such things, they should do something to root out the perverts amongst themselves!”

    Soooo… it seems feminists think we need to judge all groups of humans by the actions of any individual belonging in those groups. In other words, all men AND women are rapists/murderers/torturers/child molesters/etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hate to mention this, but does anyone else remember the numerous instances proven of animals like dogs, cats, etc. raping each other?

      If it’s done in the lower animal kingdom, I hate to say this, but nature just might INTEND a purpose for rape.

      Namely, for men who are rejected by women for stupid reasons to be able to ‘spread their genes’.

        • Anonymous says:

          Is homosexual rape natural? If not, your counter-argument isn’t worth my 2 cents.

          Also, a justification for rape is more philosophical – Whatever happens has a reason. Everything in our personality, knowledge, genes, life, choices etc. were decided far in the past by some almost completely unrelated factors. This is the truth, and used by some to argue that people do not possess free will.

          I will only use this to argue that there is nothing wrong with anything – there is no good and/or evil and rape is included. People’s response to rape, kittens/babies/puppies getting tortured etc. are also psychological ‘problems’, since they’re essentially very illogical. They’re on the same level as the acts themselves, which derive from more obvious ‘problems’ in one’s psyche and genes.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey, it’s NOT a moronic justification. It’s a simple observation, and by you being all defensive about it, I am betting that you really don’t have ANY reasoning to dispute my facts there.

          Frankly, nature is GOOD AND EVIL neutral. If it happens in nature (and yes, even homosexual rape happens in nature), there has to be some good reason for it.

          Either to show dominance, to allow people who normally wouldn’t breed but have good genes to spread those genes, etc.

  • …what a stupid bitch, ugh.
    It’s people like this that make me ashamed to be a woman…. the worst part is that most people who already have a stance against woman and ‘feminists’ will only gather momentum from dumb comments like that.

    Please remember that not all women who wish for equality between genders are as retarded as the bitches regularly featured on this site!

    I do think the women-only carriages are sadly necessary – it works both ways; chikan cant grope, and women cant accuse of groping. Unless some crazed lesbians get in, but…

    • they aren’t needed.

      it is your ass or tit that gets felt.

      grab the pricks hand and yell.

      and anti grope laws should be ass follows.

      you grope, you get entered into a registry.
      it lasts for a year per accusation.
      5 accusations is when law intervenes, otherwise its a slap on the wrist.
      the woman must be sober, and must go on record too that she was groped.
      this registry lasts for 5 years. if she is groped more than 20 times a year, or 50 times in 5, it sends up a red flag. as she may be making false accusations.

      this way 1 “grope” wont ruin your entire life. and women are still relatively protected. because i honestly doubt they were getting raped left and right in a crowded train ESPECIAL if they yell or even try to.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s one effective way indeed. You do have to remember, however, that the one’s accused of groping might get beaten up, lose their jobs or ‘pride’ etc. in which case the false accusations would still carry consequences.

        Also, 3 accusations would probably be enough for a normal lawful citizen, since after the second they’d be wise enough to keep their hands in their pockets or something.

        • its surprisingly easy to force someone to do something when they have no idea whats going on.

          lets do this, put your hand in your pocket and have someone try to pull it out of there as fast as they can.

          see a woman could get it out and everyone around who felt the struggle unless they saw it would just assume he was trying to get away from her.

          5 strikes and a 1 year limit per strike, and for all 4 before the 5 is basically confirming the id and releasing them, something which can be done in under 5 minutes.

          those false accusations are taken seriously as of right now, and they are treated as the were trying to rape the woman, thats why shit like they lose there job happens.

          but this system i was talking about would be outside any kind of a permanent record unless they had 5 strikes.

      • Ikuhisashiku says:

        Personally? It’s not the women-only carriages I’m against.
        It’s the fact that, as far as I know, there are still no men-only carriages. That’s just a little bit sexist.
        Add in all the gropings, false reports of gropings, and a general, all-around lack of space, and you have a shit-ton of problems.
        All of these problems could easily be fixed if there were simply a few more trains running.

        Then again, it’s apparent that politicians don’t think the same way us “normal folk” do.
        They’d much rather call us all gang-rapists and move on to the next attention-whoring session.

        • Anonymous says:

          The stupidest thing is that women have a right to choose whether they want to use an uncrowded train or one they can use for false-accusations etc.

