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Xbox 360 Slim Already Breaking Down


Reports of Xbox 360 hardware failures are already surfacing in some numbers, suggesting Microsoft may yet maintain its unrivalled reputation for producing quality hardware, despite cunningly removing the red LED from the unit in order to “solve” the RRoD problem.

Overheating problems seem to be the major issue, resulting in quite severe problems:

Possibly Microsoft would have done better to wait until the winter…

Another user apparently demonstrates the handy propensity of the unit to shut itself off in order to avoid heat damage:


The red ring of death has reportedly been upgraded to a green dot of death, just one of the many reasons the Xbox 360 Slim is fast shaping up to be an essential purchase.

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  • It’s great that they have a sort of fail safe for overheating but honestly it shouldn’t overheat in the first place. 360 is trying to be a powerhouse system and clearly it can’t handle it. Honestly it’s bad when it becomes synonymous with failure. Here comes the green dot of death.
    Also you guys are absolutly crazy if you stand by the fact that it wasn’t getting enough ventilation in that vid. There’s clearly like 3-4 inches on either side sitiing on top of an open shelf.

  • Anonymous says:

    why is it that people buy these things ? if you have to hack or mod something to get it to work how its supposed to isnt that supporting the company and telling them its ok to make things that are sub par, im ok with it and keep doing it ?
    apple and ms are doing this and people still keep buying there products. whats with that ?

  • So let’s see. You can’t put near anything warm, you can’t put near any other systems, you can’t put it on the carpet, you can’t put it near the TV, you can’t have it on for more than a few hours. It appears the 360 is the only system currently on the market that is best used when turned off.

  • Anonymous says:

    Crack open. Void warranty. Submerse in a new, Custom sealed case full of Mineral oil and a cooling pump for the best low temperature. Disk drive and Imputes re wired to the top of the case. Mineral oil is not conductive and will keep the whole unit anywhere from 10 to 30 degrees cooler then normal depending on your cooling methods. 10 degs being no cooling pump.

    This is a very cheap. and Highly effective method to cool your system permanently and constantly keep it at a safe temperature across the whole board. No more lag from heat. no more slow downs.

    No joke. Look it up. There are plenty of Mineral oil kits and DIYs for Computers which can work just as fine with a 360 Mobo since, well it is just a computer.

    example :

    • Anonymous says:

      it sounds like a viable option for the poor idiots who actually bought the 360 slim, but when i buy a console, i expect it to at least have a good enough cooling system to prevent itself from melting down in a slightly subpar ventilated area.

      microsoft has failed yet again, but that stopped surprising me years ago…

  • Anonymous says:

    This is again a common sense issue. I think it’s great that it now has a program to shut itself down to prevent your xbox from FUCKING OVER itself.

    Now iwth that said, I’d like to look at these dumbasses that are having the over heating problems. I have had my new xbox 360 on 24/7 for the last 5 days without over heating. These dumbasses probably put it in eitheer a confined space, such as a shelf with only the front for airflow.

    Just like in the video, there were 4 or 5 consoles in a row… Now if one of those is running constantly, there will be a HUGE amount of heat both around and in back of the console. The name of the game is airflow.

    Don’t put your console somewhere where it could overheat. period. It’s very easy to make a space where it won’t over heat. if it has space on all sides, and it’s not next to something else that produces a lot of heat when in use (such as another console or a hot running blueray drive, then it should be fine.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seriously sankaku? That first video is nothing but a graphical error. The pics are straight from the gamespot forums. In fact I was speaking with the exact person this happened to. It was a minor glitch with the temp sensor. He couldnt even get the error to repeat. I guess I should expect the Xbox bashing from this site, though.

  • So a guy managed to bug-out his system once. That spells DOOOOOM on the proportions of the over one billion dollar price tag that Microsoft paid to deal with the three-red-lights. You know what happens when that guy secures his connections, stops messing with his box, and then resets his system, a perfectly healthy 360. As for the safeguard on poor ventilation, bravo Microsoft for taking more precautions, and who knows, maybe that user put their 360 in a tight place where it can’t breath. Calm down spaz population!

  • It is not breaking down it is stopping itself as programed from breaking down due to heat. Also the pic shows a red dot not green.

    Not that seeing that video made by some unknown person with the unit connected in an unknown way is not true as all things I see on YouTube and the internet are true!! They have to be or all of reality would crumble. ^_-

  • Anonymous says:

    the last image is fake and everyone know it but sankaku, it happen when you remove the video cable while the 360 is on, god is this site even about anime anymore more like ps3 fanboys i guess

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t see any overheating in the video, unless the ‘lines’ on the screen are evidence of that.

    If so, man, Microsoft needs a class action lawsuit against them for this. They need to focus less on making the damned thing slim and more on getting enough fucking ventilation, just like in notebook computers which have discrete graphics and are HELL for overheating, like the Gateway P-7811FX that I have.

