Who Won E3? “Nintendo – 81.3%”


E3’s major announcements have been made, and observers are busily trying to work out just who “won” the event – most indications seem to suggest Nintendo dominating or at worst tying with Sony.

From some western gaming forum sources, as picked up on by 2ch:


From Nico:


1. Microsoft – 4.8%
2. Nintendo – 81.3%
3. Sony – 1.7%
4. They all sucked – 12.2%

The reasons for Microsoft’s literal release circus being ill-received are obvious, although just why Sony’s pathetically anemic announcements of the PS3mote and the marvelous news that PSN users can finally pay for access proved so impressive to western ears is not clear – manly Killzone action was perhaps the clincher.

Nintendo on the other hand presented an undeniably impressive lineup to go with its 3DS announcement, enthusing Japanese in particular.

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  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    I concur that Microsoft’s E3 PC was by far their worse, not just out of the “big three” but of all time.

    Can’t quite tell which one was the best because I didn’t sit through the entirety of either Nintendo’s or Sony’s, just watched the former’s first part and the latter’s last couple minutes, so I missed the 3DS debut and the paid PSN’s announcement, although I catched the exclusives to Portal 2, the new Assassin’s Creed and Mafia II, and the new Twisted Metal looked mighty good.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nintendo clearly won by a long shot, while neither Sony nor Microsoft showcased jack squat. Actually, Microsoft did show off their new ugly trimmed down system, but as with all XBOX360 news, the only thing anyone cares about is that system isn’t suicidal anymore.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m interested in Gears 3. Truth be told, I liked the campaign of the first 2. Kept me interested the entire way. It was much better than Halo. I wasn’t happy at all with Halo 3 or ODST so why would I care about Halo Reach?

    The rest of the show was stuff for Natal. I’m not interested in Natal and that fucking little girl demonstrating Kinectimals grinds my gears TO THE MAX. And it’s not because she named a tiger Skittles, though it doesn’t help.

    There was also a lot of fake acting. Who were they trying to fool exactly? It’s a presentation! Don’t act like it’s not!

  • BloodyNights says:

    I think it just depends on what you like.

    M$ = The same exclusives, that you know will be remade over, and over again. Mainly Halo, and Gears they will Milk that Shit!

    Nintendo = Most of the same Exclusives, Marios, Zeldas, Metroids, etc. But Nintendo usually brings something new to each one, that makes it different from previous titles unlike M$ in my oppinion and usually builds games from the ground up. The 3DS was fawking awesome, anyone who says otherwise with it’s game lineup GTFO! The only problem with the Nintendo thing is the online. It just needs a new online like either xbox live or psn and it will rape faces.

    PS3 = They are trying different technologies with the Wii Rip off mote which actually from what has been stated is superior to the Wii’s motion controls. Don’t hate on it just because they are trying to improve on it, even if I my self hate motion controls. As for them going 3D it’s something neither console has done. Even if 3DS will be a 3D handheld.

    360+PS3 = both have games, that are impressive nintendo won’t be receiving because of the Wii’s capabilities.

    -Mortal Kombat
    -Dead Space 2
    -Trinity Universe (ps3)
    -Silent Hill 8
    -Crysis 2
    -KillZone 3 (ps3)
    -Metal Gear Solid Rising
    -Blazblue CS
    -Dead Rising 2
    -FEAR 3
    -Assassin’s Creed:Brotherhood
    -Little Big Planet 2 (PS3)
    -Portal 2 (fuck yeah!)
    -Castlevania (Hideo’s!)
    -Batman Arkham Ayslum 2
    -Bioshock 3
    -Atelier Rorona

    So guess what guys Nintendo isn’t the only one who got them games! lol

    • Anonymous says:

      True. They did only show three things but you have to admit, the technology behind Natal is pretty impressive. Even if it does bomb as a gaming device it will be applied to something else. This is Microsoft after all and they can always build it into the latest OS with computers specially made to use them.

  • Anonymous says:

    i’ve been following handheld nintendo GB>GBC>GBA>GBASP>NDS>NDSL>NDSi

    I stopped at DSiXL since it was just a bigger DSi.

