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Boyfriend Explodes as Girlfriend Deletes WoW Characters


A girlfriend who sadistically deleted her boyfriend’s MMORPG characters without his knowledge and secretly filmed his explosive reaction has been the subject of no small opprobrium.

Player 1

Beware the spurned 3D girlfriend.

Such incidents seem increasingly common – it is not clear whether any boyfriends so afflicted have sought legal remedy, but under US law property damage against a partner generally counts as domestic violence, and malicious deletion of online property certainly seems to meet this definition.

Thus it would probably be possible to have her arrested, not that this would resurrect characters worth hundreds of hours of play time.

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  • I understand both points of view, but she really could’ve gone about it a different way. In the end what she did was just malicious and uncaring. He invested money and hundreds of hours into that, and was probably playing long before he met her. After something like that she’s obviously not going to be around for much longer.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a former Wow addict and I managed to get over it, so now I’d just move on o.O On the same note if someone burned my illustrations I’d kill him or her, and not as a figure of speech.

  • Anonymous says:

    For someone who called it a stupid game, and obviously didn’t like it, or him playing it for hours on end, she had a great understanding of how to delete all of his gear and his characters incredibly quick.

    Doesn’t seem real to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I admit he did overreact abit, but I can understand why he got pissed.

    Yea, it is true he can get his characters back, but 1. that is couple days, and 2. we don’t know his schedule, she says he is always on it, but that might be after he works 40+ hours a weeks, and/or has other things that he needs to do. 3. He might have had something planned that night, like she said a raid, and was excited about it all day.

    like i said, that he did overreact, but that girl had no right to do that, she could have just changed the password, or something else, so that it was quick fix, but deleting characters is just being a selfish bitch. Worst part is she tapes it so she could have a good laugh.

    Basically, she bitch, he overreacted (maybe has anger issues), they should separate.

  • Anonymous says:

    i bet this shits fake. why log into a character and delete an item and then delete the character. why even leave one character. and that shit is so pussy rage. bet those were all lowbie toons with gear that was reskined via mod

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, just wow.. What a fucking cunt.

    If i EVER have a girlfriend like that, i’d fucking beat the living shit outta her if she EVER touched my computer or did something like that. And i wouldn’t give a shit about lawsuits.

    Not that i play WoW, but the bitch simply didn’t understand the devotion he’s put into the game. That is one of the reasons you should NOT date a girl with an IQ lower than 80. She CAN have an IQ of below 80, but she needs to be somewhat of a gamer herself, or spend some time online herself for such a relationship to actually work.

    If i were him i’d first beat the crap outta her for making me waste a lot of time, find something she values, and either destroy it or mess it up real bad.

    Some people does simply not understand why us gamers devote a lot of our time online. And so be it, it would probably be impossible to explain to the non-gamers anyway.

    /end rant

    • Sandalphon says:

      It certainly is, but why resort to this course of action?. If talking him out of it doesn’t work then sex him out of it. If not, then dump him, he’s not worth keeping around.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think both sides of the relationship need to wake up. If the guy was being neglectful of his girlfriend he should have known what mighit have happened next. But you know relationships goes both ways, dont’ spend too much time on your hobbies and not with your partner and visa versa.

    An equal balance is required. Frankly though, a girlfriend who does that can be seen as rather viscous. If she did it out of spite that it was his hobby than that’s not right. She should respect the other person’s hobbies. If he respects you then you respect him. Relationships do not work one way.

    I hate arrogant couples sometimes. This is why I always back out of relationships part way when they start getting deep. I don’t feel like i can trust my partner.

  • Anonymous says:

    For that reason people say: WOW is for freacks, nerds, otakus, assholes, psychos, emos, and other strange creatures, because only thats things can spend lots of hours playing this, bad graphic, bored, miss miss, online.

  • Anonymous says:

    What she did didn’t get much done, but I’m sure it felt good. She could have destroyed his computer, but it looks like he did a good job of that himself (I hope she left him, he’s so a loser for that rage).

    I’ve been with a guy that I met playing an MMO, then he complained I was spending too much time playing to spend time with him and that made me quit to make him happy, then he started playing WoW and all but abandoned me for the game. I got smart and abandoned him. Watched his world crumble as he didn’t have anything else other than WoW in his life. I laughed a little inside when he lost his job and came crying to me wishing he had paid more attention to me rather than WoW.

    So I’m forever on the side of pretty much any girl who’s had enough with their SO being mad addicted to WoW. I completely understand the girl.

    But for myself. I learned my lesson: no more dating MMO players. Especially the ones that mention that they wouldn’t know what to do without that MMO in their lives.

  • Anonymous says:

    My analysis:

    She is obviously a WoW player too, she knows his password after all.

    So I bet he did something to her to end up doing that to him… And I’m sure she is perfectly aware of the fact that characters can be restored easily and wanted to prank him a bit.

    Then things went more far than expected and he destroyed his computer… Lol, I think that if I was her I would break with that guy because seems like he have serious rage control problems o_o

    I’m an MMO gamer myself with lots of characters in different games, some of them of very high level, with game play time of almost 2 years and some with money invested on them… And still I say this is not a normal person having a normal reaction.

    People forget too easy that games are supposed to be fun and stress killing, something healthy… Getting that mad for a game means he is doing it wrong.

  • Anonymous says:

    lol, I like how he talks all his anger out in one sudden move, and takes ot the monitor lol, good for the girlfriend, all the time he neglected her by playing stupid WoW has now bin renewed by that one act of sweet revenge

  • Anonymous says:

    This is one of those moments where you dont know if you should feel his pain or laugh at his stupididness…..

