Sony: “The PSP Will Last 10 Years or More”


One of Sony’s senior PR flacks is adamant that the PSP, like the PS3, has a 10-year life-cycle and so is good until 2014, seemingly ruling out any prospect of a quick release for a putative PSP2.

SCEA director of hardware and marketing John Koller is defiant in the face of probable annihilation by the 3DS:

There is absolutely a 10-year life cycle for PSP, and probably more.

We’ve talked about ‘We’ll be in the PSP business as long as we’re in the PlayStation business’, because we absolutely believe in handheld.

Unequivocally we think it’s a fantastic place to be, and I can tell you that I think my group particularly – the hardware group – fully believes in handheld because there’s different demographics that you can touch and bring in to the PlayStation world through handheld that you may not always be able to do through other avenues.

After only 6 years of life Koller seems to think the platform is only just getting started:

I think it’s a long term opportunity and we will stay in it. Now in terms of where we are in the current life cycle, I think we’re just kind of hitting our stride. We just announced that we hit 60 million units worldwide, which is a very good number for PSP, we’ve got a lot of good development support.

We always say a platform will turn off when the development spigot turns off. We’ve got 70 games coming this year, we’ve got 70-80 coming next year – it’s just a very healthy platform.

I don’t think we’d be spending investment to the tune that we are without full belief that this is a go-forward platform.

Speaking of “go-forward” platforms, one of his Japanese counterparts was recently quizzed about the dismal failure of the PSP Go – he evasively replied that Sony had “learnt a lot” through the process of releasing the console, refusing to even put a brave face on the disaster.

If Sony seriously believes it will have any portable market share left in 4 years without releasing the PSP2, it may be in for a rude awakening, although it may well not have the financial resources to risk any further failed releases.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah but one of the things i really like about Sony is most of their systems are backward compatible. So when they DO come out with a new psp you’ll prolly still be able to play your normal psp game on it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Where exactly did either of those quotes say that there’ll be no PSP2 til 2014? All they say is that Sony is committed to the PSP brand and to supporting the PSP for 10 years, much like with the PS2 there’s nothing that says they can’t also put out the PSP2 and support both at once before those 10 years are up.

    Sankaku Complex, making shit up since…. whenever.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve hopped on te PSP bandwagon ever since the original release and always thought the DS was a fad and the PSP would overtake it any day. Man I was wrong the PSP game sections in stores grow smaller every year and the selection is just stale as. If you want to play good games you need to import them from Japan and still many dont have replay value the only games I will keep on playing are Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus and Project Diva.

    On the contrary you find that the DS although inferior in spec is much more popular, why? Because simply its got games consumers want to play and producers that are actually developing games for it. The 3DS will definitely overtake any PSP incarnations and as many have already said Sony is only being unrealistic and delusional.

  • Deibi_Manabu says:

    I have a PSP, because I wanted the games on it. I don’t have the DS because there’s no games I want for it. And I am a guy who bought the MegaDrive (Genesis) solely for Shining Force 2, so I’m a game[r], not a console[r]…

    I still was pleased to see Zelda for this system, but I will wait until I see ten games I want before I buy this one – if I can afford it. ^^;

  • Anonymous says:

    hope this is actually true since the ps3 was launched early. i don’t care if the next psp is 3d as long as there’s software to support it. i also hope the psp sticks the portable gaming world to have a competition with the DS even though Nintendo already owns the market 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    PSP still has a place in the market that the 3DS can’t get on; games for mature/hardcore gamers. DS games are for casual, kiddies or delusional otakus who can’t get a real girlfriend and 3DS will just continue that tradition. To cut it short, DS don’t have Monster Hunter so DS sucks. Can’t wait for Monster Hunter Portable 3 and Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village!!!! ^_^

  • PoisonFacecamo says:

    Once again people don’t know how the 10 year plan works.. its 7-8 years of it being the only console, then they release a new one and its 2-3 years of continued support.. they did the same thing for the PS1 and PS2… the 10 year plan doesn’t mean at all that there won’t be a PSP2 for another 4 years.. i’d expect them to show a new PSP next E3 and release it the year after…

  • Love Plus 3D anyone ?

