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  • Anonymous says:

    Of curse that PSMove is more accurate o_o in the archery game they are using 2 ball-controller for 1 player! if i could use 2 wiimotes instead of wiimote+nunchuk of curse i would have that accuracy …

  • Anonymous says:

    Jesus fucking Christ, Artefact…

    Stop sucking Sony dick already, this is getting a little out of hand.

    They can come out with fucking GARBAGE and you’d still praise it to a status it’s nowhere near.

    ..oh wait, THIS IS!

  • Anonymous says:

    Why the fuck does it say “this place is good” on the wall when the people in it are clearly brazillian or some such shite. OBVIOUSLY THIS IS A GOOD PLACE FOR 5 MINUTES UNTIL THE MAFIA OVERTHROWS THE VULCAN GOVERNMENT!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Still just a gimmick. My love of Nintendo fell to 0 when they made their new system nothing but a cheap gimmick, and the fact that it found ridiculous success (and by extension highlighted the stupidity of the masses) on intensified that hatred.

    A gimmick is a gimmick and all these motion controls are gimmicks. The tech just isn’t there yet for true motion sensing on a home system. When we get to the point you strap on a few straps and fully control a character in the game world, a’la the motion capture tech used for film special effects and gaming characters, then I’ll be sold on motion control in a system. Until then, this is just another cash grab form the ignorant masses and casual gamers who should just keep playing their freeware social games on facebook and the teenage baby sites.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was thinking about getting a PS3, this is actually bad news.
    I don’t give a fuck about all the wigglin and wagllan with the magic stick, I want fucking games. If Sony’s gonna focus on that shit now well, thats bad news for games.

    Not that project natal was good either though.

  • Anonymous says:

    You have to remember, Sony has that kind of tech to make controllers like this. Nintendo doesnt yet they still deliver.

    Sony = Tv, Blu-Ray, etc etc
    Nintendo = Pure gaming company

    When you think about it, Nintendo wins hands down.

  • PrinceHeir says:

    imagine playing No More Heroes Paradise,Demon Souls,Resident Evil 5,Monster Hunter PS3 heck i wouldn’t mind Metal Gear Solid 4 with this support come on sony implement it in these games.

    also note: marvelous please make no more heroes paradise 2(based on desperate struggle) with move support,very sweet mode and theater mode,trophy support,dual audio(enj/jap) w/ dual subs imagine watching bizarre jelly 5 in HD heck even the boss battles in HD would be mind blowing

    motion controls are awesome if done right ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anonymous says:

      I can imagine it making people very tired.

      Punch-Out on the Wii allows you to play by punching with the controllers, but literally everyone I know who has ever played that way will do so for one or two rounds and then switch forever to standard controller mode. It’s just too tiring for a long gaming session.

  • Anonymous says:

    Totally unrelated, but it seems that comments flood in at a certain hours in a day. The discussions about Move was pretty peaceful until a short while ago.

    Still, the only way to judge motion controls is by playing with the controllers themselves. Wii owners should know it because I’m sure that I’ve never seen someone playing with the Wii controller look cool from another viewer’s point of view. Just remember Reggie from E3 a few years ago and you should know what I mean.

  • It really doesn’t look much more (if at all) impressive compared to the Wii with Motion Plus. It’s just the Wii in HD. Not something that qualifies as “exciting stuff”. Not even close. Especially knowing that it’ll hardly have any support because it’s not a standard on the ps3.

    • Well in terms of game numbers it already has pretty much exactly the same number as the Motion+, and that’s before launch.

      If the Wii had launched with Motion+ it wouldn’t have become such a catastrophic joke amongst the video game community at large. And at the end of the day it’s still likely to end this generation with some of the least impressive motion control tech, behind Move with it’s more accurate RGB diodes and perhaps Natal. Though I think the Wii will still be a better solution then Natal, on second thoughts.

      • The difference is that price of entry for Motion Plus is less than $20 (only $10 in most cases, because it comes packed in with most M+ enables games). Playstation Move isn’t even going to come close to that. Also, many of the Move’s features are standards in the Wii Remote, even without Motion Plus. Like the all important pointer functionality (by far the most useful feature of the Wii, even with Motion Plus enabled).

        • Fair enough, the price is important of course. I’m not saying the Move wont be a rip-off or bad value lol, just that out of the three motion sensing solutions (Wii, Move, and Natal) Move makes the most sense and will probably be the best of the three, assuming they all have good games to take advantage of the tech of course.

          Whether or not it’s superior enough to be worth the price difference is a whole other discussion! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Anonymous says:

        hey Nintendo… where are kirby, star fox, donkey kong and the rest of the gang??

        stop milking the mario, zelda and metroid cow!

        that’s why i sold my wii (and because i was tired of using it only for GH and RB games). No more heroes is the exception, it is awesome.

