So You Think You Know K-ON?


A recent publication has been offering the chance for K-ON! otaku to test their mettle by answering questions about pointless trivia only the most obsessively devout of fans could possible know without skipping through the episode in question.

For beginners:


1. What class is Yui in? (episode 1)

2. Who are in these suits? (1)

3. Ritsu is being told to provide proof for a guitar purchase. What does she do? (2)

4. What is the name and species of the keionbu’s pet turtle? (3)

5. What is written on Yui’s T-shirt? (3)

6. What boon can those who stroke the cow statue at the shrine Yui visits expect? (4)

7. What were the contents of the late night mail Yui got from her little sister? (5)

8. What was attached to Mio’s hair from the morning on? (7)

9. What ingredient did Yui forget when making takoyaki at elementary school? (8)

10. Why did Yui say she wants to become a bus conductor in the future? (8)

11. What was the name of Azusa and Yui’s performing duo? (9)

If these seem insufficiently challenging, there is always the advanced K-ON! otaku master class:


34. What was the riddle Tsumugi was talking about when they changed classrooms? (1)

37. How did Yui describe the turtle’s cuteness? (2)

38. What was Tsumugi moved by in the home centre? (2)

39.What type of turtle is the Kotobuki household keeping at present? (3)

42. What type of goods did they make for the Mio fan club? (7)

43. What was the topic of the book Mio was reading when spoken to by Ritsu? (8)

2ch’s scoring system indicates that those with 0-20% are “Ton-chan level,” whilst those with 100% “are practically members of the keionbu themselves.”

Perhaps it is as well that those capable of answering these questions would have no truck with a real woman.

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