Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives


Japanese government statistics show that half of all Japanese women aspire to live a life of leisure as full time housewives at their husband’s expense, with a dramatic increase in this aspiration evident amongst younger women.

The traditional notion that “the woman should stay at home and care for the children” is said to have been declining in popularity for many years, but surveys conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare reveal the opposite trend appears to have taken hold of many women, especially those in their twenties.

In a national survey of some 13,000 participants conducted in 2008 and published recently, the attitudes of approximately 7,000 married women of all ages were analysed.

A total of 45% now agreed with the statement that “a husband should work outside, and a wife should devote herself to the home,” up from 41.1% in 2003. In 1993 the figure was 53.6%.

Most notable was the breakdown in ages – 47.9% of women under 29 now agreed with the notion that they should become housewives, an increase of 12.2% since the last time the survey was conducted.

Women in their thirties also agreed, up 7.6% to 41.7%, and those in their forties rose 6.6% to 39.8%. On the other hand, women in their fifties believing this dropped 2.5% to 42.3%, and those in their sixties dropped 4% to 57.2%.

The most favoured occupation amongst those surveyed was that of housewife, with 55.3%.

A charitable interpretation would be that Japanese women want increasingly to devote themselves to motherhood and the pleasures of raising a family.

Unfortunately for proponents of this view, a raft of statistics and ever lowering birth rates suggest an aversion to work and the leisure possibilities of home life less burdened than ever by domestic drudgery rather suggest an alternative interpretation.

Japanese men meanwhile seem less interested than ever in this uneven partnership – many would rather their wives work, others increasingly find their wages are too low to support a full-time housewife even had they a mind to, and a tiny but conspicuous minority even shun flesh and blood women in favour of the 2D alternative.

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  • I work and can satisfy my boyfriend despite the arguments about money (no details). If I worked, cleaned, raised children, and cooked while he didn’t make any changes or contributions, I would be looked down on because I stuck with him. But if I left him on the curb I would just the money hungry bitch that dumped him right? I don’t feel too strongly for the feminist thing but being born a man doesn’t earn repect in th household. Also being American doesn’t mean we all think the same as if we were a single race. If you think we’re all stupid get out of our country. If you think you and your people are better why are you here? Why should I a black American suffer because of stupid foreigners with superiority complexes be allowed to say or do as you please as you are also a contributing factor to the increasing workforce in our country pushing my people into relying on the Govornment trap called welfare.

  • Anonymous says:

    Jesus christ. People on here read one or two snippets in Sankaku, probably having never even been to Japan, then act as if they’re connoisseurs of Japanese women. Protip: most Japanese women have a job.

    If people said things like “I just want to do my best for my husband/wife!” instead of accusing the other half of laziness wouldn’t it be better? Instead I just see self absorbed NEETs who have no aspirations or anything to offer.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh and i wonder why related topics are about women wanting rich husbands…
    Lazy bitches, in our country women do work AND take care of household and even have free time too and dont complain…

  • Anonymous says:

    GDI Sankaku.

    First you bitch about how women should ‘stay in the kitchen’ andother ronry shit, and then when some say they want to, you bitch about that too.

    WTF is wrong with you guys?

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t mind women starting their own businesses and working for a living, but I hate it when feminists demonize traditional roles. There is no shame in being a house wife and bringing up children. In fact having children should be a priority for ever couple, its selfish not to make that sacrifice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, no. They are saying now that the FAMILY AS A WHOLE should come first, and the children second or third.

      The fact is that it is NOT very hard to raise children ‘correctly’ (i.e. to not be serial killers or forcible rapists).

      The PROBLEM is that society marks so much as ‘bad’ that is not really bad, and therefore parents are having their morality teaching undercut by these other things that the children can say “This is bullcrap!” and then stop listening to any moral teaching period.