        • Anonymous says:

          Because people laughed at Nintendo when they accepted few third-party games on the Gamecube and had very few games but very good ones? Obviously the gamer market is interested in a system with a varied library full of mostly shovelware rather than a smaller selection of actually good games.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nintendo is the most overrated video company ever. How can you treat seriously a video game company which has a children and retarded adults, still living in their neverland, as a target group? Sony and Microsoft all the way! I hope Sega will return someday to the console market, too…

        • Because only Nintendo published games are worth playing? Narrow minded people like you are the reason why Nintendo console always get an unfair bad rap. Plus Nintendo releases other great games besides just Mario, Zelda, and Metroid (and really, the Wii hasn’t even had one real Zelda entry yet (TP was a GCN port), so I don’t see how that qualifies as milking), and has only seen one new Metroid game released so far.

          Apparently you missed out on Punch-Out!! (my favorite game of 2009 on any console), Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Excitebots (an incredibly fun racer), as well as 3rd party games like Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Muramasa The Demon Blade, Dead Space Extraction (the best rail shooter I have ever played), a boy and his blob, Madworld, Sakura Wars So Long My Love, Red Steel 2, Monster Hunter Tri, Little King’s Story, Castle of Shikigami III, Klonoa, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, The Sky Crawlers, Trauma Team.

          Those are just some of the games that I came up with off the top of my head. That list alone makes the Wii one of the best consoles around.

  • NoobsDeSroobs says:

    HOLY SHIT, they sucked balls. They should learn to control it before posting a vid like that. She was hit more than she hit the enemy. WTF was that failvid there for? I almost regret buying it now.

  • Looks quite excellent to me actually. The weapon tracking on the gladiator game seemed to actually, you know, track the weapon in 3D space and mimic the player’s movements. Rather then just recognize a wiggle and play a stock animation as Wii games do.

    The archery game seemed pretty intuitive as well. Hard to tell what the lag was like from that video, if Sony have managed to eliminate that since the pre-alpha then I’m pretty optimistic about this system. It has the potential for some quality games.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try playing Wii Sports Resort. With the Motion+, the Wiimote does the same exact thing.

      So far, I’m distinctly underwhelmed by the Move. It seems to be… the same exact thing as the Wii, just with more ‘realistic’ graphics.

      • Motion+ is all well and good, but how many games take proper advantage of it again? And the Wii accelerometer tech is a bit basic, meaning the 3D tracking on the Wii (even with motion+) is less accurate and versatile than the Move. It also still uses infra-red, rather than an RGB diode which makes positional data less accurate. Infra-red is good for knowing where the controller is pointing, less good for knowing where the controller is.

        In theory at least. If they don’t make the most of the Move’s potential then it could be rubbish.

        To me the Move looks like what the Wii SHOULD have been. Accurate 3D tracking with some nice HD visuals to back it up. The Motion+ improves the Wii’s capability, but not onto the same level as the Move tech. And hopefully a better game library than the Wii, though I’m trying not to get my hopes up on that front.

  • Anonymous says:

    Looks like a viral video paid by Sony. And of course they had to shake the camera around like someone with fits to make it seem as though it’s filmed by “normal people”.

  • Anonymous says:

    All in all this still looks very clumsy to me. Don’t get me wrong, keyboard&mouse, gamepad or HOTAS are anything but ergonomic, but this just ridiculous. The people are mostly stumbling around the controls when they should be in control. This shouldn’t be an actual game system but a tech demo. I guess we still have a few years to go to achieve this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Uh wow this seems very familiar….oh now I remember it is called the Eyetoy. I remember playing that game at the end with the eyetoy.

      I just remembered this is the Eyetoy but enhanced.

      • People need to learn their video game history.

        A few things Nintendo did first:
        * A/B Buttons, D-Pad as we know it
        * Motion Controller (a.k.a. Power Glove for the NES)
        * Platform games
        etc. etc. etc.

        I don’t care if people copy stuff. Hopefully they do a good job and provide us with enjoyable copies.

  • Anonymous says:

    Only part that surprised me was how well the wooden racket was tracking to her hand at the end. People were saying it was laggy but that doesn’t look laggy at all. That gives me some hope.

  • psycholoner says:

    I don’t get why everyone hates this thing. Its Augmented Reality with 1 to 1 tracking damnit! Just try to imagine molesting all those loli 2d women on the big screen! I have a feeling that if sony does this right, they could take over the otaku population…
    well…thats just “if”

      • Anonymous says:

        Well the “Media” in general is also responsible for the many fuck-ups Sony did this generation, starting before the PS3s launch.

