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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift DLC Hell


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, the just released sequel to top 2D panchira brawler Blazblue, has recently attracted no small opprobrium for announcing almost $60 worth of DLC at release…

The DLC offered is less than overwhelming – the list includes a handful of new characters, icon packs, costumes and “unlimited” versions of standard characters:


It does however include Makoto Nanaya:


Presumably they are hoping nobody notices the DLC costs almost as much as the actual game (more than the actual game in the US, which will presumably have cheaper DLC just to rub things in for the Japanese)…

The game itself looks unlikely to disappoint fans whatever the price of its DLC however:


The game has just been released in Japan, and is due at the end of July in the US.


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  • Anonymous says:

    It burns me a little. I don’t think it’s right to release two extremely similar games, and then if you’re loyal enough to buy both, they charge you more for the actual new stuff in the second game, over the first one. Especially characters. Characters ARE the game, Not just addons.

    But hey, if it works for them financially, it’s hard to argue that they shouldln’t have done it >_>

  • Anonymous says:

    look like an ordinary street fighter type game. probably not too shabby with some storyline and unique character. Alright then. if the game sucks, i will have to just rip the CG.

  • the only reason why I think they are making Makoto a dlc is because they are already working on an update for CS or a new version all together and said to themselves “you know, lets just make her dlc for the hell of it” instead of waiting till the next version of the game.

  • DLC for new characters? what happened of the old days when to unlock an extra/secret character u had to beat the game in record time, perfect life or hard mode with all chars? now u can just pay for it? nice way to put challenges :l

    • PrinceHeir says:

      this ^^ seriously why the charge? it’s us gamers should work hard on playing and unlocking them in the game it’s already enough we bought the game what more do u want? im okay with dlc as long as u add a fairly huge amount of content not just skins and 1 character.

    • Caligastia says:

      About time…The Bonus DVD they handed last time should be part of the game IMO. It’s time the training does more than just provide a sparring partner and various info, you know something that makes it easier to be competent in these games (but hopefully not as difficult and useless for real matches as challenges were in SSF4)

      Speaking of Blaz Blue, here’s a movie of a fighting game that’s closer to my heart, even if the last iteration was a complete disappointment, I’ll most definitelty pick this one up, I hope they redeem themselves, all signs point to yes…

      Btw I miss sexy Athena, don’t like the moeblob they made out of her..

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t see how DLC is that big of a deal.

    The game is going to be about 40 dollars, and most of the DLC is pretty frivolous.
    The essential stuff is affordable, and I have a shitty job. I’ll live if I have spend the 560 Microsoft points on Makoto.

  • So Much Hentai says:

    Got the game yesterday haven’t stop playing yet hell yes. if eny of you live near the ventura county erea you are welcome to come and play face book is gerald baez >.<

  • DLC characters for a fighting game is a idiotic idea. To prepare for a tournament you have to learn the character in and out, and if the character is released months after the game you lose months of training (the problem is worse in BB because, differently from SF games, the fighting style of every character is extremely different from each other), so these characters will never be seen in a real tournament.
    Thus, they are crap and useless.

  • Black_Serenade says:

    Hmm . I think we must become wise to choose the thing that we need and dun need to download. I juat git my limited ver to and i plan to duwnload JUST for the character and important attachment. Gee gaming these days needs money . Hehehehe

  • Anonymous says:

    I warned people devs would abuse DLC from the start lol.

    Screw all you posters and every gamer around the world for not believing me. Now I’m warning people digital download is the future and you dumbasses here still don’t understand.

  • SpideyPHL says:

    I’ve got a fairly dim view on DLC, especially nickel and dime stuff like this. I miss the days when you paid your money for the game, and you owned the entire game, alternate outfits and all. There is something to be said for well done DLC (Mass Effect and GTA come to mind), but this shit is just gouging geeks for all they’re worth.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol yeh but in those days they would create a new character or two then save them for a new game and then release a whole new game for it at full price with little tweaks to balance.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is what i’ve always been saying. Piracy needs to exist because it is the option 3. This current situation with companies smiling while they nickeldime people is because they have too much power.

      Piracy tilts the scales back to a more fair level playing field. Suddenly, ‘take it or leave it’ is not the only choice. Option 3 ‘take it for free’ is now viable. Try to rip ppl off? Everyone will just take it for free.

