Top 5 Most Trusted Game Makers


A ranking of the most trusted game companies in Japan yields some findings which prove rather damning for Sony and Microsoft, who do not appear at all…

The ranking, based on the results of a survey of Japanese men in their twenties:

1. Nintendo (50.8%)

2. Square Enix (27.1%)

3. Capcom (22.5%)

4. Namco (18%)

5. Sega (18%)

Perhaps the real surprise (the omission of Sony and Microsoft somehow seems strangely unsurprising) here is just how well Square Enix did, despite it having come in for significant amounts of criticism in recent years.

Interestingly, the same question was also posed to women gamers:

1. Nintendo (59.5%)

2. Bandai (22%)

3. Sega (21.5)

4. Namco (20.3%)

5. Square Enix (15.4)

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