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Red Dead Redemption “Cost $70 Million” “Must Sell 4 Million”


Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar’s “most ambitious game to date” (though not on the PS3), has been a huge commercial and critical success, but still needs to sell at least 4 million copies just to break even, analysts say.

The game’s development cost is estimated to be in excess of 70 million dollars, “suggesting a 4.0 million unit ship break-even estimate,” says one analyst.

However, the game looks to be on course to easily meet even this huge figure, says another:

“On the heels of a large marketing campaign and impressive critical acclaim Red Dead is selling extremely well, and should lead to Q3 guidance above consensus.

We believe management originally budgeted Red Dead to ship 1-2M units during the quarter, but is now seeing demand for at least 2-3M units.

As a result, many retailers were quickly left out of stock, which is now driving robust re-orders. As a result, we think Take-Two could see sales of 3M units in the July quarter, and as much as 4-5M units by the end of the year. We are raising our Q3 estimates to reflect 3M units, up from 2M units.”

This would mean total sales in the region of a quarter of a billion dollars – certainly a blockbuster by any standard.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone bashing this game is an insular faggot. Go fondle your fucking anime toys. Yes I added that last sentence in to be a hypocrite, it gives me an erection when I contradict myself.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can’t understand why the even bother to create anything else except gta…it’s the best choice=| anything related to gta would sell like hot pancakes…Even if it would be some whore simulator..
    Why western?=|..i just don’t get it=|Who likes western anyway?…
    As someone said..It’s just a gta with horses…so why bother..

    • Anonymous says:

      Rockstar has the rep and money to make a game like this. Sure, it’s a sandbox gutter game, but atleast it was different. Oh noes, it’s not some douche bro with rampaging muscles or a weeboo andro angsting queer rehashed fantasy setting where you “save the world”.

      It’s different. And goddamn it, atleast it tried outside of every goddamn boring game that’s come out the last five years. A hero is not you, John Marsten

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone accusing RDR of being a movie clearly hasn’t played it. A huge amount of the dialog between characters takes place DURING gameplay rather than during a cutscene.

    Granted, it shouldn’t have taken devs this long to figure out you can pace character development with interactivity, but better late than never.

  • Anonymous says:

    $70 million? Are you kidding me! It’s not a movie! Pay the programmers, pay the voice actors, a few ads….maybe $10 or $20 million, but not $70 million. What if the game is a dud and doesn’t sell? Hugh loss and fired workers!

  • Anonymous says:

    If they made this a PS3 exclusive, they would have made more money. By making it cross platform, they were not able to maximize the power of the Cell, and thus people are not buying it.

  • Anonymous says:

    IGN and Gamespot were paid to give this piece of liquid crap of a game a high rating. I had more fun playing Lost Planet 2, UNCHARTED 2, and Gears of War than this load of bull. Red Neck Redemption is boring as those who like the game.

  • Anonymous says:

    A US$70,000,000 game with full of bugs and glitches. Nothin but shooting cowboy faggots, stupid concept, and riding invisible horses. Graphics aren’t that great. Gameplay boring as hell. Save your money and go buy a pirated copy in the 360. REALLY DEAD Redemption sucks balls.

  • Anonymous says:

    GAME IS JUST ANOTHER BORING MOVIE!!! When will next gen devs LEARN THAT GAMES SHOULDN’T BE 90% MOVIES. I had MORE FUN play an ugly ass game like Nier compared to Red crap Dead or FFXIII movie adventures.

    Btw freeroam just gets boring as hell after 5 hours. A Japanese dev even pointed that out(which is why most of us like their linear games) With boring freeroam you already see everything the boring game has to offer.

    • Anonymous says:

      Movie? What the hell? The game had maybe max 8 min cutscenes before gameplay so you can’t compare to example MGS4’s hour of briefing + 30min cutscenes.

      Learn the facts and go play your Nier.

    • Anonymous says:

      ” GAME IS JUST ANOTHER BORING MOVIE!!! When will next gen devs LEARN THAT GAMES SHOULDN’T BE 90% MOVIES. I had MORE FUN play an ugly ass game like Nier compared to Red crap Dead or FFXIII movie adventures.