      Then the companies have two choices: 1) stop making shit and blame piracy, in which case nothing of value was lost, or 2) actually stop trying to cheat the customer.

  • Anonymous says:

    ok lets get things straight here, most of the stuff there are things that you unlock in the game itself, the only people that are gonna buy those are the ones that are too lazy to play the game, like the unlimited characters and the Mu(character) unlock, the only real thing there that anyone would want to buy is the Makoto dlc, or if you want the characters to look different, the extra colors

  • Anonymous says:

    No one is forcing you to buy anything at all.

    The only DLC worth buying is the characters download Makoto Nanaya. Everything else is unnecessary and only for people too lazy to unlock mu and the unlimited characters by playing story mode or in need of extra colors.

    Makoto herself would only cost 560 microsoft points.

  • Anonymous says:

    So the store purchased game has only what, 2 characters, and the DLC lets you unlock all the others one by one?

    It wouldn’t be below the companies to try and do something like that.

  • Anonymous says:

    most of what you can buy are there for unlocking stuff you can get from just PLAYING the game. Makoto costs 8 dollars, and there are costume changes with alternate announcer voices that are around 2-4 dollars each. It’s actually about the same as it was with the first game.

    Stop exaggerating the news; it’s unreasonable to make us pay more, yeah, but at least report stuff correctly, Artefact.

  • It’s pathetic how people try to rip money from their customers. This whole DLC bullshit has gone too far in my view.

    Why cant we have it like the old days where people just gave us patches and added new stuff FOR FREE?

    Oh noes, then they might please the customers! D:

    • Anonymous says:

      They promised an arcade port. This is not in scope of an arcade port, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t charge for it. Consumers nowadays are so caught up in their entitlement to something that it cracks me up. The product is what the producer wants it to be, not what consumer believe they’re entitled to.

      Plus, if you knew the work that goes into fully designing a character with a small studio like ASW, you’d charge for it too. So either fork up, or shut up.

      • i do happen to know the work that goes into it, and its FAR LESS than you are thinking.

        i have made characters for fighters before on my own and its allot of work, but if you have a team of artist, and good ones, programmers, you can push a character out in a week and in 2 you can fine tune it, all thats left is balancing and you need testing and patches for that at most.

        and i am OVER estimating the time needed by allot. minus the balancing 1 character for a team of 20 may only take a week.

        the thing you have to remember is that balancing takes place in arcades and homes and is fixed over time through patches.

        i just did math, 20 people on a 40 hour work week at 30$ an hour would cost 24000$ a week, i am probably over estimating what they are payed. now in game sales, lets say 6-16$ goes back to them, that means per week they would need to sell, 1500-4000 coppeis of the game per character they built from scratch.

        i dont know where the figure is on how many games were sold, but lets assume 100k, minimum

        needing to sell 1500-4000 per week per brand new character isn’t hard and defiantly isn’t dlc necessary.

        • riping a character and putting it into mugen takes all of 15 minutes if you know your shit

          now let me break appart what you said

          “Now building an actual character from scratch on this sort of game where u have to create a character that goes along with the games style get”

          no shit it will be in the same style. not hard if you have the consept art

          “voice work done”

          ok forgot that, how much does a voice actor get payed per word? last time i heard figures for game characters it was something like 5-10 cents per word

          “create sound effects”

          you ever do this? most if not all sound effects have been made, in fact there is a game i play, everquest, where the level up ding sound has been ripped off in at least 10 anime i watch. with a game, its all about changing the sound enough or getting the rights to them. listen to a game once, and its sound effects, NOT HARD TO DO.

          “create a story thats coherent”

          dood we are talking about a fighting game made by the people who did guilty gear, or at least a game that it the spiritual successor.

          “DRAW sprites”

          first its a basic 3d model. they can possession them and get the fighting to work with them first.

          and you realy don’t understand what the fuck drawing on a computer is like do you? multiple layers means you can reuse the same drawing multiple times and change just what needs to be changed

          “convert said sprites to cg”

          not that im aware of. if its anything its congert cg to sprites.