    3DS is the next thing!

    And I’m going to buy the Kinect. It looks very interesting, nonetheless. I don’t know why it suddenly needs to be bashed on so hard.

    Nintendo announced 3DS and a number of games.
    Microsoft announced New 360 Model and a number of games, and Kinect.
    Sony went into detail about PSMove and a number of games, and re-announced commercialism for the PSP.

    To be honest, from what was presented and what is planned by these three majoring competitors, I think Sony is going to have the hardest time keeping up. As much as it’s denied, the Move is pretty much the same as the Wii controller. My bias view on this is that Sony’s trying to get people to eliminate the Wii as an option by doing what they’re doing. I honestly think it’s going to be a fail.

    The new Nintendo 3DS is definitely going to sell. The new LCD technology is finally being brought to gaming, and to think it went hand-held first! This will not just sell, it will probably be revolutionary.

    The new 360’s sole purpose is to eliminate the ever-so-common RRoD overheating problem. I’m sure that with the high amount of physical cooling improvements, they will succeed. The Kinect will be a revolutionary change for User Interface control for entertainment, and gaming. The featured possibilities surpass the abilities of the other consoles.


  • Anonymous says:

    “No hands eh? Shocker. In any event, the 3DS looks awesome, but we all knew Nintendo would dominate the handheld market. Nintendo however is going to be fighting tooth and nail with Sony and Microsuck for the console market and that’s going to be the interesting fight”

    I hope you’re not talking about sales…

  • Anonymous says:

    Uncharted 2 and Halo 3 are your big arguments for console based gaming? Good fucking grief Charlie Brown, the whole gaming industry needs to be shut down now if that’s the case.

  • Anonymous says:

    What is the source of this “western gaming forums”? Is it Gamespot? Ign? Any other main gaming sites of note?

    Only 323 votes in the poll? What kind of crap website has only so few votes. Oh yeah, probably some no-name Nintendo fanboy forums. Hahaha

  • Anonymous says:

    My opinion:

    – Microsoft: sucked ass. Didn’t announce any new games we hadn’t heard about yet, except Codename Kingdom. Kinect had only 1 interesting game: the Rez sequel. Big failure.

    – Nintendo: great conference. They announced game after game, most of which are going to come out this year. The 3DS also seems interesting with many games that interest me.

    – Sony: pretty average. Not a whole lot of announcements. Too much focus on 3D even though no one has such a TV. Heroes on the move, Sorcery, the shooting game and Twisted Metal… These games don’t appeal to me at all (except for the last one). The price of Move is insane ($50 for the Move itself, $30 for the naviagtion thing + the camera).

  • Anonymous says:

    why cant anyone say that nintendo won because of the most =O showings, the sony stuff was just too obvious, a stupid 10 year old could predict sequels from the blockbusters dah.

    And Nintendo did more =O because it grabbed us by the ass and revived old franchises, soooo

    The diference here is that sony bets on its recent stuff and nintendo does it with the old.

    And fuck that sony jiji thats why i hate sony soo goddamn cocky.

    loool if nintendo made tv’s sony would be in much deep shit, reminded that sony doesnt live only from the ps3.

    i dont have anything to say about microsoft … its just bah … thank Cloud that valve is developing for apple and i wish they all follow the example and stop making games for crapy bill gates bug central… for Cloud’s sake even the xbox has bugs …

  • Anonymous says:

    So the Japanese are fawning over Nintendo.

    Anyone surprised by this raise your hand.

    No hands eh? Shocker. In any event, the 3DS looks awesome, but we all knew Nintendo would dominate the handheld market. Nintendo however is going to be fighting tooth and nail with Sony and Microsuck for the console market and that’s going to be the interesting fight

  • wtf are you people on? nintendo sucked ass lol. they had like 1 game for the Wii and a new system that cant even be truly be demoed until walmart puts up one to play.

    seriously guys….

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Reminds me of a political cartoon from years back.