    Had to underclock the freaking graphics card and/or put it on ‘constant performance’ in order to get it to not overheat.

  • If this happens in greater numbers I will believe that it is not engineered. If this were a major issue it would be way more than one video and a few snapshots of a supposed overheated 360. Just step outside of the angry mob for a minute and take a look.

  • Anonymous says:

    Only the crapbox fanboys to try to justify M$ shitty hardware and put the fault for it’s crapness on it’s consumers.
    Don’t try to defend this piece of shit, if you ant M$ to keep raping your wallets that’s alright but don’t help them swindle other people

  • Anonymous says:

    I understand how much people want the xbox to fail, but the video that shows an xbox with a loose video cable and a picture showing how microsoft has installed a new feature to actually tell someone that they are keeping their xbox in a dusty and poorly ventilated area hardly constitutes evidence that slim failures are surfacing in ‘some numbers’

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    Well, that idiot put it in VERY close proximity to the Wii, it’s logical that it doesn’t have enough room for proper ventilation.

    Also, while showing that most typical graphical glitch, it keeps running and doesn’t hang. And what’s more, Arte’s shot shows that the “Slim” stops dead on its tracks when it detects there’s definitely not enough ventilation for it to run, it doesn’t just keep running and eventually melting internally without a care.

    This is some fucking cool (lol) improvement, Microsoft has done. Not that any Sony idiot here will notice and/or comprehend, for this is beyond their understanding and runs contrary to their sad bias.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Problem is, their very first console, the original late 2001 Xbox, didn’t have this many technical failures. It did have some faulty power cords early on, but that’s about it.

  • Anonymous says:

    okay so… now you’re taking a sh|t on it for preventing itself from dying of overheat?

    it must be hard to breath with one’s head so far up sony’s ass.

    and is there a reason that you idiots keep assuming that the warranty doesn’t exist with your “hurr buy 4x systems!” stupidity?

  • Anonymous says:

    Holy shit, the fanboys are out in full force. A couple of unsubstantiated pics and video and you people go fucking crazy. If this turns out to be a real problem, then I’ll point and laugh at the enormous amount of fail, but jesus christ people, have you no skepticism?

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course not. The internet has two kinds of people: Proper skeptics (like you and I) who understand that the Internet is filled with scams, gimmicks, and fakes (as this might be), and the gullible, who believe everything shoved in front of them if it looks ‘real enough’.

      Obviously, most people here are the latter type.

  • Anonymous says:

    You guys want to hear something unbelievably strange?

    My very first XBOX 360 was purchased at midnight on launch day, and that unit did run very, very hot. I ended up selling it so I have no idea how long it survived.

    I purchased an Elite unit a few years after that, and it runs cool as a cucumber. I haven’t had any problems with it yet, and I’m not sure why people say it still runs hot. Even after hours of gameplay, the back vents exhaust air much cooler than my gaming PC.

    A short time after I purchased the Elite, I also purchased an NTSC-J 360 to play my import games on, and it also runs very cool.

    Heck my original Sega Saturn runs hotter than the 360, much hotter in fact. Any idea how these thermal problems take place? I just don’t see how it’s possible unless the build quality is so variable that the heat sinks aren’t put on quite the same between each console.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why people in North America don’t seem to care the 360 is a cheap piece of plastic and even knowing it will break still buy it. I’m not a PS3 fanboy, i just don’t understand how can they see it as something normal.

  • UraSapMrJap says:

    That’s a pretty good feature. The xbox actually lets you know that know that you put it in a shitty spot. If the pre-jasper xboxes had that feature, many would have been saved from having their units fixed for free for a week.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Not to mention Microsoft could have saved itself from losing those millions upon millions of dollars that three year warranty costed them.

      In other words, no matter how you look at it, they’re a bunch of idiots, at least from an economic point of view. They still managed to outperform Sony and establish the Xbox 360 as the de facto standard console for most game releases, but at an insurmountably stupid cost.

  • Lets see….The regular sized Xbox gets to hot, so if we make it smaller than it will get less hot…right?
    Not to diss DIY’er out there ( I happen to be one), but are they using a computer building newb to build these things. Bad ventalation = hot components = fail.

    Maybe they should just stick to software….oh wait they aren’t that great at that either.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Then you’d hear of people complaining their old frying pan model not being compatible with their new stove’s burners, and their microwaves running too cool and not being able to properly cook their meals…

  • Few dead slims -> Every single slim will die…??

    My first box died because of the bad ventilation. Bought new one and put it in better spot, no more problems.

    In the video it looks really small apartment with many electric devices creating great amount of heat. Also there seems to be fans blowing on the background, not only the Xbox’s…

    The new slim seems to have it flaws but I think it will work great under normal conditions.

    ps. who even wants to play in hot summer day o_O go out! go swimming!

