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Gamer Kills Kitten


A man has been arrested after smashing a kitten which interrupted his gaming.

Police were called to a 21-year-old man’s Virginia apartment one evening after his girlfriend reported that he had thrown her pet kitten against a wall, killing it “in front of her kids,” say police.

The cat had apparently disconnected his console, enraging him.

He has been charged with animal cruelty and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors. He also had a variety of prior felony convictions for violence.

Which game and console he was playing is unfortunately not specified.

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  • In moments like these, this only proves that human beings are the least evolved beings in the world, if we kill out of rage. I don’t know any other animal that does that.

    The cat was a tragic victim of circumstance and human stupidity.

  • … okay, all the agruments saying “well cats are better than humans” or “humans are better than cats” are really damn irrelavant.

    The point is that this bastard took a life over a /video game/. Honestly.

  • icoffeeprince says:

    Although it is sad that the kitten died from such a harsh and stupid way, I don’t agree that I’d rather see kids. They’re just as innocent as animals. Yeah, there are a few shitty brats I don’t mind seeing fall down a well, but nevertheless, I don’t want a kid to be in the place of the kitten. Rather, I’d rather it be someone older and cruel. That seems fair. xD

  • Anonymous says:

    can a cat laugh? cry? have a first love? friends? family?

    sure, you would say. but its not as deep as the bonds between people have with other people. at most, your cat will have a bond with you. cat dies, you sad. you die, cat doesn’t care. nice ya?

    The kind of arrogant people I hate.
    And how are you supposed to know that?
    Except, maybe, by some “””research””” made by us, who SERIOUSLY have a problem of arrogance and lack objectivity?
    So stop talking about your “bonds” when you actually CAN NOT know what you’re talking about. And even if you could, it wouldn’t give you the right to judge ” our lifestyle is superior” anyway, our lifestyle is so superior that we are the only ones who destroy the earth with our oil in the middle of the ocean and our nuclear waste. (I am not saying that these things are not necessary, only that yes, our lifestyle is screwing up the planet. So, superior?)

    And no, I don’t think that cat > human.
    Acually, I hate humans. But I care about the life of one as much as about the life of the other, like with most of the animals (and yes, human is an animal). But humanity have such a problem of arrogance and is so much focused on ” MY specie is the only one you should care about”. If we are “superior” we should not behave that way, or maybe for you considering yourself superior because of your specie or this kind of attribute is a good thing?
    Then let’s go guys, everyone should be racist from now on! You will say that “nah, it’s not the same” and other things, but the idea is EXACTLY the same.
    Seriously, stop being arrogants. We are not so specials or cool or whatever. It doesn’t mean that we have to go trough mass suicide, however.

    And you die, cat doesn’t care?
    Don’t think so. At least with dogs it doesn’t work like that.

    Well. Poor cat, by the way. Another victim of an human moron. Some people would say that it is “too much to be arrested for a cat”, but he would have behaved this way with anything later in any way, so.

  • UncommonOtaku says:

    awww poor kitty – my cat is more mauture though, when he wants something he'll sit and stare at what ever stage I'm struggling with then look at me, look at how I died a dozen more tiems then look at me.
    And then he'll start to nag at me – until I get up and follow him to show me what is so important that he needs to interupt my losing streak.
    If I try to ignore him he'll just keep on meowing and meowing and meeeeowing.
    Archie is a very intelligent furry monster.

  • Anonymous says:

    that guy was a retard. I hope he gets jailed and fucked in the ass by the biggest cock imaginable. rinse and repeat.

    there is not excuse for animal cruelty.Why did someone sell this cretin the kitten anyway? this is why there should be rules inplace before people can buy pets.

    Fuck that guy. fuck him in the ass.

