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So gender equality now means that it’s perfectly fair for the man to go out and work his ass off for the household while the woman sits at home, eating food her husband paid for, lounging on the couch her husband bought, watching the kid build with blocks her husband paid for, and the most physical exertion she has to do is push a vacuum (that her husband bought) for ten minutes or put clothes in a washer/drier (you know the drill)?

I can understand the desire to sit back and live the life of leisure as much as anyone, but young Japanese women need to get it through their heads: maybe the reason so many of the men in your country gravitate towards 2D women is because they can’t stand to put up with the arrogant stupid shit you spew all over the place while you scream for equal rights while seated firmly on your ass.

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  • Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives:
    I work and can satisfy my boyfriend despite the arguments about money (no details). If I worked, cleaned, raised children, and cooked while he didn’t make any changes or contributions, I would be looked down on because I stuck with him. But if I left him on the curb I would just the money hungry bitch that dumped him right? I don’t feel too strongly for the feminist thing but being born a man doesn’t earn repect in th household. Also being American doesn’t mean we all think the same as if we …

  • Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives:
    I will respect whoever my wife will be, but it won’t stop me from doing what is necessary if she goes too far. Now that’s something.

  • Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives:
    xD oh god. i dont blame japanese guys liking 2d girls more than 3d. in my country more than 50% of students in college are females

  • Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives:
    Jesus christ. People on here read one or two snippets in Sankaku, probably having never even been to Japan, then act as if they’re connoisseurs of Japanese women. Protip: most Japanese women have a job. If people said things like “I just want to do my best for my husband/wife!” instead of accusing the other half of laziness wouldn’t it be better? Instead I just see self absorbed NEETs who have no aspirations or anything to offer.

  • Most Japanese Women Aspire to Be Housewives:
    It’s a world gone crazy, keeps a woman in chains..

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