          If they insist on women-only carriages, they should be forced to use them. That way they’d get crowded too and since it would effectively create ‘men-only’ carriages, the false accusations would mostly stop.

  • “It’s the same as gang rape! You’ve no chivalry, you should be ashamed!”

    Rape victims should be going on a witch-hunt for her for trivializing rape and comparing it to complaints.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow…just freaking wow…

    This just shows what they say is right-that the feminist movement should have stopped, at least in developed countries, when women obtained equal rights.

    • semi equal, the system tends to ballance itself so people think there is unfareness, like women have lower wages. well men pay for dates.
      1 date from a decent guy is 150$
      you make 1-2$ less than a guy
      you work a 40 hour week that is 40-80$ less,

      you want to start paying your half of the date now?

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you really believe the rubbish that spews from your mouth alidan? Not just this post but most of the others you have made. Oh baaawww because you look for girls with “attributes” instead of real qualities, well enjoy being alone, it’s no one else’s loss but your own.

        And for the record, I’m lesbian and my girlfriend nor I are money leeches, just because you can’t find a women who isn’t a leech doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Perhaps a little self examination is in order hmm?

        • there was one woman that i met, she was already taken but she was perfect, and she didn’t let anyone pay for her, and if they did she payed them back down to the penny.

          i did like her, one of the few people who were booksmart and still were willing to talk to me and have a real conversation.

          but beyond that, i have yet to meat a woman sense here that didn’t expect everything to be payed by men and was straight.


          and like you said, “most of them actually have said that they fill a guy should pay or otherwise they will not have anything to do with them” i have had the same conversation with many of the women i have met. you have no idea how much i hate those kind of women.

        • Anonymous says:

          Im with alidan on this one. I have never met a girl who dosent expect me to pay the full bill on the date. I have plenty of female friends and most of them actually have said that they fill a guy should pay or otherwise they will not have anything to do with them. I have had girls that asked me out and still expected me to pay. I have met girls that tried to use sex appeal to get me to pay. Same goes for friends and relatives. Not saying thats all woman but Im still waiting to be proved otherwise.

        • i have yet to meet 1 fucking woman who didn’t want something for nothing. i have met ones that said they didn’t, but when the time came they took all they could and didn’t look back.

          being a lesbian, you cant comment on how straight women treat men. and so you know, i like how lesbians treat each other far more than how straight treat men.

          and so you know, my view on this isnt the reason i will be alone forever, its that 80% of the women im attracted to, turn out to be lesbians, and the other 20 are already taken, believe it or not but the majority of women i can actually stand spending time with all turn out to just like other women.

  • Wow, holy shit, we have definite proof that gargoyles are much more than statues.

    Yet another typical feminazi man hater, why didn’t her parents hold her head under the water till the bubbles stopped?

    She makes it sound as if there are no pervert women, as if women are so perfect…lol. At least we probably wont have to worry about any demon-spawned child from her.

    • Wow, holy shit, we have definite proof that gargoyles are much more than statues.

      Yet another typical feminazi man hater, why didn’t her parents hold her head under the water till the bubbles stopped?

      Because gargoyles don’t drown underwater, Kei-chan. XD

  • Ikuhisashiku says:

    Since when does wanting equality = gang rapist?
    Nevermind the fact that she doesn’t back up her claim with any sort of opinion/evidence. Nevermind that she just persecutes us all for wanting something so basic — something that even she wants, but for another gender.
    Nope. Nevermind any of that.
    We’re all just gang-rapists.
    Who cares what we want, amirite?

    What has the world come to…?

    I apologize.
    Maybe these kinds of things are simply beyond me and my realm of thinking.

    • Anonymous says:

      What evidence do you want? Evidence that for some reason japanese men have some serious trouble keeping their hands to themselves?

      There’s plenty of evidence for that around, and quite obviously her opinion on the matter is that gender-separated train-cars is not discrimination. If the men feel that it’s unfair that the women get less crammed cars, then maybe they should have kept their hands to themselves from the start.

      Quite frankly, I have to say I agree with her, there’s plenty of idiotic feminazis around with moronic ideas, however the idea that women should be able to ride a train without having to be molested seems pretty reasonable to me…

      Quite frankly, that so many on this site seems to think otherwise is pretty disgusting.