    A cat lover

  • Anonymous says:

    straight up this guy is a fucktard, so what if it disconnected his shit, if he has a girlfriend with two kids living with him he should be doing something more constructive than playing games anyway

  • Anonymous says:

    its a cat. while i understand a lot of you like cats, and i don’t hate em myself, fact is a cat is a cat.

    this is sankaku. i doubt any of you are out there helping out catkind when you’re here. so why all ‘cats are better an stuff THAN people.’ cats n dogs, hey, apples and oranges. a cat and a human, YER HUMAN ain’t ya?

    can a cat laugh? cry? have a first love? friends? family?

    sure, you would say. but its not as deep as the bonds between people have with other people. at most, your cat will have a bond with you. cat dies, you sad. you die, cat doesn’t care. nice ya?

    you can argue and baaw that your cat will be sad when you, the one that feeds it, go. like die.

    but since you are baaaaawing then you are alive. and since i value human life, i’d say leave it at that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tell you what: All other things being equal, I for one will concede that the average human life is more important than the average cat’s life.

      However, I would say that the scumbag who killed the kitten in this article is, as an individual, worth far less to me than the average cat.

      If you value his life equally to that of all other humans, congratulations on your open-minded tolerance of all behavior types, though your little screed here suggests less of a tolerance for “bawww”ing.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree this man is a lowlife and should go to jail for a long time.

    Actually even insects wage war on a massive scale against both their own and others. Bees slaughter each other in the tens of thousands, ants in the millions, sometimes stripping hundreds of square kilometers of life.

    It is the apparent serious opinion of some of the people on this site that animals are more valuable than humans, and that’s a respectable opinion. They’re certainly less capable of commmitting sins. However it is very dumb to think this has do with being morally superior rather than a different evolutionary path of territoriality and aggression, but most of all technological and intellectual capability.

    What I personally find pathetic however is that many of these posters are doing so in a very angsty fashion. I suggest /wrist so we don’t have to listen to your whining about how evil your species is instead of trying to improve it.

  • Anonymous says:

    poor kitty. but i’m glad like everyone that it was not a kid this time… guy needs to control his rage. I feel for him(when people get angry, the aren’t themselves. I remember breaking a kid’s jaw for constantly hitting me on the head).

  • RogueLioness says:

    this made me cry. i have 2 kittens and yes they get in the way sometimes..but i PAUSE the game and play with them then they fall asleep, i dont care if he was on the last boss of the last level of the hardest game in the universe, that man should die!

  • Anonymous says:

    House cats happen to have the tendency to kill for the heck of it unlike many other predators who hunt only for food.

    Not that that asshole doesn’t deserve the punishment. Taking a life is still taking a life.

  • Anonymous says:

    Poor kitten, the good thing is his getting punish for his ignorance and imorality. (This is a job for “facepalm lifeswitch MAN” takes the dude down for the abuse, “destroys him”, snatches his life and revives the cat and everyone is happy (I think?)

  • Anonymous says:

    When you take on a pet it’s the same as having a child, it may not be written but you agreed to a contract in which you are responsible for said life and in return you gain unconditional love.

    It may be stupid to u but I, along with many others, were saved by their pets, either through a natural disaster or self-destruction.

    The only time it’s okay to kill anything is in self-defense, such is the basis of all conflict.

    hunting is a valid means of survival for people who don’t want to waste $5-$15 for a pound of beef every time they want to eat. Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach him to fish feed him for life.
    – rifle=$1000 + $10 for bullets-> $1010 investment
    – beef=$5 a pound x365=$1825 yearly(how long will u live)
    but not everyone can spend 4-18 hours hunting one buck for a chance to eat for a week, they’re to busy with their jobs which make it possible for dicks to play video games and beat kittens, and then arrest those dicks for beating kittens. So yeah farming is also necessary to keep a stable society.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder, what would you guys say if this had been an incident involving a kitten and someone playing soccer?
    As we all know soccer is quite rage inducing.

    One more thing “Curiosity killed the cat” but I doubt satisfaction will bring it back.

    • Anonymous says:

      According to “”, he’s at the “Middle River Regional Jail”. Now go.

      … What’s wrong? Not going? Hahaha, these anonymous tough-guy comments are just laughable.

  • kisukesword says:

    If a game causes you to rage enough to throw ANYTHING, you’ve got problems. It’s a game, and only a fucking game. Its significance at any given time is dismal at best.

