Wada: “FF7 Remake Would Take 10 Times as Long as FF13”


Square Enix’s CEO has claimed that a remake of Final Fantasy VII would be a difficult proposition indeed, which by his estimation could take 10 times the development time Final Fantasy XIII took.

Square Enix CEO Wada tweeted thus:

Regarding an FF7 remake:

We get this question all the time from lots of countries. At this level of quality it took us 3-4 years to finish FF13, but if we were to finish a FF7 remake at the same level of quality it would take 10 times as long, so it’s a difficult issue and not just something we could start at any time.

However, with the request being so frequent it’s something we keep to heart.

Naturally there are those who are quick to begin making disparaging comments about the relationship between Final Fantasy XIII’s notorious linearity and the likely development time (“It’s because there are towns!”), as well as those who are left wondering about Square Enix’s constant vacillations over the feasibility of such a remake in the face of what must already be the most anticipated remake of videogame history.

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  • So what they’re saying is “we couldn’t possibly work on something that’s decent so take this half-assed piece of shit instead” what happened to quality in my games.
    i don’t give a damn about a remake why the hell would i pay for the same game but updated graphics.
    Final Fantasy games should be held at a higher standard because they are mainstream they should be the best but instead they have become nothing more than a parasite on its fans sucking out money

  • Where are people coming up with 30-40 years? From what I recall there are two newer FFVII releases: Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus, as well as a full length CGI movie: Advent Children. That’s 3 products released within the last 6 years. So why would it take longer than that to remake the original for the PS3 or next generation?

  • Anonymous says:

    I believe that should the worsest thing happen, some kinda of international law prohibiting the creation of Final Fantasy 7’s remake, when worst comes to worst, the fanatics will make and release a 2d… pixalated sprite-full… but completely HD version of Final Fantasy 7. (with very great looking background art.

    and if not that then the fans’d make a final fantasy 7 TEXT-based RPG for DOS. (and I’ll be playing it on my DS!)

  • Anonymous says:

    what a load of crap, hello Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, etc they have the freaking models already for the main cast and more. and at the very least a few locations, 10 times longer my ass, thats douchebag talk for “we are too lazy.”

  • Anonymous says:

    i sense excuse after excuse. it’s what they get for hyping the damn FF7 saga up so much and not delivering. i wouldnt be surprised if they try and changed the battle system to be like a more spactactular XIII or Dissidia.

  • Anonymous says:

    *sigh* Definitely the issues plaging or beloved S-E run deep and at a management level and we won’t see an improvement until said management changes hands.

    What kind of mentality puts an alleged “quality” of form over concept in such a way that a game that was feasible more than 10 years ago now it’s an engineering improbability? How do other companies keep making RPGs for the new generation consoles without self-imposing totally ridiculous standards? I really cannot give a fuck about seeing the pores and individual hair strands of the characters, especially if they come at the price of story and playability (and release time.)

    If they follow this trend, what’s FFXV going to be like? A perfectly rendered single frame? “Hey, yeah, we would have liked to make a few seconds of animations, not to mention let you be able to interact with it, but you have to understand that at this level, each frame and feature would take us another 5 years.”

  • Why do they need to remake ff7? If they remake it, they`ll remake characters too….they change tifa!!!
    NOOOOO…. D-cup Tifa will begone!!!!
    Right remake ff8 because this is the game without story line!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    i would not want to see a remake because, first off they don’t even have the original “Square” team anymore. second they probably couldn’t remake it right if everything was handed to them on a silver plate. third, SquareEnix is garbage now. i mean have they even released one decent game in years now? i don’t think so.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’d be fine with a remake in slightly lower quality than Final Fantasy XIII, that game may have had awesome graphics but the story line was awful. It just didn’t feel like a Final Fantasy game… 🙁

    I’d much have a game with an amazing story line being remade then Square Enix making a new Final Fantasy with a horrible storyline.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, let’s see here…SE currently releases five to six times more as games than Squaresoft ever did annually. And they’ve cut down to half the staff…yeah, they really are putting in about 1/10th the effort into their games as Squaresoft did. Hence, all their games being horribly rushed SHIT.

