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Final Humiliation – Final Fantasy XIII Now $5 – “94% Off!”


The price of Final Fantasy XIII has dropped to even more humiliatingly low levels, with at least one retailer now practically giving the game away at $5 new, a “one coin” (¥500) price.


Second-hand shops are buying the game for ¥300 – less than a Big Mac or even an unreasonably priced item of Namco DLC.

Whilst overall sales have been healthy enough, with prices at rock bottom already any chance of long-seller status seems quite out of reach, not that it would be realistic to expect this from such a title.

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    • I totally agree. People who say it’s bad is probably too obsessed with those big town and confusing games. I admit FFVII is great, but FFXIII isn’t bad. But i would agree to anyone who says FFXIV is shit.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anything after FF IX which was the best FF ever sucks balls FF X was barely good XI and XII sucked big time it lacked the soul and charm of its predecessors 13 sucks and dont even get me started on FF X 2

  • Anonymous says:

    I play it
    I enjoy it
    still on the last boss and lost against him because my right hand was busy picking up my nose

    fairly a good game, it just lack interraction with the surrounding.

    the gigantuar sure was annoying

  • Anonymous says:

    Is there some reason that we can’t file XIII into the same category of, oh, ALL the others when we say Loved It/Hated It? None of the talking points will ever die and you might as well copy-paste this comment run into a forum in 10 years.

    Personally, I find it too soon to let it settle in in the larger context. What I do know is that I paid $60 for it on release day, played it through to end, enjoyed as a whole, felt I got my money’s worth. Obviously I have more specific thoughts, but I’m happy whenever ANY game can hit those basic points.

  • Anonymous says:

    I laugh at those people who bought the $600 launch day PS3 because it has “potential” and FF13 is coming out for it.

    Then I remember how those fanboys claim that the PS3 sales will explode once games like FF13 and Heavy Rain are released, and I wipe tears of laughter.

    I pity those Microsoft numbnuts, who bribed Square-Enix to bring FF13 to the Xbox360. A must-have exclusive? Haha

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s really overkill.
    I mean considering it’S titeled Final Fantasy and took sooo lon gto be developed it’s a pretty bad game but hey, it got me hooked for some hours.

    More than many other games worth at leat 10 dollar can do.

  • Anonymous says:

    lol cause it doesn’t brick 100% of PS3s we should just ignore the fact that it does brick some of them? And stating that you can’t dislike a game unless you play it all the way through? Just playing for 1 hour of boredom should be enough to be able to say it sucks (I personally think its OK just not the best), but a lot of people play for 5-10 hours before giving up on it becoming ‘good’. And yes not liking the new battle system is a good enough reason to say you don’t like it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well if we don’t bash SE enough, they’ll just end up releasing another crappy game, possibly making Versus XIII crap. Then again, they’ll probably still make crappy games regardless.

  • Anonymous says:

    (sigh)…Another FFXIII bashing article, and a misleading one at that. Didn’t people say it’s just for the first 10 customers? This is clearly just a promotion, not unlike being the 10th caller of some radio show and winning free stuff.

  • Anonymous says:

    Really getting sick of all this ff13 bashing, people are to damn spoiled and if something isn’t to their liking in the least bit, its considered horrible.
    I played ff13 and it was enjoyable.

      • Anonymous says:

        2900? It’s been out like 6 months now. I remember seeing FF12 in the store for like 2500ish after it had been out about 5-6 months. I can find new copies of DQ9 and DQ6 for DS for super cheap as well. It’s just stores trying to push stock. The game has already sold 5.4 mil worldwide. I’m not debating the quality of the game. But this is so typical in the Japanese market…

  • Anonymous says:

    I honestly believe that the final fantasy series should stop coming out as games. Right now I rather watch their Awesome CG cut scenes then going thru the dull and boring routine of killing worthless creeps and beaustifully designed stactic level boss.

    Make CG movies for them instead please!!!