  • darkkimsei says:

    This sandwich thing reminds me of an article I read where a Japanese wife was charging her husband for his lunch and to top it off she would have different rates for having sex, depending on what he wanted. That was so awesome I had to memorize it so I can recite it when making small talk to other people. Carry on…

  • now this is a deadly combo…
    it goes like this: want to be housewife to love a life of LEISURE
    therefore you need a wealthy husband
    standard of a wealthy man in a womens eye is too high therefore no man can match it
    Housewife dream is left unfulfilled

    route one:
    women gets old waiting because her standards are too high
    being old makes one less desirable for marriage so cannot get married
    and finally population drops

    route two:
    marries a average salary man
    unsatisfied with lifestyle
    cheats on husband
    population effect depends on weather they had children before divorce or not.

    route three:
    waits too long menopause sets in and can no longer have children
    population drops

    route four:
    marries a average salary man
    unsatisfied with lifestyle
    sticks with it despite unsatisfactory
    hate builds towards husband
    kills husband
    population drops x2

    route five:
    marries a average salary man
    unsatisfied with lifestyle
    learns to live with it
    population rises

    yeah… i don’t see much of a good route population wise…

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    It’s a good idea.

    More women staying home as housewives = less people in the workforce = higher wages a man can demand. The professionals can support a family, and due to the aging population ask for “Silly” things like more time to spend with their families. The sub-professionals and “Neet” will have lots of “Just Jobs” waiting that’ll pay the bills and keep them in PVC figures.

    I’m tempted to say “Liberating women effectively doubled the workforce, lowering wages for everyone.” but aside from the “Hyenas in Petticoat” stabs (1) I’d get, it isn’t the whole story. Modern society is easily rich enough to have people having quadruple their average income, it’s just that the “Rich Elite” take it from them with their wage/price schemes.

    Thus the ‘doubling’ supposedly of the workforce, along with illegal labor, outsourcing, etc. was used to lower the standard of living so a few could be very, very much more wealthy than they already were. It’s called “The two income trap” in the USA.

    1-“You are a horrible Dinosaur! And like the dinosaur you will go extinct, your heart will burst from the strain of dragging your genitals!!!”
    —Really, I’ve heard about all of em:-)

    • Anonymous says:

      Ah, but the reason that wages are going down is NOT because there are too many people out there, but because of no strong worker protection laws and ‘mandatory raise’ after X amount of time in a job.

  • Anonymous says:

    The main reason that most women aspire to be housewives is because housewives do very little outside of cleaning, taking care of the kids (which is mainly done by society when they are 4 or older, in pre-school and regular school), and sometimes making a meal for their husbands.

    We really need to get off this ‘marriage’ stuff to be blunt, because it is encouraging women to latch on to a man like their lives depend on it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Won’t work unless she’s addicted to your penis. At best, you can divorce her for half her stuff, but be socially ostracized for doing so because only women are allowed to do evil things.

    • Anonymous says:

      Feminism = a sovinism on behalf of female, towards male (equality is equal to equality regardles of gender as well as any other factor).

      However, as the “feminism” movement was at it’s peak during the 50’s, I believe that it is because of the experience those elderly women would prefer working a bit just to get to spend time with a person they are fond of instead of “living a wild houswife life”. Not much of a reason to “date seriously” if you know that you won’t be able to see the bitch later anyhows.

  • Before I came to SanCom, I was sorry for those women being “forced” to stay home by the traditional society. I’m not sorry for them anymore.

    The differences between age groups seem to be showing a classic “greener grass” effect.

  • I can’t help but laugh at people (probably women) who say that housework is srs bzns. Let’s see, if I had a choice between doing housework or being fucked in the brain daily by some evil overlord boss in a capitalist world struck by worldwide recession, thanks I’ll pick the housework.

    Also, many single working men do both so financing a “professional NEET” harpy to leech off of you like a parasite is bloody ridiculous. Ofcourse women suddenly don’t want “equality” but rather “traditional roles”. Working is a bitch innit? How about you work and I make you some sandwiches? I wouldn’t mind that.

  • GreasyWeeabooVirgin says:

    Weird thing is, the concept of a housewife was considered normal. But recently, or at least with you losers, they’re considered parasites and whatnot. Maybe some (or a lot) of males need to quit their bitching. What happen to the notion that hard work reaps great rewards? Wouldn’t you work hard, or in your cases, make so much as an effort, to land yourself a keeper?

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s a difference between:

      Working hard and reaping the benefits,


      working hard and see the benefits disappear down a sinkhole which only grows wider(pun intended) as time goes on…

      Oh, and if you ever decide that you have had enough and wish to move to greener pastures without sinkholes, beware, for it will reach out and chomp off more than half your body before it allows you off…

  • Anonymous says:

    The more the technology develop to make the life easier, the more housewife-wanna-be appear.
    Since washing clothes now only 1 button away.
    Cooking rice only 1 button away.
    And many other new invention to make the life easier.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great work japanese people!