    It’s presumably the NORAD command center. It’s all full of chimpanzees who are jumping around, screeching, hitting buttons…

    A smiling scientist talks to a smiling general;
    “You can tell those wacky peace-niks lobbying congress that we have virtually eliminated the possibility of nuclear war by human error, sir!”


    IMO, things like this are why we need “Monopoly” laws that break up a giant corporation. Once they get too big, they become the 900lb Gorilla on Vi-gra who can F*ck anyone they want, first and foremost their customers who have limited choices thanks to them.

    And 25 cents to ‘save’ on a device that would prevent the things from destroying the disks under the right conditions? Even a smaller company that couldn’t afford to rely on game sales in the future wouldn’t make that kind of “Cut”.

    • Anonymous says:

      We don’t need monopoly laws. We just need the PS3 to not suck. With the 360’s hardware issues and the Wii’s low res graphics, the PS3 should have won by a landslide in the first year. But no. That aint happening because the PS3 sucks.

      • Azure Xuchilbara says:

        I have all 3 consoles and based on their strenghts and weaknesses, I can’t blame the creators since they are only human…Greedy humans at that~

        If only they would make more violent/sexual games then all 3 systems would shine…

        For example…Make an anime snuff game for the Wii using the Wiimote as the hands/torture device…

  • My opinion:

    Microsoft: Epic Dancing Nerd wins, but the rest of the Kinect part was BOOOORIIIIIING

    Nintendo: The best one by far, clumsy Miyamoto made me LOL

    Sony: Unexpected Gabe Newell FTW, but I wanted to see a PSP2 πŸ™

    And I have a PC, a 360 and a Wii. I also want a PS3, but not enough money…

  • Anonymous says:

    Microsoft’s conference was weak, this is true. They spent far too much time on Kinect. And while some people, I’m sure, will want it, overall, their conference left me wanting. Unfortunately, since most of their conference was targetted at the casuals, this left the ‘core gamer’ seriously wanting (and that’s the kind of person who watches E3, not the casuals.)

    Nintendo’s conference was great. Games, games, games, 3DS, with impressive trailers, good gameplay, and basically they did what a gamer would really want. They showed off good stuff. I’ll never get over my hatred of Golden Sun, but at least they had plenty of stuff to appeal to the ‘core gaming’ market.

    Sony’s conference was good. Not great, but good. They had plenty of games, nice gameplay, nice trailers. They didn’t spend too long exclusively on the Move. The PS+ announcement was a ‘take it or leave it’, since it’s truly optional (unlike Live Gold.) My problems were this: First, they talked up 3D TVs with the glasses too much. They’re too expensive for a normal gamer right now, but Sony doesn’t seem to understand a normal gamer’s cash supply. The second problem was they spent too much time making stupid digs at Nintendo and Microsoft, which is disgusting and demeaning.

  • Anonymous says:

    So much bullshit, as usual, from the Sony fanboys. I saw absolutely nothing of interest and yet they hold a close second?

    Major announcements? Just the Move, which everyone already knew about.

    Big games with actual release dates? Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo.

    Fawn more.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sony ruled! Nintendo’s for the kiddy crowd and X-Box shouldn’t have even showed up. PS3-D Bitches.

    Oh and the $50 mentioned is for PSN Plus – which is just extra pimped-out stuff. Still doesn’t cost anything to play others on-line.

  • Nintendo was definitely the winner. Nintendo understood there fan, and presented a lot of blockbusters with house made heroes. They presented games for gamers.
    The 3DS was the killer app of Nintendo. You have to admit, Nintendo knows how to make a portable…

    Sony had a classic conference, witch may deemed a little blend, but show a lot of potentiality. The move was there, the presentation of the 3D gaming also, they add several good games presented, but it seemed to be directed for business man and not a common gamer. The PSP presentation was poor, Marcus vs 3DS, games talk louder than blabbermouths everyday. Even so Sony is right on one thing 3D. This is the future and Nintendo also got the message, probably to the success 3DS to. They have announced that their next console will be 3D to.