        • ah…kay~… i’ll just do a bit more reasearch to confirm your claim before i do get it for ps3…

          its not that i dont believe you anon…its just that…well…your one of the million floating grey triangles here ^^U…

        • Anonymous says:

          dude it doesn’t break ps3s like people would have you believing…I know plenty of people with the game on ps3(I have it too) and we’re all safe. All the complaints about bricking seem to have been from people who love to sue. Honestly, people love settlement money(at least in the US where I am)

  • Anonymous says:

    It seems like ever since Squaresoft merged with Enix every game they’ve made has been mediocre shit, focusing more on graphics than actually being fun. Why else would they go from masterpieces like FF6 and FF7 to churning out shit like 12 & 13?

    • Anonymous says:

      Again blaiming the merging… sigh.

      Even though they merged, Final Fantasy games are being produced by different Square production teams and Dragon Quest are being made by Enix production teams. They just belong to the same company.

      But yeah I agree that quality has decreased over time.

      I’m looking forward to FFXIV though. Loved FFXI and still playing it so I believe FFXIV might be just a perfect game for me.

  • benwhacorp says:

    okay…I don’t think it’s THAT BAD of a game seriously. I mean it’s different from it’s counter parts, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad game. Would the fans like the game more if it’s called something else? Well anyways the game has a unique and interesting battle system compare it’s counter parts, and the graphics in the cut scenes are very clean. I mean what is there to hate really? the linearness? Oh come on… I heard if you play through like around or more than 20 hours of game play (I’m only in like 10 hours of game play) the linear disappears. In the 20 hours of game play it’s like watching a movie here and there, it’s manageable. Just take your time playing the game. The game is worth to pick up if your new to the genre or just looking for something different.

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t really go away, the only difference I noticed was one big field and little side paths (I got lost for 5 hours). But it’s not bad it’s not the first to be mostly liner.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sadly yeah it kind is, the big tower, the only town your in, the last dungeon, it’s all linear. Like I said I only noticed the one big field with the giant admantoise, the rest felt like linear side paths. I guess people when they first hit the 20 hour mark go OMG IT’S OPEN I HAVE TO REPORT THIS. Maybe I missed something but it is still linear, I guess with the cut scene they gave the area they made it open to keep that feel from the cut scene.

  • i played ff13. once i got out of cocoon and out of the trial room and got to the first main field where there are giant enemies that look like brontosauruses, leveling seemed to be almost impossible. every battle was a pain in the ass, because i had no time to level up before that point. also the manditory summon battles forced you to use chacters with useless abilities.

    it seems like once i start getting confident with an arrangement of characters with certain skills i’ve invested in, the big tough boss battle would come up and i couldn’t use the characters that i put so much work into.

    combine that with the god-awful sluggish pace of the story and i pretty much decided the game was beyond my care and sold it for 25 dollars.

    they put a little effort into MMO style optional quests, but that effort could have been better spent making the game’s main story progress smoother.

    also i did an experiment just before quitting the game. i boosted all of one character’s stats and sold everyone elses weapons and accessories and completely over powered lightning’s sword accesories. even after almost tripling her strength, she stil hit relatively the same hit points.

    basically it was a movie with a broken game encrusted on it. no surprise it is worth 5 dollars new.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had the same problem, but all you have to do is put like 20 levels on the weapons for the characters you use the most and you’ll be fine. On the whole, this game is pretty bad. The story is not engrossing and not well fleshed out; Snow is the archetypal protagonist taken straight out of the archetypal shonen manga, Hope is a mopey emo kid for the first half of the game that I have no idea why anyone tolerates; and Vanille is the worst character ever created. The only thing the game has going for it is combat, and it’s good, but completely derivative since staggering and then gang raping the staggered enemy is by far the best strategy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Square forgot the point of grinding is to become stronger. In FFXIII you never feel like our work payed off. Also the lack of defense stats is a lazy way of forcing difficulty.

      Next Gen Jrpgs just have too mush fake difficulty to the point everything feels tedious. That’s why more people are going for Wrpgs this year. People are tired of tedium and cheap difficulty in jrpgs.

        • Anonymous says:

          Attack and HP, and people really feel no progress in power? When I was taking on quest 24 to grind gil after a while I blazed through the bosses. FF13 is also about setting up the right team to weaken the boss while making yours stronger. I like to use Fang/Snow/Hope and start with sab/sen/syn to boost then com/sen/med then com/rav/rav then once they are staggered I go com/com/rav.