    When I saw her deleting his toons I was jaw dropped….but the the punch and kick to the PC made me just go “OMFG…like that will bring them back!”

    This is a hilariously sick video and I give the GF kudos for the video footage. But then again if sheeping was real then she would be sheeped for all eternity.


    Nuff said!

  • Anonymous says:

    i would leave her or change my password and not let her come over for awhile..or he can lock his computer completely also.. but most likely ill prob leaave her if she will do something like that..

  • Anonymous says:

    That is just another great example for two things I actually NEVER would do in my entire life:

    1. getting a girl friend
    2. tell someone my passwords

    [..] Just another stupid moron

    (in the case someone asks: I am close to my thirties)

  • Anonymous says:

    Like someone mentioned earlier, What if it took 1 week to get his characters back, and in that week the next in line to receive the legendary Shadowmourne axe was decided?

    So now the Shadowmourne axe that he has been waiting months to for a chance to have, is passed on to someone else…

    Wouldn’t you rage if you realized that Shadowmourne that you had been waiting for months already, was going be passed to someone else, and you would have to wait yet another 3 months for another chance?

    So yea getting your years worth of characters can be restored, but you can’t have 3 months of previously waiting, then 3 more upcoming months wasted time waiting for orange epic axe.

  • Anonymous says:

    If my girl did that i’d thank her, internet games are retarded as shit.
    They are ok to play when your like 6-18, but after that 18 mark which he looks about 20 something is just dumb as shit.
    I can see if she broke his xbox that HE paid for and he got pissy but for some fucking computer game he breaks his monitor?
    I just bought a $300 dollar xbox elite, if my girl filmed herself breaking my shit..
    i’d probably just argue with her and have some great make up sex.
    Then again i’m 20 and i work so that takes up all my time so i don’t even have to worry about getting involved in internet game addiction and have this happen to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    see I’d have just canceled any accounts she had on social networks also WHAT KINDA MORON LEAVES HIS PAS WORD ENTERED

    also how did he not not how to back those up (yes there is a way)

  • Anonymous says:

    Em idk man I’ve tried to get my hacked account backed for what..2 years? One day i sign on and find out my account had been turned into a battlenet account. Which I obviously did not do. Try to retrieve password. e-mail and account name don’t match. that’s odd… next thing i know all my characters are slowly disappearing off the armory. Still waiting Blizz.

    But no joke I wasn’t very disappointed when i found my account got hacked cause the game was getting boring for me but if i had characters like this guy I’d probably fucking kill the bitch.

  • Anonymous says:

    This anon is confused. What was the point of breaking the poor monitor. What did it ever do to anyone. That poor monitor was a victim of nerd rage did it deserve that no, was it funny not really, will it be funny hearing about some random chicks body found in a random ditch it will depend on the reader. This anon would like to have a moment of silence for the monitor that lost its life far to early.

    -Anon Savior of the guy next door with the really big dog

  • Nonsense: first of all – from where she get his account password?

    Then – if i lose something *really* important, i search for way how to return it… example: why he was not contact support?

    After all… i think this is fake as heaven. He does not react like normal person which lost something important, but like someone who already know how it was happend.

    If something like this happend: normal person search for truth, of course that it will anger me… but not enough to broke monitor! First thing i will do (excluding anger and wrath), is question to only one person which was have *only* access to my PC: “ARE YOU KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT MY CHARACTERS!?!”

  • Anonymous says:

    Looks staged. It’s common knowledge that Blizzard will restore deleted characters very easily, but given the mass amount of idiots that play WoW (11 million people, you’re going to get a TON of morons), it’s also entirely possible that this guy’s just a hotheaded retard.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yea he might be able to get his characters back in a week or so…he might have known that, but it doesn’t get back that week of raiding lost with his guild

    For all we know, maybe that night was the night that the officers decided between 2 raiders got the next “legendary teh Shadowmoourne” axe,

    so when he saw his characters deleted, and the fact that he wouldn’t be able to log on for a week thus missing out on the chance to be next in line to receive “legendary teh Shadowmoourne”, and have to wait 2 more entire months for another chance for a legendary, caused him to go batcrazy?

  • Anonymous says:

    Never share your passwords – doesn’t matter if your GF is like a part of you, just don’t do it – there’s no need. If she demands it, refuse. If she really demands it, get an RSA SecurID fob to log in and use that as the excuse. If she still demands it – she’s crazy. Leave.

    It was a dumb reaction, but you could see he didn’t snap right away – he was still trying to rationalize what just happened. He actually seemed to have a lot of restraint, though as a tech, I could never punish my monitor for something that fucked up in an online account.

    And crazy bitches everywhere: If you were my GF and had problems, you could leave and end the relationship. If you think you’re going to teach your man a lesson by nuking his accounts/characters or otherwise harming his computer… well, in my case, you’d lose a boyfriend AND gain a nemesis, so sometimes it’s better to… you know… TALK about things in the open instead of playing random backstab games and hoping that your man will have an epiphany brought about from your illogical childish attack.

  • Anonymous says:

    What the hell could she possibly gain from this? Hes probably going to kick her to the curb now anyway, when she could have just left him.

    Some women just sadistically like to see how angry they can make a guy and then complain about getting beaten…….women.

  • Anonymous says:

    Power sander and a bottle of lemon juice.

    It’s not a matter of a “waste-of-life hardcore WoW player”; it’s a matter of personal respect. If I built an extravagant bookshelf…or something…that took 80 hours to perfect, I’d put someone’s head through a wall if they destroyed my efforts.

