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Sony & Square Enix Face FF13 Bricking Lawsuit


A class action lawsuit has been filed against Sony and Square Enix, alleging they knowingly continued to allow Final Fantasy XIII to be sold despite it damaging consoles. The lawsuit is seeking “in excess of $5,000,000” in damages.

The plaintiff alleges Final Fantasy XIII “caused [customers’] PS3 consoles to freeze and become totally and permanently inoperable.”

He apparently experienced a crash on saving which “bricked” his console, and points to a hundred or more other cases reported on online forums since the March release of the title..

It is further claimed that “both Defendants are eminently aware of the damage being cause by their defective products, and have chosen to do nothing about it.”

Both companies are in fact said to have blamed each other for the failure, and to have done nothing.

Sony’s PS3 downgrades are even mentioned – it is said Sony demanded $270 to fix the (out of warranty) console, or $150 to provide a refurbished later model, lacking the PS2 compatibility possessed by the plaintiff’s original console.

All this is alleged to be a violation of Californian consumer protection law, and to constitute grounds for a class action lawsuit as damages are calculated to be in excess of $5,000,000 – a maximum is of course not specified, it being in practice “as much as we can get.”

Coming on the heels of the Linux lawsuit, this does not look to be a promising development for Sony.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I played the game for more than 100 hours and my PS3 works perfectly…That’s bullsh#t,so they can make a profit for nothing.Sony should sue each and every one of those losers for making unbased accusations and tainting it’s name.

    • too many sequels? Only final fantasy 10 came with a sequel (ff X-2) which i agree i didn’t like, however, the other games had little to no connection with each other. (i.e. characters, battle systems, storyline,etc.) Please gather the facts before you go about making remarks about something.

  • Anonymous says:

    A PS3 is only like what….$300 now.
    The game is maybe about $40.
    Just throw the game away and get a new PS3.
    If that happened to me, I wouldn’t be able to take it to court.
    Not that I would though, just leave it alone or email square or something.
    I dunno, don’t get norky with it and make a big scene.

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL! They knew that this could brick their PS3, but did nothing about it. When their PS3 crash, they attempted to sue SE. We didn’t even know if they deliberately wanted to play until it crashes and then to sue just for the $$$.

    FF13 shouldn’t even be released out of Japan. At least this would serve as a protection from lawsuits outside of Japan due to that you’re not even allowed to play this game outside of Japan.

  • It amuses me that everyone is so quick to say its Sony’s fault. If every other game can save without causing a problem, it is unlikely that the issue is the PS3’s. This will be pinned on SE if anything ever comes of it.

    Now, additionally, whats to say that the system just didn’t hit a point and die? After selling millions of them it wouldn’t surprise me if among a couple million, 100 would just randomly die when they try to do something that utilizes a failed part.

    Should I sue Microsoft or the Opensource group behind Linux if by chance my system dies when I go to save a file? Parts die, boo hoo. If this was a higher percentage maybe it would be an actual concern.

    Also, in regards to the other Sony Lawsuit, they dropped support for it. Doesn’t mean they are removing it, they aren’t forcing you to upgrade and then take away the “other OS” support. Don’t upgrade and leave your linux on it, now was that so hard?

    • A woman who sued McDonald’s (because the stupid bitch left her cup of coffee in her lap as she was pulling out of the parking lot) got awarded millions. And now ever since then they have that Caution: Contents Hot label on their coffee cups. Any reasonably smart person would’ve known the fucking coffee was hot to begin with and NOT leave it in their laps while dealing with traffic.

      The point of this story? Stupidity is rewarded.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t really think you should worry. The chances of that actually happening to you are very low…and there’s just as much of a chance of that happening on any other console.

  • Anonymous says:

    It is going to be these same people that sued sony after burning out their ps3 through hours/days of playing that cry when they stop making games and systems that they buy only to complain about how they spent their money.