  • ff use to be great, but they are slowly takeing that away.

    im supprised this game there wasnt a, no pretext mode, where you just ran from place to place watching movies.

    what are some basic jrpg elements?
    stat building
    armor equiping
    leveling up
    yea i need to say it again

    there is no level system, barely a health system, and what was it, a wepon slot and 1 or 2 estras. WHAT THE FUCK

    i would rather be bogged down in a character builder where i have to level my wepon, my weapon can be moded the mod can be leveled and there are 20-30 armor slots and all the armor can be leveled and modded, at least than im doing something where i have a sense of accomplishment apposed to… this

    yay i walked through a room.
    yay i watched a movie
    holy shit did you see me walk though that other room
    hay in game movie,
    yay CG MOVIE
    more in game movie

    you get my point right, at least in ALMOST ANY OTHER RPG i level up get new armor and have more sense of accomplishment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok by your logic because you can not level up FF10 and FF12 are bad games, because the sphere grid is almost the same as crystaium, and the board system is a less pretty form of it. Besides RPGs are about gaining more stats, seeing your player grow. Level ups are just a way to use monster fighting and quests as a way to show growth. You don’t need a dramatic level up or a bar growing. I’m not trying to bash you but FF13 while still gear to casual gamers is still a RPG. And I’m glad square is experimenting with how a RPG should be handled, it gets stale since almost all RPGS in the world follow the progress bar formula.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, X had one it just not the usual conventional one. We still had to level the sphere and progress through it, I actually kinda like it btw since you got some sense of freedom to shape your characters but still restricted to their own role (i.e. Auron is a heavy hitter, Yuna white mage, etc).

          alidan, while I pretty much agree with most of your point I still think that mindless grinding is boring if overdone, gameplay/battle mechanic also need to be polished. A system like (recent) SMT games (Nocturne, P3 and P4) is really fun; you CAN still get raped even when you’re higher leveled if you’re fooling around.

          The Matador (anyone who played the game MUST’ve known him) fight stil haunt me till now, one of the rare jrpg boss where I really feel accomplished after beating it. And it was a mandatory fight too…

        • 10, wow, i forgot how much i hated that game. many reasons to hate it, but that “level grid” was the fucking worst.

          and 12 didn’t have a level system? i cant quite remember it, but i know i didn’t have a problem with it not having one if it didn’t, because i had a sense of accomplishment in it at the very least.

          and please do not say rpg and ff in the same sentance anymore. these are jrpgs.

          a real rpg you make your own character, and if you don’t, a more or less blank slate character is give to you.

          in a jrpg there are realy only 2 things that are good in them.

          1# a reliable game forumla.
          every jrpg that doesn’t try to break the mold has it. its level up, build stats, and kill shit.
          2# a fairly interesting story.
          sure allot is the same shit over and over again, just different setting. but its still a decent story and usually fun to play.

          ff10 had the most emo of all ff character and annoying that i ever played, and the “leveling” system was confusing as all hell i actually fucked it up so bad i gave the game up about an hour or 2 from the end.

          ff12 was great, but something just didn’t drive me to play the game to the end either.

          ff13 couldn’t hook me, it was either the fact that when i played black guy and the girl in the robot area i actually just watched tv for 10 minutes and killed the things, or the whole i cant chose who i play with or as, and i hated so much of the main cast, or the fact i had no sense of accomplished in the game, or that i hated that it went back to a turn based combat instead of what ff12 did, or there are no cities or there is nothing i would call a fucking rpg in that jrpg it should have been a what 12 hour long movie. and i played the damn thing for 5-10 hours.

          see if you want an rpg to be an rpg it needs 3 things.

          1 you play a role
          2 you have a stat system (equipment)
          3 there is a sense of accomplishment

          jrpgs almost all fail at 1, see they give you a person to play and 1 long line to follow. thats why they are jrpg instead of rpg

          2 because you cant have a real table top rpg experience in a game yet, you need a level system and equip system, and ff 13 fails at that alomst entirely

          3 and a sense of accomplishment, you just killed your way through a 10 level dungeon got to the last boss and beat his ass. any other game this would be a major accomplishment. ff13 however lets you redo every fight, they give you full fucking health on death, and the only thing you do is watch a movie. to some this is a great sense of accomplishment, “hay, i “played” this game and got to the XXXXXX movie, lets see you suffer that long”

          my point being this was barely a fucking game, much less an rpg.

          next ff i want to see it have a rougelike stat system, and levels, levels, levels, fucking let me level the fuck up.

          o and let me put it this way, a table top rpg, like d&d, the monster may be level 15, and you are level 4, but with a good dm the encounter can pan out where you beat the level 15 thing and in a clever way, not just hitting it, but hitting the environment, like a cliff collapses on it, you distract it while one of your party hits a tree to get it to fall on it and than you lure it under the tree and jump out before it falls. with this you get why i call them jrpg’s now?

