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Love Plus+ Ultimate Anti-Piracy Measure: “You’re Dumped”


Virtual girlfriend par excellence Love Plus+ has been released, and pirates have been dismayed to find their virtual girlfriends dump them if they have the gall to pirate the game.

According to the pirate haunts of 2ch, a variety of countermeasures are in place to ensure pirates get no love from Nene and company should they have the temerity to try to date them without paying up:

“I was dating her normally, but when I next restarted she was pissed at me!
I can’t get her to like me, and she’s always annoyed at me… it’s the ultimate anti-piracy measure!”

“I tried the friend part of Love Plus+ again to get some scenes I missed – you’re right, she wouldn’t let us become lovers!”

“After 100 days she still won’t let me become her boyfriend.
She completely ignores me and won’t send me any mail. The events aren’t happening either – brutal.”

Legitimate users are delighted by the trick, and even pirates seem amused at their plight.

One wag on 2ch remarks on the ironic realism of the protection:

“You try to get a girl for free and she hates you.

You pay for her and she’ll play with you.

This is just too realistic.”

Those looking for virtual love had better be prepared to pay real money – the game is available now.


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    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed….. I wish that they would just STOP with this bullshit ‘anti-piracy’ stuff that only annoys the people who actually buy the thing in question legally in 99.99999999999899% of cases.

  • twilight is probably the worst thing every written, its more or less porn for girls.

    basically what this is saying is she isnt a raving fangirl and if she is she doesnt try to suck you into it.

    and yea i know there aren’t many, and i happny living alone the rest of my life than throw my life away in a compromise.

  • Ahaha… that’s brilliant! I literally laughed out loud.
    Konami’s so cool… I remember around the time of Tokimemo they were pretty cutting edge on their modchip detection tricks too – though a Gameshark still cut through it with ease (yes, I was a dirty pirate at ~16.)

    That’s too cool… Smart too – don’t just declare war on your fans-but-thieves; make them laugh and hopefully shrug, give up, and buy it.

    Apparently the new Pokemon games would let you play a pirated copy, but only for a little while before crashing each time. Kinda pointless without the Pokewalker anyway if you ask me…

    • They’ll laugh but they’ll probably just hack around it.
      In fact if there is an actual dump you animation I’d expect it to become a popular Easter egg some people might trigger on purpose.
      Since it’s a DS game wiping everything will put the game back to square one unless they put an eeprom in the gamecart but then I can fix that easily enough.
      I don’t find this creepy it’s just software and relatively simple software at that want creepy look at WGA or software that phones home.

    • Didnt one of the Pokemon games have a message that only came up in pirated versions and ROMs? Something an NPC said, I think it was a sailor, saying something like ‘if you like the game buy it’.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, now that I know that it is a DS game, I still say there are going to be severe problems from this, and a ‘fix’ out very quickly to ‘fool’ the game into thinking that you bought it legally.

  • Anonymous says:

    There will be a way to get around this in two days flat. Period. And if you have just ONE person who gets hit with this bullshit when they actually PAID FOR THE GAME? Expect a lawsuit, even in lawsuit-shy Japan.

  • Anonymous says:

    The first picture creeped me out already, but the next one just made it that much worse…

    Anyways, an interesting and sadly realistic way to prevent piracy of the game; they start to act like real girls.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bingo! You are exactly right, there is really no such thing as ‘true love’ and marriage needs to go the way of the dodo.

        I’ll be blunt: the only person I EVER had ‘true love’ for was my little female cousin Amber.
        Why? She and I got along well together, liked the same things, etc.

        Society needs to WAKE UP and realize that marriage just allows one person to sponge off the other in most cases.

      • Anonymous says:

        While I feel sad that you have experienced something to make you feel that way, I still hold to the idea that there is such a thing as a life partner.

        Or at least several life partners that you could start a harem with.

  • Anonymous says:

    Awesome anti-piracy measure, but not as awesome as Earthbound. If you play a duplicate cart (or unpatched ROM) the game crashes during the final battle and erases your save data.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s been done before. It doesn’t really deter anything and is usually worked around in the end though. I guess some people buy it because the creators are clever and funny though.

    • jamesownsall says:

      The apparent delay in realizing the anti-piracy measure is definitely there, but I doubt it’ll stay safe for long.

      …Though admittedly, I was under the impression that the game sold all the copies it needed to generate monstrous profit for Konami already. Few games are so wanted that some people literally buy them first only to auction it online later at 3-4 times the price.

  • I think there should be a datingsim game where if you pirate it, the girl goes yandere and ‘kills’ you, making it impossible to play the game any further.