      • Ikuhisashiku says:

        Did someone seriously just try to troll me?

        Okay, kid.

        First off, step down off the moral high-horse for a few seconds and actually think before you speak. What you’re saying is basically the same as “one represents all.” While there is the (more than) occasional groper riding those trains, there are actually some decent guys who ride those trains too. And it’s not like every man that steps onto those trains is going to decide to molest a woman. Some of us still have some standards left, I’ll have you know.
        Now, back to my point. One groper doesn’t mean all of us are bad. Saying some bullshit like that could be compared to saying “Raeplay represents all Visual Novels, so they’re all bad,” or “2 girls, 1 cup represents the entire porn industry”. It just doesn’t work as an arguement, to say the least.

        Oh, and what about all the false-accusations you seemingly fail to acknowledge, hmm? Are those just, what, fairy tales in your world? They don’t exist, or they can’t happen in your perfect world, amirite? Some of those guys that get caught in that bull are decent guys who have their lives ruined for no damn reason. And even the reasons that do exist (money, blackmail, for shits and giggles) are unfair and… god, what’s the word? Unfair and full of shit, “quite frankly.”

        Also, just what the hell do you mean by the “Quite frankly, that so many on this site,” pile of bullshit? Don’t tell me you take those trolls seriously? The ones that go around saying crap like, “Molest moar women!” or “she liked the raep”? Even worse, don’t tell me you actually think all of us think the same as them? First of all, half of them don’t even actually think that. They just like to do that crap for shits and giggles and to see how many people they can troll. If you _ever_ take any of them seriously, maybe you just have some seroiusly deep rooted trust/man issues?

        And you know what?
        It’s totally fine with me if you want to be some feminist-sympathizer or whatever. I don’t give a damn, “quite frankly.” But before you start making blatant, baseless accusations, maybe you should go with something a bit more, how do you say, sound in arugement?

        But you know what?
        I’m just wasting my time.
        You’re just some mindless troll looking for more shits and giggles.
        I guess I just needed to rant at someone. Thank god for all the idiots that inhabit this site as anonymous or I’d never get to vent my anger.

      • Anonymous says:

        You miss the fact that it was only a VERY FEW men giving most men a bad name, and you are forgetting the MALE gropers (who are female) who never get reported because it would make the men seem ‘unmanly’ for doing that.

  • Shippoyasha says:

    I’m pretty sure there has to be something lost in the translation… lol

    But anyway, it’s really shameful how Japanese politics and the media nowadays are a bunch of crazy attentionwhores. Certainly, you can make a case for that in other parts of the world (like… the ENTIRE Republican base in America for example..), but in Japan, they make a sport and a game out of being outrageous and standing out. Really strange when the vast majority of Japanese life is about not standing out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, Please….

      Japanese politicians are upright decent moral public servants compared to US Politicians.

      I know, because I’m from the USA. Ours are the worst in the world. Even Kim Jong Il provides free [but crappy, but free] healthcare in the DPRK. Of course, our politicians get free healthcare from the government. Unlike us, of course.

      • Anonymous says:

        While I agree with your general statement about comparative moral value of politicians, it isn’t because we don’t provide government healthcare (in fact not every country does, most countries have a mix of public and private, even in the UK, the poster-child for government care, you can buy extra insurance), but because a sex scandal erupts every 2.3 minutes in the U.S.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sex scandal… who should care ?
          It is PRIVATE matter, and people should not care.

          Leaders and politicians are paid to protect the interest of citizen.

          I don’t care what they do with their dick/pussy/asses as long as the country is management correctly.

  • “It’s the same as gang rape!”
    I’m sure rape victims will be happy to hear that…

    So this woman doesn’t want equality but woman domination? Or maybe she just love to talk and be noticed.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Things like “ladies day” are there to help reverse the low incomes women have. They should be sympathetic, but instead they turn around and complain – this is sheer cruelty.”

      Ha ha ha… So do we have a “Mans Day” to help reverse the low incomes of men? Or maybe it’s because women feel the need to step on men more so?

      How about women work and men take care of the children? When any society does not have a single person frown on that… wait not in my life time. =(

      • men pay for dates
        -the food
        -the movie
        -the hotel
        -the protection (if they aren’t stupid, remember the pill is a prescription thing over there)
        men pay for house
        men pay for food
        men pay for fucking everything

        now a woman pays for her shit only if she isnt leaching off a man. and if thats the case i feel next to fucking nothing because women have far fucking easier lives.

        the only ones i feel sorry for are lesbians with a partner that leaches off them.

