Microsoft: Xbox 360 Slim “Nothing To Do With” PS3 Slim


Microsoft has strenuously denied there being any connection at all between the development of the Xbox 360 Slim and the PS3 Slim, saying the new Xbox was in development long before Sony announced the revision.

When asked about the matter, one of Microsoft’s top marketing bosses had this to say:

“I think the decision to do this was made before their announcements last year. It’s part of the natural generation of a console to refine the components and make it sleeker and quieter and all that.

I wouldn’t say it was directly related [to PS3 Slim].”

Oddly, something very similar was said about price cuts mysteriously coinciding with the release of the PS3 Slim, and so far the only company to be routinely releasing slimmed down versions of its consoles is Sony.

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  • I wonder if Microsoft will be using IBM’s latest 22nm semiconductor process for Xenon and Xenos in the slim which is more advanced then anything Intel has.

    That might actually solve the heat issues despite the smaller case.

    As for copying Sony Atari made a slim black 2600 decades before the Sony got into the console business.

    • Anonymous says:

      They spent a year redesigning it and there have been no issues of the chip separating from the board, which was what caused the RRoD issue, so I think you misunderstand the situation.

      • Anonymous says:

        Did they really need an entire year to do that? instead of wasting an entire year redesigning it, wouldn’t it be easier to just put stuff in there to hold it together? Jeez, “geniuses” always take the hard way…
        Besides, they did nothing about the x-clamps, another major cause of the RRoD.

        i’m starting to think that they should replace the word fail with microsoft.

        they microsofted again.

  • Anonymous says:

    There was an NES and a second, smaller version called the top loader.
    There was the SNES and then a second, smaller version.
    There were three versions of the Genesis, not counting the Amigo which was a portable Genesis player.
    PS1 had a smaller version, PS2 did, PS3 did and 360 did.
    Why the 360 is being singled out for all the hate is beyond me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Microsoft packs the same problems in a new box to rake in more money. Plus, their PR department is treating us like idiots.

      All the other consoles you mentioned were and still are damn reliable. I can leave my PS2, Genesis model 2 and my PS3 running (not on standby) for the whole day and not worry that they’ll die the next time I turn them on. Can’t do this with a 360, nope.

      There would be no hate should Microsoft finally iron out all the problems and give us a reliable piece of hardware instead of trying to hide it by removing the red lights and have PR morons lie to us.

      • Anonymous says:

        Right, and NES didn’t have problems loading cartridges, PS1’s didn’t have problems overheating and PS2’s didn’t have problems reading blue discs – and their solution wasn’t to fix the problem but to just stop releasing games on blue discs. The new console has been out less than a week with 100K+ units shipped and something like three reported problems. Destructoid knocked over their console and scratched a disc, someone else showed the warning screen when the system needed better ventilation, and a third video showed glitches from a bad video card. None of them showed a system rendered non-functional because of the chip separating from the board (which caused the RRoD issues). I think you need to rein in the hate.

        • Anonymous says:

          PS3 Slim sold over 1 million units in it’s 1st 3 weeks. Only minor manufacturing problems were reported which are normal for every piece of hardware, be it a videogame console, fridge, stove…

          Compare that to 360 “slim”. Only 100k units shipped, 1st week out, already 3 problems, only one of which is a manufacturing oversight.

        • Anonymous says:

          So, none of 360’s problems rendered the system non-functional, yet to prove your point you mention issues that didn’t render any of older consoles non-functional either.
          Nice work.

          PS1 overheating problem was so rare I didn’t know about it until 3 months ago or so, when some warring fanboy like you mentioned it elsewhere. Owned a PS1 for ages, no problems to report.
          If NES stopped reading a cartridge, just blow on the connectors. Problem solved (in great majority of cases). This applies to every cartridge-based console.

          Unlike 360, none of today’s consoles had the unique ability of carving circular shapes in discs for no reason. My 360 was standing both vertically and horizontally, in each position I ended up with a broken disc, until I used the toothpaste trick that is. I swear I NEVER moved it while it was still running. My PS3 is currently collecting dust in a cramped space below my TV. It didn’t overheat and I owned it since 2007, played a good share of games. 360 would probably melt by the time my PS3 overheated.