        • Anonymous says:

          Lol? Everyone knows that FFX or FFXII doesn’t use leveling system. FFX uses a sphere grid and FFXII uses a license board. NO LEVELS.

          FFII, FFX and FFXII are the only FF games in the main series that doesn’t use leveling system.

          Learn the facts.

    • An overly simplistic, stale RPG experience for the FPS crowd.”
      Introduction- Final Fantasy has been around for a while, but Square Enix has been struggling with the series for a long time. The 3 games of the psx golden age (Final Fantasy 7,8 and 9) received massive praise as some of the best in the series. The games leading up to the 13th installment however, have all received notable disapproval from fans of the psx classics. That said, Final Fantasy 13 (FF13) had to wow audiences, it was the game that desperately needed to regain the attention of the fans of the older games in the series. Sadly however, the game falls short of this goal. and its only noteworthy feature is its laundry list of shortcomings.

      Gameplay- The gameplay of Final Fantasy 13 is unique, in that at times it can feel exhilarating, winning a battle will feel like a total accomplishment, and the experience rewards will seem oh so sweet. Other times however, the battles feel pointlessly lengthy and incredibly frustrating. Final Fantasy 13 immediately shoots itself in the leg when it decides to chuck the concept of `va-ri-e-ty` out the window. What the game mainly consists of is you, the player, running through a narrow corridor no more than 2 meters wide with no branching paths, plowing through hordes and legions of ultra generic cyber soldiers to reach a cutscene, after which you will progress to the second floor, which in most cases is practically a carbon copy of the alleyway you just moseyed your way through.

      The lack of enemy types is truly disheartening, every now and then you will encounter enemies such as cyper panthers and ridiculously underpowered cube monsters, but 90% of the battles will consist of fighting either

      foot soldiers with guns
      foot soldiers with rocket launchers
      foot soldiers with healing powers
      foot soldiers with jetpacks

      The bottom line is, every fight feels eerily similar to the previous. Not only are the enemies similar by appearance, their tactics and rewards barely differ at all. It eventually gets to the point where you will be trying to slip past enemies unnoticed just to take a breather from the constant grinding, the sighs of frustration you will encounter when entering a room filled with 50 enemy monsters will remind you that the core gameplay feels much less like a video game of any kind, and much more like a chore. The saddest part is that by skipping the incredibly easy and lengthy fights in between levels, you are making the challenging boos fights nearly an impossiblity. Occasionally you will encounter a fun boss, one that puts up a challenge, takes some effort and tactics to beat, however you will also occasionally encounter bosses that are not only challenging but cheap. Real cheap. We´re talking one shot killing you at max health cheap, the cheapest of cheap.

      After establishing just how boring the combat is, you´ve nothing left to experience with Final Fantasy 13 and the reason for that is quite simple. Previous Final Fantasy game were renowned for giving you some freedom. Yes, the games have always been linear, but in the classics, if you wanted to fly around the world map, you could. If you wanted to go to the towns to play cards, you could, if you wanted to go monster and eidolon hunting on different islands, you could. In Final Fantasy 13 you cannot, because there is no freedom. How should I put this so that the most dim-witted individuals could understand what I mean.

      No world map
      No towns
      No exploration
      No mini-games
      No side-quests

      Nothing. This is by no means an exaggeration of any kind. The game will automatically send you from zone to zone to battle monsters with the only break from the combat being the occasional cutscenes which you´ll be delighted to learn are filled with cheesy dialogue, constant repetition of the same ideals and sub-par voice acting. The end result is something that feels much less like an rpg and much more like the worst hack n slash game you ever played. Speaking of rpgs, it seems Square Enix sort of forgot to add any real rpg elements to Final Fantasy 13.