    • baronight says:

      i might not have xbox 360…
      but fuk, we should not compromise a system that lack to adept in certain environment…

      in the video, that look perfectly fine on other console isn’t it? why only Xbox360 have to die in that condition?

      if it’s not MS epic fail in making gaming console, i do not see any other valid reason

  • SpideyPHL says:

    Why am I not surprised? I only grudgingly have my Xbox because there were a couple of exclusive games I wanted to play on it with my friend, who only had a 360. Since then, there’s been almost no decent exclusives on Xbox to justify buying it, and the only ones I can think of are also on PC, where I prefer to play them.

    Combine this with various other nickel and dime strategies from Microsoft and the immaturity of 95% of Xbox Live compared to PSN, and really the PS3 is just better in every way now. That may not have been the case 2-3 years ago, but it definitely is now.

  • Had mine now for a few days, so far, no problems.

    Room is kept @ around 22°C, and been playing Red Dead Redemption for 7-8 hour stretches, with breaks in between, but left the console on. The console itself is not in the best ventilated place, but it’s only gotten warm, nowhere near as hot as the regular model.

    Before you ask, I’m not a big fan of M$ or any of the other console companies.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    An Atari 2600 still works.

    It’ll still work 50 years from now.
    It’ll still work 100 years from now.
    It’ll still be playable found in a box buried in the sand in some “Post Oil” mad max style situation and if you hook up enough solar panels to run it and some surviving LED monitor, you can play it. The joysticks sucked, but their pattern was so obvious it’d be easy to re-rig.

    So shall an Intellivision, a Colecovision, an old Commodore computer… Only thing that’ll stop them is a sledgehammer. Really, even a lightning strike usually kills the power without cooking more than the exterior of the console, so a little basic electronics, duct tape and they are ready to go again. They work.

    So will an NES, a Sega Genesis, a SNES…

    Even a PS1 and very likely a PS2/Dreamcast/gamecube will still work 20 years from today’s date if kept in a clean room temperature room. Just don’t “Coaster” the CDs… The “Mad Max/Peak Oil” stuff it’d have to be in a sealed padded box and like in an underground bunker so it didn’t get 120F for too long, but again it’d be very, VERY long lasting.

    IMO, the foolish thing is to even BUY such a system as the X-Box 360 if it’ll “Die” once the company stops “Supporting” it. And die and die and die along the way. I confirmed from a buddy at a local game store RROD-tan does indeed visit more than half the clients. He, and his co-workers LOVED that image, btw! She’s selling warranties better, I think;-)

    IMO, time to “Boycott” the 360 and be vocal about it so the investors will freak.

    • JAKKandJING says:

      The fanboys won’t go along with it. They will just buy a new 360, mostly to validate the year of gold live membership they paid for. if the 360 dies, they get a new one because they have another 7 months of live service that will go to waste if they don’t. This is what i think makes them keep going back to the store to get new 360’s,like moths to a lightbulb……….or a flame to be correct.

      • I guess i was fairly lucky with my PS2, i still have mine, and i bought mine the day of the release. Perfect working condition. It’s all about quality, surroundings, and luck.

        I don’t think MS has ever cared about quality, if you look at xbox’s with its 54% fail rate…its pretty obvious.

        That also reminds me…my N64 still works, as does my SNES and NES…hell my sega still works. Maybe MS should take a lesson from the older models and produce a platform with a 10% or less fail rate.

  • When will you morons get it!! The 360 is the definition of fail!! I mean come on who in their right mind would go and buy this peice of shit knowing the history behind micro$oft and that they’re systems will inevitability go out? I dont feel the least bit sorry for the dumb jerk offs who went and bought this pig shit console and had this happened to them, serves them right.

  • RaspberryKisses says:

    MS really need to develop better cooling technic. overheating is the sign of poor design and materials. they need to take xbox back to drawing bord and try again. This design of hardware isn’t working. don’t get me wrong i love my xbox (i have 20gb old model) and i love games on it. but sometimes i really worried that it’s life is at the end. and such worries force me to play only 4 hours until i turn it off so it can rest.

    • I just don’t get it. Is it really that hard for them to design a better console? Just how low is their standard for quality? I mean c’mon, this is inexcusable. They’re only getting what they deserve if they’re deciding to release this bs to the public. It’s like they’re not even trying.

      • Ciscotaku says:

        I think MS do it on purpose knowing that ppl are willing to buy a 2nd or 3rd or 4th console when the first one breaks. and they (MS) save money by making it crappy. for them is a win win. bastards…

      • JAKKandJING says:

        Bill Gates/Microsoft is such a jew. It just sounds like the’re spending as little as posible to make these, these, “thing” and chargeing as much as they can for it to make a profit.

        • Now theres an impossible statement. A rich person not pennypinching to make a profit? Hahahahaha.

