Nintendo 3DS Specs Unveiled – “The PSP is Finished”


The detailed specification for the newly announced Nintendo 3DS has made clear the fact the the 3DS appears to surpass the PSP in every respect, particularly in the crucial areas of graphics and storage space, prompting some to proclaim the end of the PSP…

The specification in full:

Size (when closed):
Approximately 134mm wide, 74mm long, 21mm inches thick.


Top Screen:
3.53-inch widescreen LCD display, enabling 3D view without the need for special glasses; with 800×240 pixel resolution (400 pixels are allocated for each eye to enable 3D viewing).

Touch Screen:
3.02-inch LCD with 320×240 pixel resolution with a touch screen.

One inner camera and two outer cameras with 640×480 (0.3 Mega) pixel resolution.

Nintendo 3DS Game Card:
2 GB max at launch.

Wireless Communication:
Can communicate in the 2.4 GHz band. Multiple Nintendo 3DS systems can connect via a local wireless connection to let users communicate or enjoy competitive game play. Systems also can connect to LAN access points to access the Internet and allow people to enjoy games with others.

Will support IEEE 802.11 with enhanced security (WPA/WPA2). Nintendo 3DS hardware is designed so that even when not in use, it can automatically exchange data with other Nintendo 3DS systems or receive data via the Internet while in sleep mode.

Game Controls:
Touch screen, embedded microphone, A/B/X/Y face buttons, + Control Pad, L/R buttons, Start and Select buttons, “Slide Pad” that allows 360-degree analog input, one inner camera, two outer cameras, motion sensor and a gyro sensor.

Other Input Controls:
3D Depth Slider to adjust level of 3D effect (can be scaled back or turned off completely depending on the preference of the user), Home button to call system function, Wireless switch to turn off wireless communications (even during game play), Power button. The telescoping stylus is approximately 4 inches when fully extended.

A port that accepts both Nintendo 3DS game cards and game cards for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems, an SD memory card slot, an AC adapter connector, a charging cradle terminal and a stereo headphone output jack.

Stereo speakers positioned to the left and right of the top screen.

Lithium ion battery, details TBA.

Many have commented to the effect that these specs completely surpass the PSP in every respect, even down to the 2GB game cards exceeding the 1.8GB capacity of the UMD, and with much faster loading likely. And this leaves aside the matter of the new “3D” screen Nintendo is employing…

The tendency for Nintendo consoles to play host to a less mature array of titles also appears to have been reversed, with several top franchises more usually associated with Sony and Microsoft appearing alongside the obligatory Mario and Zelda (apparently a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remake) titles.

A selection of those games, as published by Nintendo:


Below is a document purporting to list all the upcoming releases for the 3DS:



Meanwhile all Sony can muster in response this E3 is the earlier failed PSP Go and a pathetic array of new titles for its Move Wiimote-alike controller – woe betide Microsoft and Sony should Nintendo ever finally return with an HD console.

The 3DS is “set for release in all major markets by March 2011,” according to Nintendo.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a gigantic fanboy of GREAT GAMES making a system fail or not…

    Let’s account for some things:
    1) The N3DS is like the upgrade from Gamecube to Wii…. A gimmick and moderately better graphics. Sure, making a bunch of ports and slapping 3D on them seems to solve all our gaming woes… But seriously. These games are old-hat. They’ve all been played before on previous consoles EXCEPT Kid Icarus.

    [I refuse to call Ocarina of Time 3D a new title… All they did was smoothe-over on polygonal sprites]

    2) The majority of the N3DS titles are just 3D titles instead of 2D…. not actual 3d. They just used Ps2 graphics on some games (PSP was doing this already.)

    3) The DS and PSP are each five years old… So a next gen console will always hypothetically end a last gen console.

    4) N3DS to Wii connectivity is a myth… Even normal PSPs can communicate with a PS3 already. Might I mention that ADHOC for the PS3 already turns a 5 year old system into a 3D system capable of good online play.

    5)Gyro and motion sensor kinda things have ALREADY been made into a Nintendo trademark…Microsoft and Sony just made motion devices more accurate for PRACTICAL gaming by using more than one sensor.


    The bottom line? Nintendo and Sony are taking consoles in different directions.

    Nintendo is going for an on-the-go approach to show cutscenes and “3D” graphics of PORTS of existing titles…. while providing a few of their own. On the go gaming… Online. What they did with the DS. It’s the good-old-Apple-approach. Throw a new iTOY and everyone buys it.

    Sony is taking innovation with a hub approach to online play (most DS online play is at home anyways). It’s an innovation that has never been done before. Sony is making HIGH QUALITY GAMING but by use of a PS3 as a HD Hub to allow for better-streamed online gaming. I’m sure the PSP2 will follow suit on that. If ADHOC is improved, the matchmaking mechanics of a room system will be expanded into subcatagorizing into rooms designated for games…. while fusing the multi-national adhocs into one entity…… In other words, they are trying to immerse people by linking exising products.

    Sure, as a gamer… I will eventually buy a N3DS. However, I’ll buy a N3DS when they inevitably make the flashcart around November next year. Additionally, the new JUMP fighting game probably won’t be around until 2012… So, I’ll continue pirating, and on occasion, buying games for my DSiXL.