    The WORST things a person can do to you are things that everyone thinks you shouldn’t retaliate against. The reason people commit crimes like this is because they KNOW that many people won’t be able to relate to the victim, due to the fact that they simply don’t have the same passions that the victim had.

  • Lol, this reminds me of when me and my bro would get into fights when we were younger. We’d always threaten to delete the file of whatever game the other one was really into at a time. Lucky neither of us ever followed through so I didn’t have to skin his ass. Be what a terrible girlfriend D: I’m a pretty vengeful person, but that’s too far, cuz I know how much it hurts to lose a game file you’ve worked hard on. Stupid defective memory cards… But yea if I ever wanted revenge on a boyfriend of mine I’d do it through other ways. Preferably in a similar was that he hurt me. Kukukuku >:3

  • Anonymous says:

    If this is real, just goes to show that people are unable to do things in moderation, and completely write off life and live in a video game. I like how people are condemning the girl, ignorant to anything that has transpired previous between the two. All because they likely spend their lives in WoW raiding for phat lewtz.

  • Anonymous says:

    This was setup because no real WoW player or no seasoned WoW player would react like this. It takes one phone call to get deleted characters back. The guy is either a newb or a complete retard.

  • Truthfully, I die a little inside every time I see something like this.

    So you boyfriend is not giving you the attention you want. Why not just leave him. It’s that simple. However, some feel the need to trash someone’s stuff out of spite. That just makes you a bitch right there, no mater which way you try to justify it.

  • Truthfully, I die a little inside every time I see something like this.

    So your boyfriend isn’t giving you the attention you want/need. Why not just leave him? It’s that simple. But some people like to mess with other people’s stuff out of spite. It’s childish really, and it makes you look like a total bitch.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, I decided to quit mmorpgs because they need too much time but I can sympathize with the guy. Of course he overreacted but if I had an 1-yr (or more) effort trashed like this I’d be really angry (although I can actually control myself so I wouldn’t break things or hurt ppl heh). Whether to forgive or not the girl depends solely on how well the relationship is. This is a matter of trust. If you trust the person enough to give him/her a password for something personal and he/she screws up then this trust suffers a several blow. As it’s said, trust is something it takes time to build and an instant to destroy.

  • moebius22 says:

    He needs to sue her for destruction of property. I had a friends who’s girlfriend thought he was cheating and threw all his electronic equipment in the pool…guys need to stand up and start taking women to court for this kind of nonsense.

  • PrinceHeir says:

    that’s just sad. they should not be together to begin with. that was a bitch thing of her deleting his characters at the same time the guys an idiot for not spending time with her but then again it’s all jealousy both are dumb and made for each other.

  • Anonymous says:

    Too bad that faggot didn’t get electrocuted.

    How pathethic of him. It’s just a game. Destroying the monitor sure was the most sensical thing he could’ve done in this situation. Of course emailing admins and telling them what happened would be really stupid. Instead, just destroy an innocent, perfectly working monitor so you won’t be able to play WoW again or basically do anything on the PC until you get a new one.

    What a retard.

    I hate how everyone calls the girl stupid, though.
    What would you do if you loved someone but he was addicted to a game? Talk to him about it? As if this would work, mom told me hundreds of times to stop playing MMOs (not WoW) and did I listen? Naaah.

  • Anonymous says:

    He actually smashed the screen, not the comp 😀

    Moreover i geuss it’s more about thousands of hours and not hundreds. (she deleted 3 chars, not only 1)

    I checked one time with Xfire how much hours i played an other game, since i don’t like WoW, (after 1 year i started) and the counted time was about 1600 hours + the non counted year xD

    Notice that WoW is not a free to play game, then deleting characters means also deleting month of abonnement.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man, If it was me, I wouldn’t leave the Computer open. And I would never tell what the fuck is the Password to delete or even go inside the Game.

    The bitch is so dead, Spend a Hundred Hours, Gone is a Second. now, The girl who he go out, spent with him many days, will be Dead within a Second like the Character.

  • Anonymous says:

    I somehow feel his pain.. Sad.. I don’t care what people say about games like wow, but if you spend hundreds and even thousands of hours of your precious life playing the game, that must feel horrible..

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah exactly. I don’t personally like the game myself, but I kind of feel for this guy. Especially since he apparently got himself quite a nasty girlfriend who either don’t even care what he does or did this knowing how much it apparently meant to him.

  • Anonymous says:

    So many girls seem to think they can change their boyfriends – some think he’ll stop cheating cheating if she gets pregnant, this girl probably thought he’ll pay more attention to her if she deletes his video game characters. It never works.

  • Anonymous says:

    wow, that girl is confirmed dead if the boyfriend found out about this, advice if u cant stand dating a gamer then get another one or heck dont date one, and gamer if u cant tolerate between reality and fantasy then dont date dont even socialize for your own sake

  • Anonymous says:

    What an idiot. Why delete it when you can sell the account for real money? That’s what my boyfriend does with WoW. He just plays the game enough to get high level characters with good items, then sells them to people. :/

    ..Either way what kind of girlfriend is so disrespectful they’d just do something like this? What bitches..

  • Anonymous says:

    i know how the man feels coming from a hardcore wow end game raider back in the vanilla days. i was pretty much addicted spending 1/3 of my day on it. But still i think wat she did was for the best.
    I knew how he felt cos i also did the ultimate test to myself to get rid of my account permanently by selling it. and i did it without regret.

