Nintendo: “Move & Natal Only Wii Copies”



Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto has dismissed Microsoft’s Project Natal and Sony’s Move motion controllers as mere copies of the Wii.

In comments to the press, the creator of Mario and Zelda subtly alluded to the less than original conception of Microsoft and Sony’s new controllers:

“Whenever something we have created and presented is followed by copies, we always feel it is threatening.

More than that, we’re concerned that others are trying to do something similar for the sake of it. It’s not encouraging to Nintendo.”

More surprising than these remarks is that Nintendo has not been able to tie up the two competitors in endless rounds of patent litigation – perhaps a strategic blunder on Nintendo’s part, not that either competitor seems to present a real threat to the Wii.

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  • I have the PlayStation Move and, honestly, it’s pretty awful. It keeps miscalibrating, especially in games like Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and House of the Dead 4. Nintendo’s Wii remote is not perfect even with Plus but at least the pointer stays on target instead of constantly drifting.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s pretty simple. Nintendo is making a killing in profits from the Wii and DS due to their ease of use and expansion into non-gamers.

    Sony and Microsoft only see $$$ and they want as much of the pie as possible.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t really get it.
    Move is just an revisit of the EyeToy, now you can use it without destroying your flat.
    Natal is just an EyeToy knockoff, complete with house destroying width requirements.
    The Wii was just a console version of the Sega Dreamcast motion sensor.
    Then again, if one company isn’t going to do anything with their so called innovative features. Might as well let the others have a crack at it, if that’s what the people want.

  • Anonymous says:

    Project Natal is not a copy or the Wii, its a copy of the eye toy but I think SOny gave up on that, sony’s magic wond? hell yes thats a copy.

    If project Natal actually works (which considering that fact they probobly had this in development for years since the eye toy) then yes it will and it will kick f*cking ass, without breaking f*cking TV lol

  • I seriously fail to see how the Natal or the Move will get any decent succes. Most of the ‘hardcore’ gamers are already bored with the flailing movement controls and I doubt Microsoft or Sony would release hardcore games that can only be played with the Natal or Move.

    Which leaves the casual crowd, but why get the ps3 or xbox360 and then spend another 100 euros when you can get the Wii for a third of that price? There are plenty of games for the casual gamer on the Wii.

    I could actually see the Natal having some succes if it’s really innovative and all, but I don’t think the Move will.

    • If people didn’t copy from everyone else, we would still be living in caves chasing sabretooth tigers with sticks. Its something that happens, and its helped the world advance.

      The playstation “Move” prototype was supposedly made before the wii was released, can’t remember where the site was, if thats true then wouldn’t wii be the copiers? Reguardless if it is a “copy” the Move is functionally superior to the wiimote, its pretty much the better mocap suit of the gaming world. Hell depending on how well Natal can react and perform, it might be the best mocap for awhile.

      I bet i’ll have 8 million butthurt nintendo fanboys downrating my post for this and calling me a stupid fag. But i’ve made my point, bitch and cry all you want but without coping your little wii wouldn’t exist.

  • What a dumb move. The Wii has already proven that not everyone is into jumping around while playing their games. Sony and Microsoft are just digging their graves with these “new” remotes.

    “More than that, we’re concerned that others are trying to do something similar for the sake of it.”

    Copying for the sake of it indeed

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s to be expected… Miyamoto really isn’t – I mean this seriously – isn’t really into video games, right? He doesn’t follow the news, he doesn’t play the competition’s games.

    So I guess he missed the last 15 years of PC webcam games, though to be fair, I think they probably peaked in the late 90s… and sucked.

    That’s really what Move and Natal are though – the Wiimote is closer in function to the Power Glove. IR, sonar, no big diff – it’s multi-beacon sensor tracking to drive a cursor interface. The other two are robot vision software to interpret feeds from a camera.

  • SpideyPHL says:

    Natal is overpriced, impractical crap, I’m not going to get it. Move, however, shows some promise for being able to do Wii in HD basically, and better than the original. Sure, Nintendo may have popularized it, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved on…well, we’ll see if any decent games come out using Move when it comes out.

  • Nintendo could make a lot of money if they only market to the masses the problem the don’t market to the MMO players,Competitive players, and other players.

