Namco Bandai’s God of War Rip Off “Awful”




Namco Bandai’s God of War knock-off “Clash of the Titans” has been the subject of sustained criticism for its many failings, combining as it does both the total lack of creativity Namco Bandai is becoming a byword for, and the horror of a game based on a Hollywood movie.

The game:

The movie has giant scorpions:

The game is unsurprisingly faring badly in reviews:

From God of War, the spectre of which inevitably hovers over this mythological copycat, to the sublime Bayonetta and even the dumb-but-fun Dante’s Inferno, there simply isn’t room in the limited confines of the hackandslash genre for a wonky also-ran like this.


And this for a game which Bandai projected sales of 700,000 for…

Being both a cheap God of War cash in and a Hollywood movie tie-in probably doomed the game from inception, but that only makes Namco Bandai’s reasons for releasing it even more mystifying – surely by now they must realise their shoddy cloning efforts only result in commercial failure, and that movie-based games are almost universally awful has been known for decades.

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