    When the rage goes so far as to encompassing ending a life, especially of something so defenseless, it makes matters even worse. Seriously, cool the hell down.

    This guy needs to be subjected to some anger management classes.

    • kisukesword says:

      Why am I being voted down? It’s the truth. Games really don’t matter all that much. Yes, it might be frustrating to be interrupted, but it doesn’t justify raging at all.

      • Sadly your being downvoted because people understood your statement and saw that quality in themselves, so in a fit of anger they downvoted you because there wasn’t a cat in sight.

        But yeah i agree with you, people are too angry these days. Yes theres a time and place for physical retaliation, thats why we have punching bags, boxing, martial arts and many other things.

    • Anonymous says:

      why should i rip my own balls? i like my balls more than a kitten, kitten dies? why should i care? and while we are at it, why not all you animal pussy lover moron, report to the police , everytime you see someone crush ant beneath their feet?
      Stop being pussy, countless animal dies everyday yet nobody cares. Now, someone throw a kitten , and suddenly animal fanboys and fangirls shouting like a pussy? Its a different news if its the kid that got killed. I like my own species rather than animals. Don’t like being human? then die already, and reincarnate to be a kitten in your next life.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bro. Bro…

        This all applies to humanity as well. People die every day, and the news makes a big deal out of it, when it really isn’t a big deal because, well, people die every day.

        I like being human, yes, for obvious reasons. I just don’t respect humanity. I don’t have any scientific evidence, but I bet if you went and asked people if they had respect for humanity, you’d get the same answer over and over again.

        You’ve heard it before. “People are stupid.” If you’ve ever even stepped foot in outside your house, you’ve heard this line at least a dozen times.

  • Anonymous says:

    all you guys are fucking idiot, why make a big deal about this? that man kills a kitten, so what? what makes kitten worth more than ant or human? that girlfriend sure is a animal lover shit like most of you guys. Why did she report that to the police over a trivial matter like this? this is a definite proof that she love cat more than she love his bf.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not that the kitten is worth more, it’s that someone who is able to be that cruel and savage to a harmless pet is just that more likely to be a danger to other people, not just animals.

      “She love cat” more? Well, how much did he love her, if he was able to take HER pet and kill it like that over a video game? In front of her kids? That’s not very love-filled, that’s very uncaring about her feelings, and it shows that he doesn’t love her all that much, at least not more than his fucking game.

      Why should she love him at all, then, let alone more than a cat? He shows himself to be violent and cruel, and doesn’t really deserve to be loved, does he?

    • Anonymous says:

      Recently in the news there was an incident where a stray cat was found, alive, with a nail driven nearly completely through its head. It was rescued, had the nail surgically removed, and was adopted after the news got it a bit of publicity. A search is underway for whoever did that to the cat – odds aren’t great of the culprit being found, but if they are found they will be criminally prosecuted.

      The reason people care about the cat I mentioned, as well as the cat in this article, as well as pets and other attractive animals in general, is twofold:

      One, pets are lovable and cute.

      Two, for someone to lack so much empathy or compassion for a pet that they can commit such a cruel deed (or shrug it off on a message board) indicates that the person is quite possibly able to be cruel to people, as well. People who commit acts of cruelty on other people usually start out by trying it out on animals first. It is useless cruelty, not for food, not for skins, but for some reptile-brain gratification, and people who act that way should be carefully watched as they may become dangerous.

      As for loving a cat more than a boyfriend, well, if some dipshit boyfriend throws a kitten against a wall and kills it, a kitten that is the pet of the girlfriend, then that shows that the boyfriend is a hateful prick who cares more about his video game than keeping his girlfriend happy. The boyfriend does not love his girl.

      In such a case it would be entirely justified for a girlfriend to love a cat more than her boyfriend, because her boyfriend has just demonstrated that he does not deserve love.

  • LanceRayne says:

    arrested becuz it was in front of children..
    and in most cases, a single person can hide their irritation/aggravation level for years and explode at anything. sadly in this case it was a kitten.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t care if it’s a cat or person, it’s still messed up. Surely she noticed signs that would make you think to leave him?

    If that was his first act of violence in front of her, well it really speaks for itself doesn’t it..

