Publishers to Sue Manga Piracy Sites


As promised, the newly formed coalition of Japanese and US manga publishers has indicated it is pursuing legal action against major manga piracy and scanlation sites in defence of its copyrights.

The Digital Comic Association, a Japanese publisher group supposedly formed to promote digital sales but fast turning into the manga equivalent of the RIAA, has partnered with 4 top English language publishers to tackle a short-list of 30 problem sites.

Starting with the US sites, those who ignore legal warnings will be sued for damages and subjected to criminal charges where appropriate.

With the sites in question maintaining substantial server presences in the US (although at least one major network is managed by a shady Chinese company), it does not seem likely publishers will have much trouble shutting them down.

Publishers may be in for a rude awakening once they have taken down the major offenders – in lieu of a proper legal online alternative, a rush of freeloading manga fans to even more robust torrent sites seems the likely response, not a sudden rush to bookshops as publishers rather naively seem to hope.

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  • There’s a logical reason for this, you know. Why would I buy a poorly edited, over-priced version of a manga I can read online with a better translation, as well as editors notes and cultural references that are usually excluded?
    To make matters worse, depending on where you live, you can’t even buy manga in stores. There’s either no store within a reasonable distance, or it simply hasn’t been localized.

    There’s a good phrase: “There are no Oceans on the Internet” Why should I wait a year or more for an officially translated copy of a manga chapter that was fan-translated the next day? You can’t hide behind foreign release dates any more.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fucking bullshit! there’s nothing wrong with copying and sharing. It’s called FILESHARING NOT “PIRACY” you dumb publishing fucks! If i buy something i can AND WILL do as i please with it. If i want to copy it and share it with the world I CAN AND WILL DO SO! … the only thiefes here more often than not, end up being the dam publishers; and then they get on their moral high horse and tell people about morals… LOL!

  • In the U.S, I wouldn’t buy manga anyways, 90% of the time it’s been censored both physically and textually,they usually only carry stuff geared towards people under 16 to begin with and shove it off in the kids section.
    Also the translations are usually localized to rather than getting a “Note”
    some things going on in the story line get changed to buttfuckery or completely dropped.
    All for a Five dollar price hike.

  • Anonymous says:

    we dont have manga in our fucking country, my only legal manga i bought is one i found in an anime convention and it was EXPENSIVE about 50 dolars and it was little and the cover wasnt the hard kind, and that was like 4 years ago, now it must be like 120 dolars or something like that. the only way i have to get manga is online

  • Anonymous says:

    we wouldn’t mind supporting the official mangaka’s works, but do tell us, what of those poor people who cannot afford to buy the cheapest manga and what about those slackers translators who work for the publishers who only manage a few books every half A YEAR. Natrually we are going for the more efficient and worthwhile service,so publishing companies, buck the FUCK UP and maybe we’ll start buying the books

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow if this shit goes through I’m doomed. I live in Denmark we would barely know manga if not for online releases. When I go into a book store the amount of different manga’s is about 5-15 depending on my luck. And they are mostly only the top selling in japan. And they are years behind compared to the online ones. When it comes to translation however we are a bit more lucky since they seem to keep it very true and original. But the lack of manga will break my will and mind.

  • Anonymous says:

    The publishers are bigger bastards than any scanner because they butcher the stories with crappy translations and editing, Yes I read scanalations but i also buy all my manga in the original Japanese even though i have to start taking Japanese classes

  • Anonymous says:

    The publishers have no buisiness sense. First of all, I can buy the americanized Shounun Jump with about 500 pages for a mere $4.97 at kroger. At that price, the sales will be much higher than it already is, allowing the publishers to produce more copies at a faster rate, increasing the rate of getting in new volumes.

    Seccond, when they find the translation side of the scanlation groups, they shouldn’t sue their pants off, they should hire them. That’s what the government does with hackers.

  • Hmm, now how will I sample manga online before I buy them for real at the store?? It is so much more satisfying owning a few shelves with your favorite series in them, rather than just reading them online/storing them in your hard-drive.
    Well, I suppose they won’t ever truly be able to stop the distribution of all these, so I don’t see much wrong with them trying to keep it under control a bit. But the fact that they’re suing individuals is pretty lame in itself….

  • PrinceHeir says:

    it would be cool if they offer a client that is available to the “whole world”(not just america) kinda like steam where it updates if there’s a error and such sadly it will be a long time till that happen until then publishers will just keep ripping of the authors of the series and what not.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, we are all pirates. But I prefer it this way. Do you know why? Because I do not want to go outside my room to buy some magazines, because I do not like talking to people. Actually I am not used to read a magazines or newspapers or books anymore, it seems unnatural for me when compared to reading it on display.

    Why to talk to someone? It’s troublesome, I spend 90% of my day alone in my college room, and my only companions are computer and internet!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    These idiot publishers are only hurting themselves and the artists.
    People who ALWAYS buy, will continue to do so.
    People who NEVER buy, will continue not buying.
    The remaining people will split into those two groups, with most of them not buying.
    For some reason, they seem to think that everyone will buy the actual hard-copies.

    The publishers could work with the scanlation sites and make more money!
    “We’ll allow you to continue to operate, as long as you run our ads with each page that is viewed. You will run this awful JS routine, which won’t allow pages to be viewed without our ads. In return we won’t shut you down or sue. If you don’t, we’ll come for you.”

    This would basically cost the publishers nothing and they would rake in heaps of money from “scumbag” advertisers.
    These sites must get millions of hits/week!

    People could continue to read for “Free”, the publishers and artists would get extra money, the scanlation site owners would get their income and the advertisers would get more victims for their stupid ads.

    Who loses under that scenario?


  • Anonymous says:

    There’s barely any translation for my own language and I’m not spending shitloads of money into imported stuff. I might consider donating for the artist though. Paypal, guys =)

  • Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I cant believe that so many people really believe that publishers go after piracy sites cause they believe that they can shut down all forever.

    You country have police, does that makes all crimes go away?

    its always have been about control.

    Piracy do hurts, there are many people who pirate cause they can and its free, it DOES hurt sales. I am one of them and the numbers are not small.

    Face it. Its your moral problem. Unlike music which many people listen to it over and over and artist sells on their charisma for fans. Many times manga are only see once then its next. Keep talking about sample and yet after you seen it, its fine.

    Manga is alot different from music.

    I can give many reasons, in the end it all boils down to you are just not willing to pay for the entertainment, there is just a problem with your moral.

    If I am really so concern about the artist, why dont I just sent the mangaka money as donation straight to their address. I dont cause I wont and never intend to. I can get it for free after all.

    Yet this same people are always going on why is the world becoming worst? Stupid laws, censorship, religion fag. How different are you from them? Its never my problem, its always is because they dont listen to ME. ME. ME. ME.

    If Im them I will not do this and will do a flawless job, make the best policy, run the best way that all people will be happy.

    Why wont people recognise that the root of the problem is that there is just something wrong about ME first. Then work from there.

