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“Case Closed” Schoolgirl Murder Gang Drained Girl’s Blood


A gang of teenagers has been arrested for torturing a girl to death over 4 days for gossiping about them, subsequently hitting upon the idea of draining the body of its blood in an effort to avoid detection, supposedly inspired by a similar method used in the manga “Case Closed.”

The victim, a 15-year-old girl identified as “Kim,” was found floating in a river wrapped in a blanket.

Police found that eight days prior she was abducted by 5 fellow gang members, also aged 15, and taken to the home of a female leader, where she was held captive and tortured to death over a 4 day period.

The reason for the kidnapping and beating was apparently to teach her a lesson – she had reportedly been heard making heinous remarks about the gang, saying one member in particular was “very badly behaved.”

Upon her “accidental” death, as the gang asserts, an associate proposed to drain the girl’s body of its blood, thus making the cadaver lighter and easier to carry – a concept that one of the gang members says he lifted from Detective Conan (“Case Closed”).

They transported her blood-drained body to the river using a taxi, telling the driver that they were carrying a statue for school-related reasons.

The body was sunk to a watery grave by using a blanket and bricks, though it would only be another 4 days before their secret floated to the surface.

Police roundly condemn the parents for failing to raise their children responsibly:

“[The ringleader’s] parents were away for more than a month. The family and society’s negligence led to this outrageously hideous crime.”

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  • PrinceHeir says:

    looks like the popular crime’s are the one’s that are portrayed in the anime industry at least in japan. i wouldn’t surprised if they try to command each other to kill themselves(yes your highness) 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    It was a gang. They had behavior problems from the start. Now, I consider ppl who threaten/torture/kill tremendous losers. You can’t deal with the problems so you ‘remove’ them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously, right on the money… and I bet they find that they were raised in CONSERVATIVE families, so the whole “THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WITH LIBERAL PARENTING!” thing should not come up.

      • Anonymous says:

        What are you talking about? How do you go from killing a girl and draining her blood to “they must be conservatives.”
        I though you liberal fucks were the tolerant ones. If you were standing here I’d punch you in the mouth.

  • Anonymous says:

    Are these teenagers insane, or were they not raised in the correct fashion (with the idea that it is WRONG to physically harm someone else for any reaosn)?

    Personally, I have no damned clue, since I have seen cases like this in the paper where the parents did raise their children with that idea and in other cases didn’t.

  • Anonymous says:

    I´m going to write my opinion in my dominant language, because i can´t find the adecuate words in english: Hay que ser un reverendo hijo de mil puta mal nacido para hacerle eso a un ser vivo, ni hablar de hacerceselo a alguien de la propia especie. Los sociologos deberían investigar que es lo que ocurre en la mente de los jovenes de las sociedades modernas que los lleva a cometer semejantes atrocidades.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hay que ser un reverendo hijo de mil puta mal nacido para hacerle eso a un ser vivo, ni hablar de hacerceselo a alguien de la propia especie. Los sociologos deberían investigar que es lo que ocurre en la mente de los jovenes de las sociedades modernas que los lleva a cometer semejantes atrocidades.

      for any1 who cares:

      You have to be a son of a ***** (lit: defectively born, son of a thousand *****es) to do this to another living being, or even worse to do it another human. they should have a Psychologist investigate what goes on inside the mind of the youth of these modern societies, that leads them to commit such atrocities

  • Barbarian of Gor says:


    My first thought was “Are there JEWS in Japan?”

    No, seriously (and seriously non-PC!!!) that’s the original reason for that plot motif, which was based on a real technique that worked a couple times.

    “The Scapegoat Dodge”

    Blame a crime on a pariah class by making it look like they did it, then the police are too busy stopping a vigilante pogrom (or participating in it!) to look for the real criminal.

    So, in the past, when a body was found drained of blood, there’d usually be a wave of violence against the Jewish section, doubly so if it was around (or just before) “Passover” and/or the victim was a child. You know, that good old “blood libel” about them making Matzos with blood, etc. And it had NOTHING to do with carrying them.

