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Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Hugely Degraded “You Won’t Notice”


Action-packed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has been revealed to have hugely degraded graphics on the PS3 as compared to the PC, with textures a quarter the size and the usual pathetically low resolution – fortunately PS3 gamers need not worry, as Square Enix assures them “You won’t even notice.”

From a developer interview with the producer Hiromichi Tanaka:

Q. Can you enjoy both PC and PS3 versions at the same quality?

A. They don’t really look all that different. There’s no “3D Surround” [Nvidia multimonitor 3D gaming], of course. The textures are a quarter the size, and the resolution halved, but you won’t really notice.

He demonstrates the multimonitor in action:

Whilst unlikely to please PS3 gamers all that greatly, PC gamers can at least be assured their version will not be graphically crippled for the sake of the inferior graphical capabilities of a mere console.

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  • Anonymous says:

    NOTHING beats cost-value for console gaming, less than a 500$ (a LOT less if you wait a little) investement gets you 6 years of gaming easily, on PC you got to expend four times that for maybe 2 years of “high end” gaming (sure is a litte harder to get free games for consoles than it is for PC but NO ONE HERE pirates games… right?)

  • Anonymous says:

    This is why Nintendo has made it so big over the past few years.

    Graphics and resolutions are rapidly getting to a point where they don’t matter anymore. Anything beyond 1920×1080 is rendunant; people can’t even see that well.

    I think people understand this, even if its on a subconscious level.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s funny that there hasn’t been any screenshots or anything for PS3 so how the hell can people compare this? I know that PC version will look better but this seems fake. Even I could do that with PhotoShop.

    • Anonymous says:

      HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~ *Takes off glasses, blinking in astonishment* SUBARASHII!!

      But yeah, the two versions probably won’t really matter. Some people may not have a high end pc, so the ps3 would be an easy substitute to get nearly the same experience.

  • Anonymous says:

    Message to stupid PS3 owners:


    The thing is, a PC that can do THAT costs about FIVE THOUSAND dollars. How much was your PS3, again?

  • Anonymous says:

    honestly, graphics and all are good, but really would you rather have a crappyass game with the most amazing graphics ever, ever will be, and ever can be graphics, or something mediocre with the most amazing storyline, characters, etc?

    I’d take the latter thank you

  • Anonymous says:

    i can’t believe these comparison’s pointless…it doesnt even have a big difference maybe 1%.but thats it.ff14 is a failure when u compare to blade and soul.its too fk slow pace.

    • Anonymous says:

      testers have been making suggestions to speed up the battle system since the first alpha test. the devs have listen and although they said they wouldnt implement the improvements into the alpha version,they are implemented in the beta version. this has been proven by the beta footage at e3.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad you put in that last line, and that the comments are rational.
    Although what does piss me off is that most American multiplatform games perform/look worse on the PS3 than the 360, regardless that the PS3 is much more powerful. Also, when the PC version is no better looking than the console versions, since it should be, as it should be designed for newer hardware.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe the PS3 isn’t as powerful as Sony lead everyone to believe.

      Just like the original Xbox had no problem proving its hardware superiority over the PS2. It didn’t need to talk about whatever fanciful hardware architecture it had. You just take a look at the games and there can be no doubt. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

  • you gotta love the way sankakucomplex blows most articles out of proportion.yea im sure the game wont be 1080p or anything but if you have a nice tv it will probably still look great.

    i do like how they post a pic of 2 low res pics,with the ps3 version just a little lower res.

    one last tidbit. the pc is still in alpha phase so i know the ps3 version has to be around that or even further back in development.with that said,its not like either of these shots are from the complete game.both of these are from the early beta judging from the fact that these are from the beta’s character creation screen.

    tldr version…sankakucomplex makes everything over dramatized and the game isnt near being done and still in being alpha tested. those screens are from the work in progress beta. wait til we have a better more up to date version before we cry about resolutions.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wait, what? Whatever happened to the PS3 amazing Cell processors? We didn’t get to see it do anything amazing yet, and the PC is already leaving the PS3 in the dust.

