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Great, so we have some idiot supporting the lifestyle of some lazy golddigger. Its because of men like you that women like this exist. Parasites are still parasites no matter what kind of name you give them. If men can go out and work, so should women. Why should they sit back and do less? They all cry and want equality, but when it comes knocking they glue their ass to the couch(sorry its now the computer chair cause their facebook farms need to be harvested).

Oh well, these types of women will dissappear soon anyway. With the economy pretty much getting worse and worse, dual income families are becoming mandatory for survival period. Seeing as our governments aren’t doing much to actually help the problems anyway. So its pretty much sink or swim, and rather than going poor they will have to get off their ass to do something.

I have nothing against actual housewives…the ones that actually do it because they have kids and lots of stuff that needs attended too(like the kids).

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  • Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives:
    Thats the thing these people seem to not understand anymore. They want the gold trophy without the responsibility it comes with having to earn it. And its becoming ever more evident with the newer generations, they are being taught and learning on their own that they don’t need to take responsibility for anything anymore.

  • Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives:
    Don’t worry, EN will come along and declair that this poll and all its results were fabricated because 100% of all women want better than

  • Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives:
    Hate to tell you, housewife doesn’t mean mother all the time anon. While i do agree taking care of children is a very demanding job, many don’t do most the work you describe when coming to child care. Why you ask? Well because Mr Television seems to raise the children these days because the parents can’t seem to multitask all that well anymore. I seem to remember being raised without being sat infront of a TV with my mother not making any complaints whatsoever. Sadly most parents nowadays are …

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