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New To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Anime Announced


A continuation of Kuroko anime To Aru Kagaku no Railgun has been announced.

The announcement comes by way of the latest edition of the manga and reveals that the series is due an OVA continuation set for release on the 29th of October.


Additionally a “major announcement” regarding the series is said to be due in the upcoming edition of Dengeki Daioh, but it is thought this may simply concern the OVA.

Additionally, the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Official Visual Book, an artbook of sorts coming with a DVD – this DVD will contain the 13th episode. The book can be pre-ordered now.

Coming on the heels of a continuation of the original Index series it seems the franchise is set to become even more active.

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  • Anonymous says:

    You know, I had this really messed up dream yesterday morning. In it, I was one of a number of very close lookalikes to the Railgun cast. I mean, there were a couple that were dead ringers for Kuroko and Mikoto, but there were at least a dozen others that I couldn’t identify.

    And then, these thuggish yet nicely-dressed dudes in top hats and bowlers kidnapped us, tied us all up to rows of wooden chairs (don’t ask me how they avoided getting fried/pinned to the ground/etc.), hacked at us with knives of every shape and size and then set fire to the whole building.

    And I, as the Uiharu lookalike and only survivor of this brutal attack, had to avenge the deaths of my compatriots. Then, I woke up. And now, there’s a Railgun OVA coming out.

    What the fuck?

  • For all the moe haters, have you ever eaten the same food twice? Why, don't you get bore dof eating something you've already tasted before?

    Get over it for christ's sake. Some of us like the same thing over and over.

    Why do you think people bought fucking pathetic Final 13? Because 12 times wasn't enough for them.

    The same reason Rap music won't go away. Because no matter how crappy something might seem to some, some will still want it.

    Give me more Railgun, and stfu if you don't like it.

  • Hm… Yay? I have mixed feelings regarding this announcement. The Railgun Anime started out epic, but honestly let me down at the end.

    Give me the Sisters Arc, More Action and More Judgement~DESU~yo and less spewing morals, ethical debates and convoluted science.

  • NoLifeKing says:

    Instead of another Railgun or Index. I’d like a To Aru series that is more or less half way in between the two (or rather a mix of the two). They both had their good points, but they also had their low points. If you could take the positives from each and put them together.. That would be great. They are after all in the same “universe” (or.. city).

    • An Otaku's Opiate says:

      Are you guys really that mad about comments like this? Am I really the only one on this site who is sick of constant moe series?

      Really, guys, no insult intended this time. I’m genuinely curious. What good comes from constant rehashes of series that don’t have much of a story to begin with? It’s not like this is an isolated incident, either; most series released in the past few years have been nothing but weak stories used as vehicles for a parade of pretty cartoon girls.

      I can’t be the only one who’s weary of these sorts of series. Is this just a fad or what?

      • I’m totally sick of those series and I’m looking forward to a crash in the market for them. I’d say Railgun is a decent shounen series though, so it’s not really applicable. It’s not the next Cowboy Bebop, Shaft show, or Ghibli movie, but all shows can’t be like that.

      • MeteorHammer says:

        Firstly, rehashing a series, and a successful one, is always cheaper and less risky in a financial point of view, in this economic tines.

        Secondly, anime market for moe content is nowhere near saturation. A quality action/story centric series requires a much larger budget and production time, there are simply not many studios can afford risky venture like this at the moment. Even for series like that, some form of moe content is guaranted to appear.

        Don’t get me wrong, I am too tired of moe bloom, the last good thriller I watched was ‘darker than black’.

      • Hate to say it, but even if they went so far as to show a recap episode featuring only of kuroko’s antics – I’d be no more satisfied than if I were to be watching a plot ridden item like baccano or w/e.

        Course I’m not seeing the where the weak story bit is coming from, although generally i don’t really care lol, I’m not incredibly critical, nor do I particularly mind a generic story (I mean yeah, I do enjoy a good one) but if it’s how the writer intended it to be and I’m at the very least entertained, at least for that medium – then so be it~

        with that said, you’re probably just one in a few that I’ve heard not liking this series >_> shame for you I spose…

      • Azure Xuchilbara says:

        Why do people smoke..?

        Why do people drink..?

        Why do people do drugs..?

        Why do people play WOW..?

        Why do people fap to the corpses of their fallen enemies..?

        Why do people watch MOE~ anime..?

