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Hmm Some people seem to bash a certain country, not thinking that some are not is always as you see them to be, bunch a nonsense they’re talking about sometimes. Anyway, it does feel a little off, but it does feel some kind of tradition going on these days. Maybe it is. And it’s a bit hard handling life a single income, having one parent doing all the work, in case someone loses a job and still can’t find one. Well that part people can think twice about.

If I have a moment to spare for something on this site. Its typical, some people on this site say s**t and I just ignore them considering they know s**t about a person’s life, even an American. All I know is that people in this world can disrespect, dishonest, hurt, and do all that kinds of negativity that I don’t want to be a part of. Now with that little rant out of the way I can say that this housewife thing may some comfortable, but can also be troublesome in some way if anyone could point that out on how it can be that way.

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  • Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives:
    I work and can satisfy my boyfriend despite the arguments about money (no details). If I worked, cleaned, raised children, and cooked while he didn’t make any changes or contributions, I would be looked down on because I stuck with him. But if I left him on the curb I would just the money hungry bitch that dumped him right? I don’t feel too strongly for the feminist thing but being born a man doesn’t earn repect in th household. Also being American doesn’t mean we all think the same as if we …

  • Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives:
    I will respect whoever my wife will be, but it won’t stop me from doing what is necessary if she goes too far. Now that’s something.

  • Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives:
    xD oh god. i dont blame japanese guys liking 2d girls more than 3d. in my country more than 50% of students in college are females

  • Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives:
    Jesus christ. People on here read one or two snippets in Sankaku, probably having never even been to Japan, then act as if they’re connoisseurs of Japanese women. Protip: most Japanese women have a job. If people said things like “I just want to do my best for my husband/wife!” instead of accusing the other half of laziness wouldn’t it be better? Instead I just see self absorbed NEETs who have no aspirations or anything to offer.

  • Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives:
    It’s a world gone crazy, keeps a woman in chains..

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