    • Anonymous says:

      They say, in their own words, that they ARE trying to close down all sites forever. So I’m not sure hwat you’re point is when the people atatcking these places only speak of killing them and all that follow forever.

      • Anonymous says:

        They are not Idiots. Dont even stop for one moment to think that they are and while people like you and me and others beside them are the only people with intelligences. They dont get to where they are by being total idiots.

        Do I even have to explain it?

        In all around the world, polices are set up to shut down crimes TOTALLY and FOREVER. But have any of them ever succeeded? So does that means they are useless and so should be shut down? Its always about being in control and not let things go out of hand.

        If only they can have their total ways they will shut down all. BUT… you know it well, I know it well and THEY also know it all too well they cant and NEVER will can. At least with current situation and things etc… Does that mean just because reality is harsh they should not do anything if they wont be TOTALLY effective?

        • “When things are harder to find on the web that people wanted, more are willing to shell out money for the entertainment they wanted.”

          I started to import Manga from the US because of scanlations, but I stopped because what they published wasn’t enjoyable. They fucked up, I stopped buying. Simple as that. (And I’m not talking about 1 publisher, I probably tried them all and own >100 Manga.)

        • Anonymous says:

          They only need to stop major website etc. When things are harder to find on the web that people wanted, more are willing to shell out money for the entertainment they wanted. Who could say its useless. If they mange to control the piracy to some degree, many more people will realise that they will have to pay for their entertainment and will be willing to shell out the money to do so.

          If nothing is ever ever done, the mentally of people will never put any value on it and will think nothing to just pirate it. Dont we all always hear,

          “look if the party concerned are not even trying to do anything to stop the issue at hand, it means its fine to do it.” Substitute it with publisher, mangaka, piracy.

          Its not pointless.

        • Anonymous says:

          A plocewman in one little town will have a much better chance catching a drunk driver than any publisher will ever have of closing down anything on the world wide web. This is compeltely pointless, where a cop in one small area doing good is not pointless.

          So…cops in their own areas do stop things, therefore they have a job and get the job done an still never stop everything. However, publishers in a world wide area will not do squat. Futile. Waste of money they could use to actually roll with the times and start to make money.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have spent hundreds of dollars a year in the past purchasing translated manga from these people. What have they given me in return? Censored art work, butchered cultural references, terrible “Americanized” translations, and most offensively, sometimes they didn’t even finish the god damn series. And when you really like the series? They put out one volume every 3-4 months when they’re literally dozens of volumes behind the current content being published in Japan.

      I would buy individual digital chapters released weekly. I would buy digital “magazines” at the same price they get them in Japan. I would buy cheaply priced digital books released in a timely fashion. At this point in my life as a collector, I have so much stuff in my small living space that I no longer have any interest in buying $10 shitty paperback books sight unseen. They don’t want that old business model to die. Please, tell me why I should care when they refuse to update their sales model with the times.

      • Anonymous says:

        And then why is it that the manga you USED to buy have problems with Censored art work, butchered cultural references, terrible “Americanized” translations?

        The very same reasons that its the country YOU live in, YOU vote for the government. YOU create those rules, YOU give them that market perception. The laws that YOU created, YOU implemented the censorship.

        And why is it not continued? Cause YOU Pirate it, YOU not supporting it, there is no economy sense in continuing it.

        YOU know whats the worst? YOU are not going to do anything about it. And so it all goes back to square one.

        You know what? Im a pirate, Im ashamed, Im bad, its not correct. Its a bad karma and someday it will come back to bite me in the ass.

        But of cause YOU are not. YOU are just punishing them for not listening to YOU. IT YOUR god given right to do so.

        “If only they listen to ME. ME. ME.”

        Hey, i havent even gotten to the company part.

        • Anonymous says:

          Apparently you both have difficulty with the English language and are an extreme government conspiracy theorist. This is a consumer business we’re discussing here. They believe that that Christian America doesn’t want to see certain things in their manga, and so they censor and heavily localize them in an attempt to get better book space in Borders/B&N/etc, and avoid the wrath of soccer moms who aren’t looking at what they’re buying their kids like retards. That’s a business decision to do so. It has nothing to do with the government you nutty fruit cake.

          Now, I used to buy that product. I was dissatisfied with the quality they were giving for the amount they charge, so I showed with my wallet like any consumer venture, and stopped buying. When I wasn’t buying their shit, I did buy some of the original Japanese tankubons. I’d say about 100 of them if not more. So all your bullshit about how I’m just as bad as you is garbage. You’re a filthy pirate who thinks the government is out to get him. I’m a customer waiting to return when they pull their heads out of their asses and distribute product properly for the times. In the meantime, I can get the originals for half the price of the translated off Amazon or at an anime convention and find the translations online. Does that do it for your “goodwill”?

        • Anonymous says:

          Now you have level up. Is that how you are taught to talk to people? Name calling? just because I have a different opinion then you?

          Is this how your country’s education and society have bought you up?

          And for all your writing do you want to be taken seriously by people reading or just another raging person useless rant?

          The market does not just consist of YOU alone. The YOU I been talking about is the whole lot of people. Even if they release it digitally, it be in japanese. If they are aiming for the states market, it will still be “localise”. Cause thats how the government and society and culture over your side deem it.

          I didnt miss the part that says you will buy if it is digital. Its your choice, what do you want me to say? Good for you? Good boy in the future?

          you know what? its currently not digital distributed base on marketing decision. Its no point of me talking about this what if if its not happening.

          Answer me this: Are you so SURE that

          “the government has nothing to do with the censorship a private business decides to impose on its imported products in the name of getting better sales numbers.”

          Are you so very sure about this? Or are you just trying to ignore it in you mind.

          You keep saying you dont like this about your country and yet why are you not doing anything to change it? Or is it in the end your ideas are nothing more then ideas for self interest? Is it only about ME.

          So you will continue to justify pirating just cause they dont do it in the way you like? If you dont like the US, have you ever even consider buying from the japanese straight? Or as So many people said ever consider sending money to mangaka straight? sending them a cheque and a thank you note.

          I spent a significant amount of my life money buying food. Buy now I only steal them cause they dont want to offer things in the way I want in the amount I want in the price. Still I want to eat you know. Its their fault and I will continue to steal until they get their act right FOR ME. After all I do like food.

          Yes I am a USELESS and BAD self proclaim pirate. So why are you any different currently? I use to buy too you know?

          Answer me this: karma will be back to bite me in the ass someday. So… why is it not the case for you too? What makes you so special?

          And where and when did I seems like I ever rage? especially in comparing to you. Please answer me this for all your goodwill.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey jackass, you missed the part where I said I WOULD buy it again if it was reasonably priced digital content considering the bullshit they do to the releases over here. And the government has nothing to do with the censorship a private business decides to impose on its imported products in the name of getting better sales numbers. If I could smack some sense into the “God fearing” populace and remove all the racist attitudes in the country by voting for a particular lying politician, I sure as shit would have by now. Unfortunately, this country flips its royal wig at the sight of a nipple or hints of sex, even if they don’t blink an eye when half a dozen pages later someone is graphically murdered with bits all over the street. I know the reasons they do it, but it makes me no less bitter about the practice.