          “create a character theme”

          the fuck is this? i cant even guess

          play test the char for glitches

          again this is what arcades and patches are for. and if you mean playtest you pay 1 guy to do this not a whole fucking team that built it. and this is a minimum wage job

          “then balance the char.”

          again this is arcade and home patches, its how they did street fighter 4

          “Im pretty sure it would cost several times over what u said and take a shitload more time than ur estimate.”

          actually it may cost significantly less, japan isn’t known for paying its creators well, and in japan there is a unique culture there, where workers are pressured into unpaid overtime, i don’t know if that applies to gaming, but other office work it does. and some game deves work 80 hours a week there. and if you seriously think that professional programmers and artists take more than 1 week to crank out most if not all of a character than you are thinking of some very incompetent people.

          “plus if u know Blazblue u would know that the sprites in blazblue use more the 2x the pixels of conventional 2d fighting games.”

          actualy its 4x more i believe, and if you knew shit about computer graphics, than you know just because the resolution is higher doesn’t make it harder to make, or take longer.

          you want me to make a circle in a 100×100 thing, it will take me as long to make it in 100×100 and it would in 1000×1000.

          look at some speed drawings on the computer, i believe price of persia stuff. that is a professional artist, and he can make that picture in less than 15 minuets. drawing the base character take time, but animating it doesn’t.

          hell you could just make key poses, outsource the in between animation, and than touch up in house.

        • Anonymous says:

          you,ve probably make a character on mugen one that has already been made and u just ripped sprites of other games.
          Now building an actual character from scratch on this sort of game where u have to create a character that goes along with the games style get, voice work done ,create sound effects, create a story thats coherent, DRAW sprites, convert said sprites to cg,create a character theme, play test the char for glitches, then balance the char. Im pretty sure it would cost several times over what u said and take a shitload more time than ur estimate. plus if u know Blazblue u would know that the sprites in blazblue use more the 2x the pixels of conventional 2d fighting games.

    • Yeah. I was actually going to pick this game up and make it the first fighter in a while that I was really going to sink serious time and effort into. If they’re holding back, not selling me the whole game – or worse, if DLC owners can use DLC against non-owners (confirm/deny?) then… screw that. Instead of $140, they get $0.

    • DLC is okay if they add significant things to older games. Saves them the trouble of publishing a full-blown “add-on”, “expansion” or whatever they would call it.

      HOWEVER, releasing DLC content the same day as the original game is indeed ripping off customers… they could just have included the content in the original game.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, it would need to be done many months in advance if they were to include it with the original game. After a game is completed it must be tested, then pass certification, then be printed and distributed. DLC lets the developers work on something while this is happening.

        • wrong.

          look at capcom street fighter 4
          the arcade came out long before home came, and they took out, to my knowledge things in the arcade version and sold it to you as dlc.

          and also, they can test and work on shit up till they have shit printed, that is all in all a month. and you can forgive them some times for day 1 dlc, but when its obviously shit that was suppose to be in game like with some games having characters in game tell you about things you have to buy… yea it goes to far.

      • Anonymous says:

        First of all, this article, is a load of misinformation thrown together without actually knowing whats going on.
        First of all, most of what is put here, can be unlocked if you’re actually bothered enough to play the other modes of the game. Unlimited characters can be unlocked in game although it is currently unknown how. What is stated as DLC right now is unlocks so if you really wanted to play the unlimited characters that badly, you could buy the unlimited character out instead of having to unlock them yourself
        Mu-12 is also unlocakable though you do have to play through the story mode. Again, all you’re paying is a unlock key if you’re too lazy to get the character yourself in game.
        And icons, and colors. If you weren’t into that stuff, you wouldnt’ get it anyways
        And Makoto is only 560 Microsoft points…. better than say a certain companies stimulus package….

        • Anonymous says:

          As far as I saw during the gameplay videos, Taokaka, for instance, still has 4 joke moves, only 4 actual moves, very character specific combos, very timing specific combos, low attack priority, has to put in a load more effort and time than most other opponents to get nearly the same amount of damage in, near-lowest guard libra, low defense, no way to escape, no counters, no respectable projectiles…

          All the while, other characters like Jin, Rachel, Arakune, and others like the Nu clone (but that goes without saying) still have it much, much better off.

          I don’t really think the first game was very balanced at all, myself, which makes me very skeptical of the second game’s balance.

        • Supposably the balanced was improved by quite a bit for this incarnation, besides, the balance wasn’t THAT bad last time (unless your a not-so-good Tager trying to take down a good-to-very-good V13).