      Btw freeroam just gets boring as hell after 5 hours. A Japanese dev even pointed that out(which is why most of us like their linear games) With boring freeroam you already see everything the boring game has to offer. ”


    • Hmm…. odd. IMHO, free-roam sandbox games NEVER get boring… Just playing GTAIV sniping people and avoiding cops never gets boring for me. And online play is an awesome added bonus. Now I play RDR and I doubt I’d get bored that easily.

      still, you’re right about the “GAMES SHOULDN’T BE 90% MOVIES” part. I enjoyed Fallout3, Dragon Age possibly more than…. wait.. well, now that I think about it, Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2 and even Red Dead Redemption, although had a fixed storyline, I enjoyed it a lot more than the games wherein you create your own path..

      But yeah I guess they should’ve made Red Dead Redemption with more freedom of choices.. Rather than freedom of movement and exploration.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Though not on the PS3”?
    Really? ‘Cause it’s the same game as the Xbox 360 version. Unless, somehow, for some reason, Rockstar delivered a different version to the PS3. In that case, I’ll gladly shut up.

  • Anonymous says:

    The game’s development cost is estimated to be in excess of 70 million dollars, “suggesting a 4.0 million unit ship break-even estimate,” says one analyst.

    even estimate,” says one analyst.


    says one analyst.



  • Anonymous says:

    Fuck Rockstar. After what I heard about their treatment of the game’s developers, they can kiss a dick. Oh, and you know why it’s selling so well? Quality has nothing to do with it. That huge wad of cash you hear about went into MARKETING this game more than developing it.

    -The characters (aside from the main character) are all flat rehashes of old western stereotypes.
    -The female characters come and go without having ANY emotional value (and the way they just fucking up and vanish too, DAMN that’s shitty writing!)
    -The ending was stupid also. Not the first ending, the “real” ending. I won’t spoil it anymore than this: It was a fucking anticlimactic scene, then the credits
    -The game is empty compared to GTA (pick a version). On the 360 it’s just invisible barriers, mountains, and grass. On the PS3, its invisible barriers, mountains, and desert.

    Overall, the story was great until it got halfway, then it went down hill. The characters, aside from the MC, are forgettable to the point where the game seems to forget them itself! Want to know what games SHOULD get this kind of attention?
    *Trauma Team (Wii)* *Nier (PS3)* *Persona 3&4 (PS2)*
    Hell, “Trauma Team” has moving pictures instead of 3D graphics, but ATLUS hired REAL VAs, so the drama they want to convey (which is fantastic) is done so professionally. And no, I’m not a wieboo or whatever. I just appreciate a narrative that isn’t half-assed and voice acting that requires real talent. I WISH Western game makers had the foresight to hire Amanda Wynn-Lee or Liam O’Brian for Western original products.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, it’s all due to marketing. You are one of the geniuses to figure out this super industry secret. If some crappy game fails to sell, then obviously it must be because they didn’t advertise enough.

      Why don’t you go hire yourself out to some of those failed car manufacturers or airline companies? Those morons running the company obviously need a dose of your clever corporate strategy.


    • i should say i havent played it, that being said there are a few things i want to point out.

      everything i watched, the va was great.

      and in porfessional va there are 3 kinds.

      amateur – this is hit or miss, some are great, some blow cock, but these are usually just background shit.

      mid pro – these are almost always complete shit. they can only va one way sell and cant do shit any other way but that one, you know the stereo type captain kirk voice? that is a mid pro

      true pro – we dont have many of these for va in america, even great actors suck at voice acting half the time. but if you want to see a real one, look at spike from cowboy bebop.

      now as for glitches, they are in every game. and sandbox games are notorious for being a fucking bitch to debug, if the game is playable more than 90% of the time, you have nothing to bitch about.

      others have more or less told you the other parts i believe.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great game, I seriously hope that they can recoup the development costs made. They deserve it.

      And for the people going “So much money on marketing!?” That is normal practice in the game industry, developers only get a fraction of the actual sales.

    • I have to disagree. I found the majority of the characters to be interesting Rockstar-esque takes on admittedly Western stereotypes. I’ve become incredibly bored of the Rockstar tendency to over-parody their characters, but I found RDR to be an odd pleasure.

      I have to mostly disagree with your observation of the female characters. All of two of them, by the way. Three, if we count one rather unimportant one. In any case, this is not something to blame on the writing, but rather on the structure of gameplay. Rockstar games have never been about being able to revisit old characters, and thus once missions involving them are finished, the characters don’t stick around.