    For those who made the argument:
    PSP has always had better games than the DS. It wasn’t until year 5 that PSP had really amazing online play though. See many good DS anime titles? Fighting games? RPGs? Sure you have Pokemon, Zelda, and Jump…. but what else?

    In closing:
    DSiXL will live for another 2 years when the N3DS actually has decent games, piracy, and a good install-base.

    PSP died because of hacking and a lack of good online-play until year 5 to developers.

    Inevitably, a PSP2 will be made….. It’ll use the PSPGO as a base…. Fans will rage. N3DS will be hacked because Nintendo is in a rush to throw it out. (especially considering most of the stuff of the games we’ve been shown are cutscenes).

    Nintendo failed the show so hard… Even the developer of Zelda couldn’t use the shotty Wiimote… N3DS is just a PSP Graphics DS….Sony won the show with a good 3D showing AND motion controller…. Microsoft did okay with the KINECT, Fable3, HaloReach, and so-forth.


  • Anonymous says:

    “Both Sony and Microsoft would suffer greatly if Nintendo was to make a HD console.”

    The only guys who’s gonna be pretty annoyed with this statement are the Sony and Xbox fanboys. Heh…

  • Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, dear drooling Sony fanboys, in a couple years Sony will release the PSP-3dee, incorporating the incredibly novelty of showing 3D graphics! Best thing, it will be totally black (because non-black = gay amirite?) and will have a funny ball somewhere.

  • Anonymous says:

    3d DOA!


    now the important thing is, and the question on everybody’s mind, or maybe just mine? is

    flashcart support?

    nintedo’s stand against flashcarts is why i like nintendo and hate sony.

    its weird that i hate soy yet i have most sony stuff. lol. srsly, they killed the psp with all this anti piracy shit. fw is gone, psp scene is dead, damn sony sucks now. i miss teh ps2 times, when piracy was rampant.

    anyway, i have a DS, and while pokemon still owns DS, these new titles are making the 3ds sexier. hopefully flashcarts will follow

  • Anonymous says:

    Still waiting for details on the CPU, GPU, RAM, internal storage, and built-in software. They’re probably keeping that under wraps so Sony won’t know where the bar has been set.

    I can’t imagine it having a faster CPU than the Wii, as it could undermine development for that platform. Not to mention that “mobile” CPUs of that speed are still fairly recent and expensive.

    On the other hand, I’m sure the GPU must be pretty impressive if it can render three screens at once. Of course, it’s possible (and probable, I’d say) that it uses two GPUs, one for the top screen (and thus the 3D effect) and a less powerful one for the lower screen.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Just stfu Artefact, you are always so full of lies and exaggerations. “3DS appears to surpass the PSP in every respect, particularly in the crucial areas of graphics and storage space”, okay? So graphics is resolution, and not the hardware producing the graphics? And UMD is apparently the only storage that PSP has then? I guess HTC HD and most other smartphones also surpasses PSP in every respect then? Since the only thing to take into account is apparently resolution and built-in storage space…

    “woe betide Microsoft and Sony should Nintendo ever finally return with an HD console.” I just laugh at how you love to make these kind of catchy comments to everything you can, even with it is pure bullshit. I am sure many gamers like to play on Nintendos casual controller… oh and the many top games on Wii sure would catch all gamers if they just were in HD yeah right.


    I haven’t seen that much fail since the virtual boy.
    Congratulations to you, sir.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lol. Skimmed through all these comments and not one mention of the fact that all the images in the post are fake? Yeah, it’s a great device but it’s graphics are not superior to the PSP’s.

  • toshironikko says:

    Hmm I think my DSi (first week launch) is gonna be upgrading to the 3DS when it comes out (^_^)b – and im still happy with my DSlite with its GBA compatibility. Im hoping for some VC on it tho so we can download NES and maybe other GBA(?) games.

    Also when it comes to SONY and M$ doing the whole motion stuff to make money off casual gamers ~ the Wii is still the cheaper way to go and now the newer ones comes with Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports and Motion Plus ~ in terms of value Wii is the best way to go. Do you really think the ppl at retirement centers are gonna get up and move more if there is a camera catching their movements for more precise control? I dont think so >_>

    • Anonymous says:

      If i remember correctly, the 360 came out 1st out of of the 3 consoles, and I believe the PS3 was on it’s way already?

      I wouldn’t say Sony is finished either. All they need to do is make a new PSP with superior specs to the 3DS… granted, this may take about 2 years. Let’s hope MOVE takes them in a profitable direction, as opposed to the PSPGo.. which can PSPGo to hell, for all I care.

      Gotta admit, 3D stereoscopic is fucking amazing shit to play with on a hand held.

      This technology was MADE FOR PORN.

  • Anonymous says:

    the starting lineup looks awesome although admittedly, the number of games released may be VERY low unless it’s just tacking 3D to existing ports like everyone said. It wouldn’t really be a bad thing to rebuy an SMT game if it’s in 3D. Aside from that, I’m really hoping the 3D gimmick won’t become oversaturated and boring too fast. But then the gaming world has zero attention span so maybe.

    So far Nintendo has a lot more potential with their handheld system than the console it seems. It’s seems to be that way with all. But I will be highly amused if Microsoft ends up trying announce a handheld game.