          And it’s not punishing them to not buy the digital downloads they don’t have available for purchase. I’ve given enough of my paychecks over to the terrible US anime/manga industry that I don’t think I’ll have any trouble sleeping while I wait for them to get their act together. If that day ever comes, they’ll have my money on a regular basis again. After all, I like the material, they’re just not making it available for me to purchase.

          You on the other hand are an internet raging self proclaimed pirate. Like you said, karma will be back to bite you in the ass someday.

        • Anonymous says:

          lol..please. Do you think any person voted into office ever does what they say they will? No. It’s not OUR choice these insane laws and things are passed. People get voted in on silver lined clouds and never, ever, do what they promise because they usually are nto allowed ot by the bitter losers of the vote.

        • Anonymous says:

          You on the other hand are clearly an idiot who cant think straight. Apparently all your country and society have taught you are for nothing.

          Get out of your own shell and look around you more. Go on keep changing your pathetic story. Keep lying and keep your own supremacist attitude. Go back to school if you dont think business are affected by government policy, society attitude etc. How stupid cant you get. Yeah only in America. Your country society and environment is created by YOU. You go and clean up YOUR own shitty place.

          You pirate their work, you are nothing more then that. Im A filthy pirate who at least can admit it. You on the other hand not only dont have the balls but also think you are all mighty. Oh yes, only an american.

        • Anonymous says:

          wow… you can even lol me.

          And yet YOU are the ones that keep voting for the same people with the same policy and same speech, reasoning. Also KNOWING FULLY that things are never going to change. Are YOU a masochist? willing going through all the pain again and again.

          It is YOUR choice, YOU Choose to VOTE. Dont listen then dont ever vote them until they do. Its a democracy, Guess what, all those things YOU deem stupid is backed by the majority of YOU.

          Again YOU are not going to do anything about it and just vote again for the same thing next time. Wow.. so much for democracy, so much for freedom and choice. The Land of the “free”… he..

          “If only they listen to ME. ME. ME.”

  • Strawdoll says:

    A publisher that has no one buying what they published will always be a dead publisher.

    So by removing all these ‘elements of piracy’ will it change that fact? I’d have the pleasure to say ‘nope nadda nadda’. You remove the sites, it still doesn’t change the fact that no one buys from you. Suck it up, suckers.

    All in all, lawsuits are only the best action these old-business-model-runners can think of. Matter of time before they are phased out.

    EDIT : Forgot to add – lawsuits cost money, and it definitely don’t look good on your tabs.

  • …….this is annoying lets say all the sites are sued and closed dow do they know that there will just be a rise in the number of new sites…..close say the top 20 sites you wanna know what will happen i would say at least 200 will pop up lol…..and you want to know how much it coasts to buy 1 chapter of a manga here it is almost 22$ usd …and there are only 2 places to buy it…i have to go online to get anything and the only problem is that shipping is exactly the same price of how much i buy… i hate that… lol

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, that WON’t help at all.

    People might get back where it all started: “IRC” and “Usenet”

    They cannot shut down every IRC server in this world [..] Most scanlators offer their scanlated work in IRC networks already!!

    Industry is blocking just the mainstream readers, but not the core readers with advanced technological knowledge.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, convince me to buy your product by going after scanslators instead of doing the same thing yourself (TIMELY accurate translation of manga distributed digitally without painful DRM and high chance of translated until the end) and selling it to me digitally at a decent price…

    If manga was actually translated, distributed digitally, localized in days to weeks, cheaper and even somewhat reliable in reaching an ending, i would buy much more if it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Service similar to Spotify could solve this and fix many of the current bottlenecks in distribution. Maybe we could create a petition for this? “We are willing to pay for digital copies, please provide us the service.”

      As a starting point, could Artifact set up a poll to this site?

      “What monthly fee would you be willing to pay for having unlimited access to digital copies of manga?”
      – 5 x / month
      – 10 x / month
      – 15 x / month

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Part of the problem with North American manga and anime selling poorly can be traced directly to the cost of those products for the consumer.

    A season of anime can cost $50 or more. A season of a North American cartoon costs roughly $25-$30. For $13, you can get a comicbook-sized, full color trade paperback of a north american comic. For $10, you can get a novel-sized, black and white tankobon of a manga. Those numbers don’t look too bad until you realize that a long-running series like Naruto, running weekly, can put out a tankobon once every two months, compared to six months for a north american comic.

    It’s an expensive hobby.

    • Anonymous says:

      Blanket statements like this are absurd. Anime season sets for $50? Maybe if you go to brick and mortar stores that mark up the prices like crazy. Online retailers like Amazon and Right Stuf typically have far more reasonable prices. And even if a box set does break the $50 mark, it’s still less expensive than buying the individual DVD’s overall.

      And of course, anime is UNIVERSALLY less expensive in North America than in Japan, where the prices can (and usually do) go two or three times higher.

  • I'm going to mention 'valuable coupons inside' again.

    You know how they mail ya them envelopes with 'valuable coupons inside'? It's called marketing. You never sell more than your market is interested in buying. Illegal downloads are not lost sales. Those people stole something they only stole because they could.

    The internet is not going anywhere. People with a product to sell should just accept they have a finite pool of actual buyers and get over it.

    Yeah, I'd rather have a nice large manga library. I'd rather have a lot of things. I don't get everything I want though. That's called reality. Reality happens to business just like it happens to me.

    If they want to sell manga on 21st century planet earth, using 20th century business methods means they suffer internet downloads and they sell inefficiently.

    My advice, sell through retail, and sell through digital download, and stfu about the fact that people will steal.

    I wouldn't download a car, fucking Christ, who made that advertisement eh. I'd fucking well download a Porsche in a second if I could. Fucking right I would. Wouldn't steal a purse? actually people do steal purses. Actually they steal cars too, but you have to steal those in person. It's called grand theft auto in the US. Not sure of the Canadian term.

    I'd buy downloadable manga if the price was sane.

  • Anonymous says:

    If it weren’t for those sites I wouldn’t have ever known manga. If they really went through with it, I will never read manga since it is really expensive and not accessible where I live. Can’t they be content with the prophet they make from legal purchases? They are going to kill manga fandome in the rest of the world. I hate this imperialism.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve got a little memo for the publishers, acts like this do not make me want to buy your product.

    When the RIAA began to sue individuals, I vowed to never buy another audio cd. And to this day, I have not. Now the MPAA has foolishly chosen to take the same path the RIAA took and I once again, vow to not buy their product. No longer will I buy Hollywood movies, as with audio cds.

    I’m for attacking sites which exist purely to turn a profit at the publishers expense, be it movies/music/anime/comics/mangs/whatever.

    Those sites should be killed off, but don’t attack the individuals who buy your product. They may not buy every product, but they buy enough of them. And chances are, if they choose to download it, instead of buy it, they were never going to buy it to begin with.