    Awwwww, man. The PS3 is becoming the PS2 already. All that hype over the Emotion Engine that turn out to be a whole lot of hot air.

  • Anonymous says:

    I tried demo.
    On my 4,5 years old PC (nvidia 6600gt. little lagy
    On my 3,5 years old gaming pc (8800gts) smooth as silk like all games.
    But yeah 8800gtx itself costed me like Whole PS3 + 2 games.

  • Anonymous says:

    When this guy got on the E 3 show talking about FF14 I turned G4tv off. They have effectively killed the entire FF series with the FF13 thing. Who would be stupid enough to buy any version so he is right ‘I’ll never noticed the difference’ because I will never buy it.

  • PrinceHeir says:

    still im looking forward to the game ๐Ÿ˜€ it will be idealistic to choose the PC version since it’s much more flexible to the console(meaning u can upgrade the visual however u want) not o mention almost every MMORPG is better playing on the PC though it’s nice to see some MMORPG’s making their way on consoles ๐Ÿ™‚

  • crabdog62482 says:

    I’m simultaneously assaulted by 3 thoughts:

    1) WTF is up with that chicks proportions? Her head is too small for her body by a lot, and her neck is reaching Lisa Kudrow lengths.

    2) When did Square/Enix become synonymous with failure? There hasn’t been a decent FF game out of them on any of the next gen systems, and FF is all they had.

    3) There is no excuse no matter what anyone says for that kind of degredation. Lazy cheap development is all that is.

    • Anonymous says:

      Y’all have been saying how much S-E’s a failure now, but the sales(although showing some form of decline) are still good enough to hold them up as a big company that they are.

      People need to stop complaining on the interwebs for a while and actually STOP BUYING their shit. That’s how you make a point with corporations. Texts and words will just fly over their heads.

  • @Riiku 21:47
    u said “When will people realize that graphics is made of design, not of resolution and amout of megabytes those textures take”

    wouldnt better “design” mean more detailed art => more colours in a single frame, more changes per sec for smooth beatiful output etc.

    what im trying to say is.. your “design” will turn out better with no lag running on better hardware higher ammount as well as type(when u said MB im guessing u meant the gcard memory since RAM would be in gigs)

    as for resolution. higher res would give u smoother skin and rounder b00bs right? if u run say splintercell conviction putting it on a monitor with 800×600 res u wouldnt be able to notice the details of the design am i right?

    in the end better “design” will need higher resolution and takes up more memory to generate

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know which art school you come from, but ‘more’ doesn’t always equal ‘better’. Seriously, you remind me of some wannabe art gooks who think they have all the artistic talents in the world just because they can use l33t filters and the latest Photoshop versions…

      Of course, there is a point where lower resolution would obscure the design as they should look, but when a certain resolution does its job enough to show the design as it’s supposed to be, then it doesn’t matter if it can’t reach higher resolution.


      Not that it matters for S-E though. I’m not buying their shit anymore, just making a point on what you said.

  • Onanimous says:

    I still play FFXI on PS2 because:

    – I don’t have to invest thousands of dollars into hardware and software upgrades.

    – I don’t have to worry about drivers and hardware compatibility issues.

    – I’m not forced into running an operating system from the most crapulent and nefarious corporation.

    – I don’t have to worry about trojans or viruses stealing my account information, my virtual goods and/or credit card info.

    – I can play from the comfort of my couch, using my large screen.

    – The graphics looked fine when I got the game. They’re the same today. e.g.: the game is just as playable.

    • Anonymous says:

      -The notion that you need to spend “thousands” of dollars to play the latest and greatest games, is so far from the truth it’s not even funny. Mid level hardware CAN play ALL of the latest and greatest games (UNDER $1k). Maybe not at MAX settings, but at medium to high settings, you CAN, and at these settings, it will at the very least, look just as good as, if not significantly better than, the console version.

      -You can avoid this by NOT purchasing/installing “less than reputable” hardware/software. This is almost always the result of buying from some company with no real reputation, or a bad reputation.

