Minori Chihara: “I Slept With My Little Brother”


Seiyuu Minori Chihara, best known for playing Nagato, has admitted to sleeping with her otouto.

From her own blog, speaking about a trip to her family’s home:


What I was personally most pleased about this time was getting to sleep with my little brother. We talked about all kinds of things! ♥ ♥ ♥

She relates other little brother related episodes frequently – “As ever I just love my little brother,” “Of course, the wallpaper on my mobile is of my little brother,” “I got to spend the whole day with him – delightful,” “Today was my little brother’s birthday!” etc.

Naturally 2ch is unanimous in enviously considering this boy the luckiest alive.

This might be considered an isolated occurrence of what is termed “bro-con” in Japanese, but there is an even worse case amongst seiyuu – Shiho Kawaragi, known mainly for playing Sekai in Summer and School Days, is practically notorious:


She has a little brother 8 years younger than her (she is now 34, he 26)

She begged her parents for a little brother and was fortuitously granted her wish

She freely admits to being enthralled by him on net radio programmes (which she dubs “Super Otouto Time”)

For a time she listed her hobbies as “otouto” on her agency page.

She has written “of course it’s ok to wear his swimming trunks” and “I like him so much I’d lick him”

Like Chihara she set her brother as her phone wallpaper, until he told her to stop as she’d never be able to get a boyfriend

She got into her brother’s bed to warm it up for him, but fell asleep there

She claims to have a preternatural ability to sense her little brother, even being able to sniff him out on a crowded train

Speaking about her role in incest anime Akisora, which features actual incest sex in its OVA, she says it would be “disgusting” if she were in the same position, and maintains that “even getting in the bath together would be crossing the line,” although in light of her previous comments this seems slightly suspect.

This time, even 2ch seems to think she is taking things a little far…

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