  • Great, now he has to recover it all back, go back and tell his pals what happened, raid a lot more to catch up, all of this taking more and more time.
    Maybe she didn’t think this through? 😛
    If she wanted some attention, she could just come over my place on raid nights, I got nothing better to do.

  • Anonymous says:

    *sighs* It’s not the first time I’ve seen this. Why can’t some girls just stop trying to attempt to get away with something against their boyfriends before they leave and just walk away. Every time they try something, expect the ex-boyfriends to do something in revenge.

    Both boyfriend and girlfriend are idiots. The boyfriend may be an veteran gamer on WOW, but he should have spent more time with her girlfriend a bit more than games, the girlfriend is technically an idiot for pissing him off and even before what she did, should have left him ages ago with no thoughts of revenge if he thinks more about the game than her. It’s stupid for people to end their relationships with vengeful tactics and not talk it over about ending their relationships.

    I got to stop saying stupid too much XP

  • Anonymous says:

    Showing my age here but these things always remind me of what happened when I was a kid.

    In the 7th grade we had a substitute teacher who got after some kid for reading a Dungeons and Dragons book in class. When she realized what it actually was she went in to full religious fanatic mode and ultimately ended up tearing out 15-20 pages.

    The school fell back on its usual ‘cover teachers rears no matter what’ policy but ultimately he got a check for the cost of the book.

  • Oh wow, extreme downvotes to all ppl who’s on the guy’s side? I’m pretty sure Renzo’s first post was at least +0.8

    That girlfriend bitch must be hiding somewhere around Sankaku.., or it could be just a bunch of feminist or anti-WoW fanboys.

  • Anonymous says:

    that is not how you do it.
    you download hacks and bots program’s.
    and use them in WG.. and gets the accunt band.
    it is quite difficult to get back.
    speak with knowledge. has been a member of

  • Anonymous says:

    This video is just so fake. No different from that video of the girlfriend who “smashed” her boyfriend’s Xbox360. Meh, attention whores are always going “Look at me!”

    It’s a simple thing for MMOs to retrieve deleted characters. However, while other MMO companies would sink you with red tape and get back to you in 2 weeks, Blizzard has a smooth process to restore your characters quickly. They didn’t become the largest and most successful MMO company by luck.

  • These fake attention grabbing videos are really getting pathetic.
    Fact 1 you can get a deleted account undeleted by Blizzard.
    Fact 2, there has only really ever been one Gary Brosnan, and he actually WAS a total geek.
    I'm surprised this video was even allowed to waste space here at Sankaku.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can soo see my gf doing this… and i’m either too whipped or too past my gaming days than to other rage a bit. Big whoop really, it’s a game and i think from an objective point of view that she did a good thing for that guy. Get a fucken life.

  • Anonymous says:

    The man is also at fault here.

    You should never give your password to anyone, even your siblings and such. Keep it to yourself.

    Why did he gave his password to his girlfriend, we don’t know.

  • Anonymous says:

    There is an easy way around this that I wish these companies would implement. One password to log in and play a character, and ANOTHER, SEPARATE password to delete a character!

    That would solve problems with this shit totally. Though, he could contact WoW and ask them to undelete the characters, pointing out that it wasn’t him who deleted them.

  • Anonymous says:

    I play WoW but not every freaking night. Time with family and friends is better. If his girlfriend was ticked off, he was probably some slacker who did sweet bugger all. And honestly, he doesn’t even think of ticketing to a GM? I lol’d on the inside when he smashed his monitor – like that’s going to accomplish anything, clown.

    This guy had it coming to him. His girlfriend might have gone a bit too far, but if he’s going to react like a tool and rage it up, he got what he deserved.

    If you want to balance GF and WoW, negotiate. Don’t pick WoW over her every freaking night. If I had a partner that chose WoW every night, I wouldn’t stick around – I wouldn’t delete their stuff, though. If you don’t want to, don’t have a partner or stop playing. It’s that simple.

  • he had it coming.

    A, and most important: he played alliance.
    B, he didn’t log out, and the gf prolly knew his password.
    C, with a temper like that, if it wasn’t wow it’d be something else… like burnt toast.

    … although, if someone deleted my EVE Online characters, I’d be hard-pressed to not blow up like that too.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think most people here probably realise just how awful it it for someone to delete MMO characters. The girlfriend in this video is definately an ignorant fool.

    Does it warrant destroying a computer/monitor for though? Not really. GM’s can give him his characters and gear back within a couple of days at the most.

    That is of course assuming this whole thing wasn’t staged.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can only speak for myself, but… i would’ve been more pissed if it had been a F2P char/Account I’ve spent a few thousand Bucks on. I would never Rage like this though…

    I mean, come ‘on. It’s just a Game after all and if someone starts Raging like this, he has a serious Problem.

  • Anonymous says:

    the guy was pretty careless…,even if she was his girlfriend,he shouldn’t have entrusted his deletion code to her…,you can never be too careful around a woman who feels ignored or rejected.Hell i’d never give my code to my girlfriend even if i trust her with other stuff…

  • Anonymous says:

    I hate that bitch so much she doesnt know shit about anything and she thinks she’s doing something good. Couldn’t she just have a conversation with him and tell him how she feels about him playing WoW?

    I would knife the bitch right at the spot seriously.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s true. And only by reading most of the comments I can make out what kind of people actually visit this website. WoW nerds. I mean you have games, which are fun, and you have things like WoW. And when someone offers to give you a healthy life the last thing you should do is show your manlyness by breaking your monitor.

      Other that that, it’s pretty obvious this shit is fake.