          Sadly MS’s standard of quality has always been pathetically low. Its like going to the store and looking for the tags that have “Made in China” on them, and when it comes to the Xbox its like everyone just sat on the exploding stool and went up their ass. But people buy it anyway due to the flashing lights and big button syndrome.

  • TehBoringOne says:


    I begin getting more and more interested on buying a 360 for the fourth time and you remind me why I didn’t buy your console in the first place.

    Way to go, you bunch of fucktards…

    • so, the games didnt make you want to buy it, the system did?

      look if you are a gamer, you will get your fix however you can, but if you hold back on buying a game because the system is crap, than never refer to yourself as a gamer again.

        • TehBoringOne says:

          I still don’t care about what you say. Go now and be happy.

          @Hyra911: Actually… My kitten WAS killed last night by a dog that got into my house…

          My neighbor is going to have to buy new tires very soon.

        • i have decided to not go on and on again, as its more or less a losing battle.

          but i will say this

          i have a ps3 for demon souls, disgaes, uncharted, and god of war, among many other exclusives.

          i have a wii for mario, zelda, and other misc crap that i like that is only on nintendo

          i have a 360 because it was the first next gen, it had games i wanted, and i get most multi plat on there because thats what they are developed for, and where the content exclusives come first.

          if you don’t like the games on a system, fine, i don’t care, but if you like them, can only get them on that system, but don’t get the system because of some sense of if i don’t get it ill hurt the bad men, than thats stupid, and you are not a gamer.

        • Anonymous says:

          I personally don’t give two shits one way or another. I own and enjoy all the systems equally, and for some inexplicable reason I’ve yet to have a 360 failure despite it being used four hours per day for the last three years.

        • TehBoringOne says:

          Well, that is weird… I posted the first reply several hours ago in the night, then waited a few hours for it to appear… I thought it wouldn’t, so I posted again… and now they show up…

          The internets are so full of magical lag around my area, it seems…

        • TehBoringOne says:

          Oh! You hate the way I sound? Boofuckinghoo… I’m so sad.

          And I have every right to act like this when
          something I don’t like pops up. Like the case here being presented and countless others.

          Buying a console only because of brand loyalty is pointless. Even idiotic for me. No company ever has done anything for me,
          so I owe them nothing. However, Microsoft’s ridiculous quality assurance is nothing short of laughable. Imbecilic in nature even.

          I do admit I bought a PS3. You are right there. However, I don’t mock the console itself. I mock everything behind it.
          How is it possible those electronic engineers come up with faulty designs? How come quality assurance approves them? How in fuck’s heaven do the executives even allow them to continue this trend of defective products? By being idiotic. But most of all, I mock blind fools who go and throw their money away on a faulty piece of consumer electronics so easily, yet go around defending it, trying to be a knight in shining armour to the damsel in distress, played by the console or worse yet, the company.

          If you say that games are worth the price of a full, faulty console, then you are nothing but a drone… Willing to go to any lenght in
          order to play games, regardless of the price you have to pay. I enjoy games as one of my foremost forms of entertainment, yes, but before that, I keep in mind my relationship with the companies I have bought consoles from. Sony, Nintendo and of course Sega up until the Dreamcast. None of them have had a failure rate so high people would have gone through three consoles like my brothers, four like a friend and two like another one. All of this starting from 2005 FIVE years only. Each of them takes care of their consoles better than most of the people I know. Keep them well ventilated, in a relatively cold room and never abuse from the time they play. It is ridiculous.

          Before being a “gamer”, I am conscious of my position as a customer. Someone who will receive a service (the console) and a warranty for it. Games, while the main reason for me to choose a console over another one, are inherently tied to the reliability of the console.

          If it’s shit, I won’t even waste time looking at it.

          Money doesn’t grow on trees and nobody hands it to me without having me do something for it either. In this situation, I’d rather not play a few games I can play less comfortably in this PC… Like the Mass Effect games.

          Why would I go and throw my money down the drain, when Microsoft doesn’t respect the market they try to sell things to? Because fuck, man, a miserable reliability and a warranty that is only there to cover their asses after getting burned by class action lawsuits over their product malfunctioning is something that should NOT exist.

          Try to get that through your skull… gamertool…

        • TehBoringOne says:

          There’s a difference between someone liking games and buying them and a retard that goes and throws cash away on a console that malfunctions JUST LIKE IT IS KNOWN TO HAPPEN.

          And when did I even write the word “gamer”?

          It’s true. My interest on the 360 has gone up at certain points, with Mass Effect 2’s release being the most recent one.

          And brand loyalty? When the fuck have either Sony or Nintendo done a single thing for me? I owe them nothing. That said, I did buy a PS3 and have a Game Cube, but never got a Wii.