  • Anonymous says:

    “the new Xbox was in development long before Sony announced the revision.”

    do they really take all of us for idiots? -_-

    if it was in development for so long, how come the only noticable changes are the size, removing the red ring, and -perhaps- a slight temperature reduction?

    instead wasting that time coming up with the genius plan of removing the red ring for an “out of sight, out of mind”-solution they should’ve actually tried to make those x-clamps more reliable and fixing the other issues as well…

    *headwall headwall headwall headwall headwall etc.*

  • Anonymous says:

    Frankly who cares if they copied PS3. I don’t see why it’s an issue. If it makes it better why shouldn’t they do it?
    Having said that the slimmed version of any console I would say is pointless. Does your console not already fit where ever you’re keeping it? As many people have said they should have been trying to work out all the problems it has.
    (Plus the new Xbox is incredibly ugly in my opinion)

    • Anonymous says:

      First of all, neither 360 nor PS3 slim are much smaller than their non-slim counterparts.

      Second, some people still haven’t purchased PS3 or a 360, believe it or not. Slimmer model might sound like a better purchase to a potential customer.
      I only bought the PS2 after they released the slim model, because the huge chunk of black plastic wouldn’t fit anywhere around my TV back in the day, but PS2 is a different story, since the slim was like 2/3 smaller than the original, while 360 and PS3 slim are basically nothing but redesigns.

  • Anonymous says:

    Xbox360 Slim: MS Fail 2.0 – new and different.

    I was about to write, “What I don’t understand is why some third-party company doesn’t make an external add-on cooler for the Xbox360 (and maybe the PS/3), as happened for the old Apple II?”, but I did a quick pre-post Google and found plenty of hits for external Xbox360 coolers and external PS/3 coolers.

    So, instead, I’ll write: “What I don’t understand is why people don’t just invest approximately US$20.00 to buy an external cooler for their everyone-knows-it-has-cooling-problems gaming console?”

    Maybe people would just rather bitch about things.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most of the third-party especially-for-xbox coolers which use the USB port to drain power from are known to add up to 360’s problems. At least that’s what I read about when I planned to buy one.

      • Anonymous says:

        The coolers that added to the problems were the earlier coolers that drew power from the main power cord and not the USB outlets. Once they changed to USB power, they were fine. the new ones even have temperature controls so they run for a minute or two after the console shuts off, until it drops below a certain temperature.

  • Anonymous says:

    When the original Xbox was out, they went to a smaller controller called the Controller S. The S stood for Second because it was a second generation controller. the 360 S is a second generation 360. The S doesn’t stand for Slim. That’s just the nickname that has been applied to smaller, second generation consoles. And they were probably working on a smaller redesign from the moment the first version had motherboard issues. They knew they’d go to a smaller chipset so they shrunk the whole thing. It amazes me how two companies can do the same thing, and posters here will ride Sony’s dick while smacking Microsoft in the face. Well, ride on, fanboys.. ride on.

  • So basically they came up with the slim idea before sony, but released it long long after… And they still haven’t solved any problems with console.
    Seriously, everyone should just forget about that console and stop releasing games for it.

  • Never owned an Xbox, and quite frankly, it's not really a big deal to me whether or not they're really trying to lower logistics costs by trimming down the size of the console or are actually competing with the slim upgrade to keep up with the PS3.

    The fact remains that Microsoft is way behind since they still haven't worked out the malfunctions, or they just won't do it. Same shit, different packaging.

    • Anonymous says:

      Malfunctions haven’t been a problem since they went with the 65nm chipset in the Falcon and has become even less of an issue with the newer Jasper chipsets. The Valhalla has GPU on CPU so there is only one processor to cool. The systems have been just as reliable as the PS3 for going on 3 years. It’s because of your ignorance of the gaming sector beyond what you like that you have no clue about this.

  • I’ve got to say, the only thing worse than rushing copy someone’s hardware change, is rushing lie about it. I could respect them a little more if they said they were making the revision to make sure they stay on the edge, and give no room for other consoles to pass them up. Instead……bullshit and rushed, faulty hardware.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think he means something like it only has one processor now because it’s the first consumer chip to feature ATI’s GPU on CPU technology that they’ve been working on for a while. This means it only needs one cooling device rather than 2 and heat can be more easily managed… note the alienware like vents on the side


  • I could really give a shit if it is any smaller. I just want the bigger hdd and wireless lan. I’m still running off the 360 premium I got back in ’05. I mean, its not like when the console gets slimmer that you are going to use the space that it used to take up for anything else.

