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MMO Gaming Kills Again


A boy engrossed in online gaming failed to notice his mother falling and subsequently dying, even though she was in the same room as him.

The 13-year-old boy lived together with his parents in the city of Keelung in Taiwan, and was reportedly an avid MMO player, having received a PC from his parents as a birthday present.

So engrossed was he that he did notice when his mother fell and banged her head on an item of furniture, causing her to lose consciousness, even though she was less than 5 metres away. He continued playing even as his mother succumbed to her injuries, expiring soon after.

The boy claimed he paid his mother no heed as she was prescribed sedatives (apparently the cause of her fall) due to a mental illness and occasionally slept on the floor. The noise of her hitting her head he apparently ascribed to her turning in her sleep.

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  • cupcake_deluxe says:

    I don’t particular hold the boy guilty if he was THAT used to her falling asleep on the floor but it’s pretty sad that his mother died that way. A brief look away from the computer could have saved her life. I hope he feels some remorse though.

  • Anonymous says:

    I dad a friend who was so into playing modern warfare his house caught on fire, his mom came in and saved the house in the nick of time, the entire kitchen ruined, the house full of smoke, and he didn’t even notice he said his mom had the heater on and was smoking on her huka with her friends.

  • Anonymous says:

    jesus christ! what a fucking loser! i feel bad for these kids to some extent! take the fucking game away! Its called sunlight! get some of it sometime!

    Fucking retarded kid! if i heard someone fall then i stop what im doning and respond in a timely manner…not 8hours later(im betting it was longer although no time was given)

  • Some people just don’t notice other things if they are focused on doing something. I’m like that too…doesn’t really matter what I’m doing, if I’m doing something, I pretty often don’t notice if I’m being talked to. Not everyone has a multitasking OS installed in their brains unfortunately…
    This has nothing to do with MMO, it can also happen while working, or even just thinking about something.

    Besides…if your mother sleeps on the floor regularly, you just wouldn’t notice if she is being hurt.

    Oh yeah….and avoid taking “medicine” for mental illnesses at all costs. They have serious side effects and instead of healing the illness, they work by disabling some functions of the brain. Taking that kind of stuff can lead to the development of much more serious mental illnesses, or even heart problems. I’d say that medicine was the killer in this case too…what kind of medicine makes people fall over and/or sleep on floors? I wouldn’t even give something like that for an animal.

  • Guess it was that one time that cry wolf actually meant something… happens all the time.. hear a noise 10 times, might check the first 5, but afterwards u dont.. then something happens on #6.. just never know..

    but he should have checked, having a medicated mom like that, they need special attention, so he should have checked on any noise…

    not his fault.. more or less.. definatly not the MMO’s fault… he could have been baking cookies at the time and this would have happened….

  • Mistaking the sound of his mother’s banging her head on the furniture as her turning in her sleep?? That’s like having a couple having hardcore sex behind you, and saying afterward, “I thought they were thumb wrestling. It sounded like the guy won.”

  • Belthasar says:

    I really don’t understand MMO addicts. All of the MMO’s I’ve played were really boring, though a lot of other people seemed to like them a lot. It always takes so long to get anything done…

    • Anonymous says:

      I understand the addiction. You’re actually SOMEONE. You do SOMETHINGS. You’re respected and have many friends and a freedom and the feeling of accomplishment that just doesn’t come in real life. I get it. Especially for people that are insecure or socially not so good, they can be who they want in an MMO where no one will ever see them.

      You work hard for something and see instant rewards. RL doesn’t have that.

      That being said, I don’t play them myself as I like games that actually end.

  • Welp, here we go again with the Blame Game…. where contestants try to win cash and prizes as they manage to foist their own inadequacies and stupidity onto something or someone else!

    I’m not including the mother in this rant… she’s paid the ultimate price for any idiocy in the matter.

  • PrinceHeir says:

    that was one hell of a accident. not to mention the kid should have noticed it. it’s either he’s playing with a headset or he was to busy not to care enough for his mother. oh well shit happens

    • Decent pair of closed headphones you wouldn’t be able to hear anything. Regardless knowing the circumstances you’d think a person would be smart enough to check up on a person every now and then.

      Oh well shit happens indeed.

  • xyanide1986 says:

    OK now this could’ve happened to anyone really, if you have a mentally unstable mother who takes medication for it I wouldn’t turn my head twice at every bonk I heard either.

    • hideyoshikinoshitahk1 says:

      You guys sound like it’s the mentally disabled are at fault here. The kid valued his time on the MMO more than he did for his mother. I don’t care how many times he’s heard noises before, any decent human being would take a break from a video game to check up on someone who is in trouble. Especially if the person is unstable.

      No excuses here. The kid should be punished.