    First comment ever on here and probably my last due to my sudden need to turn off my computer for a while and go outside…

  • Anonymous says:

    The people who are bashing on us being ‘sue happy’ are assholes, to be blunt. The real thing is that most Americans are too willing to NOT sue, like my parents, when they have been reamed with the old spiked metal pole by someone!

    These people are just using the legal system for what it is meant for: to get redress when they honestly think that they deserve redress.

    • Anonymous says:

      first of all those who lost money because their PS3 broke down after 20 continuous hours of play should not have the right to say: Damn you Sony and Square Enix! Because of you i just lost 20 hours of my life and 600 dollars! They need to own up to THEIR fault in not taking breaks or what ever had to be done to avoid a PS3 meltdown. Come on guys get out and get a tan, a life, and maybe even a job… god knows you need the social life…

  • Sony has a big record for getting sue,the Church of England had sue Sony in 2007,NARM wants to sue Sony for illegally forcing retailers to carry compact discs with software and promotional inserts directing consumers to competing retail locations owned or operated by Sony, here is another one Canadian company Certicom sue Sony for that Sony’s AACS encryption process infringes on Certicom’s patented elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) meaning Sony has to pay a commission to Certicom for every Blu-ray equipped device that they sell that’s why Blu-Ray was expensive thanks to a Canadian company.

    Sony been geting screw not by use but by the whole fucking world.

  • Wow. SE, your really trashing your good name more and more aren’t you..? Sony better start making some changes too. It just got back in the race, so this is no time to fuck up.

  • Anonymous says:

    “And I’m proud to be an American! Where at least I know I’m free!” (Until I scuff someone’s shoe and get sued for over 2,000,000 dollars in damages for scratching what was probably a 25 dollar pair of shoes from payless.)”And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me! God Bless The USA!”

    It’s times like this that make me hate my own fucking country…

  • Anonymous says:

    took forever to get the platinum on this game, about 120 hours total, with most play sessions having 10+ hours each…

    so overheat? possibly… PSN problems? more likely… end user stupidity? i’d bet my money on the latter, plantiff probably pulled a huge fuck-up on his part, and is now trying to profit off it

    hell, for all we know they reached behind the PS3 and manually turned it off while saving…

    i’m american, but even i have to /facepalm at some of the shit that happens here…

  • Anonymous says:

    Meh… just shows how much work is still needed on the PS3s, i own a 360 and FF13 and it runs fine if not purfect… or just might be faulty PS3s… money can only go so far…

  • PrinceHeir says:

    pretty much anything can be sue in america. this guy is pathetic. i don’t know why he deals he’s problems by suing why can’t he you know find a job or save enough money instead of paying your lawyers and hoping to win in a long process. he’s even lucky he has a gaming console not everyone on the world has one yet do they complain? really people like these are plain stupid and ignorant

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think it’s an entirely bad thing to mercilessly beat the tar out of a large company; if money is the root of all evil, then what lasting virtue can become an entity that’s only purpose is to turn a profit?

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are all these lawsuits against Sony always in California…

    What the fuck is wrong with California…?
    Can’t they accept that their console gave up… I have a 40GB and got FFXIII it never ever froze with that game… ever…

    This might be the same idiots who sued Sony for OtherOS…. Americans… it’s always the Americans…
    No offense though…

    • Yeah…. it’s kind of a running gag nowadays how sue-happy we Americans are. The truth of the matter is we’d all pretty much like to be left the fuck alone, and would do anyone else in the world the same in return…. except for our fucking meddling polichickens and their butt buddies in the judicial branch.

      Their policies last long after they’re out of office, and yet we’re the ones left holding the fucking bag at the end of the day when all’s said and done.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, software can brick hardware by ‘pushing’ the hardware too hard, making it overheat, etc.

      Heck, back in the days of the Commodore, there was a program called “THE GAME OF DEATH!” that would overheat and PERMANENTLY RUIN your computer.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fuck you all, I played the real game last year when it came out, not the fake game which came out here in March with substandard dialogue and millions of dumbass American fans.