  • Slim consoles have little (if anything) to do with the competition. It's all about lowering costs, mainly the costs of manufacturing and shipping. It's cheaper to build a console that has fewer components, and it's cheaper to ship a console that is smaller/lighter. Even if Microsoft were the only console manufacturer, it would still be in their best interest to do this, since it would increase the amount of profit they make on each console sold.
    What does have to do with the competition are things like motion controllers, price-cuts, and the addition of new features (such as wi-fi).

    alidan said:
    link to the n64 snes, and to the nes because i don't remember any hardware revisions for those.

    There was no N64 redesign (excluding special edition consoles), but the NES and SNES did have one (NES-101/HVC-101 and SNES-101/SHVC-101, respectively).

    • Uh yeah, actually their release might, but the technologies predate the Wii by ages. Natal’s just the latest way to make early 90s webcam games work, and Move was demoed in the early 2000s, running on PS2 with a bigger non-glowing ball.

      Also, everyone slimlines their consoles now. Except Nintendo who started it(?) funny enough, since their consoles are already miniscule.

        • Meant more as “how do we reliably track people waving their hands around?” as opposed to holding a camera and pointing it at two beacons to move a cursor like on the Wii. Natal is completely unlike the Wii.

          But yeah… it is clearly the successor to those silly webcam goalie games in the same way Super Mario Galaxy is the successor to Donkey Kong.

  • Microsoft does know how to be original. They only improve their products because they are forced by the competition. They only improved their product by copying (Apple, Nintendo, Sony) or by buying the competition (Google and Yahoo)…
    They were once original, but now they are a grubby corporate that show no interest in innovation…

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      I concur with you Bigall, although maybe we should give it to them regarding Xbox Live and the implementation of HDDs and their endless possibilities in console gaming.

      That said, most of their achievements (lol) correspond to their first console, not the 360.

  • They should have made the 360 bigger. Same I guess might be said of PS3

    I mean if you’re not going to make a radical change like the original PS2 to the slim PS2, you should just keep it at the same size/bigger and offer more features with it. None of the slim models appeal to me because they’re not that huge of a space change.

    Microsoft kind of got it right with a bigger harddrive, quieter, and adding internal wifi (Things its system needed) But it failed to address the problem it’s been plagued with since the beginning: the problems that caused systems to fail (and on previous models give the red ring of death)

    • NoLifeKing says:

      No, this is actually true.

      Microsoft had put out job adverts seeking motherboard engineers, before Sony announced the Slim PS3. If you can’t put 2 and 2 together..
      A smaller console form factor would require a new motherboard design. There were also “analyst rumors” that Microsoft “might” be working on a new console form factor, before the job adverts were put out.

      The tidbit on the price cut on the other hand, is probably pretty close to the truth. Most of the price cut speculation didn’t start circulating until sometime after the PS3 price cut.

      • Before they ANNOUNCED it, sure. Who’s to say they don’t have someone giving them details from the inside?

        Hell, it’s unreasonable to expect them to NOT have a man on the inside, tbh.

        Besides, Sony did come up with the whole slimming thing in the first place. Remember the PSOne? And the PS2 Slim?

        • NoLifeKing says:

          “Besides, Sony did come up with the whole slimming thing in the first place. Remember the PSOne? And the PS2 Slim?”
          Lol, you CAN’T use that excuse here. It’s ILLOGICAL given the CONTEXT of the article & conversation at hand.

          The article implies that MS made the slim 360 because of the slim ps3. If MS made the slim 360 because of the slim ps1/2, then what the article implies, is no longer true (that it was because of the ps3).

          Sony did not “come up with the idea” of slimming anything down. That’s the way technology IN GENERAL goes. Parts are made more efficient by being manufactured at smaller NM processes. As the parts become smaller, so too do the housings / casings to fit the new smaller parts. The reason why Sony was the only one to really do this in THE CONSOLE space, is because technology was not advancing nearly as quickly prior to the PlayStation era.

  • Umm…. NES, SNES and N64 all had smaller formfactors released. One could reasonably assume that Gabecube and Wii would have gotten slim versions, except there’s be no point since they’re tiny to begin with.