          And I don’t mock the 360. I mock the bunch of stupid electronic engineers who made a bad design as shown in the video and countless articles either here or in other sites. I mock the executives that allow such a faulty design to be approved. I mock the quality assurance managers that let the faulty design pass. I mock the company that acts as if their product is the best, even when it breaks down in a miserable way and have to put a warranty in order to cover their asses… But most of all, I mock YOU, who calls yourself a “gamer”, and goes and tosses money to obtain a faulty piece of consumer electronics with a relatively high risk of failure.

          And “getting my fix” as you say on Mass Effect is relatively easy for me. I know my computer can run both of them. But I happen to prefer controllers and playing on my couch, against playing on a chair, so I was expecting to get a new XBox 360 in order to play the way I like.

          And why should I not badmouth Microsoft?

          Like it or not, fucktard, I enjoy games. I have them as one of my first and foremost forms of entertainment. I have paid for MANY, many games in my lifetime. However, before liking them, I know my position as a consumer. I know that money for luxuries like these is scarce and should be well managed. I find it idiotic to throw away MY MONEY and MY RESOURCES for a company that does not respect the public they want to attract, making a piece of shit hardware that can break on its own easier than the other consoles in the market.

          Absofuckinglutely NOTHING is perfect. My PS3 may break down the line any day, yet I know that and take good care of it. However, my two brothers have bought 360s. Three of them broke down and had to be replaced. A friend of mine is on his fourth. Another one is in his second. They all treat their consoles better than most people I know.

          Someone like me, who prefers to save money WILL THINK IT FOUR TIMES before getting that pice of shit hardware.

          As DeathCrunch said, this is a hobby, not a fucking addiction, you moron.

          Try to get that through your skull, you fucking retard. Brand loyalty is also beyond stupid. Companies do NOTHING for you. All they want is your money, and hold a business relationship with you, the end consumer. And as such, it is your responsibility to hold them accountable for their fuckups… JUST LIKE IT HAS BEEN THE CASE WITH MICROSOFT AND THEIR FAULTY PRODUCTS!

          In light of how they manage their quality control, I’m not buying a 360 with MY MONEY until I hear the failure rate of the console goes down at least close to the PS3’s failure rate, or in the best of cases, and highly unlikely, the Wii’s failure rate.

          Get that through your skull, stupid.

        • NakkiNyan says:

          So the fact that they will have to have it fixed all the time is not a consideration? Maybe you can get MS to fix yours overnight but for many of us the turn around is nearly a month, makes that game seem like it is not worth it to me.

        • the way he sounds.

          i fucking hate it when people say they will get something but than o no, something they don’t like pops up.

          you don’t get a console because of brand loyalty,
          you get it because you want a game you can only get on that system.

          what he sounds like is someone who bought lets say a ps3 or only plays a computer, and is mocking the console saying they were thinking of getting it, but than no, red ring is still there.

          i hate when someone who would consider themselves a gamer doesn’t get something for the games but for the hardware.

          if you buy a system for any reason besides the games that are on it than you are not a gamer. and i believe everyone can agree to that.

        • i keep seeing this one go down in ratings, you think im joking?

          25 cents and xbox will never scratch a disc again. if you have a kid or little brother, you know that system gets knocked around, and if a game is in it, the game needs to be resurfaced to work again.

          or how about wi-fi
          10$ and it should have been native in console, but Microsoft didn’t add it and made us by a 100-140$ (depending on model) piece of shit that cost them 60-80$ to produce so they could sell the system barely cheaper.

          and finally i meant cheap as all fuck, because ass is a word my spell checker didn’t pick up on it.

    • an xbox is basically a computer

      i keep my computer on 24/7 and hardware problems only pop up every 2-3 years.

      my last video card lasted close to 6 years, and i don’t hear a single fucking fan.

      the 360 cant keep its ass cool at all, and they basically removed or slowed down fan speed, because i cant imagine them putting higher quality and quieter fans in.

      i love the games on xbox, and i love playing them more on xbox than anything else (aside computer) but i fucking hate the system.

      • how big is your computer? a full desktop? it probably wont fit in a small case and you probably keep it in a good ventilated place a lot of idiots think consoles wont overheat in obviously bad places.
        I know xbox’s fans are really loud and bad.But even good fans will not work if you place a heater (or another heat generating object) next to the xbox or completely block the fans.
        I’m sure a lot of these overheating story’s are from idiots who don’t know about ventilation.

        • Dreck
          no you are wrong, in some aspects at least. a full tower will have more heat dissipation through air, but i have it in a shitty place for air flow. what i believe is that if you take the 360 (not slim) noise into consideration, and made the system even 1/4 inch taller (when its flat), and baby 1/2 inch more in the back, and put 2 high output fans, there would be little more if any noise than what is normal with the system and brought air flow up by a crap ton. and it would still be smaller than ps3 or original x box.


          class action is for when they lie or there are major problems that effect everyone.

          and also, here is ps3 graphics (wiki)
          550 MHz NVIDIA/SCEI RSX ‘Reality Synthesizer’
          and 360 graphics (wiki)
          500 MHz ATI Xenos

          i believe that these were made at a time when nvidia had a solid graphics architecture, and ati was trying to make a new one.