  • Anonymous says:

    if he was too busy playing WOW which he was ready to even pay just to play(this piece of shit)… maybe he should not have had a GF! like if he can’t make it in his head that having a girl friend is not like having a old Nintendo lying around for when you want to play but some one who you actually are willing to sacrifice more than 40% of your time (little compared to marriage where you have to surpass 90% while still working…) she was a bitch for this but if she had to do that just to get him off then it meant she was not ready to see some one else instead… exactly it has to be you that gives her attention, not just the TV!

  • Anonymous says:

    It kinda looses its sting when you know that you can get them un-deleted (including items). most wow players know this since account hacks are common and blizzard is more or less bro about these kinds of things

    heck my paladin was gone for months, on a whim I tried to see if they still had it somewhere, they did, I got it back.

    as for his reaction, I’m certain this was either faked, the guy was dumb as hell (reacting like its permanent), or the girl was dumb as hell (doing that to a guy with tats like that, she’s asking for some domestic violence.

  • Bazzyrick says:

    Both of them are idiots in this clip.

    The girl should not be interfering with his life, if she doesnt like it she should piss off.

    The guy looks like he half destroyed his PC in that, when you can get all that back with a GM ticket. Mines been hacked before, gold sellers deleted my characters, a few swear words were spoke but I did not raise a fist against anything. I had my things back within the day.

    But anyway, I still lol’d when he did it. Dumbarse.

  • Anonymous says:

    actually even my waifu has done that to me. not wow but other game tho. i didint rage. it was more like wakeup call. also she has sometimes deleted some random douji colletions or something. im just like T_T and then ask her why. she says reason etc. i get those collections back > ???? > better relationship. on the good side. my waifu likes games and douji’s etc too so not so big problem. only thing is that she likes diffirent kinda stuff ;P


    • There are so many videos of this kind around the web that it doesn’t feel real any more, might be fake..
      And indeed his characters are not worth of the reaction – they are pretty badly equipped..
      If it’s not a fake, the poor fellow is indeed unlucky having such a bitchy snake by his side .. he must learn to use Blizzard authenticator.

  • Anonymous says:

    Its ok, it was a cheap looking 4:3 monitor…it can be replaced with something better. I dont know any girl that would do something like this because alot of girls I know play WoW..

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s only a Game, get over it, spend more time with your Girlfriend, don’t give her your Password and this will never happen. BTW it’s only a game. Am I the only one with a GF on sankaku?

  • Anonymous says:

    “Ha ha, I’ll delete my boyfriends ‘game’ characters which he miserably played (some say ‘worked’, can you believe that?:D:D:D:) for YEARS and film it for youtube to show off to my feminazi friends!:d:ddD:Dd:DD”

    Or something like that is probably what crossed the woman’s mind. But really, killing of someone’s years just like that is just too stupid.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh it is so fake, everyone knows its easy to get a character back in WoW.

    Note to chicks: dump your loser bf that plays games all the time or join them.

    And even if it was real, just proves that guy has serious problems.

  • Azure Xuchilbara says:

    If anyone did that to my hard drive of 15,000+ pictures of Touhou girls waki exposure, that person would become a dismembered corpse in the corner of my room where I will jizz on it everyday when I get home from work/and/or when I’m stressed from College exams…

    That said, people like that who harm 2D goods of others should be drawn and quartered while on fire…

    Jealousy is nasty when real-life relationships with people are involved…

  • I’d call her a bitch if I didnt hate WoW so much and feel the urge to do this to all my friends that got sucked into its boring world. I’m not a yandere bitch myself so I honestly wouldn’t because it’s too cruel. I just sometimes imagine what would happen if I really did.
    Luckily my friends also have lives so they’d probably just get pissed without throwing a massive 3-year-old-style tantrum like that.

    EDIT= was I the only one that came in expecting the guy to literally explode, entrails flying, all guro-style? I feel let down.

  • He shouldn’t have taken it out on the computer, it’s not the one who deleted the accounts. Maybe this will be a wake up call for him. Besides, who really would rather play a game than get laid?

  • Anonymous says:

    that guy is pathetic.i understand that girlfriends reaction and delete characters. she thinks that guy is retard and just play games. never give any attention to her. like anyone would do that if had samekind situation and power to do it.

    tho that guy is retard. seriously who the fck smashis own computer to pieces if they lose temporarily something useless like wow characters? they can get them back. also dude. that guy looks like super nolife anyways. he could grind those chars back in few days if account restore wouldnt be possible and oh yes its possible. super quick too. usually do it within 24hours.

    that leaves the problem > this guy got anger management problems. seriously you don’t even see so many people rage so much for over more important things or expensive stuff. like competitions etc etc.

    but oh man why does that guy even have 3d girlfriend ?!?! WTF DUDE. also that girl must be pretty retard also for having him. lol. from the moment i saw that guy enter that room i saw straight away hes retard ;p

    anyways sorry for my bad english. not my native language. gtfo if you got to say something. :p and oh yes im guy. so dont call me feminazi ^^ that guy just is retard simple as that. face the facts.


    • Anonymous says:

      ^Retard dude is retarded.

      In most casual cases wow will be played approximately 10 – 15 hours a week.

      How many hours do stupid 3d bitches spend watching their dramas and other retarded tv shows?

      How does spending 10 – 15 hours a week enjoying yourself make you pathetic and retarded?

      The stupid 3d bitch is the pathetic retard that’s trying to run his life.

      • Tell me, where do you get your fail logic? Where does it say how many hours he played? Where does it say that the girlfriend watches dramas and other tv shows?