    That’d be hilarious.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    “Cheater! You don’t deserve any weapons!”

    Anyone ever use the “No Weapon” code in Heretic, which used to be the “All Weapon” code in Doom…?

    Heh. For “Free” she’s a bitch won’t give you any. Pay and she’s sweet. How true to life:-)

    Seriously, though, this is the sort of “Anti-Piracy” measure that actually has effects. All the “Turn on Do not copy flag” commands are easily defeated, but the “Wait two weeks then scream for help!” things the hackers (esp. the criminal ones who want to make $ from downloads like ads on the file sharing sites /file download fees/spyware) are likely to miss.

    And this is one thing where I’m for “The Industry”. I actually think this company is earning it’s $ and deserves to be supported.

    Since you guys aren’t man enough to assert yourselves as men to fight this “NWO feminization, modern women who want to destroy men” and just want a “Fuck bot” like “Chobits” you gotta PAY $ for the products you buy so that along the way the technology can get more and more advanced so eventually you’ll have a functional “Sabre Marionette” and like in “Chobits” the RL ladies will suddenly be warm and nice (first couple issues I read anyways) seeing the “Competition”. The current “Fuck Bot” isn’t that good, and “RealDolls” are softer mannequins, but keep buying this stuff in 10-20 years you’ll get the “Real” thing. But you need to “Support what you like”…

    Seriously, though; Assert yourselves as men. Form a political party, get the “Marriage/Divorce” laws turned back a few decades. A woman who leaves a household should lose everything, and be eligible to be sued for ‘desertion’ up to a jury. If the man is a truly vile vicious jerk, who actually uses her as a punching bag and might well kill her she’ll get off lightly. But I’m sick of the “Lipstick Soccer Mom” who starts a family then deserts it to live with a creep or another woman and expects the husband to support her, just ’cause she felt like another dick sliding between her legs.

    “Liberation” and “Empowerment”, right. To act as bad as men ever did and cheat on good men for men who are living lists of complaints about men. Because the real agenda is hatred of and an attempt to destroy men.

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        The “Cure” is to put the D-mn woman back in the kitchen. Slap her on the butt and tell her to make dinner. Remove the laws that make that a felony and also allow her to blackmail employers into hiring her and giving her promotions and tolerating her fornicating with a black man who might throw acid in her face. If she deserts the man, she could again find herself less than a prostitute. In short, make the world right again by putting woman back in her place.

        She’s “Empowered” and at the same time she’s “Protected”. Is she satisfied? Nope. Just wants more and more and keeps chasing impossible dreams to fill the constant “Unfulfilled” installed in her by the reptile controllers. The satisfaction of being able to behave worse than men in the past did is a fleeting one. Her natural place is to be owned/bonded to a man.

        And, really, I think the best thing that could happen to Japan is for these “Solitary” men to have both a family coming in dragging a lady they worked with another family to get and go “She you wife!”, then the guy has to go to work but with fewer women (and they at least are kicking out the migrants!) working due to this change there’s tons of jobs and that forces wages higher. So he’ll work longer and harder again but for decent $ again, but also be able to ‘expect’ that there’s a wife and later kids at home waiting for him. He’ll have to endure spending less of his money on these toys and fantasies, but again for his family is the right choice.

        And the women will miss… Uh, working as hard as men at a job, then having no one at home so they spend $ on gigilo bars? And then a decade or so later when their looks fail, really having to spend $ on gigilos and if they get the financial security to squirt kids, it’s much later so they drop inferior retards…

        This is a big difference between men and women. Men can (and many real one still hope to) die at the ripe old age of 99 with twin barely legal virgins in bed and give them both strong sons with his last squirt. On the other hand, women’s looks degrade rapidly and at 40 she has an increasing risk of producing inferior offspring. The laws, the ancient customs I make myself a “Sexist Jerk” defending are not to “Enslave” women, they are to protect them.

        Forgive my knuckle dragging, but the best thing for them is for their family to wrestle them down if they have to to put a cute Kimono on them then toss them into the lap of some guy if they have to wrestle the X-box controller out of his hands.

        Now, excuse me, mouth foaming. Must now put on barbarian garb, grab sword and fight imaginary picts…

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m a disgusting retard and I never pay for sex. I also don’t use unethical means such as drugs, roofies, etc.

        I get a little sex, every now and then.

        I don’t usually get much sex.

        But I get some, because humans make extremely irrational choices about how to perform sex acts.

        So be true to yourselves, my fellow disgusting retards. You’ll still get some sex.