      -Fair enough. But just because you use it for games, doesn’t mean you have to use it for EVERYTHING. Just pirate it so the nefarious corp doesn’t get your money, and set it up as the secondary option in a dual boot.

      -This is ALMOST ALWAYS the users fault. It’s not so much that they aren’t making intelligent decisions, it’s that they ARE making STUPID decisions. This stuff can be avoided with out any form of active “security” on your part, just don’t do things you know are stupid and questionable. Common sense is all the protection you need.

      -Yeah? And you can do that with a computer too. You can use a wireless controller. A wireless keyboard. A wireless mouse. If the mouse is optical or laser, it doesn’t matter what surface you use, as long as it isn’t highly transparent. You can even use your couch, your leg, or your dogs head. When you don’t want to use the keyboard (because keyboards are a bit bulky for couch use), use a wireless controller. You’re willing to use a wireless controller for your TV, and for your console, but not for your PC when it’s hooked up to that same tv? How hypocritical..

      -If your fine with ps2 graphics NOW, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t be “fine” with graphics on low settings on a pc. I mean, they’d look almost the same as what you just said you’re “fine” with.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha. I’m surprised this guy got voted down for saying this.

      All the other console games with PC versions have their shit polished for better hardware(more recent example I can think of is Devil May Cry 4. Shit is ACE at max settings, it’s like a shiny ‘fuck you’ to its console brethren!). Why must this be news for Final Fantasy series?

      Now I think FFXIII is a pile of dung coded into a game as well, but this is getting ridiculous.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well considering that the console folks like to proclaim that PC gaming is dead, well news that the PC beats the pants off of their favourite console..

      It is kinda important news, even if only to tweak their nose that the PC isn’t pining! It’s not passed on! The PC isn’t no more! It hasn’t ceased to be! It hasn’t expired and gone to meet ‘is maker! It’s not a stiff! Nor bereft of life, It’s not resting in peace! It’s not pushing up the daisies! It’s metabolic processes are not ‘istory! It’s not off the twig! It’s not kicked the bucket, it’s not shuffled off its mortal coil, not run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile!! THIS IS NOT AN EX-PC!!


  • SpideyPHL says:

    Has anyone here tried to run the FFXIV PC benchmark? Even on my new computer that thing barely runs (not to mention the “low” resolution was 720p). The PC version will be basically unplayable unless you have top tier hardware when it comes out. Final Fantasy XI was the same way, when it came out you needed really good hardware to run it well, as a way to “future proof” it, although bad coding’s also part of it.

    I have no problem if it’s a bit degraded on PS3 since it saves me spending over a thousand bucks just to be able to play a slightly better looking version on a new PC. The real concern is, if/when Microsoft pays them off to release it for the 360, how much worse it’ll look then–in FFXI, SE often used “PS2 limitations” as an excuse to avoid updating the graphics, and I see the same happening if they ever make it for 360.

    Side note, but those reactions they had in the Youtube video were awesome, and quintessentially Japanese.

    • Anonymous says:

      360 limitations..? Let’s just set the record straight here nice and quick. The PS3 uses the cell processor, of course. That’s ~8 cores at about 3.2ghz with some lovely latency therein between. The 360 uses a Xenon CPU that *IS* a cell processor, it is in the exact same family. It however uses ~3 cores at 3.2ghz with hyperthreading (this means each processor effectively does a computation twice in the same time frame as a processor without) resulting in 6 logical cores. On the processing front? Advantage; PS3.

      The 360 has 512mb of dedicated GDDR3 RAM clocked at 700mhz. The PS3 has 256mb system, 256mb video. The difference? The PS3 uses a GPU that is nearly identical to a GeForce 7800 (yes, a seventy-eight-hundred, that was not a typo), with minor upgrades overall. The 360’s GPU is based on ATI Radeon architecture that was designed from the ground up to be the direct opponent to the 7×00 series from nVidia, and as a result the GPU’s between the two are very comparable. The overall difference? Pretty much negligible. Advantage; neither?

