Nintendo Announces 3DS, Metal Gear Launch Title


Nintendo’s E3 performance included a full announcement of its 3DS console, which appears to have been very well received indeed.

A variety of new features are included:

A 3.5 inch 3D screen (the lower screen is non-3D, and is the only screen to feature touch capabilities)

3D depth slider

Increased resolution

Analog pad

Motion & gyroscopic sensor

3D video distribution and playback

A 3D camera

Just how much of an upgrade to its formerly rather limited graphical capabilities can be seen below:


As well as this, a new Metal Gear Solid title will be gracing the system, along with Resident Evil, Ninja Gaiden and Assassin’s Creed. Backwards compatibility is apparently to be fully maintained.


The Wii’s struggling software lineup has also been given a substantial boost, with a new Zelda title, Metroid Other M, a slew of casual titles unworthy of specific mention, and a Golden Eye remake, amongst others.

Whether this can arrest the Wii’s decline seems doubtful, but the 3DS certainly seems to seal the fate of the PSP.

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