        • Anonymous says:

          I leave my ps3 on 24/7 to fold @ home and game. No problems. It’s the original fat boy. I never bought an xbox 360 because I saw one RRod 2 months after a friend got his and I was with my ps3 happily playing but hoping to someday get a 360. -__- boo still no 360 for me.

        • Anonymous says:

          I am betting that the real issue is the goddamned graphics card in these things. Let me guess who makes them: NVidia? Their graphics cards lately have been CRAPPY compared to ATI’s. How? They use too much energy, they get too fucking hot, and the ATI graphics cards STILL outperform them on a consistent basis power for power.

          No, NVidida needs a class action lawsuit against them for their shoddily made graphics cards.

        • bloodlust5> I think you are mixing the software technology that is needed for games to be played and actual hardware techlogy that probably causes most RRoDs. You can have different hardware, differently arranged inside the case that uses exactly the same software. Ehm look at PC, they all work like that.

        • alidan, you’re not really giving airflow enough credit…nor taking into account the heatsinks on said components and mobo…

          especially if its a full tower, you simply cannot equate that to a ventilation system with something such as a 360, not even a ps3 (or at least I doubt the latter)

        • Speaking of PC’s consider the heat involved with a laptop and how heat, etc is accounted for.

          with a 360 easily being at least 3-4 times the size, employing less efficient components – yes, yet still fails to account for it.

          And of course you wouldn’t leave a console on 24/7 not unless you were downloading mutilple things – but I do expect it to survive and make it out of a weekend of gaming, 14 hours a day at the very least.

          And was this an actual hardware failure btw? I’m guessing so, but I’m also curious with the way the error message is written, as in it shuts down and requests you wait for the system to cool – instead of just perma-bricking or shit canning itself??? or..?

        • my computer is a full tower, but whats inside is much smaller,

          and if it wasnt for the way computer hardware is manufactured to stick out, it would roughly take up the same space as a 360 if i wanted it to.

          my room is commonly over 80F and my computer dosent have the best ventilation, id say that the 360 potentially has better, but i got 2 fans working hard pushing through case alone.

          and from my understanding non of my fans work past 40% of there max.

          my old vid card was hitting 86C on idol so i replaced it, now it barely hits 65C full load.

          my cpu has yet to go past 55C full load.

          if you want i could make a quick mock up of what the 360 should have had for cooling, you know fuck it ill describe it. it should have ventilation shafts in the front that funnels air to crucial parts of the system, and put in a high power fan in the back that can go 2500rpm at the same level of noise the 360 currently has. that would be for hot spot cooling, like gpu and cpu, and a general case fan for everything else.

          you know i don’t mind ps3 or xbox1 big if it means the fucker is cooled right.

          in all honesty the 360 should be able to run at peak load for a week straight in a 120F room, that is close to the worst case senerio as hottest temp on earth (commonly gets to) with no ac, and its about a lifetime amount of shit conditions for the system, if it can survive that with a 30% fail rate there, it is good, under normal conditions the console should last a good 3-5 years before a problem arises, not this the second fucking day you have the console it can red ring.

        • Consider yourself wrong, Jash. My 360 overheated in the dead of winter last year, the system itself sitting alone atop my bookshelf. I opened the system following the advice of a shoddily-made YouTube video uploaded by what looked like a 15-year-old kid with a Southern twang. Per his advice, I added a heat sink made of PENNIES and ELECTRICAL TAPE, then WRAPPED MY 360 IN A TOWEL to FOOL it into resetting it heat-detecting sensors.

          My 360 sprung to life.

          All it took was a goddamned heat sink. Y’know, like it should have had installed to begin with, being a computer housed inside a small case, as you pointed out in your epiphanous diatribe. Don’t think for a second this is the fault of the users, you condescending, ill-informed mess. Fuck Microsoft.

    • JAKKandJING says:

      Where are those 360 slim defenders now? Where are the comments saying these are just “little” blemishes on a really good near perfect system? The 360 is a fagy system for losers who have cash and time to throw away. And the avatar is just the stupidist thing to see when you turn the thing on.

      • Kuroumichi says:

        I own both a PS3 and an Xbox, while the Xbox has it’s problems like freezing, crashing and generally dying
        I still prefer it to the PS3, I mean my PS3 hasn’t even been on long enough at one time to test how it handles
        The reason this Xbox will still sell madly is because for gamers the Xbox is just a better system even with it’s faults
        and for the record, I have an Elite which has had no problems since I got it 2 years ago so I doubt this would give me any trouble either
        Also it’s not a green dot, it’s a red dot, even if I didn’t know that already the picture says it all…
        I’ll quote another site for that:
        “This new 250GB unit is clearly displaying the red dot.”