    But otherwise, Nintendo does beat Sony in this regard. Just on the fact that put a SLIDER for analog instead of a dinky stick. I always try that with my PSP and I’m too afraid it’ll mess up. Hm…I really wondering what their next generation console will look like. The 5 year mark for consoles is almost up.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, and how the fuck is finishing off a 5 year old handheld big news?

    Anyway, the new Kid Icarus guarantees that this will be a day one purchase for me. I’ve been waiting for a sequel since I was like 12.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nintendo is trying to win against hardware from 2004…
    The PSP1000/2000/3000/Go are almost identical to each other and the PSP1000 was released 2004 so it really does take 6 years for Nintendo to get a better console than PSP…

  • Anonymous says:

    Obvioulsy, it surpasses PSP as it’s a next-gen portable, I mean, you can’t compare the PS3 to the GameCube =/ in any case you should compare it to an hipotetically PSP2, not to the PSP

  • I had heard for ages that Nintendo were planning a Wii HD console, but they kept denying it.

    Maybe because they had this sonona biach waiting in the wings, ready to spring on Sony’s unsuspecting ass all along!

    First the Wii, then the DS, now this?! You can’t predict what Nintendo will do next, and that’s what makes them so dangerous!

  • Anonymous says:

    muahahaha …. nintendo ruled the charts even if it had a crappy wii with no hd and a motion control.

    Well fairly it did its job and the plus only make it better SHIKASHI with only that we ruled the market and didnt have a lot of third party support … but now …

    we ruled but not in a way that pleases much gamers cause of the casual thing and stuff, but now its to say that WE WILL RULE the market =D

    So bring your kinects and move rip offs, cause we have the future on our hands bitches :@

    btw cant wait to have final fantasy 6 3d =D

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness… I hate to say it…. but with those specs, and that LINE UP!!!….. The PSP is f’ing screwed… Unless Sony was smart enough to have a new PSP to combat this ahead of time… well…

  • Anonymous says:

    Dead or Alive and Metal Gear both on a Nintendo handheld, this world is doomed I am going on to the next one.
    No really in my opinion Nintendo is for the gaming industry what Apple is for the PC industry.

  • Anonymous says:

    The PSP is in no danger of being killed. Both portable consoles sell to different people. Both Sony and Nintendo are smart enough to carve out the market between themselves, instead of bleeding each other dry.

    Sony takes the teen and hardcore gaming crowd. Nintendo takes the kiddy, old folks and casual crowd. Everybody’s happy and making money, except the fanboys who keep crying for one-console-domination.

    • Anonymous says:

      Uh-huh. Maybe Sony should pay you money for your valiant attempts to rationalize… but no. We all know that the 3DS will rape the PSP from all angles and at lightning speed. It’s kind of sad to be a Sony fanboy nowadays, no?

    • Anonymous says:

      No Nintendo and Apple fuse and the World ends in total control for their new company as the now have majority of the stupid people on this world under their control which really will buy any new shit they throw out.
      iPad=larger iPhone (same chips)-cellphone abillity
      Nintendo 3DS=Overclocked Nintendo DS chips with 3D LCD panel

      Problem is companies like Nintendo and Apple call their own products revolutions, while the products of other companies for example MS and Sony are called revolutions by others.
      Still I must agree the new X360 looks as if a Wii and a PS3 screwed up at the fusion dance.

  • Anonymous says:


    Too bad there no new GTA or Pokemon game…

    on the other hand, if Bethesda develops Pokemon it would be more than good.

  • Anonymous says:

    You all know what is PSP’s games are?

    It’s all the same game you can play at home, except you can play it anywhere, so PSP is a mistake.


    Now all it needs just Bethesda co-directing with Nintendo for a new Pokemon game in first person! just like Oblivion and Fallout 3!

  • Obviously, with the new dimension entered, Nintendo has to adjust the games to fit it.
    I just hope not all games will be in 3D, because that would be awfully boring and leave all the good things Nintendo games are known for behind.

  • Anonymous says:

    An end to the argument:
    The PSP was released 5 years ago. Did you read that right? Yes, it was 5 years ago.

    Of course you can say that the PSP is finished, but so will the original DS series. These systems will just be branded as last generation consoles.
    In a sense, they are both finished.

    The PSP will be remembered as having able to break through Nintendo’s handheld market monopoly by selling 50+ millions. But you can always expect a Nintendo fan to twist that into having sold pathetically.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love whoever wrote this article is trying to say a handheld will somehow dent Sony’s console share.

    The truth is, the 3DS will own the handheld world, and the PS3 and 360 will continue their fight for the console market.

    Also, Nintendo do an HD console? HA!

    • Anonymous says:

      Both Sony and Microsoft would suffer greatly if Nintendo was to make a HD console.

      Heck, what’s ‘new’ with the PS3 and 360? Better hardware? The hardware get better and better an an exponential rate theese days. You can stuff the best hardware into a box and call it a console, but next year you can make one that is way better.