    Microsoft was the worst of the three. They started well, good games but then they entered to the Kinect shift. And then OMG, it’s like they were presenting a software for windows with games copied from the wii. It was a bad presentation that went from the bad choice of who spoke, bad choice of words, and so and so. The only thing savable were the exclusive games (Reach and other I don’t know) and probably the dancing game.

    To resume it: 3DS was awesome, 3D is the next generation, sensor move controllers will evolve, we got good gaming coming along…

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ll differ with your point of the 3DS being the “killer app”… that was just the best console announcement/presentation. The real “killer app” should be somewhere between Donkey Kong Country and Goldeneye.

      I agree with everything else that you said though, felt quite as I would have put it myself. πŸ˜€

  • “Sony’s pathetically anemic announcements of the PS3mote and the marvelous news that PSN users can finally pay for access proved so impressive to western ears is not clear – manly Killzone action was perhaps the clincher.”


    Two reasons, Artefact. ONE: PS Move actually WORKED, and worked well. And they chose good games to show off its potential in a way that made people like myself, who generally detest motion control in all it’s forms, moderately interested. Just a shame about the launch price.

    TWO: PSN subscription is a premium thing and does not affect the basic services, which remain free. Which means to those of us who like PSN as it is and don’t want to pay for more, we are unaffected. For those of us who want extras including ‘free’ software and discounts on PS Store items, there is now a premium service. Perfectly reasonable.

    Also Sony actually showed quite a few good games. Which helped them. Much better than MS who showed…4.

    Or the record, despite my defence of Sony here, I think Nintendo won by quite a large margin.

  • PrinceHeir says:

    Nintendo Owned E3 πŸ˜€ though Sony would have won if they partnered with konami to do a zone of the enders 3 collaboration and a Final fantasy Versus XIII gameplay would be nice still tokyo gaming show is around the corner πŸ™‚

  • PoisonFacecamo says:

    This article is flawed.. PSN users won’t have to pay for access.. people are stupid if they think that, everything thats free right now will remain free.. PSN plus will be a subscription on top of that which will give exclusive demos, betas, free games, and much more.. The only reason people are going crazy over the 3ds is because they haven’t actually seen it up close and how glitchy it can be.. The “3d” has a very small sweet spot in which it works.. I guarantee once most of you get your hands on it you’ll think differently

  • you know, i watched the microsoft press live, and i wish i would have just gone to sleep, did they ever blow balls.

    here are what, 4 shooting games and fable which is no longer an rpg (peter said that himself in an interview) i honestly couldn’t give a shit about any of the games besides rising, and than, go out casual the last 3 years of Nintendo conferences… wow.

    i actually said this right after it. i wonder whose press con will be more casual Microsoft nor Nintendo. and i was banking on sony for the awesome this year.

    than nintendo, it had a strong start, and the whole fucking time i was wondering, when the casual circlejerk was coming. and it never came, sure they took a few minutes here and there for casual games, but nothing i couldnt handle.

    and than sony, see the only way sony was going to win was to game after game that i liked, but they had fucking skits, and allot… they were funny, but i dont give a fuck about funny, i want awesome. that said, the valve thing was hilarious, “the vp of sharpening things”

    realy the only way sony was kicking nintendos ass is to show off a refined sword fighting game.

    but wht the fuck sony?

    i have watched videos, i have seen games require 2 ball controllers, and the ball controller only comes with 1? and the stick controller is separate? i didn’t even know there were 2 kinds, i just thought that some games didn’t require a ball so they took it off for them.

    and the fact its 50-60$ for 1 controller, and probably 80 for 2 balls and a stick, pisses me off to, with not games bundles, (or i missed something)

    microsoft 2 out of 10 (2 for the riseing awesomeness)
    sony 7 out of 10 (less skits, more games next year)
    nintendo 9 out of 10 (only because i cant see the 3d effects over the internet)

    • Shippoyasha says:

      Gears 3 and Halo Reach certainly are not pea-shooter shooter games. They’re some of the biggest games of the industry and they look fun. I do think they wasted too much time pretty-ing up Kinect, but the core games are there. Also, it’s not like 360 is devoid of games. A lot of awesome stuff on the 3rd party side for both 360 and PS3.