      I don’t see a particular means by which it could be different. What were you looking for, a dating sim? Marston’s a married man.

      As for the game being empty, it’s the Wild fucking West. The wilderness is mostly barren because it’s the goddamn wilderness. It possesses enough life to fairly simulate the world around it, with creatures and characters moving throughout it. The cities are relatively populated, and have various things to do in them. I think you’re just irritated that there weren’t gigantic cities, which would have been rather contrary to the game and presented no real benefit.

      All in all, I simply can’t agree with where you’re coming from.

      • I’d disagree too, but I do think he has a valid point with the emptiness – there really is very little to do outside story missions, and in free form play the game is rather unbalanced, there being little viability in banditry, no possibility of productive cowboy antics, and the only really lucrative trade being hunting.

  • moebius22 says:

    It’s an impressive game in terms of scope, even if the graphics leave something to be desired in spots.

    This game should sell very well all over the U.S., and especially in the West and Midwestern United States.

    • Caligastia says:

      Amen. As a person who has enjoyed JRPGs and the presence of japanese culture and art in gaming, I just hope japanese developers react appropriately.

      I can’t help to feel that they just can’t grasp what makes great western games nowadays and why they have success. It’s about compelling storylines, characters and originality, things that seem to have degraded in japanese games over the last few years, especially in JRPGs of course.

  • Anonymous says:

    i agreed Zelnick said. GTA IV, while fun and enjoyable is, in my opinion, “less great” that RDR. I don’t know i guess it is because i’ve played the OTHER gta games but RDR does look like a fresh take on a memorable genre in games (even if it already had 2 other games).

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    My math must suck~ 4 million times $59.99(averaging here) equals: $239,960,000! Subtract the cost in making the game ($70,000,000)equals: $16,996,200,000~
    …Are they telling us that they spent nearly 17 million dollars to advertise this game?!

    • Anonymous says:

      The $240 million, $4 million times $60, is revenue (i don’t think $60 is accurate, since they must be selling to the stores and distributors at a lower price). $70 million is game development cost. The remaining $170 million goes to not only advertisement cost, but also the production cost. DVD and blueray disc cost, cost for burning them, cost for the box and manuals, distribution cost, etc.

    • here let me correct your math a bit.


      in a perfect world that would be just awesome. but it isnt.

      lets say every game costs… 2$ to produce the case, and 10 more to produce the game itself… no lets go 15 with that one. than lets figure in what was it, 12$ more just to microsoft, and they sell the game to retail for 56$ because i know that retail makes 14$ a game sale.


      now there is also a publisher cost, and i forget what that amount is. but lets go with the 27 figure now


      now im missing something here because there is a 38 mill profit…

      ah instruction booklet and game cover. lets say that cost 4$ total there. that shaves off another 16mill

      yea that number seams about right now. someone tell me if any of my numbers are horribly off.

      • Anonymous says:

        a case costs half a dollar, a blu- ray costs 13 dollars, and making a booklet dont costs more than 10 dollars, these are the prices you normally get overhere, and since is mass produce it should be cheaper for them, so i quess it dont takes more than to make one game.

    • Anonymous says:

      Err, too much zeros here. You went from millions to american billions with a substraction.
      I think you meant 169,960,000$.

      Now, IMHO, 17 millions seems a lot for advertisement.

  • get the pc version then mod the hell out of it to either fix all the bugged models or…
    Make even more bugs!!! deers with guns, flying horses and MORE!!! lol

    on a later note
    i honestly think these figures are too optimistic

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t even have a working CD-DVD rom for about 5 years now…can’t even remember when i actually bought a game(or music\film) last time lol…
    So yeah…pc games(and everything else) are easily pirated…
    Though all that wild west setting doesn’t exactly interests me=| but well…
    Me want Vice City 2 lol…^_^

  • I have the PS3 version, but my lens is failing so I got stuck in West Elizabeth until I get a replacement. This game is decent; much better than GTAIV but a lot smaller and shorter than I hoped it would be.