      Not to mention the price for all the hardware drive the price way higher than needed for people to enjoy the games.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m still waiting for their final design. To me hardware design is really important and I hope they don’t mess it up. The prototype i would say is not quite what i’m looking for, however I do like how it is a bit chrome and glossy. I hope they fix up the select, home, and start buttons and make them touch sensitive or small buttons like its predecessor. I also hope they fix the color coordination. If black is needed to enhance the 3d screen, I think the other half should be black gloss as well, and the outer coating be one whole color. A single black monitor reminds me of a macbook too, so they should really change it up. I would also prefer a sharper and bold look without round edges. Somehow, I sorta like the camera at the axle area. The camera being at the top looks a bit awkward, almost like a cheap laptop. But anyways, i can’t wait to see their next update

  • Anonymous says:

    I just got home from E3 (and the Lakers game) and saw this article:

    It sums it up pretty nicely. The 3D is real and it’s amazing; the 3DS has a switch on the side that allows you to switch from 2D to 3D at any time and you feel like you can’t believe your eyes.

    With that said, it’s better utilized on some of the demos and others, like Resident Evil, are incredibly blurry until you find that sweet spot. Presumably those issues will be fixed before an actual release. And this isn’t 3D like Avatar, with trees and environmental effects that come right at you and total immersiveness, but it’s 3D enough where you see real depth and it makes games/video look great. It doesn’t feel gimmicky at all. Lots of potential here when/if game publishers use it to its full effect.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think people are missing the fundamental reason why PSP’s are still being bought, their library. The PSP has a bunch of games the DS will simply never see (and specific genres) and thus has a strong fanbase because of it. It is not going to die because of the move to 3D. That is like saying the 360 will die because the PS3 is pushing 3D. We all know the DS has always sold better than the PSP, but I would hardly say the PSP is selling poorly considering it has far higher sales than some of the consoles this gen.

    I am vastly disappointed that they are making the move to port a lot of games over to 3D rather than build them from scratch. Prepare for disasters like the Alice in Wonderland movie if you start doing shit like that. The graphics will tear and the depth will be next to nothing, complete waste of the technology. I see nothing here that will make me upgrade from my Lite.

  • Anonymous says:

    Finally, a worthy replacement for my DS Lite! And the lineup so far is rather impressive as well.
    I feel bad for people who bought DSi XL on impulse.

    Though the power button placement is kind of unfortunate, it’s gonna end up being pressed constantly while using the touch screen.

  • UraSapMrJap says:

    Sony just needs to quit the handheld business now. Anything they do will just be a blatant copy of Nintendo. Not that Sony copying Nintendo and Microsoft is anything new of course.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hardware specs are irrelevant. Everyone knows it’s games that matter in the end. Nintendo can never shake its association with kiddy games.

    I have zero interest in whatever games that’s exclusive on Nintendo’s consoles. Nintendo is simply too obsessed trying to come out with gimmicky game control systems. They can go shove the Pokemon crap to the kiddies.

    • Anonymous says:

      So does that mean that Microsoft and Sony introducing it’s Gimmicky control systems are not following nintendo and aiming after another market? Really now, when sony and microsoft start pushing all this motion control crap on everyone then you’ll be saying a different tune.

      • Anonymous says:

        They are very much following Nintendo as that gimmick allows for a certain subset of games which have proven very popular with the casual market.

        At the end of the day hardware is a platform to allow for games, the games themselves are the killer and reason why people buy hardware in the first place.

        Until I see games in action I will not be impressed by this system as with all new hardware.

  • SpideyPHL says:

    It does look good. Leaving aside how ridiculously biased this post is, it is better than the PSP (a system that came out years ago, mind you) in most every way. Sony will need to come out with a PSP2 soon, I’m guessing it wasn’t ready in time for E3.

    But I still thought more of Sony’s press conference than Nintendo’s. Yeah another Zelda game is cool, Kid Icarus I don’t care about, most of the other games were, as Morgan Webb put it, only good if you’re already a fan of Nintendo, which I’m not. Sony had GT5, Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, my personal favorite InFamous 2, all of the multiplatform games you won’t be seeing on a Nintendo console, and the Move doesn’t cost 150 bucks like the Kinect. There’s a good chance I’ll pick up a 3DS because it does have a good line up, but I’m not feeling too pressed to get a Wii anytime soon.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh lord, they might be using the same stupid gimmick of putting the same thing after almost every title like “64”, but here it’s “3D”. Hopefully the names aren’t final.

  • Anonymous says:

    As much as a PSP fan I am, the 3DS has it beat now. It’s just a shame that the PSP’s potential was never fully used and that it didn’t have a lot of good games until later.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think if sony wants to survive,aside from making psp2,they can upgrade psp’s control like giving it an extra controller or some sort to match ps2’s dualshock controller.specs aren’t that important since what we have now in the psp is pretty much enough for the games we have now and for what will come in the next year or 2.

  • Shinigami says:

    Putting all fanboyism aside. We should all be saddened if this kills the psp because it will mean no competition in the handheld-game market, thus allowing nintendo to get lazy and produce less games and crappier, less innovative systems in the future.

    On a side note, sony has been failing with its recent systems, but the ps2 will always have a special place in my heart. Right next to my first system, snes.

  • Oh… With this little 3DS… I can see Square-Enix finally do the ultimate remake of FF7 every crying fan was waiting for… Not full HD but 3D… better than nothing and millions sells.

    Anyway with all those games coming this is already a win. Good job Nintendo !