  • moebius22 says:

    Nintendo stole it. You would not have known it from there botched display of their new Zelda, but they eventually came out guns blazing with titles such as:

    1. Goldeneye

    2. Donkey Kong Country

    3. Kirby

    4. Mario Sports Mix

    The 3DS sealed it with a display Kid Icarus that put Sony’s PSP display to shame.

  • nintendo’s wii didnt do so hot cuz of the controller problems. it was embarrasing. but the 3dds made everyone crapped themselves. plus the presentation was hella awesome. sony did there thing like they always do. plus they had kevin this time. apart from him, it was pretty much average. to my suprise the move was hella accurate. i swear its amazing.

  • Looks like the half billion in R&D really paid off. Now let’s watch the other companies scramble like mad to emulate another great Nintendo innovation.

    Sony gets bonus points for Kevin Butler’s speech.

    Move and Kinect? Pfft…I’ll grab a 3DS thank you very much.

    • If Sony would of told everyone that Parasite EVE 3 is coming out on PSP instead of calling it 3rd Birthday they would of got more bonus points.Kevin did make an impressive balls to the wall speech about gaming convince everyone about the Playstation Move.

      A lot of people were not convince about Xbox 360’s sure they had Call of Duty:Black Op’s but the guy from at Trayark playing the Demo couldn’t convince anybody.The only thing people are interested in is Gears of War 3,Fable 3,Halo:Reach.

      Kinect seem impressive but it seem people were not impressived about Kinect or here about ESPN is streaming sports games and news on Xbox Live.

    • Anonymous says:

      Microsoft sucks, but they did ok. They had to waste this year because the current games were being developed at the same time as Kinect. If they can integrate Kinect into a few of their flagships in time for next year, they will be solid.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      Personally speaking, I thought MS did pretty good. I wish there wasn’t the Kinect since it doesn’t seem to entice the core gamer in me, but it still had a new Halo and a new Gears and a teaser for a future Forza and all the other conferences for other 3rd party companies featured lots of cool games that will come out for PS3 and 360.

      I have to admit that Nintendo’s 3DS is making me quite excited, but I think the PS3 and 360 had solid showings in their own right. Can’t freakin’ wait for the new Star Fox, Gears of War 3 and Gran Turismo.

    • Nintendo is a genius. First they establish the Wii as a console for casual gamers so that now, even when the xbox360 can be bought for the same price and do more stuff casual gamers still prefer the Wii. Then when Sony and Microsoft try to go for the casual gamers Nintendo unleashes this lineup impressing the hardcore gamers trying to make them want a Wii (helped by the nostalgia factor).
      It seems they figured that hard core gamers will keep on waiting for good games and so they decided to aim first at the casual market. Maybe they even figured they could turn a few casual gamers closer to hardcore gamers.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bwahaha, Nintendo the kiddy console manufacturer appealing to the hardcore gamers? That’s a good one.

        They tried to do it by bringing Resident Evil to the Gamecube. Then they tried the same trick with No More Heroes for the Wii. It’s too damned funny watching Nintendo fail every single time.

        Yeah, right, the new DS appealing to the hardcore crowd. Heh heh.. that’ll be the day.

        • Anonymous says:

          And then they tried it with Twilight Princess, and then they tried it with Red Steel, and then they tried it with Metroid Prime 3, and Super Mario Galaxy, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Monster Hunter, and…

          oh look at that, the Wii’s sales figures have blown the PS3 and 360 away. By “hardcore gamers” did you mean “blood and gore addicts”? Because that’s really the only category that the Wii doesn’t appeal to… unless you count MadWorld.

        • Anonymous says:

          it’s not a kiddy console, there are a lot of games for hardcore gamers. the only ones failing are sony and microsoft by trying to introduce there crappy motion controls and there own kiddy games. it’s way to fun to see microsoft fail, especially since kinect is $150.