  • Anonymous says:

    Arrested? Seems a bit harsh – at least in this country if you run over a cat or dog whilst driving, your only obligation is to inform the owner if possible, and no further legal action can be taken against you. :p

  • Anonymous says:

    What a thoughtless dickhead waste-of-oxygen he is.

    Everyone with a brain knows that cats and dogs will step on things, are unaware of techno-vulnerabilities, etc.

    Thus, as with “baby-proofing” your abode and tech, one has to “cat-proof” and “dog-proof” your tech stuff.

    It’s like owning polar bears. Ya gotta *think*.

    Q. Why should you never give polar bears bowling balls to play with?

    A. Because they can/have/will hurl them up and out of their enclosure, where said bowling balls impact with dangerous force on random objects (possibly people) a block or two away.

    • It’s like owning polar bears. Ya gotta *think*.

      Q. Why should you never give polar bears bowling balls to play with?

      A. Because they can/have/will hurl them up and out of their enclosure, where said bowling balls impact with dangerous force on random objects (possibly people) a block or two away.

      ….. I’m not even gonna ask why anyone in their right minds would have a polar bear as a pet, let alone give them fucking bowling balls.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man, what a fucked up asswipe.

    There HAS to be something wrong with this guy to throw a kitten into a wall because it disconnected his console. I could understand getting really mad, maybe verbally raging a little but actually picking up a kitten and throwing it into a wall? Jesus Christ.

    Just wait until someone decides this means videogames cause animal cruelty or some shit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, and the faggot minus voting everything is probably a 15 year old shitbucket that gets ass fucked by his dad every night and likes killing animals in his spare time to relieve the stress.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, one, killing SOMEONE ELSE’S animal, and two, doing it in a cruel and unusual manner, and three, doing it just because he’s mad about a video game.

      Yes, arrested, there’s laws against that kind of horrible behavior.

    • Anonymous says:

      I like the butthurt asshats that are thumbs minus voting perfectly reasonable responses.

      Fucking grow up people…And don’t open your stupid ass mouth until you graduate college.

  • Anonymous says:

    /// Reaction to stupid people

    Here we go with the war against people “who don’t care if it’s a cat or not, it’s just an animal, what makes it different from people killing of cows and pigs” kind of people…

    Ok for all the retards who think like that, the major difference is cows and pigs are killed to be consumed. The cat in question wasn’t even used for food but used merely as an object to release rage. Thus there are major differences in it already.

    Also, putting animal concerns aside, showing extreme violence in front of children is morally wrong. Killing off an animal out of rage is an example of extreme violence. The man killed the cat in front of children plus it was all because of a computer game, if you don’t think that’s wrong, go get psychiatric help.


    Just wonderin, the girlfriend had actual children? Or she’s merely personifying something else as her kids? O_o

  • Anonymous says:

    The comments saying “It’s a kitten, it’s no big deal” are fucking ridiculous. Just because you may have a heart of stone doesn’t mean that this didn’t completely break someone’s heart.

    If it’s of such non-importance, don’t bitch about the people that it offends, bitch at the people who post it and waste your time. Better off, don’t read it at all or troll to push people’s buttons.

  • I like animals a lot more than most humans, especially this waste of skin.
    Maybe the woman will get a fucking clue and get a new boyfriend for fucking considering she's currently fucking a violent bastard.
    "He also had a variety of prior felony convictions for violence."
    Something tells me he better be hung like a horse or she's a stupid bitch.

    • Anonymous says:

      US women prefer men with violent criminal past the way Japanese [and Singaporean, BTW] women prefer wealthy men. When I go to university in Los Angeles, most pretty gweilo girls give them selves to thugs to where the boys were dateless and just gave up. It was nice to return to Singapore to not all streets owned by thugs. American men are cowed by the thugs to the point where they no longer even attempt to date or even speak to pretty girls. I did not date there either, because USC so hard because of language difference, but my English got better maybe. Nice place to visit, though, for a week or two.

    • you ever see violent sex?
      not the kind where they hurt the woman, but the kind you just dont think you could do them THAT hard?

      some women like that, and there arent many men willing to, or able to do that.

