Top 10 Signs Someone is an Otaku


Japanese asked what sort of dubious behaviours they consider essential in identifying otaku deviants give a list sure to resonate uncomfortably amongst many who still harbour misplaced aspirations of relationships with partners not comprised of pixels, PVC or paper.

The ranking, based on the responses of 551 Japanese when asked about the “behaviours which make you think someone might be an otaku”:

1. They are using otaku slang, net jargon or 2ch cant

2. They just happen to have anime/manga/game goods about them

3. They respond to otaku type keywords and issues

4. They become very intense when the conversation turns to anime/manga/games, and only then

5. The tunes they hum are all anime related

6. They know excessive amounts about a given anime/manga/game

7. You can somehow just tell intuitively that they are an otaku

8. They talk unconcernedly about anime, manga and games all the time as if it were normal

9. They start talking about a seiyuu

10. They are carrying a bag from an otaku shop like Animate or Tora no Ana


It may be noticed that the list is more concerned with personal qualities than it is with fashion or outward appearance – fortunately for the curious, just such a ranking already exists.

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