    PS3 and Xbox 360 they market to almost everyone even if Nintendo said Its a rip-off of there design the truth one has no remote the other has remote but both use a Cam as there main sensor.

      • Actually, Nintendo DS is doing much better then the Wii system.

        Game sells wise Nintendo sales of there titles is mostly DS titles then Wii, people who own Nintendo Wii’s they mostly own it for downloading classic games and Wiiware content.

        Nintendo Wii may have a lot of people who own that system, why are people not buying Nintendo wii games when it seems both PS3 and Xbox 360 titles sell well with Red Dead Redemption then Monster Hunter Tri 3?

  • Anonymous says:

    I believe the phrase I’m looking for to Nintendo’s obvious statement would be; “no shit Sherlock.” The only difference aside from button placement is the fact that the joystick half isn’t connected to the other half. Oh, and that ridiculous looking glowing ball. I mean seriously, wth? I think it’d look a lot better with out it, personally.

  • Anonymous says:

    First left to right D-pad, start, select, buttons config: Nintendo
    First Shoulder buttons: Nintendo
    First analog stick: Sega
    First true analog stick: Nintendo
    First rumble in a console controller: Nintendo
    First analog shoulder buttons: Sega
    First motion controller that actually gained mass appeal: Nintendo

    I think we can see who the real innovator is here. Teehee.

    Sony’s PS1 controller had no analog or rumble until after Nintendo introduced them on the N64.

    I’m off to suck Nintendo’s dick some more. Seriously I can’t think of anything Sony came out with first other than EyeToy.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    I don’t remember them being all that vocal about Sony stealing their analog stick when the first PlayStation basically kicked the Nintendo 64’s proverbial ass. Also, they could complain about their competitors’ standard wireless controllers too, what with the GameCube’s WaveBird and everything.

    Also, Natal may be a Wii remote controller “copy”, functionally speaking, but from a technical standpoint it’s an entirely different beast. One that, while I’m not sure if they have a reason to be afraid of from a commercial standpoint, is much more revolutionary and inventive than whatever piece of plastic “vitality sensor” crap they can and will come up with. So there.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not “better” wiimote, it just came several goddamn years AFTER the wiimote, and hence leading to the logical conclusion that the technology improved to the point of making better variations of the controller.

      If nintendo were to release a new version of the Wii controller, even they can make something newer and better. But that just isn’t profitable.

  • Firetribe says:

    Face it Miyamoto, all gaming companies copy each other. They did it with the analog controller. So the next step in the gamepad evolution,I guess , would be motion control.

    I for one, support MS and Sony for copying the Wii. We’d get to flail around like idiots, playing real games, instead of the kiddy stuff Nintendo keeps putting out.

  • Anonymous says:

    EyeToy: 1999

    Playstation Eye: 2003

    Wiimote: 2005

    Move: 2009

    Natal?: 2009

    Look at the history, Sony is the first one who integrated Gesture recognition technology into game console with EyeToy & later Playstation Eye. Nintendo soon copied the idea & add a Wiimote to make it better, & then Sony also add a Move controller to improved the feature. As for Natal? It’s a project Microsoft pick-up after Sony abandoned it…

    Look at this, Natal was running in PS2 many years ago!

    • Anonymous says:

      While I don’t agree with them being copies of the Wii, especially Natal.. I have to say that Nintendo were out with gesture recognition earlier than Sony and the Eye Toy. I hate to say it, but the Power Glove was one, and the uh, Nintendo U-Force.

  • Anonymous says:

    The Move isn’t better than the Wiimote. The tech demo video was impressive, but you could see where it was programmed to be such and the movement itself is exactly the same as the Wii. Nintendo could have made the same tech demo using a Wiimote.

    And Natal seems more like a copy of the EyeToy; again, there’s no significant changes from the base movement.

    Both the Move and Natal have better hardware to run the programs but innovation-wise, there’s nothing new here in either case. But having something technologically new and making money off of it isn’t always correlated…so best of luck to all three.