        Remember when Killzone 1 was being made and that journalist said it was to go toe-to-toe with Halo? The game got ripped by the media and the fanboys it stirred up.Of course, Sony was also guilty of damaging their reputation.

        So now I wonder if the media will destroy Move as well…

  • Tsuyo_Puyo says:

    err why is sankaku and everyone else bashing this thing based on a couple chicks evaluating it? someone can look just as unenthusiastic playing the wii or catching big red balls with 360’s natal

    • Anonymous says:

      Because this site and the net as a whole is full of butthurt fanboys of every kind, when something new comes out the butthurt fanboys of the other consoles come to flame it. Its just a bunch of immaturity from 12 year olds. I happen to think the Move is great, its functionally a lot better than the wiimote, something the wii fanboys will vehemently deny. So what if its a copy, the wii itself is a collection of copied computer chips and various other technologies compiled into one area. So before screaming copy, remember everything is a copy of something else.

      • Anonymous says:


        But this is why we have intellectual property laws. If they only copied and re-skinned the wiimote, this would be a deplorable move on Playstation’s part.

        The only way I could accept it is if they added a new feature connected to the motion control that differentiates it enough from the Wii’s wiimote. That is, something that would enhance the motion control feature, and not just some slap on like ‘the remote can play music’ or that ‘it doubles as a universal remote’.

        Anyways, I haven’t really read up on news about the Playstation Move, so I’ll just wait until they actually release it before I make up an opinion about it.

        • Anonymous says:

          The move is a controller in the shape of a remote which has been around long before the Wii and an enhanced Eyetoy. The light on the remote is just to enhance tracking. So what are they actually copying from the Wii. The Eyetoy (which is what this essentially is) was a device for the PS2 which existed long before the Wii controllers in the shape of remotes have been around (on some less successful game consoles) long before the Wii.

        • Tsuyo_Puyo says:

          Well there is the improved accuracy, the light sphere on the top which changes colors according to game play, the “nunchuck” and wand aren’t held together and limited by a chord. The motion tracking is done in conjunction with the eyetoy, so playstation move games aren’t limited to detection just from the move controllers. Then of course you get HD with the PS3, its pretty much an improvement over the WiiMote in every area, its up to the developers to bring out its potential.

  • Aside from the obvious hardward differences, it’s basically the same as Motion+

    So I’m not really sure if I want to pay around 90 dollars for the bundle, when I already have this on the Wii.

  • Anonymous says:

    As a Wii user and it as my main console…

    This merely looks like a slower version of the Wii but with much higher graphics.

    And unless you are a faggot, graphics do not make the game.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well to me it looks like a old hag trying to play any form of game. If you gave her a normal controller she would not have done any better. I mean for every single game nomatter what it was, she did the same motion in all of them. Swordplay? moves the stick upwards, ping pong? moves the stick upwards, same with everything else the old one played.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you. HD graphics do not make a good game. It’s all about the gameplay. I think Sony decided to “follow” Nintendo innovations because Sony’s PS3 market is narrowing down. Back then, Sony was very proud to announce that its system is for “hardcore” gamers. Maybe business is not doing well.

      Some developers need to stop putting tutorials and long dialogues in the game. (I think they are worst than “loading”) Let the player’s imagination goes wild instead of TELLING how to do things. Stop making Hollywood video games!

      Let the player’s imaginations explore the possibilities! That’s a good game.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said!

      To me, I myself personally feels that they just copied Wii, made it look cooler with better graphics and call it their own invention.

      Its like they took Project Natal Webcam and Wii controllers, combine it and called it “Playstation Move Controller”.

      Not dissing at all the console but I was hoping a little bit of originality.

      • yuriphoria says:

        More over, in art and technology, there is no shame in copying. Picasso said “If there is something to steal, I steal it!”

        If this is an HD-Wii that’s good enough already. Every improvement is welcome.

        • I remember motion controller for the NES. (Powerglove, anyone?) Sony wasn’t even in that business at that point of time, … Nintendo invented almost everything that was ever fun first in video game history.

        • Anonymous says:

          Like you said and they even had an Eyetoy style game at the end of the video. If anything both Nintendo and Microsoft ripped off the Eyetoy since that was a motion based controller that came out long before the Wii.

      • TehBoringOne says:

        Those minigame prototypes show promise. I especially liked the one with the camera focusing on the persons playing and adding stuff while they smashed them.

        Initially it seemed like the camera focused on the dildo-ahem-controller, but when the guy faced directly at the camera, it only showed his face.

        Yes, Nintendo has to think of a strategy.