    • Anonymous says:

      Weaboo Detected >.>

      The developers of your so-called “real” game wouldn’t let it be localized if they think about Americans like you did. Heck if they did think like you then they will loose a lot of potential income. Lucky “they” make that game not like fags like yourself… (-.-)

    • I am an American I didn’t Sue Sony, the state of California did that, not the rest of America had anything to do with that Lawsuit,the fact this was a Consumer issue.

      Your from another country(and I hear this a lot for people from other country’s) complaining about how expensive the game cost from Sony to Xbox 360.If you bought a game that was $120 to $60 and it fuck’s up your system which you payed $300 to $600 would you sue Sony?

    • Anonymous says:

      All I head from this post is “I’m a japaophile who only likes japan stuff and thinks all Americans our dumb asses when I don’t think for a second that gaming started in the US to begin with”.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope they win. Sony are assholes constantly taking away features, and they have the gull to charge $270 for repair, vs. $150 for a new model. That’s horseshit. If you pay for a $600 machine and they stop making it, that’s not your fault. You should be able to get repairs for $150 as well.

      • The oldest PS3 isn’t even 4 years old, so yes, I would expect them to keep parts for all 5 versions. It’s not the fault of the early adopter that Sony decided to change their mobo half a dozen times.

        • Sure. Technology advances, costs go down. That makes everyone happy. It’s not really that new, either. There were something like 12 different PS2 revisions over the years. The problem is if people who bought a V1 are getting shafted only because Sony has moved on to V5. And an extra $120 just because he wants to keep PS2 support is shafting to me.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, that is commonplace in the console area today. As the consoles go on, they are ‘refined’ with better hardware/cheaper hardware that runs cooler.

          Heck, I was looking at Toshiba computers (yes, I know it’s off-subject) and the model that just has a SLIGHT processor and memory change runs 33% faster than the older model that has almost the exact same specs.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder who gets rich on this lawsuit, this is America we’re talking about. For sure the poor souls who were unfortunate enough to have to pay for the console repairs never get see a penny of these $5 million….

  • Anonymous says:

    So these $5 milllion, are the going to help out the unfortunate souls that had to pay to get their consoles fixed, or are they going into the pockets of whoever came up with this lawsuit?

    I think you know the answer; lawsuits in the US is something someone gets rich on, not something that is done out of justice.

      • A virus can’t destroy a PC. It can only screw up the data on your HDD. No matter what this is something you can recover from. Reformat and reinstall. This same problem could, I guess, happen on the PS3, but I doubt that would involve $270 in repairs just to format a hard drive.

        People say that their systems freeze and stay dead. I fail to see how software can do this regardless of platform.

        • Anonymous says:

          Exactly this. I also fail to see how something as simple as a disc-based game can cause an entire piece of hardware to crash. And if it was a particular game, then why hasn’t EVERY backward-compatible console crashed?

          I’ve got upwards of 80 hours right now (post-game) with a BC PS3 and it MAGICALLY hasn’t crashed.

          Something as complex as the PS3 OR the 360 doesn’t simply crash because of one game. Hardware failure is hardware failure. If you’re going to sue anyone, sue Sony.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, this was the last thing Sony needed to pop up.

    Oh well, maybe if they hadn’t been so arrogant as to think they could charge $600 for a system and not face karma out the ass…

  • Player’s game consoles are bricking,
    the plaintiffs’ lawyers are gold-bricking,
    and Sony’s executives are shit-bricking.

    All in all, business as usual in the gaming world.

  • Anonymous says:

    If people keep suing Sony for every problem they get off their PS3, eventually Sony will shut down due to bankruptcy and all PS3 will be useless. Let’s see who they’ll blame then.

    • This is a worthy lawsuit, its a big problem if a game with a known problem isn’t being fixed that costs you at minumum $300, i’d be mad too if my PS3 broke because neither Sony or SE would fix the problem. I wouldn’t trade in either, i have one of the very firsts from the first month of release so my waranty is definitly gone. And i’m not about to trade for some non-backwards compatable POS, or even pay any money to have it fixed when i’m not the one at fault.