  • If the same thing happened to me, like I’ve unlocked every possible frickin-hard-to-obtain item in a game and I happened to not save yet, I think I’d be just enraged as the guy.. but after seeing a friggin cute cat who innocently unknowingly realized what it actually did, all my rage would fly out the window~~~~~ :3

    • and if it was one of the kids, whe decides to unplug the system because it wants to play a game RIGHT FUCKING NOW and doesn’t give a shit about what you did, or that you haven’t saved, than what?

      see i have hit my brother for reasons just like what is stated above, but i dont think i could kill him, just hurt him, in a way that teaches him dont you fucking do that again you fucking fuck.

  • Anonymous says:

    Darn you artefact… because of that cat pic, i kept substituting it into my vision of what the bastard did to his cat and the ‘final’ product of the cat… Cannot UNIMAGINE

  • erochichi says:

    My 1st and last comment to this article: HORRIBLE.
    Why do instable & violent ppl have pets at all?
    I play a lot, have 4 cats i love, whatever they do during my gaming, like jumping to my lap doesn`t disturb me at all. My cables are firmly connected and on-off switches shielded too.

  • Anonymous says:

    He was obviously playing a ps3 the cables disconnect a lot easier so its more believable a kitten could disconnect it however.
    It would be impossible for this to “interrupt his gaming” for the ps3 has no games.
    Also he 21 and dating a woman with kids?
    seeing as the kitten was called hers I assume it was her house because its not presented as there’s so cohabitation is questionable

        • Anonymous says:

          in australia, wild/feral cats are currently killing native species of birds and mamals at an alarming rate. i don’t recall seeing to many cheetahs running around the place, so i won’t comment on that, however, a domestic cat that has turned feral is no different than a feral dog. a cat of the domestic variety has it merits as a pet and as a living being, and the death of this poor (probably not so innocent) cat is sad indeed, but if i was aware of a feral cat or dog in my neighbourhood, i would have no hesitation in taking it’s life.

          a preditory cat that belongs in the wild, in a country that it is native to, is only fulfilling it’s role in the ecosystem for that region of the world, a cat that kills because it has reverted back to a more primitive mental state and doesn’t belong to that region is doing no good for the ecology, but rather harming it, potentially wiping out entire species, and so at anon @ 10:53 i must say that i am inclined to disagree with you…

    • Anonymous says:

      should kill idiots like you . I’m environmentalist myself , but its a fucking domestic animal so kill as many as you want . Just because you think its cute , doesnt make it special .

      • Anonymous says:

        “Just because you think it’s cute, doesn’t make it special”

        How many animals are “cute”? Not whole lot, so I’d contend that “cuteness” is a special quality. and that you’re also a PETA faggot.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nothing is more precious than something else – not without a context, a specific goal to which the subjects contribute. For example, saying that “gold is more precious than silver” is false if no mention of rarity, money involved, practical uses etc. is made.

          Objectively speaking, “precious” is only an illusionary and artificial trait. Kittens are no more important than people; Jesus was no more important than you are; the whole universe is no more important than a single atom. These facts cannot be challenged by logic, as long as no context is provided.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ll bet you wouldn’t be saying that while being chased by a cheetah. That kitten was a mammal just like you… I’m not sure what gives you the right to claim superiority. I mean, sure, you have a more evolved brain, but they’re perfectly adapted to their niche is well. Life is special, regardless of its form.

      • “A man has been arrested after smashing a kitten.”

        Overreacting much? Farmers kill scores of cows and sheep- how many of them have been arrested for animal abuse? I bet this guy gets a longer sentence than you would for killing someone and then saying you were sorry in court.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hate this view, that comment may well just be a troll, but it still eats me. Why is it not a big deal? What makes this less of a big deal than if some other animal were killed (and I’m assuming you’re favouring human life here).

        What if we were invaded with aliens, a species far more advanced than our own. I bet you you would find it one hell of a big deal if they started smashing us against walls. This kind of opinion rages the living fuck out of me.