  • Anonymous says:

    Since the screen essentially allocates half its pixels to each eye, the resulting 400×240 effective resolution isn’t very impressive compared to the 5 year-old PSP’s 480×272 display. Also, we don’t really know yet how good the 3D effect is. I reserve final judgment until I actually see it in action. Screenshots provided by Nintendo mean nothing.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, the 3DS is currently full of win. It’s certainly looking alot less casual than previously. Let’s pray that the new major consoles follows. Imagine Pokemon Black and White if they utilize this hardware right.

  • Anonymous says:

    People have been saying that the PSP is finshed since 2005, yet strangely it managed to hang on for 5 years…

    The specs for the 3DS aren’t surprising, remember that the hardware is much faster than when the DS was released, plus the PSP is a 5 year old system with specs similar to or slightly below the 10 year old PS2…

  • Anonymous says:

    I hate articles like this. Bashing on companies does nothing but make people angry, confused, or both. Sony will come back, in due time, with something that’ll blow this delicious looking thing out of the water.

    Concrete example would be the 360 vs. the PS3, quite a come-back in less than a year’s time.

  • The 3DS has a smaller screen than the DSi XL. As a friend mentioned, they might release a 3DS XL, but I don't see it.

    The specs mean nothing to me. I got the XL for the size of the screens.
    Bigger is not always better, but smaller has limits. I don't want the thing made smaller, I don't fucking care if they can make consoles slimmer. Being pocket sized is no fucking great detail.

    Perfection will be a hand held game device with an 8.5×11 screen so it can play games or display a book page at 100% original size.

    3d is not really all that exciting.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. How can it surpass the PSP in every respect when it doesn’t even have a CPU, and only displays press kit screenshots? I think we’re going to find out the truth in coming months and it may be underwhelming.

      • Anonymous says:

        The only screenshots that look suspiciously good are the “Resident Evil” ones, I’m pretty sure they’re part of a FMV from the game or mere CGI. The other ones look real to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    want to see sony’s response to this, with processors nowadays can reach 1.2 ghz for mobile easily along with other areas like ram etc. maybe we can see psp2 is like a micro ps3

    • ok, i have to talk, and please, if im wrong tell me.

      on the computer there was a good 6 year span where most game required 3ghz single core as either a recommended or a minimum for gaming. and im told that a p4 3.0ghz is equal to a 1.Xghz atom

      now intergrated side of things.
      nvidia has a real powerhouse of a chip that is low power, and is energy efficient. and its ment of using on resolutions that are roughly 6-8 times what the psp has.

      so lets assume there is no resolution change, and they ahve those chips. the psp may cost 300-400$ but at the same time could potentially run games that look as good as the ps3 equivalent.

      now, saying that here is the resoning, even though the ps3 may be far more powerful its pushing these games at 1280×720 (921600) vs the psp 480×272 (130560)

      thats 7x the resolution.

      i lost my train of thought after the math so i am probably missing something here

      • Anonymous says:

        Points being missed are power (battery life), heat dissipation, and the fact that an atom is a single core processor, the PS3 has 7 cores (well, 7 + a ppe, which is basically oversight) – that has a huge impact on what you can WRT physics and the likes.

        The atom’s a decent processor, but nowhere near power efficient enough for a handheld console just yet – well, unless you want to carry a brick around. Portables are mostly based around the ARM core – it’s a lot more efficient power wise as it doesn’t have to “carry” the x86 instruction set. At the moment, there’s not much further that either Sony or Nintendo can push them, except by adding more cores – however, every extra core means more heat, and a bigger battery (or worse battery life), and no-one will buy a portable with a 2hr battery life anymore.

        • but they will at 5 hours.
          and it was an example. because i know the stats somewhat on that.

          also those 7 cores are almost pointless, unless you want realistic physics on a psp. its better to fake things like that instead of requiring 2 cores.

          and as for heat dissipation, its not to bad right now, it could actually stand to be a little warmer.

          and its not hard to make them 2 pack compatible, and have a second pack be optional, get 2.5 hours with 1 battery, get 5 hours with a second, and the second would allow for hot swamping battery packs.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m kinda lost. The PSP has a slightly higher resolution screen. It is 480×272, and this is effectively 400×240.

    Other then that, hardware wise it essentially is a PSP in terms of graphical horsepower.

    I’m surprised they didn’t just offer an SDHC slot and allow people to legally download encrypted games via digital distribution, at least in addition expensive game paks. If the thing is ever cracked, it’s not going to stop piracy. At least SD cards can be secured.

    • actualy its 800×240, thats how 3d works.

      and its no if, its when. and how easy it is to pirate. if they take advantage of the sd card being slower than internal memory again than piracy just got that much harder.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, I know it’s 800×240, but it’s creating stereoscopic video. It’s creating two images at the same time, thus each image is 400×240 and its merged into both eyes to create the 3D.

        SD cards are cheap, fast, secure, and most importantly, rewritable. But people still like buying physical games, and companies love fucking people over with limited rights.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m going to wager $180~200. As much as a Wii almost, if not exactly. Too expensive. No, I don’t have a PSP. But I did get a DSlite, and that was pushing it in terms of cost for a handheld for me.

      I think it was a mistake for them to INCREASE the price on the DSi by 50 flippin’ dollars. Hardware is suppose to go down in price, not up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, PSP2 will be the one to compete with this, not the older PSP. But since Touchscreen and 3D were already taken by Nintendo, what I wanna see for the PSP2 is the promised interactivity with the PS3 (like playing your PS3 using PSP2 as a remote).