    Glad to finally see Wada owning up to the fact…

  • square is full of shit, jesus christ the storys already there for gods sake. just redo the writing and use the same engine they used for ff13 and its a 2-5 year dev time game. i dont know what the fuck there on but its made them dumb as shit.

  • ff7 remake would take a long time but 10 years probably not. maybe 5-6 years granted they don’t pull some bullshit like making a version for the 360 which takes some of their resources away from main game dev.

    a ff7 remake at its 20th or 25th anniversary would be very appropriate.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pretty retarded logic that a FFVII remake would need to be Advent Children quality. Just had to point out how ridiculous a notion that is. Kill yourself for even thinking that, and then trying to back it up too.

  • Anonymous says:

    10 years, huh… Well if they handed the project to my game studio I can finish it less than two years flat. That’s just psycho, did Square Enix has lost most of their talent or something?

  • It will take that long only if they want to change the whole damn thing like add more stories, somewhat new and ridiculous gameplay, etc…If they just happy to change only the graphics, add some new music, voice acting ,create the remake one would only take over a year or two.

    Whatever, it easier to screw up something that already good than make it better.

  • Anonymous says:

    About 20 years from now, after a hard day from work, you just arrived at your house. Same old routine, you get a change of clothes grab something to eat and try to entertain yourself away from the aftertaste of that shift. As you pass by the room of your 13 year old son you hear an especially nostalgic music, it sent an electric shock to your whole body, it made you feel young and gave a flashback of hours and hours of enjoyment and epicness. Yes, it’s the main theme of FFVII (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzz5cVt70j8). It seemed to be the grandest symphony that ever tickled your ears. Your body moved on its own, dragging you closer and closer till you give the door a slight tilt. The HD TV showed familiar faces, the faces of your comrades from long ago. And as you try to contain the emotions trying to burst out, your son asks “Dad, do you like playing games?”


  • Anonymous says:

    It’s not only the graphics that would need re-doing. Since FFX, they’ve had voice acting, so they would need to do that as well. Also, the audio formats have advanced quite a lot, so they’d have to do that. They’d also have to make said audio playable on, say, a home theater audio system.

    They’d have to re-design most of the landscape to look good on 1080p. Same with the characters and the videos. They’d have to do that to all of the monsters in the game as well. Oh, and of course, Gold Saucer.

    Then there’s the more flashy videos and animations, such as any video with Meteor, the ending video and Omnislash.

    They’d also have to re-design all of the NPCs. Then they’d need to find a way to make towns and airships plausible and work smooth without affecting the graphics.

    And who knows, they might even need to put additional details, such as the materia slots in Buster Sword being filled with actual materia.

    Also, the conversion from PS1 graphics to PS3 would pretty much mean that they’d have to re-design most of the characters almost completely, or they’d just look silly.

    Really, it’s not just a “Press a button and presto, HD FF7”. It’s much, much more.

    And besides, one of their main concerns would indeed be whether the fans would be pleased with it, because if they wouldn’t, the game would pretty much flop. Not to mention that only the actual die-hard fans of FF7 would buy the game, since it would have nothing new, just being a remake for PS3. And really, considering how long it took to get remakes of the earlier FFs to PS1 or GBA, what makes anyone think that they’d pull off that on PS3?

  • Anonymous says:

    All I hear is that FFVII was the better game, as evidenced by how long they claim it would take to develop an already developed game.

    That, and I still say MS should partner with SE for an exclusive remake on their platform. Now that would be funny, the game every Sony and Square fanboy wants, and its only available on a rival platform.