        • Tex_Arcana says:

          FYI, a tragedy is the concept of a punishment that is self inflicted through one’s own ignorance. It does NOT refer to any instance of things turning out badly.

          EX:Microorganism-guy’s continued existence is a tragedy.

        • Anonymous says:

          seems like that guy had a very close relationship with his console and look how that ended up
          i like kittens and would never dream of killing any, but i wouldnt dream of getting a console either
          truth be told, i think the man deserves a punch in the face for what he did, but thats it
          i feel much more sorry for every bland chicken which has to die so that fat assholes (wanted to say americans, but now we have these gluttons in europe too) can keep their man tits than for this kitten

        • Anonymous says:


          You’re kidding. Are you trying to compare purposely throwing an organism against a wall, to an act that may require you to live. Washing your hands is important, throwing a cat against the wall is not. So your first point doesn’t even come into the argument. That guy would not have died if he had not thrown the cat against the wall.

          Secondly, we’re humans, we’re meant to be the smartest organism on this planet. Are you trying to suggest that because animals, who do not know better play with their food, that we should believe that a man who does it should know better?

          Maybe reform your argument, because those points don’t even begin to compliment the argument you’re trying to make.

        • Common Sense says:

          @ Anonymous 04:56 05/06/2010
          I’d say the same thing but the very last statement, “is it a tragedy when it happens? no”. I believe it’s a tragedy since humans can have close relationships with cats. It may not be a tragedy to you, but to others it is.

        • Anonymous says:

          great parable
          now lets try this
          do you wash your hands? yes? quit it, there are more microorganisms living there than the human population of your city
          unless your hand is rotting, they didnt do anything to deserve such treatment, at least most of them didnt
          lets not be too sensitive here
          if the kitten were large enough to do the same to both the man and kids… well, i wonder
          ever seen predators playing with their prey?
          not just killing it, playing with it, then killing it
          now, is it a good idea to smash kittens against walls out of sudden anger surges?
          is it a tragedy when it happens?

    • For the kitten to be able to pull the cord out of his machine, he obviously failed to plug it in all the way. Hell he was probably raging already, slamming the controller and whatnot around, which probably pulled the cords out a bit.

      People like this need to take a chill pill, throwing a cat against a wall for this seems really extreme. Its a shame we don’t have giant people to throw him against a wall.

    • i think there is a lesson to be learned here. and that lesson is “BAD KITTEH!!!” i got a big beastly cat, like a bobcat. he meows alot, but i couldn’t hurt the little bugger.

    • The woman is. Why did she bring her kids in front of a felon convicted for violence? And why wasn’t he in prison, I would think the convictions in Virginia are long for that kind of stuff.

      • Anonymous says:

        if anyone should get scolded, its that woman, dumb enough to let her kids hang around a violent cretin
        the article didnt describe him much, but he obviously has anger issues and is thus probably dangerous and a bad example to the kids
        it always impresses me what poor taste women display, livin with cave men and then callin the police to handle things every friday

        • Anonymous says:

          Hahaha, Commom Sense, your statements are hilarious. Not only is your grammer incorrect, but you managed to make 70% of your comment sounds absolutely misconstrued. Ok lets start with this error of judgement you managed to screw up, “Study animals before making judgments like humans are the worse.” First of what does studying animals have to do with the mans statement of “a cat only did it by accident,” when clearly by your name (Common Sense) a cat does not acknowledge disconnecting a controller. Like it would make sense the cat did it purposely? Ridiculious assumption you’ve made and its “worst” not “worse.”
          Lets go on, “When you answer with idiotic biased statements, you only make yourself an ass.” Haha I love this one because its a paradox, you’ve just contradicted yourself saying that making idiotic biased statements make people an ass however, stating that would be a biased statement, therefore your an ass LOL. Shall we continue your english laughing stock and ideals? Third, “So humans are born to be a bunch of ill-mannered twats?” Awesome, children are often ill mannered, even if they are taught proper manners through caregiving they tend to escalate and get out of control. It’s a normal and TRUTHFUL fact. And again “I really hate all these idiots that act like they know shit when they don’t bother to research it. All these “intelligent” animal-favoring fuck heads need to do a little research.” Why would you need to research cat behaviour when more than half the time behaviour is based on there instincts and environmental conditioning. Which would exclude any research based on this arguement…. so saying something like “research this shit!” doesn’t make sense Mr.(Common Sense).
          Oh boy it just keeps going…
          “If you read my comment right, I was saying that you can’t call a human worse than a kitten over stupid bases.” Wah? Before I even comment on this, please spell “biased” correctly. Ok so, apparently when one is being biased to the fact that humans are underdogs compared to kittens, they shouldn’t be biased? Because if your read your statement in proper english it would be “If you have read my comment correctly, I explained that you cant state a biased opinion about cats being greater than humans because its retardedly biased.” HUH!? does that make sense? That would be a rhetorical question. “People who think animals are better than humans only think that way through listening to retarded biased -,” No, this is definitely incorrect. Just because someone listens to a opinion doesn’t mean they will want to “join the cause.” If I say “I believe light is better than dark.” thats an opinion that would most likely be argued for different reason and I dont believe everyone will join my side just because I stated an opinion. So that sentence is fragmented. Wow “- and somehow influential others.” Come on… its “influence” others not “influential” others. That would also be a collective sentence fragment; its entirely incomplete. Once again… “Humans have the advantage of being smartest.” It would be “Humans are intellectual giving them an advantage over felines.” Oh heres another good one. “Loving something more doesn’t mean you think it’s better. ” No? So if I love watermelons it doesn’t mean “I” think its better? Ha so much for that assumption. “I love humans more than any other animal.” Ok, just to let you know, were mammals btw.
          “And no, I will not post information on animals because it’s for YOU to research it. Nothing with what I said requires research. I’m telling these idiots who call humans worse to research it before saying some blatant biased statement.” Research what? I’ve already explained that research would be useless. Oh wait, now you acknowledge that everything you’ve said requires no research.. oh wait, no, at the end you manage to contradict yourself once again to research “IT.” I hope one day you find out what were trying to research.

          Oh yes and before I finish making you look entirely, mentally handicapped. I’d like to say cats and humans don’t have any superiority with one another other than a food chain aspect. So I suggest you kindly take a major in English when you enter University and you might also want to Minor in Animal Care.


        • Common Sense says:

          @ Anonymous 06:25 05/06/2010
          My typing and cursing a lot making it appear like I’m raging over the webs. I will admit that the stupidity angered me, but I’m all calm.

          No where in what I said earlier had anything like “Humans are better than animals.” If you read my comment right, I was saying that you can’t call a human worse than a kitten over stupid bases. People who think animals are better than humans only think that way through listening to retarded biased and somehow influential others. Humans have the advantage of being smartest. Doesn’t mean they’re better. In my opinion, there is no “best’ species.

          Loving something more doesn’t mean you think it’s better. I’d cry over a kittens death more than many humans out there. But I’m not talking about random kittens and people. I love humans more than any other animal.

          And no, I will not post information on animals because it’s for YOU to research it. Nothing with what I said requires research. I’m telling these idiots who call humans worse to research it before saying some blatant biased statement.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous 09:18 05/06/2010

          “Try and remember everyone who says something of that vein is not an emo kid who you ought to rage at.”

          The irony here is amazing – not surprising mind you, just amazing. If you want to offer up apologetics for misanthropy by suggesting that not every misanthrope has adopted their position so as to complement their angsty teen emo persona, then at least try not to sound like said angsty teen yourself.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think instead of saying you’d rather see 100 kids die rather than a kitten, you might want to just say “I’d rather see that guy smashed into the wall and die rather than a kitten.”

        • Anonymous says:

          Fish thing you can call out on (only a bit since they were believed to feel pain till they discovered they have no neocortex) but the panda thing… Just because it looks like a bear doesn’t mean it is genetically close to one after all it also had raccoon traits and things can look similar without having similar genetics.

        • Anonymous says:

          I can’t believe it was only in 2003 that scientists proved fish felt pain… I mean seriously… Of course they fucking feel pain.