    I am also hoping for a PC version too. It would be nice to play the game with mouse aim, mods, and graphics that approach modern levels.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, when you count in the horrible textures, the low resolution and aliasing on the console versions, the problems that plagued the PC version (ffs on 1 of my PCs i had to set my desktop resolution to 800×600 everytime I wanted to start the game!), it really is the best game ‘evah’

        • Anonymous says:

          Well..if u have certain problems with the game and other ppl dont…it’s kinda a reason to think..maybe it’s not the game?)
          And anyway..i’m talking about the game itself…not some techical issues…

        • Anonymous says:

          Well,i didn’t have a single problem except there is one place where u can fall under the texture in TLaD episode…no problem except this one…
          U just kinda picky imho…=|
          If u’re looking from problems – ofc u’ll find them…

  • Anonymous says:

    people will be waiting a while for a pc port if the time it took for a pc version of gta 4 is any indication. it’s still a great game on consoles anyway so there’s no real reason to wait unless you just want to be able to pirate/mod/whatever it or something.

    • Exactly. Why should I buy a console when I own a computer – which does more than play games – it also usually has better support and the modding community is awesome. Although, games for the PC are much more easily pirated, I guess.

        • Anonymous says:

          If the PS3 gets truely hacked people won’t be using Blu-ray discs to play the games since they will get external hds to put the games on and play and getting a 1tb hd is cheap and can fit many bd games.

        • Anonymous says:

          This blu-ray burner argument is pretty retarded. Yet I see many ppl keep using this argument about why nobody pirates on the ps3.

          It cost less then a wii to get a blu ray burner and some black blu ray disk. If they can afford a ps3, they can afford a burner and some blank blu ray discs. A burner is 139.99 on newegg nowadays. By the time they burn their 3rd ps3 game, they would already be saving money.

        • Anonymous says:

          Except the PS3, which hasn’t been fully cracked yet, nor would it be very feasible for most pirates to pirate for, due to the cost of blank blu-ray disc’s and their burners.

    • Anonymous says:

      dude fuck it , shouldn’t buy video games from assholes who treat PC gamers as secondary consumers . Why do we need to wait a year or two before we can play the game, considering the fact that our systems are the most powerful .
      should boycott those shit-heads .

        • Anonymous says:

          Agreed with 18:40

          The death of PC gaming has been decreed for quite some time, although both Amiga and ST precede the whole PC oriented towards the home market. Least in Europe anyway.

          As for only Blizzard keeping it alive.

          Thief IV and Deus Ex 3 anyone?
          Warhammer 40k RTS games?
          Works by Stardock?
          Piranha Bytes and their Gothic Series?
          Bethesda with their Elder Scroll Series, and now Fallout?

          And the list just goes on and on.

          Seems to me that console guys would love to see that final stake driven into the heart of pc gaming. But I do believe you’re dealing with the wrong type of undead here. Staking it won’t work.. It’s a Revenant and it’ll keep on coming back till it’s killed those who harmed it in life. 😛

        • Anonymous says:

          I’ve been hearing that PC gaming is dead for as long as I can remember. But guess what – PC gaming is still alive and the platform is still the driving force of technological development. Your precious consoles are nothing more than stripped down and locked computers. PC is, and will always be the pinnacle of innovation. Consoles are just lagging behind with tons of generic games, nearly all of which are clones of a game that started out on the PC.

          People never realise how bad a vendor lock is, until it’s too late. Enjoy your cheap consoles and games. If it wasn’t for PCs, consoles wouldn’t be neither so cheap or so powerful.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ha, PC gaming was diying from the very start. The NES, Master System were supposed to kill it before can take off, the Amiga and ST were supposed to kill it again… then the 16 bits consoles, then the 32 bits generation… then the PS2 and now the 360 and PS3.
          Woah, the PC gaming must be terminator or somethig…

        • Anonymous says:

          How can you claim that PC gaming is not dying? The fact that even RTS games are now being released on consoles reliably, and or exclusively isn’t a big fucking hint to you? Get a clue please. The only part of the PC industry that isn’t dead is Blizzard Entertainment.

        • Anonymous says:

          PC gaming dying? No not really. Commercially dying? Yes slowly but surely. PC gaming will probably remain as consoles cost a bit more to develop on and are censored. So your eroge’s etc etc will remain on the PC. Next you have FPS games which still play a whole lot better on a PC than on a console (Auto-aim FFFFFFFFFFFFF).

          The market is really changing and it’s expected that PC games, commercially at least, are going to become more and more rare to see at regular retailers. I don’t believe this to be bad since console game development does have it’s advantages for the developer. You’d say that you will encounter a lot less bugs since you have to deal with only a few hardware sets instead of millions of combinations. But still you see lazy-ass ports on all consoles…

          Both platforms (PC, Console) have it’s pluses and minuses and I do believe PC gaming is going to shrink enormously over the next decade. It’s a shame really since most of us probably grew up with more PC games than console games. (Although I know people who never ever even played a PC game but did play loads of nintendo/PS1 games..)