        • Kuroumichi says:

          I do wish more people would realise you can like something someone has created without liking the creator
          Ah well, I’ll just enjoy a great console, and some great games on a console that needs some work

        • YukkuriShiteItteNe says:

          Bravo good sir I’m glad to see an X-box fan who doesn’t have thier head up microsoft’s ass.
          If all gamers were like this everyone would win no matter which system they preferred.

        • Kuroumichi says:

          I’m gonna have to agree with you about how sad it is
          It’d be nice to love a console and not have to worry about it overheating constantly, and while my Elite has had no problems I did have an original Xbox (bought preowned) that did RRoD on me
          Yet I still can’t hate the Xbox, Microsoft yes, but the Xbox will always be the best of this generation to me

        • Well my friend, apparently only 54% of the 360s RRoD. So it sounds to me like you lucked up and got one of the 46% that don’t experience failure. Also, people tend to be stupid when they’re impatient. Microsoft is making money hand over fist, laughing the whole time about people silly enough to buy a defective peice of hardware.
          Chances are they won’t even DO quality control with the next generation hardware. They already know people will buy it no matter what problems it has. It’s fucking sad….

      • This photo is staged. Theres dust off to the sides that show SOMETHING was there. And it complained of ventilation, usually a USER’S fault. Get off your fanboy high horse and use your low IQ to ATTEMPT to think.

        • toshironikko says:

          Also you gotta remember – moving the new 360 could possibly destroy your disc so you want to take precautions so that nothing is able to move it – but take too much precautions and you have a ventilation issue ….

        • does Microsoft really expect their buyer to put 360 in the fridge?

          I’m not an Xbox, nor Nintendo, nor Sony fanboy. but personally, as a customer, I demand my rights to play game without being hassled about ventilation.

    • Maybe they just have to place the console in a spot that would provide better ventilation? Isn’t that a common sense?

      The article didnt specify “The console were standing in a good ventilation spot and still overheated”

      For all we know, that guy who took a picture may have placed it next to a wall and on the carpet.

      • ChaosAngelZero says:

        You watched the vid? He placed it on extreme proximity of two other consoles, an older Xbox 360 and a Wii (all of them stood on their side), and all this on a barely deep piece of furniture against a wall.

        • Kuroumichi says:

          Well hey guys what, my Xbox is under a desk with my games on the left of it, the side of the desk on the right side and my wardrobe behind it and I’ve never had a single problem

        • Anonymous says:

          really? well my PS3 is located in a space with about 3 inches to the top and one of the sides (the other two sides and back are blocked) and the front is the only place with an open place for air to escape. I’ve never had a problem with overheating, so does that mean the ps3 is better? or that the xBox just sucks?

          a system shouldn’t need THAT MUCH space to ventilate

        • Anonymous says:

          you guys are extremely stupid if you think that “blocks” the vent and isn’t suitable ventilation. If every electronic device out there needed a suitable 1 foot distance between other devices to work properly and optimally (like the new 360), then those devices are a big piece of turd.

          The 360 is a freakin console. It’s not a computer. It should operate and function like a device you can put up next to your living room tv without saying “oh gee I don’t have enough ventilation here let me put it next to a fan for good measure.”

          you fanboys are ridiculous for supporting such a hardware problem and also their nickel and diming.

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          @Anon 4:13: They did have an effect, not by radiating their own heat, but by blocking the fan vent (I think the Wii was the one by the vent).

          I know less “crappily” designed systems would put up with that, but the fact that they’re located way too close of each other there is indisputable.

        • Anonymous says:

          Extreme proximity? Excuse me, but no. If they were ON, you could bitch about that. But they were BOTH OFF at the time!

          So, they had absolutely NO effect on the cooling of this other system.

      • Shit. Overheating problems? That is worse than, if not similar to, driving a battlemech armed with a bunch of lasers in Mechwarrior, ironically also a game by Microsoft.

        Pew-pew-pew. Overheat. Shutdown. Restart.

      • Peter Barton says:

        Personally, I think the Xbox 360 is a great system.

        But really, if a piece of hardware cannot stand on its own legs for a few hours without having to turn sleep to save itself, then I’m going to have a problem.

        A what if scenario, if you will.


        “God dammit! We’re surrounded!” I shouted as my best friend, Will, and I sat behind a dumpster, surrounded by an unstoppable force.

        Guns were going off left and right and all around, bullets ricocheting off the walls and the ground. These figures that were firing at us had no figures, but more like black flames rising from the ground. These things were not human, I could tell.

        I pulled out my pistol and shot back, however it seemed like it had no effect. Whenever I managed to shoot one of these dark flames, it looked as if the bullet just passed through them. The situation wasn’t looking good.

        “Shit, out of ammo,” Will cursed as he threw his gun at them with no effect.

        “I think we’re screwed,” I said, pointing out the obvious.