    With these kinds of mentalities, the entire japanese population would be down to zero in the next 100 years 🙂

    and DPRK will occupy the japanese archipelago 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s really good news. With a low natality and woman don’t working, means that in a few years they will need a to nationalise foreigners to compensate the lack of a workers!! And the best thing is their own fault!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hmm Some people seem to bash a certain country, not thinking that some are not is always as you see them to be, bunch a nonsense they’re talking about sometimes. Anyway, it does feel a little off, but it does feel some kind of tradition going on these days. Maybe it is. And it’s a bit hard handling life a single income, having one parent doing all the work, in case someone loses a job and still can’t find one. Well that part people can think twice about.

    If I have a moment to spare for something on this site. Its typical, some people on this site say s**t and I just ignore them considering they know s**t about a person’s life, even an American. All I know is that people in this world can disrespect, dishonest, hurt, and do all that kinds of negativity that I don’t want to be a part of. Now with that little rant out of the way I can say that this housewife thing may some comfortable, but can also be troublesome in some way if anyone could point that out on how it can be that way.

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s good news. That’s how women should think.

    Thank god that “equality” bullshit is slowly starting to fade.

    Men and women were never equal and will never be, that’s how nature works, the end.

  • I swear these studies make me sick to my stomach.
    There are still a lot of cultural things that are interesting about Japanese women for dating just like a lot of nationalities.

    But I'm certainly not reminded of them when I'm at Sankaku.

  • Marrying a woman that is cool with managing the home ie actually doing the housework, and having kids, actually having them, not saying it would be nice is likely not what a lot think being a housewife is about.

    It takes more to be a housewife, that just being married and stuck in a house.

    Granted, there is more to being a husband, that just having a wife.

    And the sad truth is a lot of the material world, requires two incomes, so unless the couple is ok with limitations, having kids is no easy thing.

    And if you don't have kids, well being married is no different than having a roommate that doesn't mind having sex.

    • Thats the thing these people seem to not understand anymore. They want the gold trophy without the responsibility it comes with having to earn it. And its becoming ever more evident with the newer generations, they are being taught and learning on their own that they don’t need to take responsibility for anything anymore.

      • Dorchadas says:

        “The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place
        of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers”
        -Attributed to Socrates

  • Anonymous says:

    American women are so annoying to the point I can’t even masturbate to them now.

    Japan choose to be what they are=Freedom of mind

    America women are dumb slaves of the media=No free mind

    Americans are under the ILLUSION OF FREEDOM when in fact they are just tool of the media. Grow muscles, get tall, girls be skinny. Best slaves are the ones that think they are free. Btw Obama is just another tool a puppet of the system so nothing will change in crap america.

  • Anonymous says:

    Where exactly did “at their husband’s expense” come from? This is a good thing! There’s nothing wrong with women wanting to be submissive/traditional, and there was no need for you try to twist that into some sensationalist, sinister interpretation to appeal to your pseudo-misogynistic userbase. Report the facts without the childish spin on them, please. What is this, Fox News?

  • Anonymous says:

    Survey Fail.

    Asking ONLY already-married women, in Japan, is like asking, “Should everyone be just like me?”

    There’s a strong bias for the surveyed women to respond, “Yes, women should aspire to being housewives” — in other words, “No, I’m not a loser/fuck-up! I DID make the right choice when I became a housewife! I AM in a popular group!”

  • Anonymous says:

    The study is skewed.

    They surveyed _only_ women who _were already married_!!

    Asking _only_ married women is like asking, “Which of the following statements do you most strongly agree with:

    (a) Every woman should make the same life-choices you did, and become a housewife, just like you, and belong to your “group” (housewives).

    (b) You really fucked up, are a loser, and should never have chosen to be a housewife! Therefore, you believe women should work in some sort of corporate job and have a career.”

    The mostly-male politicians (and their mostly-male underlings) who run things in Japan ensured that the survey results reflected their desired outcome-message: “No problems here, everything is under control, no need for any changes, tradition continues as it should.”

