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It’s a good idea.

More women staying home as housewives = less people in the workforce = higher wages a man can demand. The professionals can support a family, and due to the aging population ask for “Silly” things like more time to spend with their families. The sub-professionals and “Neet” will have lots of “Just Jobs” waiting that’ll pay the bills and keep them in PVC figures.

I’m tempted to say “Liberating women effectively doubled the workforce, lowering wages for everyone.” but aside from the “Hyenas in Petticoat” stabs (1) I’d get, it isn’t the whole story. Modern society is easily rich enough to have people having quadruple their average income, it’s just that the “Rich Elite” take it from them with their wage/price schemes.

Thus the ‘doubling’ supposedly of the workforce, along with illegal labor, outsourcing, etc. was used to lower the standard of living so a few could be very, very much more wealthy than they already were. It’s called “The two income trap” in the USA.

1-“You are a horrible Dinosaur! And like the dinosaur you will go extinct, your heart will burst from the strain of dragging your genitals!!!”
—Really, I’ve heard about all of em:-)

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