      • I don’t know. I think losing your mom is a pretty big punishment. Really, I have to feel bad for him. Was it stupid of him? Yes, but it’s not like we haven’t all done stupid things. It just that this one cost him the ultimate price. His moments of negligence is something he’ll probably never live down. As he faces blame from his family, friends, and society. He’ll never have his mom to see him get married. He’ll never have his mom for when he gets into a tough spot.

        MMORPG engrossment can be a serious problem. I hope he gets help for his addiction and the likely psychological complexes he’ll have.

        Off the topic of that, if his mom was on such serious sedatives that she would be sleeping on the floor… Then I really have to wonder why there wasn’t someone else with her? Remember this kid is 13 years old. How is he qualified to watch over her or to know when something is wrong? I honestly ask you

        • Azure Xuchilbara says:

          And that explains it then…

          His mother had a mental illness while he too had a different kind of mental illness…He’s an MMO addict…

          Addiction is considered a mental illness of a different sort from the regular ones since you become addicted to a certain object/activity to the point you don’t give a sh*t about anything else happening around you or even your own health…

          Well, either way…It won’t change anything being the mother is now dead and to the eyes of the world, MMO is to blame…

          One can guess the world is guilty of ignorance if they don’t dig for the truth and just follow what the media says about MMO’s….

          There’s nothing wrong with MMO’s/games…It’s the people playing them…

          You can say they got ‘corrupted’ because of their weak-mindedness and fragile will to control themselves…

          Thus, leading to tragic situations like these…

        • hideyoshikinoshitahk1 says:

          Nobody said a 13 year old boy is a responsible adult. However, he is old enough to call for help. Unless he’s mentally challenged also. I don’t care if it happened all the time. A simple glance at the situation would have saved the mother’s life.

          Look at the facts.
          “5 metres” – That’s 16 feet away. Chances are that any blow to the head that close, would’ve been heard.
          “even though she was in the same room as him”
          “He continued playing even as his mother succumbed to her injuries, expiring soon after.”

          So she didn’t die instantly. She slowly died to her injuries while in the same room as the boy. During all the time in between her fall and death, the child did not leave his computer.

          If you’re asking me those questions, my answers are as cliche as they come. Mostly because I believe that anyone with any amount of decency would do the same. I would check on my mother if she had suddenly collapsed. Especially if she is mentally ill.

          This isn’t about a MMO killing somebody. It’s about a child who has his priorities in the wrong places.

        • xyanide1986 says:

          You guys seem keeping to forget that a 13-year-old boy is not a responsible adult. Probably not even happy that his mom isn’t normal. Like the article mentioned, it happened all the time.
          Would you even be able to tell if your mom just fell asleep on the floor from medication or if she took a hard blow to the head while doing so? I think your analysis of the situation would be the same in both cases either way.

        • Azure Xuchilbara says:

          Some humans are scumbags, some don’t care and some are just plain assh*les…

          The kid falls in between of these for his ignorance…

          But he’s a 13-year-old kid undergoing ‘that’ faze of his life…

          Hell, I was a rebellious piece of sh*t when I was 12 until 16 where I learned to use my head and be more aware of others after a very god awful event that I do not wish to speak of…

          My point is, yes he’s at fault…But not fully because let’s take into account his age and the fact that his mother has a mental illness…

        • hideyoshikinoshitahk1 says:

          I would hope he felt remorse at the loss of his mother. But just from these facts alone, I doubt he actually cared. That’s my opinion though.

          Perhaps I’m being too harsh. But come on, 5 metres away? Headphones or not, he clearly heard the sound of her fall and decided his video game was more important.

          I’m certain that a 13 year old child is able to use the phone in case of an emergency or even run to a neighbor for help.

    • Azure Xuchilbara says:

      I agree…And not just because he’s an MMO player…

      I have a friend who has a mentally ill father and he doesn’t give a sh*t about him since all he does is break stuff around the house…Makes you get used to it and eventually ignore it entirely…

      The same thing applies to this situation…

      You can’t blame the kid here…I bet some people do the same thing around the world when they have mentally unstable relatives and family members…

      And that is…Not giving a sh*t~

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    This is right out of one of those “METH: Not Even Once” commercials…

    Really, have a kid dying/choking while his friends are busy watching TV and laughing, then it goes to the other side of the mirror where it’s a dilapidated abandoned building and they are all scarred “Meth Zombies”…

  • Stupid headlines aside, the lad is yet another great reason why sometimes it's best to pump your woman's mouth full of cum, not her reproductive organs.

    Because some parents are just not up to the challenge of raising a kid.

    • apparently you have never been prescribed heavy sedatives. especially 3ed world heavy sedatives.

      my mom had to take them for a portion of time. it wasnt rare to see her sleep in a weird spot.

      and as for baning her head. my little brother routinely smashes his head on the wall while he sleeps at night. some times its loud enough that we get concerned but nothing bad has happened yet.

      now imagine if he had even cheap noise canceling headphones.