    It WAS done in RL a bit, till it became such a cliche the cops stopped believing it as did most of the public. Everyone got sick of the Jews going around whining and making Matzos in public to show they did NOT use Blood and reminding everyone “Blood is NOT Kosher”! Of course it went into fiction. Just later as it became both dated and embarrassingly non-PC, the “Jew” aspect wasn’t used anymore.

    Of course, these guys are just stupid…
    And, though I’ve not watched THAT “Conan” I wonder if the writer knew the roots of what cliche motif he was using?

    Here’s another cool one: “The Blonde by the window”.

    When some ditzy blonde (or disposable idiot character) stands by a window, doorway, etc. and a Zombie or psycho killer gets a quick grab/attack for a sudden fright…

    Used to be in “African Cannibal Movies”. She’d be standing by the window in a bamboo hut in the “Jungles of darkest Africa” and then a filed toothed black man wearing a ridiculous collection of feathers, bones, etc. would reach through and grab her. Then the “Hero” would have to rescue her, usually from being fed to a fire in the mouth of a giant stone idol…

    But of course, changing times and Romero’s “Zombies” proved a good non-racist source of an inhuman/semi-human cannibal menace.

  • Anonymous says:

    From frequent discussions on Sancom we all agree that copying is really bad. I’m a little confused by the precise category of copying here.

    Is this referencing, tracing, or simmonsing?

  • Anonymous says:

    God, that’s beyond disturbing. It’s really horrifying. I wonder if there was one or two disturbed members of the gang and the others were swept into it. Similar to the Rod Ferrell “vampire” murders over a decade ago.

    Murder is one thing, but the need to satiate one’s own hatred by torturing someone like that for days is pathological, cold-blooded…inconceivable

  • Ikuhisashiku says:

    Sooner or later, they’re gonna try and blame the manga because of this. They always do.
    Sure, they also blamed the parents this time around instead of just jumping right to the manga. Doesn’t change anything, though. Hell, I’d be surprised if they aren’t already doing it right now.

    What it really comes down to, though, is that the “gang members” in this case were obviously a bunch of idiots. None of them could handle her talking back a bit, so they killed her.

    • Anonymous says:

      Usually you cannot blame the parents in cases like this. It is usually FRIGHTENING how conservative the kids in these cases have been raised, i.e. in what the Religioloonies and conservacreeps would say is the ‘best way to raise a child’ that really isn’t!

  • Anonymous says:

    first they will blame the parents,then the society,then of course the manga,saying too much blood,too gory,too long (seriously when the hell this comic will end)they will try to banned this!we are the one suffering because some 5 stupid asshole,the girl? the girl you asked? meh… don’t care

  • Anonymous says:

    Didn’t know the kids actually read the manga didn’t they only look at the pictures? Well, I most certainly hope all of the kids involved regardless of age get the death penalty with haste so none live to be 16 and get out of jail at the age of 21 to then move in next door to me. Theres enough mexican drug cartel members and drug shipping operations in my area as it is already without supplying them with even more murders ready to kill without a thought.

  • Anonymous says:

    Blame game or not, they have no basis to blame the manga for the girl’s death. She was already dead by the time someone got reminded of Detective Conan.


    Thus they should NOT ban the manga if they try. Because that way, more murder-committing assholes will be found by cops for trying to imitate Detective Conan.

  • How did the taxi driver NOT notice a corpse in his backseat? Anyone would find “Hey, bring us to the nearest bridge over water. This life-sized thing is a statue by the way.” at least SOMEWHAT suspicious.

    • Anonymous says:

      @ xHadriel 21:37 :

      0. “Take us to school X; we’ve got a statue, but we’ll put it in the trunk.” (School X is conveniently near the river; they wait till the taxi driver leaves before dumping the body.)