    • Anonymous says:

      wrong dude…two different tracking technologies. if the wiimote can’t see the sensor bar it spazzes out(I know because I have one)…on the other hand, the move will work as long as the brightly colored orb on the controller is visible to a camera

  • PrinceHeir says:

    i don’t know why nintendo feels threatened their already making more money than both companies combined in the gaming department. let’s just hope they put the money to good use in their next console. maybe revived some of their old franchises? i just hope sony can incorporate the move on no more heroes paradise i really really need that feature. and let’s hope marvelous makes no more heroes paradise 2(based on desperat struggle) with very sweet mode,theater gallery, all the wrestling moves,clothes from 1 and 2 combined, updated graphics(love the art style definitely want to see bizzare jelly 5 in HD) move support. it will probably the only reason for me to buy move besides demon souls move support 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    At least natal seems different, Move is a complete rip-off without even trying to cover it up, if it copied the Wiimote any more, you could probably sync it with a Wii.

    At any rate, nintendo has nothing to worry about, just like wada seems to think the Wii and DS have been digging their grave. Hahaha.

  • Anonymous says:

    Even Wii is copy of mouse. They were just embarased to plug a USB mouse to console and say “Fine, it sucks without mouse, we finally realised it.”. Instead they tried to save their faces and made new technology that, in the end, works just as mouse.
    Copies of copied copies…

  • Anonymous says:

    Move is a superior Wii Clone in my opinion. While Natal ganks the premise but implements it in a radical way. Personally PSmove mixes tactile controls that everyone needs(life is motion and tact) where natal is just too fluid wave hands in the air sort of deal without any “gravity” if that makes any sense.

    Natal has more UI and casual promise(outside of games). Where PSMove is purely game related.

  • “Whenever something we have created and presented is followed by copies, we always feel it is threatening”.

    And what they really just said is: “You just copy us everytime. You suck.”

  • Anonymous says:

    I can agree with them about Move, but I think Natal is bringing something new to the table even if the initial impetus behind it was sparked by Nintendo’s success with the Wii.

  • Anonymous says:

    How the hell is Natal a copy? Whatever your feelings are about Natal’s future are, they have nothing to do with what it actually is. It’s a movement detector, not a motion controller. Hell, motion controllers of all kinds have been out since duck hunting.

  • Anonymous says:

    yes they are copies. They are more advanced than wii but still copies. And as if i care. This whole motion sensing wands and cams is load of bullshit use normal controller on don’t play games at all.

  • If you watch Playstation’s “Move” video, you could actually tell that move is using a more advanced kind of system/software or whatever. With the help of the Playstation Eye, no not the eye toy, Move sees more precise movements, is more accurate and other crap like that. Like it knows if your hand is twisted, etc.

    Unless of course, the Playstation staff just made Move’s video plain convincing, overestimating the actual product. Wii is awesome, PS3 too, not that excited about Natal but am willing to get my hands on it.

    P.S. OOT, but in Red Dead Redemption, about the “Funny Man” stranger task, where could I find him next? First Mercer Station (was it?), then Gaptooth Breach, then Pike’s Basin.. who knows the next place I could find him in? Tnx in advance~

    • Are you sure it’s [url=]more accurate[/url]? Are you sure the Wii Remote can’t tell when you turn your wrist? I think you’re slightly malinformed.

      • Well my example was rather ambiguous cuz I didn’t really have any idea how it-being-advanced works. But one thing’s for sure. It is more advanced. Isn’t it common sense? Since its coming after Wii, Playstation will be using better technology, they’ve surely researched minor and major flaws of the Wii, and will try to make the Move have features Wii fans hoped for that could’ve been on the Wii, but unfortunately isn’t there. Forgive me for my poor example about “twisting your wrists”. I was just too lazy to think of anything proper example, despite not being lazy to try to explain all this..

        • Oh I agree, gameplay is all that matters. Video quality, resolution, graphics and all that crap matters, but isn’t as important as gameplay and replayability is it not?

          Don’t get me wrong. I was merely explaining to Nin’s disagreement: “Are you sure it’s more accurate? I think you’re slightly malinformed.”. That is all.

          And I don’t get why people here want to keep disagreeing with each other. So I’m trying to end it right now. If you still wanna argue though, go ahead. I might agree or disagree. Even so, I agree with your comment about gameplay.

        • Anonymous says:

          Better technology doesn’t mean better gaming.