        Your the embodiment of the anon stupidity on this website, i really wish artefact and the admins of Sancom would remove anon posting so i could have a face to flame.

        • Anonymous says:

          If you want a face, then put a real photo of you and then I register and I’ll put mine too. Other than that is just you hiding behind an avatar as many of us are behind the annon monicker.

          And Trolls are trolls, always trying to reverse arguments.

        • Rofl, told off by an anon calling me a troll? Why don’t you log in so i have a face to match my bashing. Unless your willing to make some sort of less anonymous state, then shut the fuck up troll. At least i log in and say what i feel, and take the feedback like a man, not like some pussy anon hiding behind the screenname of many. Yeah so what my avatar is azu-nyan? Got a problem with azu-nyan? You troll anons are all the more reason that anon posting should be removed here.

        • Anonymous says:

          And you’re the embodiment of the troll of this site. And don’t even come with argument of the anon, using an azunyan avatar doesn’t make you any less anonymous than anyone.

        • Anonymous says:

          Where do you get your opinions on being an addict and such?

          Seriously, assumptions fly on both sides of the fence. There is 0 proof for either stance. All you know is some cunt deleted someones character for no real reason. Taped it. Uploaded it. He nerd raged. Destroyed monitor. End.

          Anything else is speculation and sheer retardation to assume.

          WoW is a game, people play it. End of story. Whether you think its good, bad, right or wrong is also purely your own pointless opinion. It’s like decrying smoking, sex, or anything else. There are clinics for sex addicts, smokers, drinkers, and general use clinics for just about any form of habitual behavior you can think of.

          Simple fact: If she couldnt deal with his habits and personality, talk to him about it. If he cant or wont do anything, leave. Thats how mature adults handle a situation.

          I dont think all this talk of her needing to die really has any merit, but she does need to get out, as it were.

          Also, yes, taking it to court would indeed hold up and warrant a hearing. You are renting the right to interact with the game and while you do not own your avatar, you are invested in it and have a legal ‘right’ to seek damages against loss or damage from third parties. Not, obviously, blizzard, as its theirs to begin with.

          tl;dr: To steal a really lame line from anime: Those who say stupid are stupid.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t worry so much. Your language is a whole lot better than my [you native language], unless it’s Mandarin. Even then, I mostly speak English and can barely even read Chinese. You might even pwn me in Mandarin, for all I know.

    • Azure Xuchilbara says:

      Both are retards…One is a videogamer retard who pays more attention to his WOW character and started a relationship that he could not handle, the other is a jealous retard who doesn’t fell good about herself and can’t pick a better boyfriend…

  • Anonymous says:

    better yet i would have taken the most valuable thing she owned and destroyed it. that bitch deserves to die you could tell she was enjoying it by the way she was talking as she deleted his stuff.

  • 3d girls delete your games
    2d girls delete themselves?

    why the hell did he share his game info with her in the first place share PC PW and a some random sites okay, but games?
    he should know that girlfriends and games rarely mix well they will destroy one another eventually

  • Anonymous says:

    Normally, aren’t you supposed to ask support, or browse forums to see if others have the same problem, etc… to know if it’s not some sort of mistake?

    Before breaking your computer that is.

  • Anonymous says:

    what a good girl…….
    she should have deleted every WoW Character
    n the World,so no one could play this shitty game

    Warcraft 3 was good,but WoW is a sack full of shit,
    and it has the graphics of a FTP-MMORPG -.-

    go and play Battlefield Bad Company 2 or Team Fortress,
    its nicer,faster and you there arent any dead people
    in the reports from this games

  • Anonymous says:

    He can get the characters back.. it is not like the mods can’t get the character backup data back, though he has to wait for a few days to actually talk to one and get it done but eh~

  • NatsumeKonno says:

    This is an easy fix all you do is report that your char was hacked. They will check out your account and the logs and will give them back to you if it meets the level. Same thing for gear they only give them back to you if there epic gear.

    • Oh don’t tell me you’d just be saying ”Ah well, shit happens.” when something you’ve worked on for hundreds of hours was suddenly gone.

      Still, I do agree that smashing your pc is a bit overdoing it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, it turns out not all girls are “bitches like that”. Luckily, there’s this thing called CHOICE, which means you don’t have to be with a bitch like that, and you don’t have to be lonely, simply by choosing the right woman.

      Ah, what am I saying? Nobody on SanCom has a clue about women.

  • Eh…Blizard will give the characters back guaranteed. I've seen this happen b4 to somebody. It may take a few days to reclaim his characters, though. If he's a diehard WoW addict, I can see how he would be a little pissed off about that lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is obviously fake – someone with that much time invested knows that Blizzard restores characters. Once I deleted my entire account myself, and restored them months later when I wanted to play again. Blizzard does this in less than an hour.

    But yes, the misogyny by sankaku people is funny. Further proof that misogynists are always idiots.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is this website really advocating legal means in this case?

    She should have left the loser and any court who had this case brought to it would roll it’s eyes, dismiss it and throw the book at the lawyer of the person for wasting their time

    Also, grind fest FTL

    • Technically i don’t think any court can really do anything, under the terms of service you don’t own your account or characters, you only use what blizzard gives you so your not even really renting. You have almost no rights if you read it closely enough. Just the right to pay blizzard to advance the cash cow.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s illegal in most law-enabled countries to purposely deceptively waste someone else’s investment in time or money, wether it has anything to do with property or not. And rightly so, I’d say.

        But the court would probably turn to Blizzard and ask them what’s their bloody problem not just restoring the characters. And then ask the boyfriend what’s his fucking problem not just asking for it.