      Character skills are learned through basically a line, one skill unlocking after the next with no real choice. Though Weapons are upgradable, but with an experience based system as opposed to an item based system. The game is stripped down, bare-bones if you will, it is quite possibly the most simplistic and broken down, easy to digest RPG ever created, in that you will only spend just under 10 minutes developing your characters, all the time you spend elsewhere will be spent on fighting.

      Story- The story is one of the game´s strong suits. It manages to keep you just hooked enough to the characters to be interested in their backgrounds, and to learn about their reasons for fighting. Narrated through a series of flashbacks and dialogue between one another, the story progresses in a way that´s easy to understand and easy to not have to force yourself to like. It´s just a shame that the story progresses so slowly, with half the cutscenes you encounter including absolutely no advancement in the plot whatsoever. There´s also a short novel´s worth of database entries for you to read should you be interested in the backstory of the towns, playable characters and NPCs, obviously, these develop as you advance through the game, so you can refer back to them at any time if you should feel a little lost, a neat feature with alot of attention to detail.

      Sound- Sigh, must we have this conversation? If there is one thing FInal Fantasy games have always been renowned for its the soundtracks and unfortunately enough this is another department in which FF13 fails to deliver. Taste in music is quite possibly the most subjective thing known to man, one man´s trash is another´s treasure as they say. That said, the music in FF13 is dissapointing to say the least. The boss theme in particular being a massive let down, as it is so uneventful and stale, half the time you´ll wonder if the track is even playing anymore. The regular encounter battle theme is bearable, unfortunately, the developers decided to use this same track in so many cutscenes and areas, that 3 hours into the game it will already be that annoying tune that keeps playing in the back of your head, trust me when I say it gets old, real fast.

      The quality of the mix is very good, as opposed to the synthesizer tracks from the psx titles, these songs are fully orchestrated and sound rather overwhelming at times, which begs the question, why wont you let me hear the songs? The background music is unbelievably quiet when compared to the sound effects of sword slashes and magic whistles, and there is no setting in the options to increase the volume of the music. This is another huge downfall in gameplay, as the music will remain mostly unheard while swooshing and exploding sounds conquer your stereo system. Its terrible to listen to. Regardless of how stale the music sounds compared to previous installments in the series, it would be much better if the songs were more audible, they´re definitely more intriguing than the sound effects.

      Graphics- The graphical shortcomings of FF13 are non-existent. In a word, the game is beautiful. Character models and environments look gorgeous, with huge attention to detail. It is easily one of the best looking games out for the xbox 360 and ps3 consoles. Bloom effects are well done, lighting and reflections are also astounding. The word Beauty takes a whole new meaning when viewing the pre-rendered cutscenes, as if the in-game engine didn´t provide players with enough eye candy, the cutscenes are borderline film CG quality. If you were to nitpick, you could point out that the animation on hair is a little shaky, but its nothing that detracts from the overall experience of the visuals. The one major complaint worth raising is the amount of damage indicators popping up on screen while you play, at times you´ll witness a wall of numbers literally take over your television screen.

      Replayability- A playthrough of the game should average around 40 hours. Once its all said and done there really isn´t any reason to go back, as stated before, there are no hidden items to go collect, no regions to go and explore, no treasures worth caring about missing, just the same old alleyway gameplay.

      Conclusion- My thoughts should be rather clear by now. What Final Fantasy 13 is, is a game catered to the fans of simplistic, mindless games. It is a game made for the first person shooter crowd, because currently that´s where the money is in the gaming industry. Final Fantasy 13 is much less a game than it is a mere business tactic. Its a way for Square Enix to make some sweet green, nothing more. To put it simply, there is nothing in Final Fantasy 13 that you have not seen or experienced before in a game, and most likely the previous experience was far more fun than Final Fantasy 13 will ever be. Your money will be better spend on a more in-depth RPG, if you can even call FF13 one.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem stems from the fact that S/E foolishly produced way more copies of the game than they could sell. AGAIN.

      God, how many times must you repeat the exact same damn mistake before you finally learn from it, Wada?

