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Xenoblade Ideal vs Actuality “It’s a Marathon Sim!”


Xenoblade, the much heralded Wii RPG so unrelated to the Xenogears series nobody can fail to mention the fact, has seen the release of actual gameplay footage which seems rather at odds with high tempo action displayed in the trailer.


This exciting trailer shows off some of the game’s characters at their finest, such as it is…


Comments range from “What part of this is seamless?” and “It’s a marathon sim, right?” to “They made the city pointlessly huge but neglected to put in any fast travel” and “That city is suffering from severe depopulation!”

In any case, it appears lofty expectations of the title have largely been shattered.

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  • I think that the huge enviorment is great. The lonely aspect of the game appeals to me, and besides walking around so much you can really appreciate the scenery. I am really looking forward to a localization of this game.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well I think this game looks pretty goddamn awesome. The trailer looks great (even if the faces are a bit unusual) and the gameplay looks pretty interesting as well. Sure the town is a bit barren, but it makes a nice change from RPG capital cities that are 2 streets, a vendor and an inn. And when the character jumped off the top off the mountain all the way back down to the water at the bottom, my eyes nearly bugged out- yeah it looks like it IS a nearly seamless world.

    And what the fuck was that about “They made the city pointlessly huge but neglected to put in any fast travel”? Did that moron even WATCH to the end of the trailer? What was the last thing shown? Oh, would it have been THE FAST TRAVEL SYSTEM? Yes it WOULD! WHO’S A CLEVER BOY THEN?

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    “What part of this is seamless?”

    Maybe it’s “seamlessly boring”? And why is the game character so effing zoomed out?

    But I love the music… and recognized it almost instantly. It’s Yasunori Mitsuda (missed him in both Xenosaga Episode I and III), this time along with Yoko Shimomura.

  • PrinceHeir says:

    the world looks awesome even though the graphics is not that great still looking forward to the gameplay. this is only the first part of the game im pretty sure you’ll have a more faster pace as u move on ^^

  • Did you guys even watch the second video the whole way? They do have fast travel. They use it at the end to get back to town and they chose where in the town to reappear at.

    This game looks good. I want to get it.

  • Anonymous says:

    It looks very pretty, but…

    “We’re running, we’re running, we’re running…”

    Gimme a mini-bike, or a go-cart, or a horse, or something to get around the world there with!

  • Anonymous says:

    I don`t understand what is the purpose of criticize the game saying that it’s is marathon sim. In all RPGs the player is running from the beggining to the end of the game….

    I suppose the writer doesn’t like Wii.

  • Anonymous says:

    The comment about it being a marathon simulator has a bit of truth to it, but otherwise this game seems fine.

    Graphically, it’s good enough. Certainly not a FF production, but last time I checked good graphics =/= good game. There are plenty of HD failures floating around (I’m sure I don’t have to name the most recent example).

    As long as the story is decent this should be a pretty cool game.

  • Anonymous says:

    nnnnot sure I’m seeing where the problem is here.

    game companies have been promising “seamless” games for years, they’re always lying, so that should be no suprise… and it’s kinda sad that there are apparently people who forget Rule Number One:
    Never Trust a Trailer.

  • Anonymous says:

    i don’t know what the hell japan is complaining about. first they hate ff13 for being too linear, then they get something with a huge open world and complain about that too. i think its more impressive that they fit such a large world onto a game for the wii with, as far as i can tell, no loading screens at all. also the music is excellent.

  • SpideyPHL says:

    Funny how people keep finding excuses to talk shit about FFXIII even though this has nothing to do with it. If anything, this has more to do with FFXII, which the graphics look comparable to (and that’s not a bad thing, FFXII was an amazing looking PS2 game). FFXII had a solution for the depopulated city that this game should probably have looked into though: a lot of people running around that you don’t interact with, which is somewhat more realistic than talking to every single person in a city. The battle system has some potential as well, i really enjoyed Xenogears but the Xenosaga games put me to sleep with their combat system.

    The only problem here is that it’s a Wii game, and I can’t think of any third party RPGs (or many third party games at all) for the Wii that have actually done all that well. It’s kind of the catch-22 of JRPGs, to sell any at all they need to be on PS3, but the development cost of making a full fledged HD RPG is more than a lot of these companies can stomach, so you end up with compromises. In this comparison, I think bringing up FFXIII is appropriate, although unlike seemingly everyone on this site I liked FFXIII . It’s not one of my top FF games, but as an overall game I think it had good pacing and the open world stuff only slowed it down too much if anything. I’m kind of hoping this is one of those “beta” type games that this site likes to make fun of, and this is preparation for an upscaled PS3 game.