      HOWEVER, it IS important to note that the 360 does possess greater internal bandwidth in many respects, which allows it to process it’s data more quickly (and handle larger amounts of it). In this respect, the 360 becomes more powerful than the PS3 graphically. Advantage; 360. But at the same time, the PS3 is capable of greater calculations per second overall. It is in this respect that the PS3 wins out, as when it comes to things like physics, the PS3 is a more capable system. Much more, one might even dare to say. And so it is that you often see, comparing games on the two, that the PS3 version has lower resolution textures and a lower output resolution (often capped at 720) whereas the 360 is often with better textures and an output of 1080. Advantage; inconclusive.

      TL;DR? The PS3 is better for physics and complex calculations, the 360 has nicer graphics. Overall, there’s not a whole lot of difference. Most of the price of the PS3 came from including a blu-ray player. Neither of these systems are particularly superior to one another, as has been said by many during the console wars. But when looking at graphics alone, the 360 IS the console to beat.

      Me? I own a PS3, a Wii, and a couple of PCs, and I don’t intend one bit to buy into this game either way.

      • To my knowledge:

        the 360’s bandwidth is share between the GPU and CPU

        the ps3’s the CPU and GPU have their own dedicated buses to memory

        Neither console can pull off a modern game at 1080p.
        the 360 can output 1080 by faking it with it’s upscaler chip, but it’s still low res.
        the ps3 just leaves it to the TV’s upscaler chip.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re a bit daft.

      First off, the 360 is actually better equipped to handle an MMO than the PS3, due to it having access to a larger pool of onboard memory due to being able to do memory swaps between the two sets of memory, unlike the PS3 which cannot handle such simple processes due to its linear design.

      The PS3 would, again, be the limiting factor due to not enough memory or the like. The same reason the PS2 was a limiting factor. It wasn’t anything hardware based past the lack of memory to support X and Y many variables.

      I hate people who open their yaps without a single clue. Pound for pound the PS3 and 360 equal out in performance specs with each excelling at different types of display and processing.

      Fanboyism is something retarded that should have died out back in the SNES vs Genesis era. Unfortunately people suck too much at playing actual games so they’d rather come online and try to act all high and mighty about some hunk of plastic they did nothing to develop, build or sell.

      What the hell is wrong with people?

      • lol, when you are talking about console games, you are usually talking about a demographic of morons or people who are under 18.

        they dont get the technical shit you just mentioned. all they know is this.

        multi platform start on 360
        ps3 exclusives look better than 360 ones
        and pcs are for nerds

      • FruityLumi says:

        P3 with 400Mhz, 256MB ram and a whooping 4GB HDD. Get 0,25fps! >:|

        the Demo runs ok on my system and that isn’t high end either. I got close to 5K points with a Q9550@3.6GHz, HD4870 and 4GB ram in a 720p resolution with Benchmark standart settings.
        The Benchmark says: [4500-5499] High Performance
        Easily capable of running the game. Should perform well, even at higher resolutions.

        If you get over 8K points, you can run the Game at highest settings.

        I’m quite sure that they’ve made the Engine like they do with all MMORPGs. It’s made to last long, so there won’t be a PC which can handle it properly when it comes out. Same with EQ2 back then.

        I’m pretty sure that the PS3 version won’t look nearly as good as the PC version.

        • Anonymous says:

          EQ2 was different. That game STILL runs horribly on high end machines, and the game doesn’t look any better than the next highest setting. I think it basically just sets all the optimization like draw distance and mip-mapping completely off and your system chokes itself trying to render the entire zone as if you were standing right at every part of it.

          A lot of PC-centric games have stopped being graphical dick-waving matches, it kinda sucks they’re going that way with FFIV and wasting a bunch of money (unless they didn’t.) I’d rather they just focus on keeping everything everyone liked about FFXI, fixing everything that was annoying, and giving people a compelling reason to play other than “It’s actually playable now.”