    Anything I’ve ever pirated, I’ve never intended to buy. I merely wanted to check it out or downloaded on a whim. It has absolutely nothing to do with being cheap or not wanting to pay. And as far as I’m concerned, there is ZERO difference between downloading something or signing it out at the public library.

    Oh, but you return a book, you say? I could take a book from the library to the xerox machine or a flatbed scanner and generate a copy, much like I could simply copy a jpg file. The only difference is the amount of work it takes. And the fact that you assume everyone with a downloaded copy is going to redistribute it. When in reality, it’ll either be archived or deleted.

    So yeah, don’t sue your fans or logical thinkers, such as myself will no longer buy your crap.

    • Another self-righteous pirate.

      In the unlikely event you’re telling the truth, it’s still clear the vast majority of pirates are just in it for what they can get for free and a significant proportion are dissuaded from buying anything due to their ability to pirate.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone can pirate a game, yet millions are still sold. Will people that can pirate, pay for it? Some will, yes. Will all pirates have paid to buy it anyways? Probably not. But then no side will ever win that argument. Some pirates would never buy aything, ever, even if they had the money. So they are not hurting anyone. But how to prove that theory? You can’t either way.

      • Anonymous says:

        it is funny cuz he is saying if he download something then he didnt intend to buy it, it looks like he didnt intend to buy manga anyway

        said and say it again

        if you change the hosts to a country they do not license manga it would be easier

  • Oh like this is a difficult prediction.

    Phase 1, shut down sites on turf that can be influenced.

    Phase 2, sites open on sites they can't touch.

    Phase 3 business as usual.

    Phase 4, MPAA and or RIAA wannabe comic organization gets to suck on it, and they make no more than they were in the beginning.

    Maybe if these retards just tried to USE the internet instead of bitching about it, I might care. But I suffer not fools.

  • Anonymous says:

    I see a lot of manga I like taken down…

    I’d gladly pay for any decent alternative, but alas, there is NONE for me.
    The price vs. quality ratio in my country is pretty low for translated series. Cheap online distribution would be a good solution I think (since now the manga costs too much for what it’s worth), but there seem to be some practical problems with that as no-one does it?
    C’mon publishers, there has to be SOME decent solution?

    If they just took profit from the rising popularity of manga internationally, instead of trying to kill it…

  • Anonymous says:

    Having tons of manga can be impractical for someone in such a small living space as mine.
    I would have to read it then throw it away.
    I would keep maybe 20 volumes max?
    I don’t have more space then that.
    If they sold it in nice hi es scans…….I could keep thousands on a hard drive……..

  • Anonymous says:

    kill the fucking publisher!!
    kill the fucking editor!!
    kill the money minded bastard!!
    kill them all!! kill them all!!!

    seriously what the hell is their purpose in this world nowadays??

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m gonna ruin your LIFE FOR having Manga on your site while rapist get off easy.


    Truth is Manga’s aren’t worth buying anymore. Most have the same old young girly as teen guy saving the world from other gay as teen evil guys. Lets not forget all the girls that like the gay ass main girly guy.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re bringing up an example of a type of storyline contained exclusively in ONE genre, bud: SHOUNEN.

      Mangas have plenty of genre with stories that can sometimes become more convoluted than Star Wars, but of course, shounen sells more. Depends on where you look.

  • Anonymous says:

    All they needed to do to see the sales go up was to start distributing digital versions of the chapters(which means a digital version that you can actually keep and with whatever you want, not some kindle-like crap) and together with the english version at the same time(or shortly after).

  • Anonymous says:

    It is actually GOOD thing that those sites will be banned and taken down. Why? Because users will be forced to use some better, more anonymous technology, like Freenet. The more nodes, the faster the anonymous p2p network, which is now still too slow. But manga is actually ideal material for such networks, because it is small enough to be transmitted at reasonable speed.

    Such an “anti-piracy Manga hunt” could help those anonymous p2p networks to get enough users so that those networks would be fast enough to mp3/ogg and other music files. And then more users would connect to get their music there, and the speed would soon become fast enough for video files. Then it would be unstoppable – they would have to ban almost all services and allow only web, and that would be too inconvenient for many software companies. And when IPv6 comes, and everething will have it’s public IP address, darknets will grow even more, if it would be necessary.

    Look at France – after HADOPI legislation, the number of Freenet nodes has grown rapidly in that country. And anonymous p2p darknets are very difficult to destroy, maybe that’s impossible. Of course police could sometimes catch someone, but it would not destroy the network with tens thousands users. The technology of Freenet should be able to extend the number of users to a few millions before it becomes too ineffective.

    What could they do against it? They might try to ban encryption, but that would be also impossible. To make a criminal offence from using encryption to comunicate with unauthorized side seems improbable, and it could only happened in totalitarian society. If this happened, we would have different problems then reading manga on fryday.

    • And just what would happen to manga if the creators no longer had any way of monetising their creations in the face of massive piracy?

      Music is not the same as other forms of entertainment (it is comparatively cheap to produce for one thing) – it is quite possible other artforms would have trouble surviving these kind of changes in a way music has not.

      • Anonymous says:

        But that’s just it, manga could be next to free to make for the mangka if he went completely digital. He wouldn’t even need paper to draw on. If they went this route (with or without paper) and sold online, well translated product, we would buy it. Well, not everyone would, but many would. That would probably make them more money in the end. Take Bleach for instance… if he moved to his own site, with whatever help he needed, and charged the many mnay fans for good, up to date and nicely done translations, he’s likely make more money than he does through his current publisher. Take out the cost of servers nd help and what have you and I’d bet he still makes more that way than through a published form.

        • Anonymous says:

          And where did Tite Kubo get his famous name from? Publisher give them a means of subscription to the mass to make their name known. Not only that, they also give him the platform to continue to maintain and grow his name so he can continue to make the manga millions love.

          You think it will be sane and easy for him to just give up and throw away all this to move to the net just to satisfy people like you?

          Things may change, digital may become prominent, yet Publishers are not going away. They are the platform necessary.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, for almost all people, expenses are dominated by cost of living. Things like rent, medical insurance, food. These costs are not going to go down from self-publishing on the Internet.
          I certainly am not saying that it can’t work, but it can’t be free. The life of the mangaka has to be paid for, by ads*, subscription fees, donations, or otherwise.
          * Ad-supported is not counted as free in most economic models, because ads are trying to coax the reader into making an economically sub-optimal decision, and statistically succeeding enough of the time to make them worth paying for.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is almost impossible to buy manga in my country, there are only some older mainstream titles, and they are also overpriced. Best way to obtain manga is to download it, and even if it’s in damned english, I do prefer them because of there are more titles.

        Same goes for anime fansub – english ones are usually better and have better resoulution and there is enough seeders, not just one or two. I have actually improved my english by watching fansubs…

  • The more they push, the more underground such piracy will go. Mangahelpers succumbs to the pressure? Nothing of value was lost. Online readers are removed? Nothing of value was lost.

    It all seems like some sort of foreign attack, but perhaps with good intention. When news of Rapelay reached the US, Japan was hassled.