    • Eriol-kun says:

      “…just why Sony’s pathetically anemic announcements of the PS3mote and the marvelous news that PSN users can finally pay for access proved so impressive to western ears is not clear – manly Killzone action was perhaps the clincher.”

      Because of people like this bright gentleman _KuRo_ here that enlighten us with his acute analysis based on factual investigation.

    • While the three of them (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony) and their fanboys are busy going at each other’s throats, the PC master race is having tea and cookies and lamenting how the consoles are shitting on gaming in general.

      And everything is right with the world.

      • Anonymous says:

        How’s Uncharted 2 on your PC? . . . Oh Wait. Ummm, Halo 3? Fuck, that’s not on PC either. Well, you get Ubisoft ports, right? Oh, you have draconian DRM restrictions for your games? Lets see. Well, Nintendo always makes fantastic games. Oh, right. Not on PC either. Well, hey! You guys have World of Warcraft and Team Fortress 2, right?! I suppose that’s enough.

        Seriously, PC fanboys need to drop the holier than thou attitudes. Every platform has their strengths (even the iPhone), but none are without their weaknesses. Other than Valve/Steam and Blizzard, no one is championing the PC anymore. PC gets a lot of second hand console ports that are either half-assed, buggy, or play better with a controller – so you might as well get ’em on a console anyways.

        PC used to have advantages when technology was advancing at a pace faster than most could keep up. You were playing Half-Life while the rest of the world was playing Crash Bandicoot in awe of how good the game looked. But it’s not 1999 anymore. The PC’s best looking, biggest ball-busting game came out nearly 3 years ago and has yet to be surpassed on the system. Meanwhile, Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 look better than the best PC game and it’s on a console.

        I’m not trying to say, “PC sucks! Get a console fags!”, but really, there’s not a lot of advantages to gaming on the PC as opposed to a console. We get it. Steam is awesome and Blizzard makes amazing games. But that’s no reason to think PC gamers are on some higher plane of existence.

        • and wii is emulated in 720p and 1080p i find it hilarious.

          however here is the thing, to emulate you need 7x the power. by the end of ps3 life it will be done. actually, ps3 will be a little sooner, one core of the ps3 is drm, once that is striped it lets you emulate with less.

        • Anonymous says:

          That why there’s emulators so we can play everything on the PC.

          Haha, try play the PS2 at your PC.
          It will be impossible.

          Even the no$gba is still impossible to emulate completely the DS. Even with zoomer!

          That is the GAME OVER for emulators.
          No emulator will be able to play almost 3DS 100% like visual boy advanced for GBA.

        • “pirating is killing the computer business.”

          Pirating isn’t killing jack shit. That’s the words of corporations, made up to scare people into buying their games.

          If you actually believe pirates fuck up any industry whatsoever, you’re a bigger idiot than Agnes Chan and her goons.

        • Anonymous says:

          >Implying people don’t have to replace their PC’s or at least upgrade select parts which ultimately almost eclipse the cost of some consoles, just to play the newest games at decent quality, once every few years anyways.

          Not to mention, most people are way too dumb to upgrade their own computer and just buy price gouged pre-built boxes. For the average user, the PC is either a hassle (have to learn computer upgrading and building, and still spend almost similar amounts of money) or completely cost ineffective (because you pay $500+ on a prebuilt PC whose specs aren’t guaranteed to even work that well for the games in the first place).


        • Anonymous says:

          That why there’s emulators so we can play everything on the PC. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t released for the PC we’ll get to play in the matter of months or years. Piracy for fucking ever

        • Yes but pirating is killing the computer business. The computers are far more powerful than any console, and it’s cheaper to create games in it. Yet more and more producers tend to turn to consoles instead of computers. And that is sad. If pirating kills gaming in the computer, there will only be console gaming. And that’s really bad…

      • Azure Xuchilbara says:

        I have all 3 systems and I have both a PSP and a DS…

        But I don’t play them on a day-to-day basis since I’m too busy being on the PC…Playing Touhou while downloading Guro-Hentai, Futa-Loli, and Shota-Trap Crossdressing doujins…