  • Anonymous says:

    The game looks good though. Of course, they should have implement ways of transportation, like a animal of some sort to ride, or a glider to fly or something. But the overall of what I seen from this game shows it pretty good for a WII. Yes a WII…
    Do japanese know what they want? Sometimes I think they do not.

  • Odd, did they just fast travel in a few last minute of the movie??? The combat seem a bit too noisy and boring but it’s maybe better later. And I don’t like the character design and game idea much so I guess I shall past this game, it have nice robot model though.

  • Anonymous says:

    You’d prefer corridors?

    I’m guessing this is not typical gameplay but instead a technical demonstration of the environment. It’s bloody nice how you can just walk out that big town straight into an even bigger forest and then look bag to see the place you were just in from a distance.

    That jump right at the end showed was very impressive, showing it’s not all just painted backgrounds and then you could quickly relocated via menus to save yourself a long walk.

    I’m not the biggest JRPG fan anymore but it was a damn sight better looking than what I had to deal with in FXIII. I’ll never get those hours back!!

  • Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of the gameplay on FF12. Vast fields and cities of what seems to be endless wandering… but this doesnt have load times! I wonder how you will build your character and the item systems and such. This games looks promising and more surprising is on the wii.

  • Anonymous says:

    The combat looks very dull, now i do realise that hes fighting level 4 monsters at level 13 but that just means its either tons of backtracking or your chars are just overly leveled from the start.

  • Anonymous says:

    why post the so called epic trailer half of your readers dont even understand wapanese i dont get it what so epic about it

    the trailer looks like a drama just wasted my 3 mins listening to moonspeak

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m really digging the huge environments and attention to detail, although it IS weird that the towns are so devoid of life. It doesn’t seem like it’s a hardware limitation, since Final Fantasy 12 and Dragon Quest 8 were able to do it on the PS2.

  • Looks pretty good to me from that video! I agree, the massive areas are a little sparse. The city I can imagine getting a bit boring without few more NPCs hustling and bustling around. But the environments look absolutely brilliant, the animations are smooth, the music is nice, the combat looks…OK, but not sure how well it’ll hold up.

    I mean I don’t think it’s going to be the ‘next great JRPG’, but seems promising.

    @Phantasm above: You’re right! It IS FFXII! That’ll be why I like it then, I though XII was sweet 🙂

  • It looks nice enough. I think PS2 did this already though. Isn’t it called FF XII? The town does look huge, but the swimming and changing from day to night adds a nice touch. Might have kept my Wii if they released this maybe a year ago. Hope it does well, Wii needed an RPG.

  • Anonymous says:

    Certainly a whole lot of nothing going on in that video. Having a huge city with little to do in it isn’t much of an achivement.

    The character runs pretty fast, but it still takes minutes to get through the city.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, it’s not the most, graphics-wise. Ever seen U R MR GAY and U R MILY?

      And if you didn’t know, the GC was already more powerful than the PS2 and capable of better graphics, so if you put two of them together…

  • A media product is announced!

    Normal consumer behavior: A Product hits the sales without fulfilling it’s original promises and thus the consumers’ wishes – Does not buy the product.

    Normal otaku consumer behavior: A Product hits the sales without fulfilling it’s original promises and thus the consumers’ wishes – Bashes the product online then buys it regardless, after that bashes it some more.

    A Sequel is announced!

    Normal consumer behavior: AFK

    Normal otaku consumer behavior: Bashes it on the internet about it’s crappy prequel. Buys the product regardless. Bashes it more at will.

    Game creator-san knows this as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, apt observation!

      I notice this quite often in video games now, I guess it’s because they’re trying to appeal to both people who want to explore and those who fear getting lost.

      The end result always comes out to be a big, artificial mess of big forest corridors, canyons, invisible walls. It’s fairly cheap.

      This can be observed in pretty much every Bioware title since KOTOR, Obsidian’s barely functioning messes, and MMORPGs such as WoW (Ironforge) and some places in Ragnarok Online 2; as well, various modern JRPGs such as this one.

      I’m not a fan of it, but I hope everyone who wants to play this game finds it enjoyable none the less.

  • Anonymous says:

    The game HAS a fast travel system, as can be seen in an earlier trailer (and at the end of this video). It is comparable to the one in Fallout 3. The lack of NPCs in the city could be due to the time of the day. Honestly, this game seems to beat FFXIII in nearly every aspect, with maybe the only exception being the human character models. I dearly suggest the author of this “article” to do a little more research instead of basing it on comments made by people who obvliously can’t get over the fact that their precious FFXIII is little more than a CGI-Movie with some gameplay snippets. My expectations are definitely not shattered.
    But anyway,thank you for uploading the video.