  • Bronxdragon says:

    I would also be happy with a remake yet….I wonder how the hell would it take them that long to remake it. They have a complete story and characters as well unless they plan to add little mini scenes that show like 5 minutes of information we already know about the character. All they have to do is convert everything into higher graphics correct? They arn’t comming up with a new FF7 are they…that wouldn’t be a remake though.

  • Anonymous says:

    “10 times as long to make”? Given that FFXIII took them several YEARS to make, I have only one response to that claim: BULLSHIT. That’d be longer than Duke Nukem Forever! If it would take SquareEnix that long to make ANY game, remake or original, then they have no business making games. So no, that’s utter bull, he’s just making lame excuses.

  • Anonymous says:

    Despite all the reasons out there demand for ff7 remade,
    whether remade FF7 with Highly definition battle system can promise us the same experience in old FF7…

    it is still remained unknown though…

    • You mean the HD modding of the PC version of 7 doesn’t count?

      Shame square killed the CT project, especially since the devs offered to take no money for their efforts, just that their names be in the credits when released.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hardly think it’s take them 30-40 years, but even if it would they should stop talking about it and just do it
    Even if only a side project, it’d make them a lot of money
    Then they should remake 10 while they’re at it

    • Anonymous says:

      Not only that, they disrespect their fandom with these arrogant attitudes. Because if many wish a FF VII remake, then it should tell them that such product would be highly profitable, and thus pleasant to them. As long as the remake stays faithful to the original, and brings some modern gameplay and graphics, along with a theoretically improved storyline, than the product will be a success. Just look at Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver — awesome and very well done remakes of Gold and Silver while also being the best main series games of the Pokémon franchise so far.

  • SpideyPHL says:

    First off, the people who keep saying “he means 30-40 years” apparently do not understand hyperbole. Completely disregard that number, just think of it as generically equaling “a really long time.” I know I know, don’t feed the troll, but really that’s one of those things that are so stupid I can’t help myself.

    It is interesting that he said it’d take that long though, considering they already have all of the plot, characters, dialogue, battle system, and locations already plotted out–they’d just need to re-do the graphic assets in HD, dub in voice acting for the dialogue and probably add some extras to make it somewhat worth buying (who here’s hoping for schoolgirl alternate outfits for the girls?).

    *cough* Anywho, it does seemed to be a veiled or accidental comment on the amount of content in FF13 compared to FF7. Unlike many of the people on this site, I didn’t hate FF13, but I will say I miss things like the Overworld from pre-PS2 FF games, and minigames from the pre-FF13 games. Has anyone actually sat down and looked at the amount of different zones in each, though? Keeping in mind that the PS2 and PS3 games have much larger zones than the PS1 games.

  • Anonymous says:

    They would only find a way to screw it up. Somehow they’d make Cloud and Sephiroth more moody and gay. Somehow they’d find a way to add more belts and zippers to the character designs. They’d add new combat features and screw up the material system. They’d find a way to stuff in shitty overly dramatic jpop songs.

    I don’t want a FF7 remake unless they promise not to fuck it up.

    • Exactly. AND: The one and only FFVII is the PS1 FFVII. It would not be the same even if they don’t fuck up. But we all now they will. Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core are a huge warning, friends!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d love to both see that AND what a lot of fans DO clamor for: A way to either bring her back OR keep her from dying in the first place – thereby creating a totally new alternate storyline for Square to cash-in on as “Alternate Dimension Sequels”.

      Square would be crazy not to do that. FF7 Remake gets multiple endings based on if Aerith/s dies or lives; then makes games, multimedia, toys, etc. based on BOTH stories. Double the cash-cow, double the fun!

  • Anonymous says:

    wow what with that answer from the CEO? First of all FFXIII startet on the PS2 then pulled over to ps3 and without a engine to use for the new ps3 they had to make everything from zero. Ofc new games nowaday wouldn’t take that long. They are just playing save and the next FF (non-mmo) will still have no Town with an big “we told you its impossible to do Towns in HD” answer.