    The problem I see with both “traditional” and “both-parents-have-corporate-jobs” family models is that many people do NOT have good logistics skills, and running a family (in both models) REQUIRES good logistics skills.

    Bad (or even poor) family logistics results in over-work and conflict.

    I’ve never heard of any primary- or secondary-education class which teaches those skills.

  • Anonymous says:

    Shows that Japanese women are not thinking with and with no reality check here… go out and work if you want money.

    Now why I am remembering about what Pei Mei says about women from Kill Bill 2? Hmm…

  • Anonymous says:

    Look at it this way:

    Housework is:

    -cleaning (this is vacuuming, sweeping, dusting)
    -laundry (washing clothes and drying them)
    -cooking (some people make breakfast for everyone, some families make their own breakfast individually but generaly, this is always dinner.)
    -Childcare (In early years this is a fuller time job than any ‘full time job’ a man will do; unless he helps out, which is actually beneficial to the kid. Feeding the kid, playing with the kid, helping the kid with homework, the list goes on)
    -Finances. In a traditional japanese family it is the woman that handles the finances, although this isnt true for all.

    Compare this to sitting in an office all day on your fat asses and tell me who is ‘lazing off’.

      • Anonymous says:

        True if you’re doing menial labour you can bitch. But point is, most japanese men probably arent.

        Do you guys vote down EVERYTHING that doesn’t agree with the Sankaku Hivemind? Too afraid of individuality, I see. Sigh.

  • Anonymous says:

    Leeching off someone else and siting around sounds pretty good, and if you’re a good parent the kids will mind, though most parents aren’t good parents that make their kids fucking behave anymore.

  • twin blades says:

    God damn I love me some Japanese bitches but this makes me worry…. Still I don’t realy mind if my wife wanted to stay home and take care of the kids all day. My only real problem with this is that the women could use this against you… For example * hey honey me and my niggas want to go to the game tonight sooooooo I’ll see you later tonight( try to dash out door) hold on honey!! it’s your turn to watch the kids or did you forget I’ve been watching them for the past month while you go and work and hang out with your friends * mutters to self in low pitch voice fuckin bitch*

  • Anonymous says:

    A traditionally Asian guy such as myself would want my wife to stay at home and take care of the kids, when there are kids. Until then, I would want her to help me find some income.

    But I’m tempted to think that these women aren’t really that much devoting. Artefect has worded it better:

    “aspire to live a life of leisure”

    Anyone who watches Crayon Shin Chan should know(hint: Misae). So you cook, you clean the house, and you do laundry. After that? Watch the soap operas until 6 PM. Combined traditional duty of all those doesn’t even get past 5 hours.

    And the kids? **** kids! Let them play with their toys on their own. If they cry or something, give a good pinch or slap and you’re good for another cliche soap opera.

    People always pay too much attention at cases of troubled kids that happened to have busy parents, but they tend to overlook those who just don’t give a ****.

  • Anonymous says:


    So gender equality now means that it’s perfectly fair for the man to go out and work his ass off for the household while the woman sits at home, eating food her husband paid for, lounging on the couch her husband bought, watching the kid build with blocks her husband paid for, and the most physical exertion she has to do is push a vacuum (that her husband bought) for ten minutes or put clothes in a washer/drier (you know the drill)?

    I can understand the desire to sit back and live the life of leisure as much as anyone, but young Japanese women need to get it through their heads: maybe the reason so many of the men in your country gravitate towards 2D women is because they can’t stand to put up with the arrogant stupid shit you spew all over the place while you scream for equal rights while seated firmly on your ass.

    • Anonymous says:

      you know, i have a girlfriend, annd if that is what makes her happy, i will do my bbest to make that a reality. You know why? Not because i’m naive or stupid, of course. It’s because i love her, and she love me too. maybe 10 years from now you will understand. maybe. in the meantime, try reading the chicken soup for couples..

      • Anonymous says:

        If she wants you to go out and work your ass off while she sits home and reaps all the benefits, she doesn’t love you, or even respect you. She sees you as a walking ATM machine.

        I’ve been through this. I worked to support my fiancee that I loved. You know what that got me? Left alone 2 months before our wedding so she could go screw another guy who let her stay home and then married him after 2 months (right about the time I would have married her.