      • Ghost Dog says:

        Now I know why game companies like to get paid actors to do this sort of thing. Those two ladies were unbelievably boring. And on top of that, the lady in purple wasn’t even good at those minigames.

        If Sony wants to generate good press, they need to stop showing the Wii Play kind of stuff and display some more hardcore titles.

      • Anonymous says:

        the wii’s controlls are not 3d… they consits only of swipes and shakes, psmove has all dimensions, tilts and w/e. Please look something up before you make an impression. keep an open mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow you moron. Obviously you haven’t played ANY of the wii games. The Wii-remote totally has depth perception.
          Do some reasearch before you talk. Also, probably try PLAYING a wii instead of just reading up all this stuff then claiming to know it.
          Even the first released game for the Wii had it. Red Steel used it for zooming in a gun.

        • Anonymous says:

          The wii cannot track you movements as you move the controller backwards or forwards, you cannot move your arm in reality and the game mimics! if that were the case then boxing games on the wii woudn’t be so piss easy to master with just flicking the controller forward as opposed to throwing real punches! I retract the tilting

        • Anonymous

          yea wii is emulateable because its using xbox level hardware to power it, possibly a step or so above it, i forget exactly where it falls.


          no he does, the graphics cards in those things right now are about the specs of a 20-50$ pc card.


          thats more or less it.
          remember, crysis is piss poorly optomised for the pc, thats why it required so fucking much, but over its life the fans optomised the game, to double the fps WITH better graphics than out of the box without pc upgrades.


          actually the cost of a cpu is supriseingly small, on high yeilds it may only cost 20 or so for the highest end chips, its the r&d that forces the price so high.


          i thought everyone knew the incidents of the xbox bsod? it never happed at home on un modded, but press conferences and showing the consoles off you can see them bsod allot, its pretty funny actualy.


          fake it till you make it. its the idea behind glass shattering in games.

          i dont know now but a while ago it was to much to do physics in real time for glass shattering in a game, so all you have to do is script a few different things, and have them run when appropriate.

          see its not all about having real physics, its about making what you see believable.

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s true but it’s not the whole story. You can perform additional optimizations when the hardware platform is homogenous, allowing games to be highly optimized for the hardware they run on. Also, since the graphics hardware and allowable resolutions are well known and documented, they can apply platform-specific tweaks to fake newer graphical effects that cannot be supported the “proper” way on the dated console hardware. This is how Shadow of the Colossus was able to run on PS2, but support HDR lighting with bloom, actor self-shadowing, motion blur, volumetrically shaded smoke effects, various shader profiles for things like the sheen on the horse, and so on.

          So certainly, the consoles’ hardware is unimpressive now, but that doesn’t amount to an automatic loss in graphics quality.

        • Anonymous says:

          The Cell is an overpriced project that makes everything more complicated and will never be as widespread as they originally intended. They’d have been better off investing in some beefy “ordinary” hardware, or upgrading the PS2 specs since everyone was already used to the shenanigans necessary to make that work right.

          And at least use your brain when you insult things, the Xbox does not blue screen. It RRoDs.

        • Anonymous says:

          He’s right. The Xbox 360 is based of an old ATI architecture from 2005…thats in the X1800 Radeon days. The PS3 is based on Geforce 7800 architecture I believe. Both are extremely outdated and won’t push the latest games. The only reason these consoles and run the latest games is because of specific console code optimization.

        • XxXFl0oD3RXxX says:

          hmm? I never found monster hunter’s camera a “big challenge”.. not even a little problem. “PSP controls are too fucked up”? “getting used to it doesn’t make the game good”? What the hell are you saying? If you suck at it then don’t complain about it. “better online gameplay”? Now THAT is probly your most ridiculous statement. Now if you wanna see fucked up controls for MH, go play it in ps2

        • Anonymous says:

          The controls for the PSP Monster Hunter games are too fucked up to be anywhere near acceptable, getting used to it doesn’t make the game good. At least with the classic controller on the Wii, camera control isn’t the biggest challenge in the game, not to mention its better online gameplay.

        • Tri was a disappointment for me.. After watching the trailers, which was crappy, playing the game was even crappier than i expected. PSP’s Monster Hunter series is still and will always be the best, and now I can’t fucking wait for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd! I’m glad the theme isn’t that watery for 3rd, plus it seems more japanified

        • They’ll probably scrap the motion controller for something new and then MS/Sony will be scrambling to emulate that as well. Personally, I don’t mind, we get the same thing in three different styles. Variety to the consumer is a good thing. To each their own.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wasn’t a New nintendo Console with much higher graphics already hinting at being announced I’m mean 2011 is around the time were a new console would be announced anyways.