Natal Now “Kinect” – Xbox Slim Rumours Swirl


The controller formerly known as “Project Natal” has been officially dubbed “Kinect,” and rumours of a revised “slim” edition of the console have begun circulating.

A messy series of leaks seem to have spoiled Microsoft’s E3 launch, with the Kinect name, and a series of Kinect game titles including Kinectimals, Joyride, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central and the especially original Kinect Sports, all becoming known in advance of the launch theatrics.

The mysterious advertisement, from an Italian source, also reveals a supposed new Xbox 360 model:



Features offered are said to include a 250GB HDD, wifi and “Kinect compatibility,” though what that is supposed to comprise, if anything, is not clear.

Whether genuine or not remains to be seen, but the features offered seem distinctly underwhelming, and some have already voiced doubts about the actual “slimness” of the supposed new console, not that fatness was ever much of a complaint – Microsoft already had the better of the PS3 in this respect.

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  • Anonymous says:

    This is going to be the best not the crap you guys are sprouting. Wi-fi n 250GB hdd Kinect ready and released as of this week to retail stick that in your pipe and smoke it doubters

  • Azure Xuchilbara says:

    A slim version = A slim chance of getting a RROD..?

    I’ll wait until my 360 dies before I get this since I have all 3 systems and have nothing to worry about…

    That said, I can’t wait for Death Smiles for the 360, since I have been waiting for that J-Shmup for a long time now…

  • Certainly, everyone here prefer the PS3 mostly because is made in Japan. I’ll stick to my 360 which has offered me great games and has never failed me.

    Anyway, I don’t care what Microsoft has to offer about former Natal and the 360 slim.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dude, FOCUS.
      Gameplay = Favortism
      Weak Gampplay = Fail
      PS3 = Gamplay
      Wii = Gamplay x Age Limit
      (above Wii equation is intirely biased, btw)
      360 = Gameplay / Hr. of Functionality
      Natal = Gamplay x Quantum Self Respect Theorum

      All in all, PS3 or Wii makes better choices, but 360 does deserve a chance. Natal, or whatever it is now, has factors to compute for your own self and is only recomended to those who KNOW how to pick and choose what they buy with it. All others will despise and hate something (no offense) Looking so beat up, requiring soo much space, and lacking in an original scheme of cration. Dude, the “Hands-Free” Idea has been around since long before the N64.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder if it blu-ray compatible. I think it would only make sense given what I’ve read in previous articles. I just hope is doesn’t suffer from the hardware problems that plague the 360 and Elite. My Elite died in January and I still can’t got it fixed.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, really? Kinect? As in Kinetic + Connect? That’s just terrible. Project Natal at least sounded kinda cool, despite being a cheap gimmick, just like PS3’s gimmick, and just like the Wii. But Kinect? I hope someone lost their job over this.

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG I just saw some Natal/Kinect new gameplay on youtube and I am shock on how stupid it look to play some games on it…
    Great for kids but not so great for teens and young adult…

  • PrinceHeir says:

    Nintendo and Sony FTW 😀 don’t like microsoft though i won’t bash them since they don’t make good hardware in the first place not to mention they’re games aren’t that great. not really excited about this news though i might buy sometime since im tempted at lost odyssey it’s the only game worth getting for the machine along with magna carta 2.

  • Anonymous says:

    The name Kinect… doesn’t appeal to me. Sounds like a Russian spelling of connect. Although I will watch what kind of software can come from this.

    Will Sankaku also do a story on Microsoft’s staged Kinect demonstration? It was funny how the avatars on-screen moved before the actors.

  • Anonymous says:

    This site is literally a propaganda machine! I am so sick and tired of the backing of a crappy PS3 that has less exclusive games! The Xbox is beating the sales of PS3, and it will take a lot of time before PlayStation can get close. Who cares if Xbox is made by an American company or not.

    What does politics have to do with gaming? Playstation was at the top, and now because they have been beaten by microsoft, you all cry?

    Fanboy or not, Kinect looks awesome. Stop crying about Playstation.

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s about time someone said something, this site seriously bashes anything not japan made. Which is unfair because numbers count and xbox’s numbers are higher than that of the ps3 plus there are way more exclusive games on the 360 seeing as it’s hard as shit to code for the ps3 anyways. Get off your stupid “japan is better” horses.

    • Anonymous says:

      PS3 might not have as many exclusives as 360, but at least it doesn’t make the stupid, loud “whirrrr” sound all the time, reads Blu-Rays, doesn’t require you to buy hundreds of additional shit (wi-fi adapter, hard drives which cost fortune) if you bought the cheapest bundle, doesn’t break as fast (in most cases), online service is free and most exclusives are awesome (Valkyria Chronicles, for instance [don’t kill me for saying this, but I thought HAZE was a nice shooter, you just gotta get used to it]).