        I got the last laugh though. She got pregnant AND had to go work a full time job.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe 10 years from now you’ll understand why she ended up marrying someone richer than you.

        Love is impermanent. Psychologically speaking, most people will always strive for more without really being satisfied. Physiologically, the chemicals involved in love wont last long.

        • About as long as the high induced by large quantities of dark chocolate. Incidentally, chocolate is also supposed to give the same kind of sense of fulfillment that Love does.

          Coincidence? Or Irony?

          Your choice.

      • Great, so we have some idiot supporting the lifestyle of some lazy golddigger. Its because of men like you that women like this exist. Parasites are still parasites no matter what kind of name you give them. If men can go out and work, so should women. Why should they sit back and do less? They all cry and want equality, but when it comes knocking they glue their ass to the couch(sorry its now the computer chair cause their facebook farms need to be harvested).

        Oh well, these types of women will dissappear soon anyway. With the economy pretty much getting worse and worse, dual income families are becoming mandatory for survival period. Seeing as our governments aren’t doing much to actually help the problems anyway. So its pretty much sink or swim, and rather than going poor they will have to get off their ass to do something.

        I have nothing against actual housewives…the ones that actually do it because they have kids and lots of stuff that needs attended too(like the kids).

        • Japanese women from what stereotypical profession they go into are mostly Artist,Entertainers,Nurses, Polices Officers,Adult Video stars,Models,School Teachers,Secretary’s,Writers, Government Official,Business owners,Waitresses and so on.

          I am surprise a few women in Japan manage to overcome that hell even made money off of doing something stupid or great.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seems like females of the new generations in Japan are disliking the feminine/equality movement huh.

    We told you to stay in the kitchen but you refused and now your regretting, while men being wrongly prosecuted and harassed for every little thing.

    Even pushing guys to get ran over by trains….
    Seriously bitches don’t know what they want, I say it’s the male’s time to watch the fort instead.

  • Darkrockslizer says:

    loli kun, you just don’t seem to get the full picture now do you.

    1) young women want to marry and do nothing not because of traditions but cus’ they can control their husband’s purse and do nothing all day long.

    2) dual income families in Japan start to become a necessity because of the increasing gap of income and living prices.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow. To be honest I wouldn’t like having a wife that’s just a housewife. I would like for her to have a career and be sort of a leader figure. I do like my women to be strong and confident, be a married couple with ambition.

  • i think ladies sometime misunderstand the “leisures” of being a housewife.

    you’re basically a chef, maid and chauffeur, if you have children. which you should have if you’re a housewife, because what else would you be doing at home? plus, you also have to be able to comfort the father of the house when he comes home from a hard day at work, no matter how exhausted you are from driving the kids to and from school/their friends’ houses while you hurried to walk the dog, do the dishes, and figure out something good to eat for dinner and cook it.

    you can’t just sit back leisurely and watch tv; there are responsibilities that come with watching over the house. that’s my opinion on it, anyways.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m a woman and I would like to be a housewife. I am not Japanese, I’m American.
      If I am to be a housewife I know where I should be and what I should be doing. It is not right to just slack around the house all day doing nothing as a housewife if I don’t have children, so until I have children I will be working.
      Once I have children then doing all that sort of stuff: cleaning, laundry, dishes, cooking, child rearing (not just TV).

      Also I would expect that all housewives should have a neat and tidy home.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you don’t have kids, it’s EASY. You’re the one home most of the time, so any messes made are more than likely your own. Cooking? Wow, that’s a maximum 2 hour chore (Usually takes under an hour). I didn’t get “comforted” when I got home from work. I got “comforted” when she felt in the mood.

      Driving the kids to and from school? What, are you a school bus driver? The most driving you HAVE to do it to and from the bus stop, and that’s only if your kids aren’t old enough to walk home on their own. I concede the driving to their friends house. But driving isn’t exhausting unless you’re doing it for 4 hours straight.

      Walking the dog is a responsibility you took on yourself. You don’t need a dog.

      It can be relatively easy if you plan ahead and don’t scramble around for everything at the last minute.

      And yes, I speak from experience. Go work 50 hours a week of manual labor, then come back and tell me which is easier.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well who wouldn’t wanna live a carefree life where you just laze around the house all day and occasionally clean up a little then make dinner.