          There are tons of games out there that makes the most out of GPU and CPU power. But very poor gameplay.

          I don’t care who delivers the better tech…All I care about is having better games which I would be happy to play no matter what console it is for.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s fair to say that the PS Move seems to be a copy, but NATAL is no such thing. NATAL is more like a copy of the Eye Toy than the Nintendo Wii.

    I don’t know of any XBOX or Playstation fan that’s interested in the Move or NATAL. I’m sure there are some, but the Wii has a niche market.

    • Anonymous says:

      The wii has a young market, PS3 mostly has the older share of the market. Xbox though will generate plenty of profit with Natal, they’re in the middle of the age demographics and their product is much more innovative than a remote. But yeah an evolution based on the eye-toy, I wouldn’t call it a ripoff.
      Nintendo will just keep doing its thing i’m sure.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was just keeping with the popular vernacular, everyone calling everything a ripoff. I know enough of how NATAL works that I can’t even call it an improvement on the eye-toy, such are the differences.

        All things considered, I’m curious as to how it will play out, but not adventurous enough to make bets.

        • I have to agree, i don’t get why people call NATAL a rip off of the Wii Mote or the PS Eye. Natal is such a step up from the Eye that it can’t be called a rip off, it just uses similar technology. Lots of other things in the world use similar technology but do different things. All this story has done has stirred up more butthurt nintendo fanboys.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nintendo’s chief failing, without motion control, wii games are unimmersive!!!

    What Xbox and Ps3 can do as an add on, is something Nintendo does as a core. No wonder they feel threatened.

    Better hardware will kill nintendo, even these rip-offs since they can exceed what ninty can do…

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for stating the obvious, Nintendo. 😛

    Of course they’re copies of the Wii controller.

    But until they are standard equipment, I doubt there will be a significant number of games that use them.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh Nintendo… You came and you flamed rip-off products… But then they’re doomed to fail, Nintendo.

    I, personally am not understanding the ‘attack’ on Sony and Microsoft, the failure of both of their products will be hard enough on them, Nintendo’s comment is just the icing on the long awaited fail-cake.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not even an attack. He is just tired of others always copying stuff made by Nintendo. Nintendo invented the A / B Button and the D-Pad and basically every other freaking part there is to a controller nowadays up till now. Saw any of the consoles before Nintendos first? They failed in epic proportions.

      And others always copied the stuff made by Nintendo. No original ideas. Seriously, if I were him I would sigh at the failbox and gaystation too.

      • Oh boo hoo, you two butthurt nintendo fanboys need to get over it. Everyone copies everyone else, thats why when you go buy coca-cola theres 15 knockoffs next to it. Quit your bitching like a bunch of children.

        How do you know “Move” and “Natal” will fail? Can you predict the future with absolute accuracy? If not shut up and watch.

        I happen to like the idea of the Move for the PS3. Because it works in tandum with the Eye, giving it better range, accuracy, and area of control. The Wii mote when not aimed at the console area just guesses, giving it a worse area of control. Natal itself is a nice step up cause its bringing the possibilities of 3D picturing and all beyond that, which is a good advancement for the gaming industry.

      • if you have ever played resident evil 4 on wii, nintendo has every reason to shit them selves.

        if motion controls are used in games where they will work, like red dead redemption, that game will sell fuck tons more on the ps3.

        or lets say a driving game. see, natal has the POTENTIAL (i have to state that loud and clear) that you put down a fake wheal, and drive. no batteries, no anything besides natall and a wheal. and the wheal is a 1 time cost of lets say 20$ and its a realy nice wheal, but without the mechanics inside it that before were necessary, you dont have them anymore, driving the cost of a wheal down significantly.

        look at it this way. if you want a casual game experience, and have a hd tv, why not get a ps3 at this point. it has bluray, it has all you need, and you have to know there will be a bundle with the motion controls and not a controller, sense some people will never pick up a non casual game

    • Anonymous says:

      duhhh this is what a competitive market supposed to look like . Companies compete between each other to make a better product , not sit on their arses and have shitty product sell itself .

