“Would You Dump Your Boyfriend If He Fell For Nene?”


A survey of Japanese women asking what they would do if a man they liked became engrossed in Love Plus gave surprisingly tolerant results – 72.6% would like them all the same, they say, whilst 27.4% would dislike losing out to an idealised virtual girlfriend.

A sampling of the opinions offered by ladies responding to the survey:

“If my husband did that it’d be totally gross!”

“I’m always fretting over male characters so it doesn’t bother me at all.”

“Depends on how bad it was. If he really wanted to marry one I’d be gobsmacked…”

“Who cares. But if he started to talk about going all over the country I’d be pretty shocked.”

“I’d just do something else whilst he was at it so I don’t care.”

“My little sister was watching a programme about Love Plus on TV and was totally amazed.”

“If he was playing a dating game whilst I was there with him I think I’d be pretty dejected…”

“I’m playing it too so I don’t mind. Nene is my wife.”

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