    • Anonymous says:

      8 is most likely the most hated of all FF games btw

      Stupid story
      Horrible spell system/grinding for spells to use
      horrible forced card game

      and the gunblade…….honestly the gunblade. the weapon makes no logical sense.

      The game in all directions was horrible

      • Anonymous says:

        yeah, no sense at all….

        what makes TOTAL sense is a sword bigger than a man… or, or, or, or a gun attached to where a hand once was… or, or, or, or a sword with bubbles (FF X)… or, or, or, or firing ice, lightnings, fire, wind out of a hand, with cool effects included… or, or, or bringing up freakinly awesome creatures out of no where, with cool effects included.. THAT makes sense… yeah…

      • Anonymous says:

        I thought II was the most hated? And why does a weapon like that have to make sense? I mean we have school students who merge with monsters and summon them, and they use a war to test you for the military. Or how about a moon where monsters come down from it, explain the sense there. But the story was everywhere >_>.

  • Anonymous says:

    This isn’t surprising. XIII didn’t have towns, so remaking VII in HD with towns scares them to fucking hell. Screwing that up would solidify Square’s end.

    Just admit you’re lazy and we can move on Wada.

    • Anonymous says:

      another answer: anyone with any talent left in Sqaure died or left after FF10. Please don’t ask us to make it, you will just regret you ever asked us.

      We don’t even make games anymore, we just steal the script from a star wars movie and make a horrible written interactive movie that will make you wish you were watching episode 1.

  • Anonymous says:

    They said it would take 10 times as long as FF13 to make…

    Translation: Fu*k stop asking us that! We don’t want to do a remake because FF7 wasn’t linear and easy to make like FF13.

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    Perhaps within a few decades, a remake of a acknowledged classic might sound interesting. Maybe in 2067 a “Remix” will come out to the amazement of the youngins’ in (insert new country that’s richer and smarter than the thuggish political America is now)about how retro it is to play a 2-D game.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Let’s see, for sweet nostalgia sake I just rented “Tomb Raider Anniversary” where they re-made, part facelift part “Doing things we couldn’t do/didn’t have enough time to do/can do better now” exercise.

    I doubt it took Eidos 6 months to re-do it once they started working on it, and I’m not ‘dissin them.

    Likewise, look at “Warriors of Might and Magic” for the PS1 and PS2. Same game, but they used the better capabilities to re-do it.

    So, I think if they wanted to they could do a real incredible FF7 re-make with lots of new stuff and infinitely better graphics.

    How do you say, in Japanese…?

    1. “Lazy”
    2. “Cop-Out”
    3. “Complacent”
    4. “900lb Gorilla on male enhancement pills”

  • Hear me out:

    It would only take a few years to give a graphical overhaul of FF7.

    The problem is Advent Children set a new standard period, let alone for final fantasy 7.

    meaning all graphics would have to be on par with Advent Children as well as in game movie sequences.

    Considering the abundance of scenes and even mini scenes it could very well take an EXTREMELY long time to animate and the CG render.

    I seem to remember Square saying it took roughly 30 days to produce 2-3 minutes of actual animated footage when they were developing it.

    Also take in the fact of the sheer exploratory expansiveness means a lot of extra work to refine the game. They essentially would not be able to cut corners like they did in FF XIII

    • Anonymous says:

      it couldn’t possibly take 30 days to render 2 min. (speaking as an animator). Anybody who’s anybody knows the programs do a lot of the work these days… If a team is working on an animation, I’d wager you could bounce out at LEAST a min to 30 seconds a day.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t quite agree with that. Most fans realize that Adve3nt Children is a movie, and that given current technology it would be impossible to make a video game with the exact same level of detail.

      CG Movies? Yes. The whole game? No. Only the MOST vapid of fanboys & fangirls would insist on such absurdity.