          And… in 1996 they officially classified the Giant Panda as a bear.

          How many retards live on this planet?!

        • Anonymous says:

          Anonymous 04:11 05/06/2010
          “Most of this worlds problems are because of us humans.”

          was a pretty pointless comment, stating the obvious as it was, Anonymoys 04:39 05/06/2010 isn’t much better for complaining about someone saying out loud a fact. Recognizing that we largely caused our own problems doesn’t make you an egoist hypocrite for god’s sake. Try and remember everyone who says something of that vein is not an emo kid who you ought to rage at.

          And seriously, anyone who tries to deny that the human race doesn’t really have many problems aside from self-inflicted ones is a fucking retard.

          Just my two cents. Oh and I like both kids and kittens, as long as they behave.

        • Anonymous says:

          For people too special to think about it, the odds of a kid getting flung with the same lethal force as was this kitten is insanely low, hell an enraged backhand would have much less effect unless we’re talking about infants here, and chances are the infant would be too preoccupied rolling around in a pin than acting as a kitten would.

          People are much more resilient than tiny animals.

        • Anonymous says:

          Humans *are* worse.

          If you can look around this demented slaughter house of a world we live in and say humans aren’t worse, then you’re full of bullshit.

          How many cats have started wars? None.

          How many cats have slaughtered hundreds of innocent people? None.

        • Anonymous says:

          Mr. Common Sense, you most definitely need to take a chill pill and start to read what you’re typing.

          “Study animals before making judgments like humans are the worse.”+”I really hate all these idiots that act like they know shit when they don’t bother to research it.”

          Now then, please provide authentic and authoritative research, stating that humans are any better than animals. Sure, we’re more or less “upgraded apes” (fuck you, intelligent-design-tards), but being “upgraded”, doesn’t mean we’ve any right to declare ourselves inherently superior. Do you, by any chance, support Aryanism?

          Also, that little kids are annoying fucks is a fact. A bit of a hyperbole here and there won’t hurt anyone.

        • Common Sense says:

          Study animals before making judgments like humans are the worse. When you answer with idiotic biased statements, you only make yourself an ass.

          @alidan – “a kid will press your buttons for years, on purpose just because they are little fuckers, a cat only did it by accident.”

          So humans are born to be a bunch of ill-mannered twats? The death of children is also worth it if they pressed the “off” button of your console for a couple of years? Were you dropped on your head?

          I really hate all these idiots that act like they know shit when they don’t bother to research it. All these “intelligent” animal-favoring fuck heads need to do a little research. I don’t give a fuck if you love a kitten more than a human since that’s an opinion. I do give a fuck when you, someone of my very own species, believe dumb shit like what Alidan believes in because they listen to everyone one around them. Hell, research isn’t even needed. Common Sense is all you need to at LEAST be open minded about things.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous 04:11 05/06/2010

          “Most of this worlds problems are because of us humans.”

          If you really believe this, then why haven’t you killed yourself yet? Is it because you’re a hypocrite or is it just because you think everyone *else* is a piece of shit, except yourself? Either way, ass = you for sure – and a smug one at that.

        • Anonymous says:

          Aye. +1 to “Fuck the kids”.
          Anyway, screw that asshole. Killing a kitten? Darn. What a fag. When my cat does something stupid, I just slap it on the ass a time or two – teaching it “this is forbidden!”, you know. But to kill a kitten over a fucking game… I hope he goes back in time and, in Soviet Russia, the kitten kills him.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yea man, fuck the kids. Most of this worlds problems are because of us humans. This whole thing would’ve never happened if us humans didn’t waste time making these consoles. And majineko, your the only ass here.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like it when people say they like animals more than people. “There was widespread support for animal welfare in Nazi Germany and the Nazis took several measures to ensure protection of animals. Many Nazi leaders, including Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring, were supporters of animal protection. Several Nazis were environmentalists, and species protection and animal welfare were significant issues in the Nazi regime. Heinrich Himmler made efforts to ban the hunting of animals. Göring was an animal lover and conservationist. The current animal welfare laws in Germany are modified versions of the laws introduced by the Nazis.”