    Not to mention having almost total control of all of the money in the house and being able to do whatever you want to, even sleep around while your spouse is at work.

    I think most people would love to have that kinda life. But it’s still unreasonable in this day and age.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you have children, being a housewife is very difficult and exhausting. Moreso than most mundane jobs. I am not defending the women who aspire to do this, I am just pointing out that it is far from a walk in the park, and anyone who thinks so, no matter their gender, is highly deluded.
      A mother that takes care of the child alone (which would be the case if she’s a house-wife and the husband a salaryman who spends 9+ hours working and commuting) has to be very proficient in many different areas at once: cooking, house cleaning, laundering large quantities, accountancy/financial advice (in the case of japanese gender roles), child caring, child nurturing, and more.
      You’re on the job 17-18 hours every single day, you don’t get the weekends off, and if you’re lucky you get up to a week or so off per year, and you’re on call for 24/7.

      To summarize: Anyone who thinks being the the person who has taking care of the household and the children equals to a life of luxury, regardless if female or male, is fucking retarded.
      I really hope that the women asked don’t think the same as you, because that implies even more dire things for the future of Japan’s children.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve done both. Work 50 hour weeks, and be a stay at home dad. I MUCH prefer being a stay at home dad because it’s MUCH easier. I did the child care, the cooking, cleaning, laundry, finances, and everything else you said. I much prefer it to manual labor 50 hour weeks at home.

        You don’t work every minute of that time at home. Kids take naps and probably the worst of it is the cooking and cleaning. Laundry is very easy (folding is the most labor intensive part). Plus, if you get tired, you can sit down to rest. Not something you can do at work.

      • Hate to tell you, housewife doesn’t mean mother all the time anon. While i do agree taking care of children is a very demanding job, many don’t do most the work you describe when coming to child care. Why you ask? Well because Mr Television seems to raise the children these days because the parents can’t seem to multitask all that well anymore.

        I seem to remember being raised without being sat infront of a TV with my mother not making any complaints whatsoever. Sadly most parents nowadays are too busy texting on twitter or checking their farms on fagbook to really care for their kids anyway.

        I bet most these women are just looking for a sugardaddy to claim their freeride.

      • stillcode says:

        Even if being a housewife were as onerous as you describe the fact of the matter remains.

        From 2003 to 2008 the number of Japanese women in their twenties and thirties who would rather be a housewife has increased. We can safely infer that more and more women are desiring to work at home (even through all the drudgery you describe) rather than work at a job outside the home.

        Women were fed a bowl of lies. That lie was that motherhood and taking care of the family were demeaning to women. Anything men could do, women could do as well, or even better. And off women went into the workforce.

        Well, after having worked a couple of years in a man’s world (the workplace) many women have woken up and realized that working in the real world isn’t as glamorous or as easy as they were once told. Especially since Japan has been in an economic death spiral/depression for nearly the past 20 years.

        In Japan it takes untold hours of overtime to advance anywhere up the corporate ladder. Many Japanese women in their 20s and 30s have realized that they wasted their most valuable husband finding years and have only a $50,000 a year job to show for it, if even that. Faced with a lifetime of the same tedious job that they’ve grown to spite or the chance at being able to raise a family full-time, it’s not surprising that more and more women are rejecting modern social mores in favor of a traditional lifestyle.

        But in the end, it’s all too little too late.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t agree more. They want to have their cake and eat it too. I mean I get it and I would want it too, but in reality I would say you can go to hell if you want to be treated as an equal and yet don’t want to do anything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can’t say I can blame them. Once you realise chances are slim that you’re going to make a difference in the world, what does it matter where your food comes from? Might as well make a man happy, at least that’s something, and you get plenty of leisure time. Wouldn’t mind being a houseman myself, but although I can cook meals and fix the computer, I don’t exactly look like Apollo, am not exactly charming, and wait for it… carry an enormous student debt.

    • Yea, but I doubt so many would be keen to be a housewife if they actually had to work while at home. Laundry is done in a machine, dishes are done in machines. Most tasks in a house are easy to keep up with if the house isn’t a shitpile. They just want to be lazy.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s interesting, because these used to be equivalent to full-time job chores that needed to be done.

        Somehow, housework is the one place where technology has ended up giving us less work, rather than more.