        • Anonymous says:

          I just got into the beta (I’m in vegas though, so I can’t even try it til I get back)

          Curious to see how badly it runs on my 3 year old hardware (Q6600 at 3.2, 8800GT, 4GB DDR2-800 RAM on XP). I miss the days when my 8800GT was rocking out for $125 and that was when it was only a few months since launch.

        • eq2, god i remember putting that to max setting to try out my top of the line back than, couldn’t get more than 1 frame every 10 seconds.

          personal an mmo shouldn’t push graphics at all, it should be able to run off integrated with perks for people who have dedicated graphics cards.

          that way you get people who cant build a computer or needed one cheap, and you get people who have high end rigs.

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    I paid and played 11 and since I made that mistake, the idea of grinding thru a prettier version of it doesn’t quite fill my sails any more.

    I’m also tired of the stiff animation in these RTRPGs. I’m tired of watching my character do MASSIVE MAGICAL Fireworks and seeing the creature twitch slightly with a few numbers float above for it~

    When a SWORD slashes across something, I expect appropriate reactions. Like grabbing the gut or limping or trying to stop the bleeding pouring out of its throat~~~

      • More importantly – its a MMORPG – all of them suck. Stupid animations, stupid costumes, stupid gameplay. Its the same shit since Lineage II and it will be like this forever. Any why? Because hundred millions of retards still play and pay for this shit.

  • They’re right, you probably wont even notice. I play Red Dead on my PS3, and don’t notice the supposedly ‘massively inferior’ PS3 graphics there.

    Either way, I’ll be getting XIV on the PC so it wont even matter. Hehe.

  • I am hating squre-enix so much now. they blew off ff13 and now they are doing this. I think I will stop hoping from ff franchise now. What’s the point for me to buy a ps3 with bluray capability and HD gaming if the game’s graphic is not going to be better than pc?

    • My PC is 2 years old, but I’m not going to complain that people with new higher end PCs can play on higher settings than I can attain.
      I’m sure it will look great on the PS3, don’t worry.
      This change only affects people who have a PC that is a lot stronger than a PS3 (Which isn’t all that uncommon nowadays)

    • are you retarded?

      the ps3 hasn’t changed in 5 years, now the computer has, let me see here, 2 4 8, has gotten 8 times as powerful sense than (aprox based on dubble ever 18 months)

    • It is a funny video. I don’t understand why they’re getting so worked up over what appears to be a static screen shot. If they were able to get fluid game play across all three monitors with 3D enabled, I might be more interested. (Maybe it’s there, they just didn’t show it.)

    • Oh noes! I’m in trouble when this game makes it’s release… recently stopped playing XI and now this?! Just when I leave, they pull me back in! :<

      Definitely will get it for PC, since I like playing with the dat files. :3

  • Why would you care, the game is still the same. And furthermore, it’s an MMORPG.

    When will people realize that graphics is made of design, not of resolution and amout of megabytes those textures take.

    • Sorry, can’t resist:

      By the phrase “the game is still the same” you mean: “the same artificial and idealistic looks with no touch of inner glow”? Indeed, another shallow odd job for the obsessed fanatics! ;D

        • why?

          does it make you sick?
          have you ever watched a movie in 3d ans in theater movie, not at home with shutter lcd glasses?

          i can only understand hating 3d for a few reasons.

          1 it makes you sick, a very reasonable reason

          actually thats the only reason, there are a few for not liking it though.

          1 dont like glasses
          2 it costs to much and requires shutter lcd (at home)

          other wise i cant understand hate for it.

          i forgot to mention, 3d isnt a fad. movies that have those forced 3d effects, like shit pops out at you for no reason but shit can pop out at you (think of an axe being thrown and it comes at you in the theater, if it wasn’t for 3d those effects wouldn’t exist) those are fads, and will go away when the novelty of 3d wares off. but things in 3d, they will never go away, especially with glassesless monitors like the 3ds coming soon.


      seriously this is the first consumer application of the tech, but there WILL be a blow out in pc monitors a bit after the American launch. just expect to pay double for the 3d monitor apposed to a non 3d of similar quality.