  • Anonymous says:

    Please start boycotting US publishers, get the manga you like from Internet & don’t pay ’em a single penny! If you keep feeding them your money, they will use it to fund bigger RIAA & continue bullying Internet users with expensive lawsuit. The best tactic is to stave those greedy publishers until they’re bankrupt.

    But do support individual artist, mangaka, & scanlator (translator), donate money to support them if you can afford to do so.

  • Anonymous says:


    How many of us here see this business as anything but bad? The RIAA and MPAA have had little luck stopping the release of music and movies. If you want to survive, you need to adapt. Anyone remember the old days of napster and kazaa when grabbing songs was a gamble as it could be crap or just empty downloads? I like paying 99 cents for a good quality product and still using some other P2P means to sample.

    The scanlators have the places set up, if the publishers would just work with them we would all be happy. I’m willing to pay for manga I want to read. I’m just not willing to wait years for it and pray it makes it here. Especially when I like more mature manga as opposed to most that comes out here. I guess we can only wait and hope and watch as manga scanlator sites go down only to pop up on servers outside the US. Didn’t anyone, anywhere, learn from the Napster ‘victory’?

    I’ll answer myself… apparently not as they are now all excited about hitting Limewire and The Pirate Bay. phhss

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, there was a point a few years back where I owned something in the neighborhood of about 50-60 volumes of manga. I bought all of them at $10-15 a pop. Added up, I spent somewhere around $500 or more on my collection. That’s insane.

      That was when I still had money, before I got laid off from work. I have since sold most of those volumes to make cash and I haven’t bought any manga in over a year because the price of 1 volume can put gas in my car for a day or two.

      If they want me to start buying again when I have money, they need to lower the price. I can’t justify paying what they ask anymore, especially knowing what other countries pay for their volumes.

  • SpideyPHL says:

    As an example of how stupid the manga companies’ behavior is for them, even at the stupidly inflated prices, i would have bought the fate/stay night and maria-holic volumes recently, if they were available in digital format. I got interested in them in the first place because of scanlations, but because the only method is a easily losable paper version, I can’t bring myself to do it.

    I get the feeling at least part of it is that the American companies aren’t being allowed to use digital media by the Japanese publishers, though. After all, by their logic Japanese pirates could get ahold of them and reverse-scanlate.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you exclude torrents, a lot of progress has been made in the field of restricting video distribution through streaming sites… but even then, it’s because companies have figured out a way to work with sites and viewers in ways that still provide them with revenue. Something that’s being flat out scoffed at in this case.

    It’s also worth noting that all this hub bub is being raised over a small percentage of the works produced, It’s weird to think that Japanese companies are getting their panties in a twist over something they wouldn’t be making money on to begin with.

    The North American companies actually have MORE of a case here, considering that they tend to licence hot manga specifically for the purpose of turning a domestic profit. This capitalizes on domestic Japanese companies’ lack of business sense usually.

  • Anonymous says:

    Would I have bought all of the current berserk volumes without hearing about the series in scanlations? All of Hellsing? The thousands of dollars in manga I wouldn’t have heard about if it wasn’t for scanlations?

    The thousands of dollars in anime vhs dvd if it weren’t for fansubs?

    I hope these fuckers go broke.

  • Anonymous says:

    I miss the good old days when I could sit here and read all the manga I want in one place on the internet, and not have to worry about people taking it all down.
    Considering if I read something online and like it enough, I will end up buying it. I view reading/watching something online first as a kind of taste test.

    If only more people did this, we wouldn’t have this problem.
    And you don’t have to support the shitty US companies, if you’ve read it enough to know what’s going on then order from Japan and then even if you can’t read exactly what the characters mean, you still know what’s happening.

  • Anonymous says:

    welcome to the new wack-a-mole.

    this “coalition” will be having a rude awaking, along with RIAA and MPAA. The only difference will be that DCA is going have substaintially less money, and bankrupt much faster then their movie/music counterparts.

    Have fun~

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    I actually had some sympathy for those guys, until a whistle blower a while back here exposed how the Artists were being short-changed.

    It’s time we make ALL publishers (Movies, Music, Literature) realize that all of their work is for all the glorification, glitter, glamor, everything else nothing more than a form of “Busking”.

    “Busking” is a step up from “Begging”. You play a music instrument, recite a drama, draw a picture, etc. and manage to get people to give you $ or food, sometimes sex, for what you do. It’s both a passion and a semi-parasitical survival skill.

    It’s also something people have worn with pride. They cry it’s tough now? Try “Singing for your supper” for several centuries of the dark ages. It’s MY family heritage trade, (music) one taken from my family when the bankers took over the “Means of Production” when the Industrial world grabbed the arts. We are smart, we now are doctors, engineers, etc. But we’ve all gone through a period where we wanted to be in the “Arts” and found there was some secret blacklist derived not exactly against us personally but to keep the true “Ones with the Muse” from ever finding any success. We can pick up a flute or a guitar on a street corner and get some $, but make our own albums the “Studios” turn us down, make sure we are kept out of the record stores, off the radio…

    You wonder why almost all the “Mainstream” stuff is lousy? Well, it’s because they make sure only halfway talented people work on it and it’s just gloss and promotion. The real talented ones that manage to slip through get an increasing array of “Censors” and “Editors” who keep escalating the pressure till they quit or give an excuse to fire them.

    What they’ve done is a crime that is in its own way a form of “Ethnic Cleansing”. They stole the position of the “Bearers of the Muses” and perverted it into a money making scheme. They made fancier stuff, till the glitz wore off, and the culture was poorer for it.

    They must be destroyed.

    I’m not even out for “Vengeance”. I don’t care if those behind the scourge on my family suffer first or last or at all. I want a much more efficient one where we turn their world “Upside down” and everything they’ve worked for is no more. I don’t think I’ll be the “Next great Bard”, but I’d love it if I could “Busk” a little more and work doing sh-t to make some swine richer a little less.

    So, here’s what to do:

    1. Vow NEVER to buy from another major publisher again. Now, nothing is certain in life and I’m not asking anyone to go “Amish” but a good way to do it (besides the ‘extralegal’) is to just wait a while and then buy it used. I’ve seen the few “Major Motion Picture” pieces of sh-t I half wanted to see, I just waited and bought the DVDs used from a pawn shop, so not one dime went to them. Yeah, I could have downloaded, but not worth even the cheap space on a terabyte HDD, most are sh-t.

    In the past they’d laugh, but not now. This recession will drag on for years since the “Big Dogs” are too greedy and arrogant and don’t get that their money comes from people buying their stuff, not govt. handouts.

    2. Seek out individual artists (music, manga, etc.) based on your likes, as long as they aren’t in faustian contracts with big studios. SUPPORT these people.

    —NOTE: Let’s say there’s a guy playing a guitar on the street corner and you toss him $1 or $5 just ’cause you like his tune or feel like doing something nice… Well, you pay him FAR more than if he was a “Pro” and you paid $18.99 to buy his CD.