        Simple…All of these things in one form or another gives us that euphoric feeling that we crave as humans…No matter how fleeting or repetitive…

        Take me for example, I’ve collected over 15,000 Touhou armpit pictures and over 22,000 anime girls armpit pictures (That’s 12.23 gigs of armpits)…

        Why you ask..? It’s because that’s how I GET OFF, my friend (and the fact that I’m an Archivist of the Hentai kind too)…

        So yeah, find something that gets you off and have respect for the MOE~ fetish of others…

        *goes back to staring at a gif of Kuroko exposing her armpits*

        • Anonymous says:

          The problem with this is that it ultimately didn’t subvert any of the tropes it was supposedly lapooning. Haruhi says she needs a moe character, and Kyon points out how helpless she is. But at the end of the day, she is still just another moe girl that is fawned over by the lead and is helplessly molested by other, more strong-willed girls. It’s lampshading only allowed it to do what every other show does, just without being criticized. It’s like author was saying, “Yeah, this is cliche but don’t worry: I ‘know’ it’s cliche so it’s fine.”

          I’m actually a big fan of this series, even if it doesn’t sound like it. But its meta gave it humor, not intelligence.

        • An Otaku's Opiate says:

          >Halfway intellectual
          At least (in the first season at least) it lampoons, somewhat, the idea of moe. Haruhi comments multiple times about how the brigade couldn’t truly be a brigade without a “moe” character.

        • Anonymous says:

          @An Otaku’s Opiate

          Not to bitch at you, but it’s your own fault if you couldn’t find any intellectual shows. Haruhi came out five years ago, and there have certainly been many mature, non-moe shows released since then. At least 2 or 3 intellectual series are out every season.

          You seem to be implying that moe series are formulaic but intelligent series are not, when they generally tread the same themes and storylines as well. They only seem less derivative because people are less likely to have come up with the ideas themselves.

          And seriously, Haruhi? That’s just moe repackaged. If you found that intellectual, it’s even sillier that you couldn’t find shows meeting your standards.

        • Azure Xuchilbara says:


          I may as well then…Here is but a very small slice of wakiness:

          Anime/Manga/Videogame Girls Waki:

          (316 MB…Assorted waki exposure of Lolis, Schoolgirls, and MILFs…Includes that High-Res Index waki pic, for those who are curious…)

          Touhou Waki Archives:

          (367 MB…And yes, Reimu, Sanae, Momizi, and Suika aren’t the only girls exposing their armpits…)

          Unless others really want them, that’s all I’ll share for now…

        • Ikuhisashiku says:

          Well, setting all the armpits aside *glares at Azure*, I think Opiate actually makes a good point. With the exception of Bakemonogatari and Eden of the East, there haven’t been as many story-based series, nor have there been any that reach a similar caliber. Maybe this is just my extreme love of Bakemono speaking again, but it does seem to be the truth.

          Before anyone skewers me, I’d like to point out that I haven’t kept up with the new season much. Besides for Railgun and Angel Beats, I can’t really comment. So, all of this is just from an “outside-looking-in” point of view.

        • Azure Xuchilbara says:

          In that case, the way I see it…

          In these trying times, you have to take what you can…

          No time to be picky…No time to be needy…

          Just take and hope something more delishush comes along for all of us to fap to–er, watch and appreciate…

          And if it has the fetishes and kinks you crave (intentionally induced or not), then that’s just a bloody bonus~

        • An Otaku's Opiate says:

          That’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking why most everything released in recent years has been moe-driven. I haven’t seen a halfway intellectually stimulating series since Haruhi’s first season.

          You guys have your kinks; that’s cool with me. All of the ribbing I do around here is in good humor. But when your kinks override every other series that could have possibly been produced, including those which are more “cerebral” for lack of a better word, it annoys me.

          You ask me to respect your fetish. Why, then, am I constantly berated and my posts downgraded because I ask for something more than pretty girls?

    • Azure Xuchilbara says:

      As long as I get to see more of Kuroko and Biribiri’s smooth and delishush armpits, I ain’t complaining…Oh, and lots of perverseness from the former~

      The only thing that could rival both of their armpits is this massive and official picture of Index explicitly exposing her own:

      (click the image to REALLY have some waki-induced eyegasm…)

      I hope they make more Kuroko x Biribiri (or even Saten) Hentai-Yuri doujins…

      I have 23 To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Hentai-Yuri doujins so far, and when it reaches 30 I’ll start commissioning the most delishush ones…