      I have both the 360 and the PS3, guess which collects dust. I’m worried of even buying new games for the 360 now, since the warranty is already expired and any money spent on a game would be a waste if the console broke, since I wouldn’t bother to buy a new 360. It’s like taking care of a horribly sick, crippled child, don’t do too much with it or it’ll die.

      Besides, 360 is what holds the gaming industry behind since it only handles DVDs, while PS3 handles Blu-Rays making room for more features, levels and stuff overall in games. Most games are made for 360 and are then ported over to the PS3, which is why so many games today take a grand total of 4 hours to complete, 2 of which are cutsenes and loading times.
      PC doesn’t give a fuck about disk capacity, since you install games on it. You could have 3 DVDs in one box.
      Wii is out of question since it’s still back in PS2’s era.

      • Anonymous says:

        I honestly thought you weren’t a troll until I read the last paragraph. The reason games are 4 hours long isn’t because of lack of disc space, it’s because producing HD content is freaking expensive. If you give them more disc space, they’ll just put less compressed cinematics on it, or just not fill it out at all, as is the case with pretty much all PS3 titles that aren’t cutscene heavy.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ooh yes, much more expensive.
          It’s as expensive as it was in the PS2 era. GTA4 cost 100 million, while Shenmue, a game made in 1998 (before PS2 was out) cost 70M it was much more restricted and had a smaller play area. Also, less people were involved in producion of Shenmue, compared to 1000 people involved in the making of GTA4.
          The reason games are 4 hours long is because of developers’ laziness. They know it’s the easiest to just create, say, 6 multiplayer maps and let people have matches online than taking their time and spending more money hiring voiceactors and level designers to provide a fulfilling singleplayer experience. Then just sell them new map packs and there you go, all set.
          Another reason is that the games are way too easy, what’s the last time you played a non-MMO RPG game on either 360 or PS3 that took more than just ~10 hours to complete the main questline? Fable 2 can be completed in two or three 3 hour sittings, they claimed it’s much, much bigger than the original, yet it was even more limited and even less challenging than it’s already easy and restricted prequel. So actually, since they made the land bigger yet the game is piss easy and full of unnecessary stuff, it means that producing HD content is not as expensive as you might think.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are delusional. You’re the first to mention PS3 here in a seemingly biased to XBox stance and Kinect is just underwhelming. You see any game news sites proclaiming awe and anticipation for it that’s not run by XBox relations?

    • i see nothing bashing the 360 here

      it says plainly that its leaks and is underwhelming.

      lets see here.

      wi fi in the box, that should have been standard day fucking 1 and its about time, i wont praise them for doing something right for a change, and above i have said i have 3 360s and have dealt with 6 failures.

  • I’m tired of everyone completely knocking everything xbox 360… I love how there isn’t any news on how badly the PS3 sucks, and how Sony is getting their asses both reemed and sued for talking off the Dual boot option; but HEY! At least I know now how bias some people are!

    As the the xbox360 slim, I think it’s at least a step forward. Now I won’t have to buy a wireless adapter, it looks much better than the original, and it will run quieter than the original due to that design.

    There is no reason to knock the 360, considering it has better and more games than the PS3, and has better features. I love how everyone talks about it failing, but I have yet to have it happen to my original xbox 360 or elite. I also love how no one is pissed off at Sony for basically stealing the concept of xbox live and making people have “trophies” instead of points / achievements…. REAAAAL original buddies.

    P.S. Sony is just an imitator. If you really want to know who built the PS3, go to the people at nintendo, Nvidia, and the various other people sony ripped off ideas from 😀

    • i have everything.

      2 wiis, one failed
      3 xbox 360s 6 failed
      1 ps3 which failed

      one wii wont read dvds
      1 360 red ringed
      1 360 wouldnt red ring but crashed games all the time
      1 360 wouldnt open anymore
      1 360 wouldnt read discs any more
      1 360 had scrambled graphics
      and i forgot how the last one died.
      i have 1 fail because warranty ran out
      i have a second because best buy fucked me on the in store warranty, they said it expired when it still had another year, and i haven’t taken it in out of fear i will kill them when i do. these people are so fucking retarded in my area, you have no fucking idea.
      aand i have a third because microsoft takes 6 weeks and im not waiting that long to play games again, especially when i have had one red ring 1 day after i got it
      1 red ringed the day after i got it
      and ps3 did the ps3 equivalent of red ring.

      o yea, and achievements have been around sense before the 360 fucktard, just not every game used them because those games werent about achievement whoring tehy are about playing the fucking game. i believe worms series did.