    Even with the massive “Sharing” losses, many “Independant Cyber-Buskers” can make quite a good living off of it, the “Big companies” are THAT greedy…

    Just remember “Buy what you like”, “Support what you like”. Let’s say you like a guy’s songs and download his stuff, drop him $5 once in a while. PayPal, $ in an envelope to a post office box, etc.

    3. Write letters to your favorite “Mainstream” artists telling them this. No more major companies. Go independent I’ll buy your stuff (make vows to only a few, ones you can keep) otherwise I won’t…

    4. Go viral with this new ethic. In the bookstores, the coffeshops, etc. The “Contract” locks they have will evaporate when people start “Voting with their Dollars” (or Yen, as the case may be)

    The result of this is that there will be no more “Major” media acts, just a ton of independent and the former outlets for the major ones becoming bizarre houses of consignment, pay to view, etc. Modern computer technology liberates what it once enslaved, the tools are far easier to obtain and far easier to use. We’ll have no more “Michael Jacksons”, or “Elvis” types, but many “Local Fame” and a number of “Dark Stars”.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s always nice to read comments that are actually thought through. Here in Finland average price for a manga volume is 10€ and that’s with with the english translations. I admit i have bought a few series and am collecting couple of more but with the prices, the slow publishing pace and limited number of less mainstream manga it’s just not worth it. English ones are badly translated but that’s not even the worst. Think what happens when they actually use those english translations as a basis for local finnish ones and fuck those up even more. I don’t care if the price for those is cheaper when even the english translations are sometimes a direct insult to the whole manga culture.

      Sorry for rambling. I hope i didn’t insult any of your intelligence with it.

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        Well, my point was that many “Minor” players could carve a good living from the maggoty corpse of the “Major” players and…


        Uh, I WANT the “Major Players” destroyed.

        Ever watch “Conan the Barbarian”?
        -“To Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and witness the lamentation of their women…”

        That movie really inspired me. My “Village” that of the “Bard” was wiped clean by raiders, whom we now call the “Media Empire” of a couple companies that pretend to compete but just churn and spew out the same trash to help brainwash the public. Companies that keep out any real talent and put out sh-t. Working outside my heritage and calling I indeed feel like I’m pushing a “Wheel of Pain”, or that I’m viciously fighting fanged tooth Negroids trying to eat me alive, just to live another day.

        We break up the media empires and we certainly can do that now, the face of entertainment will change. Don’t support them, tell them and their friends you aren’t supporting them, and seek true ‘alternatives’. They will collapse and others will take their place. I don’t care if “You” are with me on this, there are enough that just hate the media and need to “Budget” anyways, my advice does TONS of damage and I’m only getting started.

        The only people who will stay, or rather “Enter” the profession then will be those with the “Muse”. Remove the big money, they will run like a bunny at a fursuit lifestyler convention, save those with “The Muse”. Let beautiful static hit the radio, let many TV stations shut off and the “Providers” start a “Pay cheap $ for your own TV time and if your AD ratings are good, we’ll pay YOU!” program. I’d love to see lots of “Muppets” type shows, something we’d indeed get again.

        Along the way, all the “Partners” will change. Like top music, top art, top 3D/animation software… Instead of charging hundreds or thousands for it, they (or the bankruptcy adjuster) will charge 1/10th it’s amount and if somehow they “Covet” that property, the programmers they lay off will quickly make a functional knock-off for a cheap price to finance food on the table. Record stores will accept CDs and have MP3 loaders on “Consignment”. Radio stations will play based on customer want and DJ guidance again. Televisions will become bizarre clearinghouses.

        And it’s a “Revenge” that goes even beyond the scope of “Revenge”. I have no hatred any more, I do not care if the people who said to me “Uh, your story didn’t get my attention…”, “your music is too out there..” suffer personally. I don’t care if the recording execs who led my Dad on then blocked him out when they found out he was of a ‘bardic’ family have died in an undeserved cushy retirement or not.

        I will reset the cycle. I will turn their world upside-down. My vengeance will be such that all their works, all their lives will be as if they were not. This is just as they tried to do with me and mine, except I am taking it back. They will have ashes. And those that worked with them will curse them for ever even having existed.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fuck all of you publishers. IF YOU GUYS DID YOUR JOB WELL THEN WE FANS WOULDN’T HAVE TO RESORT TO THIS. HOW THE BLOODY HELL DO WE GET MANGA IF WERE NOT IN JAPAN OR IN THE US? Most people don’t have the privilege of having parents kind enough to fund your hobbies or parents foolish enough to give their paypal accounts to their children so that they can read manga…I’m not a hikokomori. I’m a bloody kid.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seriously, haven’t these big companies learned their lesson already? When they took down napster there was P2P and when they took down P2P there was torrents. There’ll always be some grey-zone area where people will get their fix.

  • Anonymous says:

    i haven’t seen a manga yet that i would pay for … shitty retarded storylines , illogical character actions and responses…
    content almost all of it on the level of ‘speed racer’ (god, i want to puke)…
    the fucking retard creators need to crawl out from under their bridges and write something above the level of an 8 yr old hydrocephalic with ADHD…
    fuck them in the ass with a rusty rotorooter…
    if every manga site went away you would lose nothing…
    buy real books and learn something…

  • Anonymous says:

    Have fun Digital Comic Association, you’ll kill the sites and then make the torrent, scanlation, even worse. In the end they won’t change anything. Picking fights with the internet NEVER ends well.

  • Anonymous says:

    Tokyopop. Viz. C’mon now guys, chill the fuck out. I can understand that you’re concerned about your failing sales and shit, but going after guys who are putting translated guro manga on the tubes is not gonna do you any good.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually you’d have to choose somewhere like iceland, where the citizens voted overwhelmingly to not make payments on a national debt. If they got the balls to do that, laughing off a lawsuit from foreign companies would be easy for them. Canada would still likely comply.

  • Anonymous says:

    You know, I’m actually in favour of this going forward.
    Why? Because this will prove once and for all that all those lawsuits results in nothing, and the problem with Publishers isn’t piracy, but their own greed.
    Publishers exploits artists and create paralysis in the creativity side of mangas, turning it into a purely exploitive venture that adds nothing to the culture they’re supposed to be helping.
    Piracy brought manga titles worldwide, did wonders to spread the anime and manga culture.
    But publishers are so full of themselves up their own asses, trying to harvest more and more money off it that they didn’t stop to think that it’s time to change it’s own ways to fit the reality of today.
    And I’m counting on people like Shuho Sato to point the way artists should go: Just dismiss these crappy publishers and start finding a way to publish their own work without the middleman.
    Seems like RIAA and MPAA efforts on making a buck by acting as ruthless morons, forcing their way with the help of power to bend laws against common people taught nothing.
    If corporations nowadays are willing to act like spoiled brats, so be it. They’ll have to learn it the hard way.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed, I wouldn’t have known about manga’s like Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, and Gantz if not for scanlations.

      I make no excuse for wanting to see anime for what it is and not censored crap.