    • Vitu
      yes and no, wii had the easier to make a game for thing going for it, but ps3 has the port ability that the 360 doesn’t.

      have you played a fps that had food motion controls on wii? not imagine that but with more precision and shit loads more processing power and the ability to use a real controller if you dont want to move around

      if i am right, the sony thing uses the existing webcam possibly one a bit better, this is to make seeing it easier, and here is another thing, you know that if the wii mote isn’t pointed at the screen it guesses where it is, well with this, it has more range of movement than the wiimote without guessing where it should display on the tv. if anyone can explain what im trying to say better here it would be much appreciated

      he is right, sony was more or less the birth of the natal project and the wii. remember there first camera? the idea and the conception happened long before the wii was ever publicly announced, and i believe before it was privately announced either. sony is just piggybacking off what they started and what nintendo wanted.

      one min ill look up the correct date
      “The EyeToy was conceived by Richard Marks in 1999”
      “On February 11, 2004, the EyeToy was released in Japan.”

      not much uses the eyetoy, but the idea has been around sense before the wii.

      here is a fact.
      the wiimode is a glorified superscope
      sony move, the most retarded fucking name possible, is a mashup between webcam and wiimote, which is a step foward.
      natal is a HUGE innovation, see, this webcam can tell distance, at some point in time, it may be possible to take a 3d picture with this tech, however, it will fail because of the required space to use it

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow the sony wiimote is alot better than the nintendo one. The buttons are close and easily accessible unlike the nintendo wiimote. But what’s with that huge ugly blue light bulb?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, if humans cannot improve, then we should pass on the White House to the apes. Dude! There will be improvements over time.

      It is Nintendo’s loss for not being able to capitalize on something they have, their competitors don’t

        • @Anon 13:58
          Those are just assumptions though. My guess would be that Sony would bundle the Move and a NC together at around $50, since the NC is of considerably lower technological value.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Reizo: That’s only a small part of the information on the Move. The bundle only includes the Eye Toy and 1 of the Move controllers.

          But there are extra costs that will develop, such as the Navigation Controller attachment the nunchuck look-alike that doesn’t have an internal accelerometer, that is considered as an extra purchase. There will also be some games that requires a second Move controller, which means you have to buy another Move again.

          One other thing Sony barely mentioned to the press is due to the fact that the PS3’s bluetooth will only pick up signals for 4 controllers. Which means you can only use the controllers in the following format if you want to have more players:
          For two players:
          1-Move+NC & 2-Move+NC
          1-Move+Move & 2-Move+Move

          For four players:
          1-Move & 2-Move & 3-Move & 4-Move

          Here’s supporting information, including a statement from Sony themselves:

        • I read that the Move bundle, which is the controller along with the Playstation Eye along with a game, is going to be below $100.

          That was a while ago though, and I never cared too much to research it again. These just look like gimmicks for casuals, like the Wii.

        • Lol, true, Move has shown its incredible liability at the moment of using it, with less than 22 millisecond of responding while taking fall less processor than it competitor, so your laggy bias comment anon, is just…MEH!

          Not saying they didn’t copy, but who has the technology first? Sony, don’t believe, search for sensor technology story, nonetheless, Nintendo did applied it to Games successfully, not claiming them being the first into.

        • Anonymous says:

          Natal is a bit different, but let’s be honest here, it’s still pretty much a 2 camera version of an Eye Toy. MS still haven’t really said how much space is needed in order to set the thing up either, if people are living in crowded apartments, then that’s pretty much a sales loss there.

        • Anonymous says:

          If we are being straight they are both copies though i agree with miyamoto, nintendo were innovative atleast whether they are making their innovation better, they should come up with their own ideas. Natal is atleast a bit different.

        • The console with way too many clone “party games”, and rehashed first party games is “original?
          “practically invented a joystick in the controller”? No no m’boy, I’m afraid that trick has been around since the Atari.
          Their complaints of copycats fall on deaf ears. I just want to see what MS and Sony do with their respective projects.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nintendo’s pretty much been the only games developer to remain original. I mean, hell, they practically invented the idea of putting a joystick on a controller with the N64, they added movement with the Wii- All Sony and Microsoft have done is rip off each other and nintendo.

          I bet the first thing released for Project Natal is PSports.

          That said, the best console is still the PC.