    • If it’s anything like all the other DS piracy counter-measures, people just need to update their R4 software/firmware. Nice move to get a few more people to buy the software, but ultimately futile.

      • Already been done. In the mean time, the chances of anyone actually bothering to buy it are rapidly plummeting given Konami haven’t shipped enough product to even fulfil the pre-orders;

        “We are sorry about the delay in shipping your order. We haven’t receive sufficient stock of the game in the first batch of stock. We ship out the stock to the pre-order customer according to first come first served basis. We are regret that we cannot ship your order with the first batch of stock. We are now asking for the re-stock from our supplier. We will ship you the order once the game is being re-stocked. It may take 1-2 weeks or even more time. We kindly ask you for patience.”

        That was a day one pre-order… And Nintendo wonder why they have a piracy issue o_0

  • DenkouNova says:

    I had my money ready for that game, but I wasn’t sure if Love Plus+ was worth paying for a new game plus beyond fucked over by the customs for importing something, so I wanted to download the game first and then buy it if it’s really worth another version.

    Now I don’t see how anyone could patch that…

  • cupcake_deluxe says:

    That’s hilarious. I have to give a high-five to those developers.

    Unfortunately for men, women do cost money. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be too expensive if you’re just playing sims. As a girl though, I don’t get all the “women only want you for your money” assumptions as if ALL women are like that. There are greedy women and men. What I get is that to a degree, women have expectations of men… but don’t men do as well? On another note, how do they make it so the DS detects a pirated game?

    • i expect the woman to have
      a decent face
      a decent ass
      a gut smaller than mine
      a job
      helps pay MAJOR bills not just her cellphone bill or shit she wants, i mean shit like rent and basic needs bills
      a great personality, as in plays games and isn’t apposed to trying something new, and doesn’t try to suck me in to twilight bullshit.
      she can cook at least as good as me, and she realises that eating out is an expensive waste of fucking money better used foe other things seeing as we can both fucking cook at least 3 star meals.

      and finally

      doesn’t want to go through a wedding or getting married, but will spend the rest of out lives together.

      • Worthless says:

        Impossible, how could a woman not want a ten thousand dollar party that means absolutely nothing compared to spending that money to help enjoy their actual life-long marriage?

        How could a woman not want a marriage in the first place? After all, it only links everything you own to someone else for life instead of simply sharing what you have to anyone you love and trust.

        How could society not build upon these values to make a screwed up system that has broken billions of people in every sense of the word?

        How could people like you EVEN THINK about a life without needing marriage!!

        • It doesn’t have to cost that much.
          I wouldnt give a damn how much my ring would cost as long as it looked nice. I look in the jewellers and see nice looking rings for $200 or so. I’d think a guy was crazy for wanting to spend more than $500 on a wedding ring, but if he honestly wanted to, that’s his problem.

          My cousin got married in a nice restaurant with minimum expense. Sure it was a pricey restaurant, but the cost of the venue was a lot less than the average people pay for a wedding. He just wore a nice suit, she wore a nice dress. No 3000 dollar tuxedos and multi-zero dollar wedding dresses.
          Essentially, a fancy party.

        • lets see here, the average wedding i have been to cost 25-50000$

          the rings alone have cost 5000$

          i would rather spend all that money on a fairly large chunk of a house.

          and look at everything a man loses in a marriage.

          1/2 his shit, which can amount to over 250,000$ on even an average person.

          usually loses the house he lives in.

          loses a massive part of his paycheck.

          and loses the option to just fucking leave or kick her out if everything in the relationship goes south.

        • Really? I see marriage as something special, and something that I would definitely do. Nothing overly expensive and ridiculous, just a nice humble little party with an awesome cake.

          And for the guy asking if I’d date an otaku, I would if he didnt have unrealistic expectations of me (Ie, expecting that I have to be perfect in every regard. Considering I highly doubt he would be ‘perfect’, this is unfair). But I’d far prefer a nerdy boyfriend, who else am I going to talk to about anime and vocaloid stuff?

        • Anonymous says:

          my parents never married they’ve been together for 25 years. I’m a girl and think marriage is a massive waste of money. Rather spend half of what a average good wedding would cost on a really good honey moon or on something worth it. I actually don’t even care if it wasn’t on paper and I keep my last name, as long as I know that I have a connection. A stupid piece of paper and memories of a wedding seriously don’t mean anything to mean and heaps of my friends think in the same way.

      • jamesownsall says:

        Forget it pal.

        They just wanna marry you so they can leach off you.