        Just as we seemed to lose all hope, the firing stopped.

        “What the…”

        Stepping from behind the dark flames was a young girl with long black hair tied up in twin tails, her blue eyes glowing as they looked down on us. Wrapped around her was a leather coat which hanged open on her, revealing a black bikini top and shorts.

        “Oh God, it’s that bitch!” Will yelled.

        “Well hello again boys,” she smirked. “I see you two haven’t changed much this past year.”

        “Well, technically it hasn’t been a year yet.” I cracked.

        A bullet grazed my right cheek, however I continued to smile as the blood ran down onto my neck.

        “I’d like to catch up, but I’m rather busy. You know what I want, so just hand it over.”

        The girl held out her hand, expecting us to just plop whatever it was into it. As I thought back to before, I remember having a small device that she wanted. Is that what she wants?

        “Are you talking about that device I took before?”

        She didn’t answer. All she did was glare at me, her hand that held the handle of her sword twitching to be used.

        “To tell you the truth, I threw it away. Last I heard an Anon took it. Not sure what happened next.”

        “So you lost it?”

        “I’m afraid to say I did. Sorry about that. You want me to check the lost and found for it?”

        “Oh, no need,” she said. “I’ll just kill you and go look for it some more.”

        The moment she finished her sentence, she charged towards me, her sword now free from its sheath. Her shining sword swung down at me with the intent to slice my head open, but I barely manage to dodge it and stance myself next to Will.

        “Will, help me out, will ya?”

        There was a tap on my shoulder. When I looked back, it was Will handing me my old knife that I let him borrow.

        “Sorry man, but I’m burning up like a mother fucker right now. I’m gonna go take a nap. Later.”

        Will walked away.

        “God fucking dammit, Will! You piece of shit!”

        The girl charged at me again and forced me to the ground, her hand wrapped around my neck.

        “Any last words?”

        “Yeah. Should have bought a Nintendo.”

        I kicked her in the chest, causing her to collapse. A wave of bullets from the dark flames shot around me. Holding my knife forward, I rand towards the flames and cut through. The ground left my feet as I fell four stories from the parking garage and into another dumpster. Staggering out, I ran away as the girl watched me from the garage tower, limping away.

        • Anonymous says:

          Seized – to take hold of suddenly or forcibly; grasp: to seize a weapon. / to take possession of by force or at will: to seize enemy ships.

          Ceased – to stop; discontinue: Not all medieval beliefs have ceased to exist / to come to an end: At last the war has ceased.

          *This message has been brought to you by the Grammar Queen: Joel Dawson.

        • "mmmmmmmm"
          My shell seized to be, for all that existed was the dark. A stream of relentless sadness struck at my core, all that I ever had known.. my friends, my family & my life seized to be.
          I had transcended mortality, at least I felt as though I had…
          Though the suffocating emptiness a small, but powerful light teared open the very fabric of my perception.
          As the light grew in size I could feel the love and warmth of those I had almost forgot entirely, could I make it back from this nightmare and live once more?
          A deafening roar of ecstasy ripped through my entire being.
          My vision was heavily distorted, where was i? Was I back home? Am I alive?
          I warm sensation flooded me.
          A voice echoed in the distance.
          "GOD DAMN… FUCK YEAH…… MMM"
          Who was this person? Did he save my life? What is going on?
          Suddenly my vision restored.. I was blinded by what seemed to be a lamp, a desk lamp!
          I was so relieved to be alive, I searched around for the source of the voice I'd been hearing.. wondering who this was and where I was.
          A small green blinking light across the other side of the room caught my attention,was it my Xbox overheating? I attempted to stagger over and investigate when I effortlessly fell flat on my face. As I hit the ground I felt another warm sensation run through me, something was wrong.. very wrong.
          I could feel a warm liquid ooze slowly from my rectum, was I so traumatized that I had shit myself?
          What!? I flipped myself over on the floor to be greeted by a huge throbbing cock pointing at me.
          Towering above the fallace stood a Mexican sporting a leather gimp mask! – I raised my aims as if the police had me at gunpoint. *I-I-I…. HELP!! GUGHGH* As I started to shout for help the huge member thundered down my throat..jizz seeping into my stomach, pouring out my back orifice… this was not going to be a pleasant experience, I'd have to ship the darn Xbox back off to Microsoft!

        • @Sychone: Except that the supposedly heroine turns out to be the villain.

          @Reizo: Shadows are now armed with guns and “Tenshi” is going hostile on you after being consumed by one of the shadows.

          Comment by Peter Barton
          18:01 21/06/2010 # !

          “To tell you the truth, I threw it away. Last I heard an Anon took it. Not sure what happened next.”


          Comment by Anonymous
          13:06 20/08/2009 # !

          I picked the device. And then I…

          Where are you, Anon? A bikini-clad chick (with a sword) is hot on your tail.