      I wonder what the publishers will blame after this anti piracy bid fails by that time hopefully manga artist will have kicked out the publisher middleman and expanded worldwide under a partnership with the scanlators.

  • Lol, this is going to be as sad as BP’s cleanup efforts. This shit wont get anywhere, if one site gets shut down, 4 more will take its place.

    You cannot beat piracy, its one of the worlds oldest trades, right up there with prostitution and killing each other.

    Go ahead and spend millions if not billions on this…just wasting money.

    I also want to know how manga’s that don’t appear in the US hurt the US sales…greedy american companies bitching about a false loss of sales. Most manga that are scanlated are the ones that never come over here.

    I wonder if i can go sue them for spreading stupidity? I bet since its the US i probably could.

  • Anonymous says:

    Everything America touches they mess with it.

    Whatever they license they fuck up with either dubbing it or removing it online. When they license shit, they take so long to release it. Let us say those Shonnen Jumps. They have English versions but how late are they? How expensive are they? Geez… Assholes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, the industry in America needs to die. Censorship, overpriced products, and picking and choosing what we’re “allowed” to see based on their bullshit standards. These people are a plague on our hobbies and have been since the inception of the anime and manga industry here in the US.
      The sooner these shithole companies die, the sooner things can go back to they way the were in the 80’s where everything here in the US was bootleg and anime and manga had more of a cult following instead of millions of retarded weaboos that worship the ground Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece walk on.

  • echelon64 says:

    Oh boy here we go.

    All these companies are gonna take all the digital manga sites down and keep trying to push paperbacks on us. I don’t know about most people but I like my mango digital in nice PNG’s or JPG’s if I don’t have any other choice.

    I’m not trying to defend these sites I am just stating that they fill a need where the actual companies themselves fail to provide.

  • Anonymous says:

    well i would buy american translated if they didnt suck so much and were ass-rapingly slow
    if you want us to buy english translated manga, do a better job; dont throw money at the problem

  • gundam4ever2 says:

    I did not know that manga reading I can’t get in America hurts US manga companies.
    so every time I read Kodomo no Jikan or Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force is costing millions.

        • Anonymous says:

          Same for me as for Announ. I’m one of those weirdos who actually bought CDs directly because of downloading stuff at Napster in its first incarnation. I bought on average one or two CDs per year before discovering it, and when I started to download stuff via Napster I discovered a lot of good music and bought over a dozen CDs per year for two-three years or however long it was Napster was still alive in its first version.

          That said, I am probably a part of a minority. Not everyone gets the desire to own a “proper” (i.e. legal) version. For me legal also tends to co-incide with a lot of other desirable traits. Paper versions of books/Manga require no electricity and won’t get stewardesses pissed off at you using an electronic device (e.g. ebook reader) when they don’t want you to.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nasty 3P action there, haha.

      Don’t feel all high and mighty yet, fellow leechers. Being corporations, they might feed the regulating bodies with the cash they swindled off mangakas’ rightful piece of the manga sales pie.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, good God, waiting is so terrible. I need to wait a month to have my new Negima volume to learn that Negi beat his opponent with a new spell and Asuna’s panties were showing. The horror of it all!

        Have you any idea how understaffed those publishers in the U.S. are? Besides, it’s not about the money, it’s about the copyrights. Nobody in the U.S. cares if, say, School-Girl Milky Crisis is being scanlated if it’s not licensed (Japan is another story). But, when people start scanning the U.S. release of School Girl Milky Crisis, THAT’s when things are screwed up.

        I will only agree that manga is expensive as heck (at $10 per volume, tax not included, if I were to buy the remaining 16 volumes of Negima I haven’t bought yet, it would run me about $176–damn), but really, the people who are complaining need to shut up and stop being so spoiled.

        • > Yes, good God, waiting is so terrible.

          Oversalting every dish I have to eat is very bearable too, but why on Earth would I accept it when better alternatives proved themselves? Besides, what’s with you and ‘a month’? It’s years we’re speaking about.

          > Have you any idea how understaffed those publishers in the U.S. are?

          Not my problem, fixed by scanlation.

          > Besides, it’s not about the money, it’s about the copyrights.

          Not my problem, fixed by scanlation.

          You’re pulling the ‘it’s when an official US release is scanned that there’s a problem’ from your ass.

          > but really, the people who are complaining need to shut up and stop being so spoiled.

          Being spoiled is basically forcing companies to compete against people satisfaction. It’s a good thing to do. Besides, complaining against the take-down of a good service by a worse alternative of it, is not being spoiled.

          Bottomline, if good official manga publishing cannot exist, thanks to publishers for having made a best effort proving it, now I’d like them to stop wasting the good stuff out of spite.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its a mix of everything.
        They are faster, better, more practical, easier to get and easier to manage.
        The list of benefits is endless, the way the volumes are sold has absolutely no benefit, they are onerous and worthless. That they are excessively expensive certainly doesn’t help but its not just because its free that most people become pirates, at least in this case.
        The alternatives are just too bad to even consider them seriously.

        If manga taking the same route as music with all their new RIAA act now then what will really fight piracy and bring profit and costumers to their industry will be a good system. Something that works as a catalyst for better manga business models, like the iTunes did for music.

    • Internet is the united will of the international masses. And if history taught me something it’s that you don’t mess with the masses. You can only manipulate the mass, but it will prove a difficult feat to make people around the world think paying for stuff easily obtained elsewhere for free is a good idea. Double so, if the version you can pay for suckz or isn’t available in the first place.

    • So what, everything is illegal in some way on the internet now a days. All these gravatars, most of the promotional images used on this site, unauthorized material like photos and videos, etc., etc.

      Does it stop anyone or really matter? Nope, because they can’t police millions..

    • DeathCrunch says:

      I suppose you mean “now starts the end for trollsubs and water marks”.
      The only people affected are the people making money off of scanning, it’s irrelative to anyone actually reading the stuff.

      • Artefact is dead on with his closing statement. There are PLENTY of alternative means to procure manga online for free. All they’ll do is push it further underground, and outside their reach (and piss people off, making them MUCH less likely to buy things).

      • Anonymous says:

        What need to be done is :
        – Translation of manga much quicker. When your favorite manga is 10 tome ahead in japan, of course you will download scanlation.
        – A much better traduction. Why is it that fans make better trade than professional? Because US company hire shitty translator who are in desperate need of a job, no matter how underpaid it is.
        – Respect of the Japanese culture in that translation. I hate seeing names without the -sama or -kun at the end. It’s part of how it was writen, removing it change the meaning of the situation somtimes.
        – Reasonable price. In Japan, manga cost jack shit, Jump is even considered a “buy and throw” book. I live in france, and the cheaper manga is 5 euro. When you follow one serie, ok, but when you follow ten, no way. And there’s much more than ten interesting series.

        If they could do that, I would buy instead of download, because reading on computer is much less pleasant than having the book. However I know they never will, because they don’t want to make an effort for their customer. So why should we male an effort for them?

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, come on!
        Now they won’t let me enjoy my illegal free stuff that I should have paid for?
        Money minded idiots, only caring about making a living, doing business and generally do their job and get paid for it.