  • Anonymous says:

    i feel bad for the guy but i feel worst for the pc… I wouldn’t go as far as killing the monitor … that’s $300 gone. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to me when i start playing FF14

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t play online games, I don’t play WoW but if someone deleted all those hard work of possibly hundreds of hours, I’d be furious.

    Great thing I don’t have such a bitch as a girlfriend.

    Anyway, he could have just go to the customer support to get his characters back…

    – Firesnake

  • Delete all his WoW characters? dont u wanna kill his mother and feed her to him while u are at it? Or smash his cat and bath him on its blood?

    Yeah, im sure he will love u a lot more now and that this relationship will last forever.


    • Anonymous says:


      i dont get how their thought process goes, the reverse of it would be

      ”i hate her spending all that damn time with her friends, i know, i’ll ‘delete’ them”
      ‘hey honey, im home’
      *carrying 10 heads with him in a bloody state*

  • Anonymous says:

    PERSONALLY, if this happened to me, that bitch better be willing to put out all night. (Note that I do NOT play WoW, but I could understand losing hundreds of hours of work would be horrible)

  • LanceRayne says:

    if you read the user end agreement. Blizzard doesn’t have to replace the characters that were deleted by a person other then the User. User being the account holder. Blizzard is being nice by resetting it.
    this is why you do NOT share your password.
    i give props to the g/f for being suave and filming it. i give b/f /rude for sharing his stuff like that.
    i had a g/f and told her no way in hell i was going to share my passwords with her. she threatened to throw my pc out the window. i told her to leave. no more g/f ah well. back to mah pron and fapping

    • Anonymous says:

      This, you shouldn’t share your passwords with anyone and use different passwords for different things, and most importantly use a completely different password for your e-mail. adding a 1 is not suitable either.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s great and all, but that should mean you keep a list of your passwords in a redundant encrypted file that few people have access to, or on a USB key that you constantly wear in your boxers.

        Somewhat secure, but not very practical.

    • Anonymous says:

      They dont HAVE to but they mostly will.

      i deleted a char once a YEAR ago and they recovered it within an hour when i submitted a ticket. all gear intact etc.

      but yeah. this is just a dick move by that whale

    • Anonymous says:

      Who knows if she knew the password or not. He was already logged and and was AFK for a bit. She just jumped back out to the character select screen.

      But yeah, I didn’t read the title of the video and was waiting for a girlish hissy fit. Didn’t expect him to put his fist through the screen! Man, talk about psycho!

    • TehBoringOne says:

      I had the same experience. My ex wanted free access to my PC and I told her she had hers. She asked me about my passwords a few other times and told her to GTFO if she was going to try snooping into my stuff. I ended kicking her out, though.

      • Anonymous says:

        Unless she was a skilled computer techie, I’d let her have an access to an admin account to just use the computer as some usable general usage emergency device. And use another account myself, with my cookies, my accounts, and no personal credentials unencrypted on HDD.

      • Anonymous says:

        > might as well give her your credit card numbers and your social security, right?

        That’s not ‘might as well’, that’s just imply it, plus some magical cloak making her capable to impersonate you in other various ways. Now admittedly, girlfriends might not have the technical knowledge to understand this, so I guess they don’t mean a lot of ill. It’s forgiveable.
        Just, No! Bad girlfriend, bad!

  • WOW! in all sense of that word ^_^

    I laughed at the part when the girl paused for like 2 seconds and said “That’s like his favourite character” and just deleted it callously with a click. PWNAGE!

  • Azure Sky says:

    I thought of my monster hunter data and cringed hard. i don’t see anything funny about this video at all, starting from scratch after TONS of hours put into the game is probably the most heart aching/ frustrating experience a gamer can ever have.

    I would never hit a woman without a damn good reason but in this case, I’d smack that bitch!

  • An Otaku's Opiate says:

    As far as I know, characters in WoW aren’t owned by their player, but by Blizzard. Therefore, it would follow that he isn’t able to claim an instance of domestic violence on grounds of property destruction, since he doesn’t own the characters himself.

    • Anonymous says:

      he could claim it on the grounds that he spent time on it.

      imagine if she went over to his workplace and told his boss ‘my bf told me to do this’ and kicked him in the balls.

      he doesnt ‘own’ his job but he sure spent time on it and i have no doubt that he’ll get his work back but i also have no doubt that he’ll be fired on the spot as well

  • At least no one on sankaku will have the problem that his (3D) girlfriend will do such things 🙂

    Judging after his reaction the guy is a retard and has a stupid girlfriend, he just deserves it… He could just write them an email and ask them if they have a backup or something…

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, during the rest of our lifetime, AI will progress and progress and progress more. Soon our 2D girlfriends will become near-sentient and start simulating jealousy very well, as well as ‘acting for our own good.’
      They might as well start spying for our credentials and then delete these data that drive us away from our own good.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can get your characters back by emailing a gm. What a dumbass. Now he has no monitor, characters or woman.

      Oh and its not illegal to delete other peoples characters….. way to stretch the truth without researching.

    • That bitch is just showing she doesn’t trully love him at all, she is just a pure and complete BITCH!

      Call GM and show this, is really easy to get the account back, besides, fuck that bitch for last time AS HARD AS YOU CAN then dump that shit!

    • Anonymous says:

      I swear. Sometimes women do things without actually thinkinga bout the possible results. You take your life in your own hands when you destroy/delete something someone really cherishes/worked hard on.

    • Anonymous says:

      jajaja shut the fuck up bitches , would it be a good think if your girlfriend would dump you moment you run into some problem . We all have out problems , and some times women can help us out .

