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Kuroko’s First Time


Kuroko has been spotted advertising, of all things, a lesbian brothel.

“Garden of Lily” (“yuri” actually means “lily”), a lesbian prostitution service for women, offers the manga on its site as a way of reassuring patrons. With the “Lovers Course” starting at 15,000 for 60 minutes, prices are much on par with heterosexual services. Paid dates are also offered for women incapable of seducing other females on their own.

There is also the added (some would say discriminatory) bonus that as no penetrative sex is involved, the services can go all the way in a way which heterosexual services cannot dare to, as in true warped Japanese legal style paid penetrative sex is illegal whilst other forms of prostitution are openly offered with police blessing.


Ku**ko: “It’s my first time, so I’m rather nervous…”
Rentgirl: “It’s OK, leave everything to me.”
Let’s go to the hotel!

The manga is accurate even down to the “Watakushi, hajimete dakara kinchou shitemasu no….” Kuroko-esque speech patterns.

2ch swiftly identified a case of Simmonsing:



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