      1. The taxi driver is a “transporter”;

      2. The taxi driver doesn’t feel like he’s paid enough money to think — he just drives;

      3. The taxi driver is poor and _REALLY_ needed the work;

      4. The taxi driver couldn’t smell the blood and decomposition over the “dirty taxi funk” and Pine-Tree air-fresheners.

  • Ok, now some Korean creeps copied a crime method from a manga… Pitiful…
    Someone want to bet on how much time will the Korean government is going to take to forbid manga in Korea. I’m saying three weeks…

  • “..making heinous remarks about the gang, saying one member in particular was “very badly behaved.”..”

    Sounds so synonym to Muslim extremists crying out “Don’t call us violent, or we’ll kill you!”..

    Hope this won’t lead to Korean moralists/nationalists blaming Japanese manga as the seed of the crime there..

    • Anonymous says:

      In New York some gang members run around finding random people and scarring them with a box cutter to enter a gang.

      Other people have to kill someone to enter them.

      Other gangs beat the living shit out of prospective members “jumping them in” where they beat the new guy/girl half to death.

    • People these days get so pissed off that the smallest things, its rediculous. I don’t quite understand how “your very badly behaved” translates into tortured, killed, body drained of blood, then attempted sinking at the bottom of a river…wtf.

      This is why we can’t have nice things…sigh.

  • Shippoyasha says:

    Yikes. Scary Korean gang stuff. I hear Cased Closed (Detective Conan) is pretty big in Korea too, so this is not surprising. What is still shocking and surprising is the ridiculous amount of violence over gossip and ‘keeping kids in line’ not only in Asia, but everywhere around the world.

    There needs to be a higher level of vigilance not only with parents, society and schools, but kids themselves. This is not an easy problem to solve.. Just sad really, but people need to keep fighting against bullying.

    • To stop this kinda shit, all you need to do is wipe out gangs. They’re the biggest problem we have on our streets.

      Just why people think it’s cool to be in a gang, who the fuck knows.

    • Speaking of violence over gossip, ironically some parts (if not most) of the murder motives in Case Closed/Detective Conan were like that too..:

      “I killed my boss because he fired me..”

      “I killed my father because he said my job is worthless..”

      “I killed my husband cuz he told the neighbours that I’m a naggy bitch.”

      “I killed my bf because he said I was boring on bed.”

    • TehBoringOne says:

      Nah… If you kill them, they can’t suffer in prison. I’d say stuff them in there with a bunch of BIG inmates that enjoy preparing cockmeat sandwiches for the new “recruits”.

      Also, years and years of forced labor building stuff under rigorous supervision, so they wouldn’t eat for free and life inside permanently lit cells with nothing to cover their eyes. That’d take a toll in their psiches.

      That’d be awesome.

      • Anonymous says:

        You Americans and your wrapped views of prison are only true in your own country. Most of the world tends to believe in justice and human rights and we don’t overlook rampant crime in our prisons.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Most of the world”. Heh. You’ve never traveled outside your own country, have you?

          Why don’t you go and commit a crime in South America, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, or Asia (excluding Japan and Singapore), declare yourself a gypsy in Italy, or declare yourself Turkish in Germany to see how civilized “most” of the world is? I’m sure it’ll be an enlightening experience.

          Not defending American prisons in any way, mind you, just pointing out ignorance is not the basis of a strong argument.

        • TehBoringOne says:

          First, I’m not even from the United States.

          And second, if they were so gung-ho into torturing someone like that, to then kill her AND THEN drain her blood in order to hide her and continue as if nothing happened, then that pretty much classifies them as inhuman. So most of their rights could be taken away.

          If an inmate wants to give them a cockmeat sandwich, while definitely not inside what most people would call correct, I and many others in the world wouldn’t mind looking the other way.

          A life of hard labor would be a good part of their punishment. Why should people pay for their food and clean clothes with taxes? Let’s put them to build schools, bridges and lots of infrastructure instead.

          So while what I suggest may seem inhumane to them, considering their actions, I’d say it’s the best for society as a whole.

          I also believe that the welfare of the larger chunk of people crushes the welfare of a bunch of homicidal miscreants.

          You know… it’s sometimes called “pragmatism”.