    I don’t think the predecessor of a new handheld will survive after the new one is released (for ex : PSP and PSP2). Handhelds are not home console, you cannot bring the console anywhere you want and play the games you like, games developers also still stick with the old console too, like the PS2, but for handhelds, I think no one wants to bring along the old one while they have the new one, that’s the problem, if Sony release the PSP2, the old PSP will definitely die fast.

    • You must be pretty young. People were still playing plain gameboys YEARS after GBA released, and it’s the same for GBA to DS. Not everyone can upgrade to the newest console (portable or not), immediately. So until prices on the newest version drops, the old console usually lives for quite a while.

      • It’s obvious that someone will still play the old ones but I’m talking about gamers nowaday generally and the trends, it’s not like every game you love or haven’t finished will be remake for the new handheld or console.

  • I’m definitely looking forward to grabbing a 3DS, but I don’t think that means the PSP will dry up and die. Esepecially since it’s so flexible with regards to the things one can do on it.

  • I do have to agree with him that the PSP has only in recent years been warming up. Its overall treatment has been less than I would usually appreciate. I find it quite admirable that it has survived up until now. I do agree, however, that the 3DS will almost certainly remove all competition that could possibly remain. Anyone that says otherwise is almost certainly delusional.

  • Assuming they actually didn’t present any game for PSP, they must be lying…
    If they are not lying, HAVE THEY LOST THEIR MIND??? It is pretty risked to depend on just one console, the PS3, it doesn’t matter how good it’s going right now.

    When the 3DS go out, she won’t have any competition, not even from the new Iphone… Nintendo is going to make piles and piles of money…

  • Yoshio said:
    It´s firmware O_o
    and there´s no hidden menu to pay pirated games. Dont talk if you dont know about the topic, huh?

    protip, i have a non haacked PSP and PSN is shit almost no games hav e online for PSP even online RPGs like phantasy star you have to do a lan hack.

  • Understand that when a game company says it will last 10 years (like the PS2) what they mean is after the new console is released people will still release games for it and they will still sell the console beside it’s big brother. it happened with the NES and SNES, the PS2 and PS3, GBA and DS. Rarely does a console die the month after it’s successor comes out N64 to gamecube gamecube to Wii.

    This doesn’t rule out PSP2 next e3

  • I completely agree to him. At the moment, the PSP can produce really great games, and sorry for Nintendo fans, it’s the best portable console at the moment.

    And about the 3DS, we still know nothing. It sure looks great, i’m quite interested, but don’t forget the most important part: the games.

    The excitation was the same with the DS…

    (Flame me if you want, it’s not a troll, and i’m not a PS fanboy.)

  • SpideyPHL says:

    I still prefer my PSP to my DS, the games that I’m interested in for PSP tend to be less infantile and of higher quality in general. However, to compete with 3DS Sony needs a new portable.

    One thing to note is that he said the development cycle will be 10 years like the consoles, but the consoles have always had their successors come out before the 10 years is up. Call it a marketing gimmick, but you certainly got a lot more value out of a PS2 for the amount of time games came out for it than you did from Gamecube, Xbox, etc even after the PS3 came out. Hopefully he means that they will come out with PSP2, but will also continue to support the PSP for the next few years.

    • That doesn’t work well with handhelds. Especially in the case of the PSP. I’m confident that 60% of american PSP owners are pirates. Why continue to support a console with software that isn’t “selling”?

      • 6.20 version of their Frame ware still people bitch they don’t want to upgrade PSP because new version doesn’t have the UMD hidden menu to play their Pirated games which Sony is forcing people to upgrade their version of the Frameware or don’t have acess to the Online store or Content.