    • Anonymous says:

      I sense the xbox fanboyism deep within you. Nevertheless here are some things you should know:
      1)The xbox 360 has a 60% failure rate, mine failed twice.
      2)The xbox 360 has around 50% of the raw graphic and processing capability of the standard PS3.
      3)The ps3 uses Cell processing, which was developed in house by Sony and is an entirely new thing (meaning that the PS3 is not made off of ripped off ideas).
      4)The xbox 360 is basically built like a computer. It even comes with a NVIDIA graphics card. Of course this means that it has nothing new or interesting in it except for the fact that it has a 60% failure rate.

      I would like to say for the record that I do not own a PS3. I find my computer and PS2 to be adequate. I do own a xbox 360 but I stopped playing on it years ago.

  • If someone is interested, here’s the translation for the two italian pictures:
    Ready for the future
    the technology of

    Ready for the future
    the technology of

    250 GB Hard Disk
    Wi-Fi integrated
    Kinect full compatible


      i honestly never thought they would do that after what, 4 years of us begging and every thing made within the last what 5 years being wi fi compatible.

      now if only they can refund the cost of that fucking wifi thing i bought, id put the 100$ to a new system

  • you know i may have gotten natal after a year or 2, sooner if there was a must play game, but i will never purchase something named so retardedly.

    sony move, stupid
    wii, stupid if they didnt do it just for free marketing and word of mouth

    changing a good name like natal to kinect, a fucking retarded bastardization of the english language, and more or less casual only, i will never get it, good games be damned.

    • Anonymous says:

      @Alidan. I’m not sure whether or not you realize what a bastardization of the english language actually is. I can point out a few from your post, but none as egregious as “retardedly”. Oh, and here’s a hint; a product name, no matter how retarded, isn’t a bastardization.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t get why people are so upset with the name change! NATAL WAS A CODE NAME. CODE NAMES ARE NOT THE REAL NAMES. CODE NAME = THEY HAVE NOT YET ESTABLISHED A REAL NAME FOR IT. If you wanted a different name then you should have wrote a letter or sent an email to MS saying so instead of waiting for them to think up a new name and then you sitting there complaining about it.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Wii has the dumbest name ever. Just about every website was laughing and making Wii jokes when Nintendo announce it. The name and gimmicky controls did not stop it from selling like crazy.

      Your fascination with names is just silly. Nobody cares about names.

      • kinect, better?

        i first read it as kincest, and also, here i how i think they thought up the name

        “so, with this we can move the menus”
        “wow i feel so connected”
        “thats what we will call it than, natal sounds to lame for the hip youngsters, lets call it connect with a k and 1 n. it looks cooler that way”

        it was only much later, that an enginere said it looked like “Kinetic, as in movement” and the marketing douche said
        “radical, that also makes us sound deep, the pre to early teen demographic is all about deep”

    • motion controls are a gimmick, only when they require more space to use it than most gamers have in there apartments.

      however 3d isnt, and neither are low space motion controls. imagine a game with precise motion controls, its in 3d, and its a sword fighting game, with real 1:1 combat, not the waggle shit of nintendos wii sports resort.

      even better if its online and is extremely playable.

      you cant tell me that is a gimmick, i would get in shape and train just to kick even more ass at that, that is the kind of game that would come out, and would be played for ever.

    • the more the 360 “advances”
      the more it clones Ps3’s features, even the controller
      the original xbox joypad sucked so hard!
      until they copied ps model

      so it repeats again in console’s appearance?
      what next?
      microsoft’s God of Battle?
      MMAG? (more massive action gamez)
      microsoft Plus?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am happy with my PS3. And by happy I mean it sits gathering dust in a closet because it broke a year after I bought it and Sony wanted AUS$300 to fix it, so I told them no thanks and have played my 360 ever since.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are aware that the PS1 and PS2 had fatal flaws when they came out that lasted for a very long time. But then you are a sony fanboy, and you can’t use logic and real facts. You can only use the giant turd the rest of us call a brain. In the case of the sony fanboy, all you can do is shit stupidity out of your mouth and ears.

        • Anonymous says:

          one thing u gotta be aware of is who has been in the gaming industry the longest. there was alot of competition back in the days (don’t remember all the company’s back in the days) but the 90s was the pivotal moment on who would be dominate in the gaming industry.

          now i’ll be honest no matter what console u buy the one u get might end up with a flaw but the one with the most flaws was the Xbrick (it is not exactly box shape now is it) this was not from the research done these was from my mate Xbricks breaking down on them at least a good 10 bricks failed.the PStanks i know only 2 overheated and had to be repaired (thrown in the oven to jump start it again) but worked like normal again.

          the Wii…… reports as of yet

      • Anonymous says:

        Now if only they can get the power supply brick in the system instead of having 1/3rd the system tethered to it. I especially like how most of the red rings happen due to overheating in spite of this fact.

        Lets hope that the new system gets this “technical hurdle” out of the way. Apparently no system has EVER had the power supply inside the main case.