        • i live in a place where if you say anything bad about a religion, it spreads fast, that should give you an idea of the place.

          by me its overwhelmingly the believe that if a guy doesn’t pay for everything he is a cheap fuck and you should have nothing to do with him, thats how the girls here were raised and this is how they turned out.

          not to be honest you cant add outliers like that x. he was a piece of shit, assuming they both had jobs and his payed about as much… wow i just realised that there is a double standard for that.

          and you probably do know more, seeing i gave up looking for women around here, the ones that i like are taken or are leabians, and the ones that are left are little more than high maintenance leaches.

        • And again I ask, where do you get this from? Because I don’t mean to offend, but I’m going to hazard a guess that I know more IRL women than you do.
          True, a lot of women do expect to be paid for. But there are also men that expect -women- to pay the whole bill, if you’d believe it. (my sister’s ex, for example. The reason he’s her ex is more to do with the fact that he was a total doucheshit than a leecher though.)
          I’d pay 50-50, and I’d expect anyone to do the same. If a guy offers to pay more, I’d let them, but anyone who actually -expects- a guy to pay the whole thing is a bit of a bitch imo.

        • actually you are wrong. until the kid goes to school they need near constant attention, or at the very least a real babysitter.

          a babysitter costs at least 15 up to 30$ an hour possibly more, most people don’t make the kind of money that makes getting one of them worth it.

          once they go to school, and at the latest first grade she should be looking into getting a first shift job, or at least part time in the morning while they are at school job. and by 2 year high school depending on the kid, they may be capable of getting a full time job.

          i have watched my mom sit at home, all day for at least 23 years, and for 15 of them, all she had to do was feed us, and make sure we didn’t do something dumb enough to kill ourselves, yet she acts like millions of lives are at stake for everything snapping at the littles of things, and than whining that she had to sit on her ass for 5 hours and watch a 42 inch 1080ptv, she had to watter some plants, and feed her fish, and keep my little brother in line.

          but like i said, until they are in first grade its ok to be stay at home.

        • Anonymous says:

          Unfortunately, alidan is right on this subject. Women today expect the man who they are in a relationship to pay for everything, while they are ‘at home mommies’ who do very little whne it comes down to it.

        • Shuubi
          lucky you, but thats not how the world works.

          women, and by women i dont mean your mom, expect the man to pay for everything.

          on a date, lets say you go somewhere realy nice, and the bill comes up at 100$ a head, good luck convincing her that she should pay her half.

        • So uh, why was my comment about how, in my experience, women and men pay equally reduced to drivel because I actually pulled out some facts? (facts being, my experience) :/ True my experience isnt the whole damn world, but it’s pretty wide.

        • Anonymous says:


          That might be how it works in your little world, but you aren’t the majority, something like 5% believe something similar to you, the rest are “old fashion”.

          Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you, but the rest of the world hasn’t caught up.

        • Anonymous says:

          My mom always pays for house, food and ‘fucking everything’. Dad only spends money on his own shit like sweets, movies and stuff and never ever shares his earnings with me or mom unless we ask, but even then he might refuse, as he does 80% of times.

          Not to mention mom even pays for HIS clothing. I’m unsure how she lasted in such marriage for 25 years.

          How’s that for a man who pays for fucking everything? It all depends of a person and you’re being really unfair by favoring one sex.
          Both sexes have their scum.

        • I dont know where the hell you pulled this from (besides your ass), because in my experience, the man and woman pay equal for everything. That’s how it is in my house, in my friend’s house, in my relatives house, in everyone I know’s house. The only ones where the man pays for more is where the man earns more money.

      • They don’t need Ladies’ Day because the women in Japan all expect the men to work so they can act like sloths. At least that’s what this site suggests. I never read the news >;D

        • You might want to not make stupid blanket statements like that; just because there are articles on this site about women that -do- want to be lazy leeching sloths does not mean ‘all women’ or ‘all japanese women’. Have you been to Japan? I’ve lived there for a year, and made a bunch of female friends through university and at small anime events. About 90% of them had jobs, and the 10% that didnt had aspirations.