        You’ll do the 9-5 while she lays her gradually fat ass in front of the TV watching soap dramas. That’s modern marriage!

        • or, in this case, just want to stay around to get the benefits of a divorce. someone i knew through a friend, married a guy, stayed long enough to appear to have a happy marriage, and than she decided to sabotage it, like refusing to do anything without compensation. and i mean a blow job was a 1000$ piece of jewelry or the equivalent in other things. basically making the reward so not worth the effort.

          so when she knew something was up, she hired a pi to follow the husband. and within a weak she caught him cheating, and in the divorce had him by the balls.

          normally i would be with the woman, but she made it clear it was her intent to do this from the beginning.

        • Anonymous says:

          the problem is that a LOT of women only want men for short term relationship and the other way around, the problem continues is because the people who want a long term relationship usually falls for someone who doesn’t, thus life sucks the end.

        • > I’m sure you know everything about women. I’m not like that at all

          But would you consider dating a worthless western-brand otaku? (If you would, mind if we get to know each other? I’d like to be there when you’re free for a new relationship.)

          > and a lot of girls I know have boyfriends that leech off -them-.

          Well yeah, it works both ways.

        • Okay. Well, she’s a fangirl of it, like I’d care, but she never tried to bring me into it (and actually warned me I wouldn’t like it, yes, even though I usually like shoujo manga).

          I guess it makes another checked. Pretty close to that ideal girl of yours, really.

        • this got posted way lower than i wanted it to through a glitch, and by the time i noticed, i couldn’t delete it and put it up here, but anyway, im reposting it in the right spot

          twilight is probably the worst thing every written, its more or less porn for girls.

          basically what this is saying is she isnt a raving fangirl and if she is she doesnt try to suck you into it.

          and yea i know there aren’t many, and im happy living alone the rest of my life than throw my life away in a compromise.

        • I know one rather close. Absolutely terrible cooking skills even worse than mine, and I’m not sure what’s ‘twilight bullshit’ so I cannot tell whether she’d try to suck me into it.
          Oh, and in our country being married really helps with taxes and nobody can help noticing.

          All the rest checked.

  • Ikuhisashiku says:

    What exactly is the problem?
    All that this means is that they’ll have to play through the game a few times to unlock every event instead of cracking the game and automatically unlocking everything. Quite a few people wouldn’t mind doing that at all…

    So, it’s either:
    Try to crack the game and have the girl pissed at you forever. (or atleast until you buy another copy?)
    Play through the game a few times <– *check*

    No problem at all. ^^

    • DenkouNova says:

      What they say is if you’re not their boyfriend yet, only very minor events are triggered (e.g. you’ll get to talk to her like three times tops in the whole game) so you’ll never become their boyfriend, and if you took your data from the first game and are already their boyfriend, they’ll hate you right away, so you won’t see any more events.

      Whether you play once or 1000 times like that you’ll only get to talk to the girl 3 times in each playthrough before it’s all over.

      • Ikuhisashiku says:

        I meant while playing the game legitly instead of pirating it. Not already having a pirated version and trying to play through it endlessly.

        Play through the game a few times and unlock all the events the normal way instead of trying to get a version already unlocked.

  • Azure Xuchilbara says:

    I’d buy one myself, but I won’t have any money left to commission Touhou futa doujins…

    Well, guess I’ll just play this at my friend house since he’ll be buying a copy…

    Also, 2nd pic is creepy awesome…Nananator!!!

  • Such a creative and intuitive way to stop pirates. They should have this for all games:

    FPS = Guns do 0 damage
    RPG = Level cap is 10
    Action games = Controls are all backwards
    FFXII = [s]Bricks you PS3[/s]

    • Anonymous says:

      Give it time, it will be bypassed. There was a recent FPS game that would mess up your mouselook if you didn’t apply the fix which were a couple txt files with a couple short paragraphs in them. Previous anti-piracy measures for DS games have also been patched or otherwise fixed.

    • Well, putting the girl of your dreams out of your grasp forever is one simple way to punish pirates, but that’s a feeling those who play that game seriously already know.

      Another more elaborate way would be to allow them dating and getting engaged but then make her develop annoying quirks. She could:

      * devour giant amounts of food and become obscenely fat,
      * watch retarded tv shows all day,
      * invite annoyingly chatty friends of hers,
      * spend all your money on crazy clothes and makeup,
      * become a gyaru
      * become a transsexual
      * all of the above
      * all of the above and cosplay. Nothing beats a male muffintop Faye Valentine with a pound of makeup in the face.

      Endless possibilities!