    • Anonymous says:

      But considering it is more than likely more powerful than the PSP (which by the way is a great system for MGS Peace Walker), we may see better emulators when the flashcards come out. Can’t wait to see what homebrewers can do with the 3D capabilities.

  • Anonymous says:

    Weren’t Super Street Fighter 4, Star Fox 64, Chocobo Racing and Dead or Alive 3D before? What’s the point of putting “3D” after their names when they were already 3D before being ported to the 3DS?…

    Also, new Pilotwings game, fuck year.

    • graphicly, psp 2 could par the wii if they went and not gave a fuck about battery life.

      put 2 analog sticks on it, and allow games to be on a sd ot ms format like thing, and you could potentialy kick the 3ds ass without being 3d.

      and with whats left, add 2 battery slots, that way you can have 1 or you can have 2, its your call on what you need, and you could hot swap batteries.

      • Anonymous says:

        but the point is nintendo go there first

        not matter how much sony tries to better nintendo in making 3d, they’ll always be called copy cats from now on, like the sony-move or whatever it’s called.

        i cant shake the feeling that it’s blantant copying (inb4 how nintendo copied blah blah blah in their first systems)

    • price will most likely be 250-300$ because it can. look at that launch linup and tell me you are not going to preorder it?

      now, that said, i will not get the first version of it.

      ill wait till a version that can take a 1mp 3d image comes out.

  • As biased as that post seems, it is very true lol. It does seem superior to the PSP in every way now, it’s all a question of the games each has. I’ll definitely be picking up a 3DS.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please, finished my ass. This thing just played catch up, that’s all. WOW, im so happy the DS is finally able to play a Metal Gear title. NOT! 1st, its an old title, good yes, but old. The PSP already has FOUR ORIGINAL Metal Gear titles, and their all good.

      3D, please! I wasn’t impressed in the 80’s, and im not impressed now. You all need to realize something, it’s only a matter of time before they announce a PSP2, and this 3DS will be right back in second place as far as power and capabilities. So all of you get you biased comments in while you can, because Sony will be the big boy in the shower again soon.

      • Anonymous says:

        1. 3D may be a gimmick to sell the console, but it’s not going to be what moves units. It’ll be like the DS all over again: great games.
        2. MGS: Snake Eater 3D- Sure, it’s an old title, but it’s a title many didn’t get to play. And the very fact that Kojima is willing to put his beloved MGS on the 3DS shows how much faith they have in the system.
        3. The fact that Sony didn’t announce the PSP2 at this E3, and that there don’t appear to be any announcements soon, shows that they’ve already lost. Sure. they can come out with a PSP2 with better graphics and everything in a year or 2, but by that time, the 3DS will already have an install base. A strong one. And by the looks of the announced releases, it will have a lot of great 1st and 3rd party games on it. That’s going to be a tough cookie to crack, if the success of the DS is anything to go by. Gaming may be, for you, about games. But for Nintendo, Sony, and MS, it’s a business. And in terms of business, Sony’s lost.

        • Roninracer says:

          Sony is still smarting from the debacle that is the PSPGo.

          Sony is also trying to lock down the next PSP like they did for the PS3 because they want complete control of how users use the device. Sony will wait and see how fast the new 3DS gets hacked and then try not to make the same mistake.

          The problem is, just like microsoft, people hack Sony just because they challenge them. And every time someone comes up with a hack.

          Look how Sony reacted to a blog post on how the PS3 was hacked? They removed a feature for every user. Now the ire of the hackers will be focused on them and Sony will lose far more than they hoped to gain.

      • TehBoringOne says:

        Yes, it played catch up… Only it went beyond what the PSP did so far. One of the advantages of the PSP over the DS in all its forms was the high quality of its 3D graphcs. The 3DS is now looking better than that and the specs seem better than the PSP’s.

        I have a PSP and have never felt interested in a DS iteration… Until now.

      • Anonymous says:

        So you’re saying sony is gonna run the handheld department like it did for the last 5 years? Sooooo who sold more and who didn’t have a flop system iteration of itself? Even though the PSP had superior tech it was a flop because of how it was marketed. Even now Sony lagged behind in the console wars due to being superior tech but advertised badly from the get go. If sony keeps this up even with the PSP2 with it’s superior tech will lose to the lowely 3DS and it’s “inferior” tech.

      • For a handheld device the PSP was ahead of its time and graphically would be sufficient if left alone for another few years.

        The 3DS is now on par if not slightly improved. That works for me, the DS was a huge success and it certainly wasn’t because of it’s graphical capabilities. Now they’re at least on par with the PSP, so it can have more mature, good looking games as well as the normal stuff you’d get on a Nintendo handheld.

        • Anonymous says:

          Does anyone else agree that the intentions behind this are clear, for once Nintendo have actually made better software, meaning if this is released with no opposition, it’ll be the best handheld, hands down.

          On top of that this also has promise for their next console release, because if they can get their ass in gear with the handheld like that, they can certainly do the same for their next console release.

        • Anonymous says:

          The outcome is already decided by how many that already own a PSP?