  • I have a feeling Sony’s game division will be no more in the near future…with all the impending lawsuits they might just cut it all together. If they didn’t do stupid shit like this they wouldn’t get sued, serves them right.

    • Anonymous says:

      And what “stupid shit” did they do? Not replacing an outdated system with an outdated system?

      Look, I have a 60gb original myself (which has been getting louder these days). If it break’s I’ll be pretty pissed, but guess what? I don’t plan on running around like a jackass trying to sue everyone. I can bet you people have had Wii’s die with metroid in them, and 360’s die with pretty much anything in them. Do people run around trying to sue the Nintendo, MS and the game makers? No? Then why sony? Because they’re more likely to pay them off?

      Your comment on how it somehow “serves them right” only shows that you’re as misguided as this clown. It’s exactly whats wrong with the mentality of lawsuit-happy people in the US (not everyone).

    • Anonymous says:

      Better? Define what makes it better? No bug? 1 Issue and the issue has never happened to me where as i own a ps3 from release date. Wait i own my 360 from release date as well. Enough with the fan boy shite please.

      • Umm, the Xbox itself is full of bugs, fuck the games, the system is shit!

        When did these alleged “system failures” occur? The game has been out for damn near 3 months and now all of the sudden there’s bugs? And is there any proof that’s it’s this particular game or even SONY that’s responsible?

        • Anonymous says:

          At least they fixed it. How long has my 360 been around and has not failed me? 4 years.


          I wasn’t expecting this. Not from Sony anyways.

          *checks PS3*

          Still alive. 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    I used to love everytime sony made something and failed, as I got pissed off with sony fanboys coming into a nintendo chat room only to talk shit… Now I kinda feel sorry for them, I think some people need to be fired and hire some new blood. Because at this rate, next gen will just be nintendo and microsoft.

    • Anonymous says:

      QQ I R N1NT3N60 FANBO!

      Sony is not Square Enix/soft so go back to your small corner of this world. Developer issue which should have been fixed nothing to do with sony IMO. IF sony knew then fair enough other wise Shhhh.

      • Anonymous says:

        It has nothing to do with sony not being square. The fact is, everytime something bad like bricking happens on a console, it puts more heat on the console regardless of whose failure it is.

      • Anonymous says:

        So anon likes the game, and you feel inclined to tell him that he shouldn’t like the game? If you need to do that, maybe the game doesn’t suck as much as you want us to believe, no?

        • You know what I think the real problem is? People are paying too much attention to the dungeon map up in the corner. I’ll admit, it’s a bit simplified, telling you exactly where to go and only showing you where you are allowed to explore (which isn’t much for good portion of the game) But the same is true for games like Tales and Eternal Sonata (plus many more) but those games didn’t have dungeon maps serving as constant reminders of how vastly un-explorable the world really is. Yet not as many people if any were complaining about how “linear” those games were.

          But it doesn’t matter since the real fun in the game comes after you finish the story and return to Gran Pulse (the most non-linear part of the game) to complete the marks.

        • Anonymous says:

          of course Lord Ryo’s comment is in the negatives (its actually truth)…seems that most readers on Sankaku don’t think for themselves, accepting OPINION as fact. the fact is that the game has more non-linear game-play than linear game-play if you actually play into chapter 10 or so and the chapters beforehand aren’t straight corridors(that’s pretty much just chapter 1 of 13 chapters if you actually look back at the article on here). I’m about 100 hours in myself and I’m just working on completing the 64 missions they give you in one of the chapters(the chapter you first get true non-linear play).

        • “the part where there is nothing to do other than follow corridors and holding down X suggests that there is something wrong with him having to play 100h+ to beat the game”

          ^ Somebody obviously haven’t played the game.

          I beat the game in around 30 hours, but have so far clocked in over 200 hours. He didn’t say it took him 100+ hours to beat it, it’s a good game so continuing play even after the end credits roll is understandable.

          With that said, I have had no problems with the game or my system. I personally think people are overreacting or over-exaggerating in yet another attempt to sue SONY for tons of cash.