      • Anonymous says:

        After maiming the shit out of her, I would sell that stupid fucking cunt into sex slavery.

        “All he does is sit on the STUPID computer”

        People who say shit like that make me RAAAAAAAAAAGE!

      • Anonymous says:

        Think about it. He was smart in destroying his monitor (well, in a relative sense).. that way he took out his anger on that instead of his girlfriend. What do you think is going to happen when they go to court? You think a jury will give more of a damn about his virtual characters or do you think they’ll care about him beating the shit out of his ex?..

        You break the monitor, take her to court, sue her ass with nothing which the jury can rule against you. Get the money back which you paid for all those hours of game time, restore your characters from a GM, dump her ass, and then spend the spoils of war on beer and your new lazyboy chair.

      • See gentlemen? This is why you don’t ever give your girlfriend/fiance any password besides a general password to sign on a computer (as a guest). Especially if she’s an attention whoring bitch.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone who’s played WoW for more than 15minutes would know it’s prone to getting hacked. It’s easier than ever to get an account restoration done with simple phone call or through emails.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hmm. I guess he wouldn’t qualify to be a nerd. But he’s a gamer. And he still makes gamers look bad.

          Maybe, just maybe! It doesn’t matter if he knew or not because that reaction isn’t justifiable at all.

          Give me a good reason on why destroying you monitor is justifiable? C’mon! Gimme one. He’s taking out his anger on the freaking monitor. He’s retarded. End of story. I have had hundreds of hours of game time lost on multiple occasions with hard drive failures and broken memory cards. Yet, I haven’t broken a single item of mine or anyone’s due to anger. Unless that something was provoking me of course.

          The girl provoked him, not the monitor 🙂
          No, I’m not suggesting murder or violence.

        • Anonymous says:

          Or your just hating cause he’s actually got a girlfriend and he got physically mad in the end.

          Something nerds don’t do.

          News flash not everyone that plays video games of any kind are nerds.
          People maybe, just maybe! He did not know he could restore them?

          Huh… I think I’m a genius for thinking of the impossible.

        • Common Sense says:

          I’d say the girl is probably the more sane one from watching this video. If the guy was fucking crazy enough to explode on his computer, then something was wrong with him from the beginning. I got my characters deleted once. Guess what I did? Got them restored and my computer/monitor were still in completely fine condition.

          She most likely deleted the characters to attack him rather than change his personality. That would make more sense.

          These are the kinds of nerds that make us other nerds look bad.

          Anyone else get the feeling that he plays the 360?…

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, but there is the matter of a 5 character restoration limit. In theory, you can only get 5 characters fully restored and further restorations would only give you your level back.

          Now, I’m not sure if they really follow with this, but that’s the rule.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why doesn’t he just email the GM to get his character back? They’re pretty good about that stuff. Either it’s fake and he just got a new monitor or that guy is a complete moron.

        • Anonymous says:


          Well you have the answer right there.

          Precisely, because to his girlfriend, his characters are part of that ‘thousands of people’ grouping like what you said, A.K.A ‘I don’t give a damn’.

          Whereas to the owner of those characters, they can be considered part of the ‘YOUR family members/friends’ grouping you are talking about, A.K.A ‘This is precious to me!’.

          To put it in simpler terms, this is a matter of how each person sees different importance in even the same object, and how she does not even have the most basic respect for things important to others.

        • Anonymous says:

          Killing someone SHOULD have no difference. The time between birth and death is essentially meaningless, so what’s it to you if thousands of people die every day? You don’t know them, so it doesn’t matter two shits. But suddenly when one of YOUR family members or one of YOUR friends dies, you mourn, you cry, and you bitch. It’s the same way for every human on the planet, and you can’t tell me otherwise unless you’re referencing me directly.

        • Anonymous says:



          p/s: Those two acts maybe of different importance in relation to reality and human society, but they are of the exact same vector.

          But hey, since to you people, as long as something can be recovered, the fact that a wrong has been committed doesn’t matter at all, yea?

          So deleting a character and killing someone should have no difference at all to you people…

        • Anonymous says:

          Even though he can get it all back in time it’s still pissy to loose your stuff. This is why you don’t give out your passwords to other people, that’s just common sense.

          But he could get her in some serious legal trouble. I remember reading about a girl who got sued for deleting her boyfriends Maple Story char after he got an in game divorce from her; and he won. I don’t remember what the compensation was but still.

          You just gotta love how some people think they can just get away with crap like this though. Hell what if the guy had gotten pissed at her and gathered up all her clothes, shoes, and purses and had a big bonfire? That would be a video worth seeing right there.

        • Anonymous says:

          Problem is, when you enter in a blind rage mode, you hit what you see. Although he might knew the monitor had no fault at all, the monitor was showing him he had no characters.

          Was it dumb? yes, but as you said he had end game gear and I kinda understand his rage. (I saw a T10 mage, the rest were not that geared but the mage had T10 which is currently the top tier) I would also get incredible mad if I see my only char disappear from the server haha.

          I believe he didn’t thought atm about talking to a GM and saying that somehow his characters were deleted.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, if in your fist you’re holding your mouse or game controller then it’s really easy to break those. And many people forget to first empty their hands then blast into desk.

        • Anonymous says:


          He was already logged on, all she had to do was go back onto the character screen.

          Although I do agree that destroying that monitor was probably the most stupid thing he could do.

          As an ex hardcore WoW player, I can definitely feel his anger. Judging by the looks of the equipment on his characters it does look