          Like, epic failure…

          There are more people owning TWO kinds of DS than there are people owning ONE PSP.

          I’d say Sony could leave the handheld field completely if we follow your reasoning…

        • TehBoringOne says:

          Well, as a PSP owner, I am quite happy with it. Yet, I am joyful Nintendo got their asses in gear and developed this thing. I will be picking one when I can.

          Also, Sony should do a decent upgrade to the PSP, not that piece of shit the PSP Go is.

        • Anonymous says:

          You forget that what make a success is also the games. And editors tend currently to abandon the PSP because of it’s very active piracy. While the 3DS will probably be more secure and offer for some time a secure and lively market.
          But it’s all speculation of course :p

        • Anonymous says:

          The 3DS vs PSP battlefield is no similar to the one Sony had with MS when MS pitted the Xbox against the PS2. The winner has already been decided based on the number of people who already owned the PSP. The small difference in spec is insignificant to urge most gamers to make the switch.

          Nitendo needs a ‘Xbox360’ not ‘Xbox’ to threaten the PSP.

        • Ghost Dog says:

          I’ve decided against buying video game systems(and apple products) when they first come out. I’ll pick this up during their first price cut.

          Also, For some reason, I can imagine a PSP2 using similar 3D technology, but with a better screen similar to the Iphone 4 retina display.

        • Vodkasaurus Rex says:

          True, game line up is what matters the most and it seems 3DS will dominate on that field. Though, after seeing a Kid Icarus video, I was a bit disappointed (character models looked fine, but enviroment seemed kinda poor…). Or maybe I was expecting a bit too much, after hearing promises of 3DS being on level of WII. Anyways, with a decent price I am sure I will get it. Cheers!

    • Anonymous says:

      Looking at the specs and features, how the hell did you post this? There’s nothing that’s “better” other then adding in a few features the PSP doesn’t have.

      As far as the game promotion images, yeah they mean NOTHING until there’s video and hands on…

      Why is Artefact such an insane nintendo fanboy always..

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know exactly where it ever says that on any E3 press site or blog (there are never mentions of hardware), and based on the screenshots, it’s not reliable, but you never know. Screenshots are a terrible way to show graphics, anyway. It would be nice to hear from someone on the show floor.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nintendo hasn’t released hardware specs yet, and probably never will.

          Even asking about it gets you based by Nintendo fans who say that ‘there is no reason to know those, you should just care about games’.

          Worse then Apple Fans.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, if you update in an hour and it’s the same then it’s probably reliable.

        But you do know that the hardware get better at an exponential rate theese days. In a few years we got cellphones with better specs than BOTH a PS3 and a Xbox 360 in one.

      • It may already be too late. I love my PSP, but even I can see that Sony haven’t put in no where near as much focus on it to dominate Nintendo’s DS. They underestimated their opponent, and have paid for it time again.

        Either Sony get serious now, or just quit the hand held market altogether.

        • Anonymous says:

          Comment by Anonymous
          23:03 16/06/2010
          “Graphic and harddrive is nice, but good hardware is not new, it’s just a computer that play games on your TV screen.

          Heck, if you have a decent laptop I bet you could play PS3 and Xbox 360 games on it…”

          If your laptop could emulate a ps3 and an xbox 360 then it would have to be able to emulate two different types of hardware, and be far more powerful then either console. Emulation takes an incredibly large amount more of a computer then it does for native processing.

          Current state of the art home gaming computer set ups cannot simply emulate both ps3 and xbox 360 consoles.

          In other words: you fail.

        • I dont want motion control on my devices. Sure, its new and all, but I just want to play my games. Im happy with the PS3 being an improvement on the PS2 but using the same controls. I honestly dont see what problem people have with the PS3. And I say this while owning every console out this gen. I dont turn on my 360 and my Wii is waiting for me to catch up on the PS3.

        • Anonymous says:

          I heard rumors that Nintendo was working on a HD console as well…

          Yes Sony got nice Consoles, but they don’t bring in anything new. At the moment the newest thing they’re offering is an ripoff from the Wii.

          And the Wii is not even new anymore…

          It’d be like if someone would start to make HD VCR. It’s old, people want something new and original.

          Graphic and harddrive is nice, but good hardware is not new, it’s just a computer that play games on your TV screen.

          Heck, if you have a decent laptop I bet you could play PS3 and Xbox 360 games on it…

      • Anonymous says:

        Lol funny you put sony in there considering Sony’s was less than remarkable too. There were nothing in sony’s PR that we didn’t already know about, and the highlight of Sony’s conference? Portal 2. Yeah, fucking portal. Which is also on xbox and PC, but obviously better on PC.
        At least MS redeemed themselves at the end, if you bothered to watched that far, with the new Xbox 360.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’ve held a hard drive in my hand before while it was running to test it, anything happen to it? No, nothing, why? Because instead of being built half asses they tested all flaws possible and tried to fix them. If they knew that the Xbox 360 slim had such a flaw to it why did they not try and fix or minimize the damage? Well its because they dont give a damn. They WANT you to waste more money buying the same games.

        • Anonymous says:

          Surprisingly enough… They won’t! I tried experimenting with Wii, PS2 and my laptop, nothing scratches discs when moved slightly or a little bit more than slightly. And guess what? There were portable CD players back in the day before MP3 players boom. And somehow automagically, they didn’t scratch discs on the go. Amazing technology, that.