  • Anonymous says:

    It seems like a software problem so sofware should be able to fix it.

    Unless sony decde to be greedy and let SE take the hit hoping they have to buy all new consoles for those affected.

    • Sony…being greedy? Never lol. From the description of the article, it looks like both will get an equal share of the foot up the ass. Both were just passing the blame to each other knowing it was a problem, but choosing not to do anything but blame the other.

      • Anonymous says:

        Let me guess… You are from another country and think that all laws and legal process of your homeland should apply to every country in the world.

        A suggestion either way: go learn about how basic legal process works before you make yourself look too foolish.

        • DeathCrunch says:

          Anon 16:00, try actually readin an article once in a while.
          The reason USAF is pissed isn’t because they have to deny patches, it’s because getting replacements or extras for a larger cluster is near impossible since Sony refuses to sell vanilla Ps3’s or repair them at a reasonable price.

        • grgpsunk

          when i got a ps3, i wanted to put linux on it for my little brother, i didn’t because by the time i was ready to do it, we had a shitload of saves, downloads, and i didn’t want to deal with moving the files at that point.

          if i had, i would have been among the first to sue them over false advertising and a knee jerk reaction to a huge fucking what if without proof.

        • Anonymous says:

          USAF’s purpose for using the PS3s are for military purpose. It would not harm their operations in any way even if they forgo the patches leaving them with dated firmware with Linix support.

          The patches are clearly targeted at gamers.

        • Dude, regardless of its American origin, this lawsuit isn’t uncalled for, unlike many others that occur on a daily basis.

          Sony’s been screwing around a lot these past three years. I’m suprised the US Air Force didn’t send in fighters from Misawa or Kadena to bomb Sony’s headquarters after they removed the Linux functionality from the PS3.

        • first off i live in America. need to get that out there.

          now on to responces


          they usualy come from america because in america layers get there money in % from the lawsuits or a fee at the beginning of the process, some even go in per week amounts.

          if you have a lawsuit that you know is going to be thrown out, get a thousand or so $ form the guy, take it to court, if it gets thrown out, who cares, you made a few grand, if it goes further, yay, you get a bouns in the % you charge on win.

          that way any dip shit can claim a suit, and they get paid regardless.


          lets go japan, the guy who killed himself because of a false grope claim.

          the faimaly wants to sue but layers are wonder if its even worth it, as in its unlikely anything would happen from it.

          if that happened in america, shit would have hit the fan and hit it hard by now.


          in america, and the rest of the world, companys are willing to fuck you in the ass, no lube, till you die of internal bleeding, if it will make them even 1$ richer.

          there are alot of bullshit lawsuits, and most of them get thrown out or handled right. but allot are valid, yet stupid.

          here, let me explain a tactic used by many fitness places.

          sell the bullshit
          sell it hard even if false advertising
          get fined that 10million form the BBB
          subtract that from the 50mill+ in profits they made.

          they come out on top. even after they knowing fucked the vulnerable people hard.

          i had to take a break to eat so i forget if there was anything more i wanted to write here.

        • Anonymous says:

          Regardless of its American origin, it’s not like it’s a misguided lawsuit like most of the others. Sony’s been screwing around way too much these past three years.

          I’m surprised the Air Force hasn’t already dropped a JDAM on their company headquarters after they pulled the Linux support.

        • Anonymous says:

          actually it IS worth pointing out that few countries in the world have as much lawsuit abuse as the United States does.

          that’s a big reason why there’s so many calls for the regulations for things like class action suits to be revised

        • DeathCrunch says:

          @anon 05:27
          So you’re saying that you think that no other country in the world lets you sue people?
          Or maybe you’re just so butthurt because someone pointed out what a whiny bunch of crybaby faggots your country is inhabited by that you made a fool of yourself by spouting nonsense?

  • wow?? didnt bother my ps3 at all. but them trading non-backwards for damaged backwards is bs. i know they dont do backwards compatible anymore but they should repair the old ones instead of giving a bunk one.

    i think this is going to go badly for sony…