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3DS “Expected to Cost $250-$300”


Nintendo’s announcement of its latest DS iteration, the 3DS, has been greeted with some enthusiasm, but notably omitted any mention of the price – this has been estimated at being from $250 to $300, the price of a full blown home console.

One market analyst puts it thus:

“Nintendo’s 3D-enabled handheld device (3DS) was the largest draw at E3, and we believe it will be successful at extending the company’s leadership position in the portable market.

Importantly, the 3DS does not require glasses or a 3D TV to enjoy a 3D experience, which we believe will resonate well with consumers.

We expect a late 2010 launch of the 3DS in Japan, followed by March 2011 in North America, with a price point in the $249-$299 range.”

This would be much more expensive than Nintendo’s previous handhelds at $100-$200, and in fact on par with its home consoles, and equivalent to the PSP, prompting a sceptical reaction from many.

Significantly, this would have a major impact on the buyability of the console for children – just whether this is intended, or simply indicates Nintendo has a trick up its sleeve or intends to sell as a loss-leader, looks set to be a matter of some speculation.

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