  • Shitty Xeno reference on a Wii instead of a full fledged awesome Xeno title for PS3 with direct relation to Xenosaga/Xenogears?

    It seems developers this days loose the common sense, or perhaps go senile.

    • Anonymous says:

      let’s see… xenogears died due to publisher/creator disconnect and is NEVER GETTING A SEQUEL, xenosaga got a game chopped by budget nonsense and yet is considered “finished”… just what in the nine hells are you expecting?

      and are you basing your “OMG IT R TEH SUXX0RZ!”ing on just this snippet of sankaku-standard “everything sucks” reporting?

      or are you perhaps just being a stupid fanbrat?

      • budget cuts and publisher issues…. whatever there was, it doesnt change the fact that Xenogears was damn awesome game I enjoyed this shit out of. Xenosaga did dissappoint in the beggining, but by the end of Episode 3 I was shedding tears of satisfaction. Yes they could be better, but they were good neverless. If they made a game that was using Xeno series as pylon, they wouldnt lose anything, but only gained, considering their new game would be also good.

  • Anonymous says:

    ….game looks pretty damn amazing for a Wii thing. Walked right out of the city into the wilderness without any real pause, looked back at the city, that’s something most rpgs haven’t really done in a while.

    And slightly seamless combat as well. I like what I see.

  • Anonymous says:

    What are you talking about? I didn’t see any negative comments on the video. And honestly, what I watched…I really liked. Music was great, world looked interesting. I’m certainly not gonna make any hasty judgments based on a video until I play it though.

    “In any case, it appears lofty expectations of the title have largely been shattered.”

    I love your sweeping statements.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh really?

      You know, there’s another game series that made a shitload of money off about eight games set in a simulated MMORPG, along with two anime series, a few OVA, a full-length film, and quite a bit of merchandise…

      It’s called .hack, ever heard of it?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s on Wii, dude. They probably thought they should give more RAM space for the exploration. Notice how people ‘show up’ when the player get’s closer to them them. It would take hella lot of hardware power to render all the population at all distances.

      After the terribly claustrophobic experience that was FFXIII, playing this will be like getting out of jail after serving for 20 years. This game also has morning/noon/afternoon/night in-game.

      I know I’m bringing up FFXIII, but when every FFXIII message board online still has people debating about it, it’s difficult to not draw a comparison with it.

  • Shippoyasha says:

    Human depopulation? So this takes place in Japan some thousand years in the future?

    But wow that city is way too big and empty.. It feels a bit lonely… That wispy music isn’t helping..

    • It looks pretty amazing for a Wii game, I might even play something different then just Brawl in it now.

      I just didn’t really like the User Interface, companies should learn with MMORPGs that minimalism is win.

        • Anonymous says:

          which brings us back to =
          when devs make the world open, people whine
          when the devs make the world streamlined, people whine

          the moral of the story is devs should, and from interviews many have long realized, that most of the people online just whine

          they whine because they think they have THE ANSWER of what would make a good rpg (even though it usually results in “remake FF7!”)
          they think they have the answer to what a given rpg “should have been” (even though frequently the developer made no indication they were going such a direction)
          and when it doesn’t match the image of the rpg in their skull, thats never going to exist because none of the whiners are actually game developers themselves, they whine that it was done “wrong”

          basically, devs are going to hear whining no matter what they make.

      • Just an additional challenge. ^_^

        This game looks just fine. Exploring huge worlds is way more interesting then following fixed paths.

        FF XIII has basically no towns. Players complain.
        This game has big towns. Players complain.

        Really funny. ^_^

        • Anonymous says:

          The problem is that past games had ‘big towns’, but they tended to be scaled to where it didn’t take fifteen minutes to run from one side to the other, and looked less empty because they were more compacted so higher NPC/area population.

          This is one area where 2D games really excelled, since the vaguely SD graphics meant that the scale was smaller, so you could run by several buildings in an area in the same amount of time it’d take someone in a slower 3D game to bypass one.

          In a game like Suikoden II you would have large cities which gave a ‘big city’ vibe and were fun to explore, but also had fair populations and it didn’t take so long to trundle around them.

          Suikoden III, which went 3D, had a similiar large city, but with the 3D came a somewhat slower movement speed so it was slightly more annoying to get around at times. But even then, it wasn’t as bad as some later RPGs where it seemed to take forever to trundle about, in favor of ‘realism’.