        • I bought my game from a friend and i thought it was a great game to play stoned! I dunno what most of you are complaining about. sure the story is linear and sure, you cant revisit some of the best parts of the game, but i dont think it was meant to be the type of game that you run around the whole map back and forth till you know it like the back of your hand. I say its an amazing and beautiful game and you will have an awesome trip if you play it high!(pun intended)

        • Anonymous says:

          I bought it when it came out and it pretty much worked out to this, short-form.
          “Wow nice cg.”
          “Damn this combat is fast. Can’t really play this stoned….” (High? yes. Stoned? Hell no. =(
          “Lightning is like Squall…bleh”
          “Ok, what the fuck is this shit?”(in regards to the story and plot)
          “Argh! Snow is a moralfag AND a dumbass!”
          “Sudden change in Lightning’s gloomy, fuck u guys, attitude to motherly without any real explanation other than some bullshit about needing to protect Hope or something.”
          “What- THE FUCK?! I DIE AND ITS GAME OVER!?”
          “Forced 2 person parties? Ehh…”
          “Snow and Hope? Of all fucking people….”
          “Right on! Dragoon/Lancer chick (forgot her name) and Lightning duo now!”
          “Wow…her out of the box is very very underwhelming.”

          I stopped playing after that and sold it to a friend who wanted it.

        • Anonymous says:

          apparently neither does Artefact…people have a ton of hate for a game they either have not played or have not finished. All I’m saying is don’t knock it ’til you try it and try to think for yourselves instead of letting this site do it for you, which often seems to be the case.

        • Anonymous says:

          You know the game is not that bad. I mean it is completly different from all FF that we have played thus far. Change is good, sometimes. I think they should have stuck with the true battle system; then again I am old school…
          ONE other comment. Is some dumbass, bitch gonna comment on my grammer and puct. or my epilise? PISS OFF huh?

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t get it. Why do people bash on another for their grammar, punctuation, spelling and the such. Who freaking cares if everyone or anyone is more stupid than you are. Further more why do you care if he/she is correcting someone incorrectly? Why does any of it matter? I only comment on it now because you are either an egotistical jack ass or a English professor, still making you a jack ass. You sir/miss are a punk, hell both of you are. Criticize someone English, get a damn life.

        • Anonymous says:

          First of all, “what’re” isn’t an actual word, dear anon. Second, your sentence structure is off, even if it was. Without compounding “what” and “are” into a single word, the sentence becomes, “Do you even know what are commas or suspensive dots?” Which is grammatically incorrect, the correct syntax is “Do you even know what commas or suspensive dots are?”

          If you’re going to correct someone’s use of the English language, you should at least attempt to be proper yourself.

          Also, the previous anon before you, did in fact use a set of ‘suspensive dots’ as you call them, immediately after the term “shut the fuck up.”

          As another note, ‘suspensive dots’ are correctly known as an ellipsis, or a suspension point.

          Finally, I was able to perfectly read and comprehend the one original anon’s statement, so either I’m smarter than you, or you sir, are a fucking stupid cunt. What do you mean you couldn’t “understand” what he wrote? It’s rather easy to read, it even contains periods, imagine that, periods in a fucking online post, that’s generous.

        • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

          Keep snorting up them Ffxiiiy dust, sucker. You deluded twit and I’m bettin’ a knocking around a chewed up dirty ball on a string is another of your pastimes~
          Setting silly aside, I tried the game out since my nutty dumb sister bought it- rushed to the toilet because she can’t handle shaky cam and FPS games – and practically gave it to me free!

          I then plunked it in the box and gave it a whirl~ til the first save point. I gave it a awful beyond awful on everything and it’s now collecting dust.

        • Anonymous says:

          shut the fuck up…it doesn’t brick everyone’s ps3. I have it and love the game and everyone I know with it loves it too. I’m betting the majority if not all of those even bashing on the game never even gave it one play-through or they just aren’t into the new battle system. Its a good time waster if you actually complete all the missions(especially if you’re trying to get 5-star ratings on all 64 missions on Gran Pulse)

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          For games like this, a 30 day trial would mean bankruptcy 😛

          I had a backyard shop nearby my home which gave you a PS1 game for 2$ if you gave another PS1 disk to them. It was AWESOME!! I used to finish games and kept bringing back most, keeping only the best ones, cycling all their stash I think. In the end, they closed their business 🙁

          I liked the idea but I could easily see how many games would not get any profit at all if such schemes were common. XD