        • Anonymous says:

          I have all consoles, fucktard. Yes, I’ve moved them around while the game is running. No, I’ve never had any scratches on them. 360 needs to do like the PS3 and Wii and get rid of the fucking disc tray.

        • Anonymous says:

          lulz, my Wii not only moved while playing Brawl, it FELL (from its vertical standing) when I yanked the controller. The disk came out fine.

          You’re the one that’s misinformed, dumbfuck.

          I can’t, however, testify for the PS3.

        • Anonymous says:

          The best part is how you guys are pretending the PS3 or the Wii don’t scratch discs if they are moved either. Typical misinformed dumbasses, or you’re just so blind by your fanboyism. Here’s a thought. Try having all consoles instead of being a tard.

        • Anonymous says:

          You don’t need to move it around for it to scratch disks. I’ve worked on consoles repairs and saw how it happen : it comes from bad calibration of the part that should prevent the lazer lens from touching the disk when it tries to get it’s focus right by moving up and down.

        • Anonymous says:

          If you’re moving the console while its on, and running a game WHAT THE FUCK EXACTLY ARE YOU DOING?

          i dont know why anyone would complain that the system grinds the disc if you move the console while ITS ON. um, never mind the dvd drive, what about the harddisk, do you move your desktop pc around while playing quake four?

      • Anonymous says:

        yeah, PSP still owns Nintendo. Why? you can’t look cool tilting a device in all angles like a retard, which most people will probably know as a ”gameboy” or ”that nintendo thing”. On a different note Kojima is such a sell out, if metal gear rising didn’t look so awesome i wouldn’t even care about him.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not looking forward to a game dedicated to Pit, but I’m totally fine with him appearing in one. SMASH BROS PORTABLE DO IT NINTENDO, YOU GOT THE “ANALOG” NOW. At first Street Fighter made me think there may not be enough buttons to my liking, but Supers/etc done by single touch screen press might not be so bad. Yea, it may be simplifying it, but it’d be decent for gameplay.

        • Anonymous says:

          @anon 20:37

          …Once again, the first asshole out of the gate fails to disappoint. I’m sorry that your middling existence is kept afloat by these two things: The will to hate. And the joy you receive from dispensing that hatred. I know that the internet gives you cast-iron balls, but that doesn’t mean you have any right to berate the gonads of truth. For instance, don’t kid yourself when all has been laid bare… Check,, or that thing called google and compare the specs. Hell, even check wikipedia if you’re too lazy (which you are). The point is you’ve come to the end of all logical counter-point, and all your lower-tiered cerebrum falls back on is your caveman-like “arguments” as rebuttal. The 3DS is technically superior to the PSP and all its various implementations in practically every way; allow me to elaborate.

          The 3DS pushes more pixels (except for the lower screen) AND polygons than the PSP. Despite all of the new features, the 3DS’s battery life (hovering around that of the original DSi) outlasts any of the current PSP’s battery configurations. The 3DS also has three cameras, two of which (on the back of the top lid) being used to take 3D pictures. The 3DS also implements both an accelerometer and a gyroscope (what’s most important is that these last three features will not only stand alone, but will undoubtedly be used the games).

          These are the undisputed facts, as they stand right now… But why am I arguing this to you…? It was made very clear by your juvenile attitude that you don’t care about giving others the facts, or even a subjective point of view. You don’t even care about the UNDENIABLE quality AND quantity of the games presented before you… So why don’t you grow up, and start admitting the truth…

          When the 3DS releases, the people (and the sales figures) will speak for themselves.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree with some of that most of those “new” 3DS titles are just ports of existing games with side stories the PSP has the same issue, Starfox 64 is a welcome edition too bad that the Gamecube is the last Nintendo product I will ever buy I’m eager to see what the second wave of 3DS games are sideports or originals.

        • Anonymous says:

          You do know that Sony is currently suffering from two larger lawsuits because of the OS support removal and because they ignored a bug with a certain game that ruined the game and/or console.

          What happened to PSP GO anyway? Oh! people didn’t even want to sell it…

          The latest DS still have decent sales, and with 3DS arriving people owning a DS will buy a 3DS instead, not to mention a lot of people that doesn’t own a DS will buy a 3DS.

          No, graphic is not resolution alone, however, it greatly helps for the graphic. Try going HD with a PS3 while using the average screen from 5 years ago. It will not be good.

          Now please, get me the PSP specs and compare them to what is revealed about the 3DS.

        • Anonymous says:

          Just stfu Artefact, you are always so full of lies and exaggerations. “3DS appears to surpass the PSP in every respect, particularly in the crucial areas of graphics and storage space”, okay? So graphics is resolution, and not the hardware producing the graphics? And UMD is apparently the only storage that PSP has then? I guess HTC HD and most other smartphones also surpasses PSP in every respect then? Since the only thing to take into account is apparently resolution and built-in storage space…

          “woe betide Microsoft and Sony should Nintendo ever finally return with an HD console.” I just laugh at how you love to make these kind of catchy comments to everything you can, even with it is pure bullshit. I am sure many gamers like to play on Nintendos casual controller… oh and the many top games on Wii sure would catch all gamers if they just were in HD yeah right.