        • This codes/hackers/crackers will get any firmwares open if you give them time.

          The latest (longest) game cracking was Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and God Eater, it actually took like 5 months to get past the new “protection”.

          and the “hidden menu” is just for configuring and tweaking the performance and features of your pirated PSP, doesn’t really effect too much.

          Don’t really care about PSN or “bonus DLCs”

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          But, even though they’re being pirated left and right too, DS games DO sell. In fact, even with much higher hardware sales, that system has a better tie ratio than the PSP.

    • I believe the average life cycle before a ‘new version’ comes out of any hardware is three-four years. That’s not to say it’s obsolete after three or four years; just that production & popularity for older models goes down some-what.

  • Lulzylulz says:

    They’ll probably announce and release the PSP2 1-2 years from now, co-releasing games for a few years like the PS2-PS3.

    I doubt the PSP will be in too much trouble as it’s got it’s niche of gamers that I doubt will jump ship just because of the 3DS, which IMO probably won’t have good 3rd-party “3D”-implemented games that doesn’t seem they just slapped it in there till then.

    But what do I care? I’m a PC gamer 😛

    • Ghost Dog says:

      They said PSP had a 10+ year life cycle. That probably means it will still sell after the release of the PSP2 like how the PS2 still sells.

      If trends follow, we should get an announcement at next year’s E3 for a Q1 or Q2 2012 release.

    • PSP does great, just not in the west. But that’s partly because so FEW games are ever brought out for it here.

      They’ve also gotten team gen and the CFW community hiding in holes because it’s to hard for them to hack the OFW anymore.

      Either way, unless you’re playing pokemon for some reason why the hell would you have a DS over PSP…?

    • “there’s different demographics that you can touch and bring in to the PlayStation world through handheld that you may not always be able to do through other avenues.”

      Let me rephrase this: There’s whole lot of normal, healty, social people that we can bring to the world of nerds and basement dwellers

      • Azure Xuchilbara says:

        Weaker graphics doesn’t mean weaker gameplay…

        Besides, if I wanted (barra) hentai, that’s what the PC is for…And it’s not doesn’t matter how big your tits are and how huge your muscles are…

        It’s your hitbox that counts~

        That said, I’ll be looking forward to that new Metal Gear Solid game along with that Golden Eye remake…

        • Anonymous says:

          He can’t provide links or proof because at best he’ll probably point to some forum post as his evidence. The fact is, no official specs on the 3DS GPU have been released yet. So the numbers Obro released could be anything from an educated guess at best, to an outright fabrication.

          And as further proof, it’s pretty obvious from the real-time demonstrations at E3 that the graphics capabilities of the 3DS surpass not only the PSP but the PS2 as well. Many attendees noted that MGS on the 3DS looked on par or even better then the version on the PS2, and looked far better then MGS releases on the PSP.

          If you possess any sort of an eye for computer graphics, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to notice the difference after watching just a few demo vids from E3.

        • I love the PSP, it plays music, videos, you can surf the web, use skype, takes photos, read ebooks on it as well as play games. I’d gladly use my PSP for another 4 years.

          But I’d LOVE version with a screen capable of Dreamy Theater level graphics and either a touchscreen or motion detectors (or whatever you call it when you can shake the console and it reacts in the game). A slightly bigger screen would be great as well.

        • FruityLumi says:

          Vertex Performance (Triangles per Second)

          Nintendo 3DS: 15.3 million
          Nintendo DS: 120,000
          PSP: 33 million
          Stuff like this means shit. RAW Polygons don’t make a game look Good (Prime Example is Shenmue on the DC. Looked better than most PS2 Games back then, even though the DC was the inferior Console)

          The 3DS is on par with the PSP, though the MGS shown on the E3 looks 20 times more Detailed than the MGS which is available on the PSP.

          There are Games which look worse than PSP Games though. Only Time will tell.