        • Anonymous says:

          All it comes down to is how easy the platform is to develop for, like it or not, consoles are the choice.

          You only have one set of hardware to cater to with a console and sometimes a few revisions, PC’s you have thousands of different parts, then operating systems, and then horrible DRM like ubisoft has used lately.

          FPS haven’t left PC because most people who play them still prefer a mouse and keyboard. MMO’s are much easier to access from a PC rather than a console.

          Most MMO’s are extremely poor quality and are basically clones of themselves. Also none of the consoles have good networking capabilities, microsoft is the only one making an attempt and is still way behind.

          Console technology is always behind computers from the day it’s designed, and this is why graphically intense games hit PC instead of 360 or PS3 where graphics are limited. And no I don’t consider God of War, Gears of War, Final Fantasy etc graphically intense.

          This is all pretty basic stuff, and should be pretty obvious. Piracy doesn’t affect gaming as much as people go on about, it more like “well I had to pay $$ so why the hell shouldn’t you?[insert crying type]”. With soft modding and flash carts, nintendo hasn’t gone bankrupt. Neither has hollywood considering how profits are up this year.

          PC gaming is a dying platform, just enjoy the ride.

        • Anonymous says:

          The control would be better on the PC, but Rockstar always locks the framerate of their PC games at around 30fps for some reason. So if the console control pad isn’t an issue, just get the 360 or PS3 ver.

        • Anonymous says:

          Personally if it was available on PC I would download that instead of buying it for my PS3 (which still remains uncracked). Things like God of War 3, Killzone 2, etc I would have pirated in a heartbeat. Games that are on both PC and PS3 I will almost always download on my PC.

          I’m still not sure why I never got a 360 instead.

        • You only have to look at the quality of contemporary PC releases to dismiss that argument. Nothing but niche titles, MMORPGs and sloppy console ports – how in any way can you compare that to PC gaming 10 years ago?

          And whatever pirates may proclaim, clearly publishers do think PC releases equate to giving away their games – whether correct or not, who can say, but these companies are certainly not run by complete idiots as a bunch of pirating paupers seem to so earnestly believe.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t really think PC gaming is dead and that is because we don’t even know the total figures for PC game sales. PC game sales were higher then any single console up until a few years ago and were higher then the PS2 at it’s height. It now looks very bad but if you pay attention as PC sales have gone down the expansion of online distribution methods has been increasing rapidly. The problem with current ways of determining PC game sales is that online distributors (like Steam) don’t publish their sales figures so you won’t know how well they are doing.

          The only way I would ever try this game is if I get it for free so if this gets on PC I guess I may be one of those pirates that wouldn’t count as a lost sale. If this doesn’t I guess I won’t even try it even though I have an Xbox 360 and it isn’t even worth the loss of a dvd.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lol @ 15:25 06/06/2010

          Really, PC gaming is dead huh? Well compared to consoles, PC gaming has pretty much always been dead. I love how people like you cry over pirates, stating complete crap as evidence.

        • Anonymous says:

          Because piracy only happens on the PC right?
          Excuse me as I leave to play my pirated version of Red Dead Redemption on the 360 console I’ve yet to buy or rent a game for, yet have played 20+ games on…

        • Anonymous says:

          @ 15:25
          That’s the dumbest shit I’ve heard on here. You think pirates would kill the game sale? Don’t be such a moron. Look at any top selling game and you’ll see massive pirating. And yet they still sell millions. Hmm… how does that work genius?

          Oblivion sold very well and not only was it pirated but it didn’t have any DRM. Even Spore sold well and it was pirated just to be pirated. Wake up and smell what you’re shoveling. What kills sales is over reaching DRM. That hurts far more than someone that probably wasn’t gonna buy the game anyways.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Small minority of those who pirate games would have bought them” is a blatant lie made up by asshole pirates to pretend they aren’t screwing companies out of their rightly earned money. Yes, not as many people would buy it as had purchased it, but “small minority” is complete and utter bullshit. It’s that ass-backwards bullshit thought process that killed PC gaming in the first place. If you say otherwise, you’re either uninformed, a moron, or both.