        • Anonymous says:

          When you’re being fed $10 books with shitty translations, censored art, and all the cultural references purged so you don’t get confused by what those evil foreign people might be like, the price gets to be a bit insulting. If they’re going to shut down all the online scan sites and continue to shovel shit at me, it might as well be as cheap as the Japanese get it and on a platform that doesn’t make my room any more of a fire hazard than it already is.

        • Anonymous says:

          Some of us like to own the book. I’d rather take a $10 book to place in my bookshelf with all the others over some crappy digital reader any day. But then, different tastes and all that.

        • Anonymous says:

          Here’s the problem. Reading scanned and translated manga on my new iPad is awesome. Buying a $10 book once every three months and then have it take up space in my house isn’t quite as awesome as it used to be. When your DVD/bookshelves overflow and start forming piles everywhere, you start to re-prioritize how much you purchase.

          If these retard publishers would put up weekly PDF or online-viewable translations of Shounen Jump or other magazines for $3-4 a week like the actual magazine in Japan is, maybe they wouldn’t be scrambling to sue everyone in sight just like the jackasses in the RIAA/MPAA did. Guess what, when iTunes set up music to be $1 a song, 10 BILLION songs were purchased. Let me repeat that… TEN BILLION SONGS. You make it cheap and easy for people to buy things, and your ACTUAL customers will buy the material. If someone pirates something at that point, they were never going to be a customer in the first place, and it wasn’t a sale lost.

          Bottom line is these ancient juggernauts are frantically clinging to their old bullshit sales models, and crying when people aren’t interested like they were 10+ years ago.

        • Anonymous says:

          Keichan, your argument falls apart because it’s based on too many hypotheticals. Did anyone forsee Kodomo no Jikan being released in the US?

          Firetribe, blame the Japanese for their high license fees more than the pirates, IMO. Obviously the ease of illegal viewing didn’t help things. But so many industries love to scream “piracy, piracy” when many of their problems stem from a broken business model.

        • Firetribe says:



          Never say never. We never thought Bund or Strike Witches would never be licensed. And guess what? They did.

          So why makes excuses? We all have watched fansubs or read scanlations. We made it a gray area, even though it is really illegal, and we and the publishers seemed to believe it wouldn’t do much harm.

          But now it’s gotten to the point, where publishers are shutting down while others are fighting to survive. If more fans had paid more tribute to them, they might still be looking the other way.

        • Anonymous says:

          Of course the argument of “it’s not available for purchase so it’s Ok to steal it” is a logical one, right?

          I’m not saying I don’t download anime and manga but I at least have the balls to admit I’m stealing it. People like Kei-chan1 who try to justify their theft are completely ignorant of the legalities – or – very likely just a child < 18 years old who grew up with "everything on the Internet being free."

        • Dia, are you retarded? Do you ever forsee manga like Kissxsis or something coming to the US? No, use your brain for a moment before retorting. And just because you can use something for a potential market doesn’t mean its already apart of your sales dumbass, thats why its called potential. You have to attempt to sell it first, ffs. You can’t claim losses on something your not selling or ever planning to sell, that was my point you anal nitpickers. Plus alot of sites that do/did show licensed manga had it taken off, i see more and more being taken off daily when i try to read them. Most manga sites do comply when asked to take it off.

        • Anonymous says:

          I have ot agree and disagree with some of these. For one, the manga some of us like, will NEVER come out here. Never. Could you iamgine Bitter Virgin ever being released here in US of PC moralfag world? No. If they released what I liked here, I’d buy it. As yes, I DO have some that I found by scanlators that I do buy thank you very much.

        • Rethardus says:

          If it weren’t for scanlations and fansubbers, I would have never known of this whole otaku culture. I’ve bought tons of figurines, DVD’s, games, artbooks and even the real manga. How would that affect the sales in Japan?

          The argument of DoujinshiJim doesn’t fully apply. They only release in the US, because they see there’s a potential in the US. Which means the pirates were first, before they even considered to open a market here.

        • DoujinshiJim says:

          Wow, please try to use your brain. Even if the manga in question isn’t being released in the US (or other country in question) at this time, it doesn’t mean that the publishers don’t have any plans to ever release it here.

          If scanlation sites are able to post translated versions of these manga it’s going to cut into their potential profit and eventually may cause them give up on the idea of releasing it in the US at all.

          On the other hand I think what publishers should do to fight back is get off their lazy asses and start releasing translated versions MUCH quicker – waiting months for a translated volume comes out sucks and encourages fans to get the material through other means.

          Any why the hell isn’t Otaku no Musume-san released in the US yet!!!

        • @Kei-Chan1

          They aren’t suing those sites because of the non-licensed, non-translated manga they serve. If the sites provided only those mangas, nobody would be suing them.

          Now tell me, are you retarded?

        • Tell me, how do manga being translated for another country that don’t get licensed affect sales? People who don’t read japanese aren’t going to go buy a raw manga, and manga that aren’t licensed in the US can’t affect their sales. This is all about removing something that isn’t hurting them, or about the few paysites that some people are actually stupid enough to use when its easy enough to find for free.

          The US companies brought the lack of sales for what they do license on themselves through shitty translations, changing the story to suit the moralfagness of western culture, overcharging, and extreme lateness of the releases. So yeah, they are money minded idiots.

        • Anonymous says:

          And in turn, you and everyone who pretends such have to stop arguing that there’s any justifiable means for stealing the manga for no compensation to the author, be it publisher, mangaka or store. Accept that you steal it, take responsibility, and purchase the series’ that you read and enjoy. Manga isn’t that expensive when you’re intelligent about it. It does take time to acquire legitimately, yes, and therein lies the companies’ complicity in being a failure to meet the demand, but too many people consider that a single-stop excuse for being self-righteous about their ‘duty’ as pirates.

          I too download things illegally, and each paycheck, I set aside an amount of available money for purchasing the series I love. It just takes forethought and discipline.

        • Anonymous says:

          Creators don’t make that much from the manga they sell. Most of it goes to the publishers.

          And it’s hard to want to support them when they pull this kind of stuff.

          It’s really not black and white in that pirating=bad, publishers=good

        • Firetribe says:

          “I buy manga when I can but that shit is expensive. And stuff like this makes me less likely to.”

          So you’re going to stop supporting the domestic release of a title, just because a company is trying to protect it’s legal right to protect it’s own property?

          You’re not buying manga solely for the publisher,you know. You’re buying it so they can continue it’s release, and so money can go to the creator. There should be no “less likely to” if you really valued and supported them.

        • Lonesnipa says:

          Who said anything about it being legal? Assuming anon is assuming.

          I buy manga when I can but that shit is expensive. And stuff like this makes me less likely to. Anyone remember how manga helpers was trying to make money off of this themselves by teaming up with viz?

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m sure I’m gonna be called an idiot, but I’m FUCKING HAPPY they finally do.

    These sites made it way too easy to get manga. Also no one paid anymore. Fuck the rule of the easy-way. It only makes things worthless.