      If Square were to use a modified version of the same engine they used for FF13, then they may be able to make the game in 5 years. Most of the plot is already laid out – they just need to make a few tweaks & elaborations to make certain it fits with the other FF7 games/media while also giving it something fresh & new – if the designers haven’t done this in wistful thinking in the last decade then I’d be shocked. The Music is composed – just re-arrange it again. Sound effects? Ditto. Battle/Magic/Materia system? Even I could write-up an enhanced version most people would enjoy in a few weeks time. Effects? Use them from FF13 & other games, no big deal.

      The only issue would be overall length/size: I don’t know of many people who would want an overworld – they would want a world to interact in, a la Final Fantasy X/XII/XIII & Star Ocean 3 & 4. But again, all these games offer a perfect example of HOW to make such a world. Plus the towns & other locals are already designed – they have the design sketches – just elaborate on that. The only issue is that such a game world would be XBox HEUG.

      But, really Square? 30-40 years? Please. 5 years maybe, if only to re-work everything that they already have on file.

      • Do you really believe the type of fans clamoring for this are going to settle for anything less than advent children quality?

        Not because of the movie but because it’s final fantasy VII movie. Ergo they will want it by ff 7 standards and not so much ff 13 standards.

        Let alone the power of ps3 combined with the most wanted remake of all time, they would have to be much better than a DS remake with an extra dungeon.

        If it wasn’t FF 7 I would totally agree with you that it is not a big deal.

        And I at least applaud square for trying to to do it right this time versus cookie cutter excuses like “towns take away from the story.”

        • Anonymous says:

          Callysto – Do you really believe the type of fans clamoring for this are going to settle for anything less than advent children quality?

          I already said Yes, the fans would accept less than “Toy Story graphics” – Fans accepted the PS2, right? (sorry, had to toss that pun in). Seriously, again – YES. Fans would accept graphics not on par with Advent Children as the main graphics for the game. After the release of AC, did fans bitch & moan about the graphics in FFXII & XIII not being as awesome as in AC? Did the fans bitch about the graphics in BC, CC, DoC, etc. etc. etc. not being AC-caliber? No, No, No, No, & No.

          You’re not giving fans enough credit. Fans understand that in-game graphics will not match those of CG movies for at least 3 generations of consoles (aka 30 years if each console lasts 0 years like Sony wants the PS3 to last) at the current rate of tech. improvement. Fans do not want to wait that long. There are a FEW fans who are so rabid that they will not accept anything less than “DURRR..mE uRt plaaIn Furnr Furnursee moovee”. That is not where the vast majority of the fanbase is located though. Everyone I’ve ever spoken to about this (which isn’t many as I don’t talk about 10+ year old games very often) say that they would like AC-quality CG sequences (which should be fairly easy to make now that they have the models on their harddrives), but never make mention of the full GAME looking like it. That’s…silly.

          Give fans a faithful, enhanced remake/retelling of Final Fantasy VII, using the graphics found in XIII and an open-worldness found in many MMORPG’s (or the previously mentioned games…but bigger), and they’ll be happy.

          Anon 16:29 – That wouldn’t be overly difficult. Being able to hop-on a Chocobo at any time above ground is very important, there’s no reason that it couldn’t work in a wide-open world. Hell, even Wild ARMs 5 pulled that off. I’m not stating that battles must be in real time (I’m more a fan of a combo of XII & Chrono Trigger – touch an enemy to start a free-roaming battle on the field, nearby enemies can join in, etc.). Then certain areas of the landmap would REQUIRE vehicles (say, Cosmo Canyon) until your characters reach a high enough level to survive the enemy assaults – maybe even toss in a few of the transport levels like in DoC as optional minigames during those areas to make the segments seem like you’re traversing a farther distance.

          This is stuff I’m pulling out of my ass to use for the game…it would not take 30-40 years. It would ONLY if Wada is as delusional as a vapid fanboy, demanding “Toy Story Graphics” for such a remake.

        • Anonymous says:

          All the real fans of FFVII are aware that Advent Children IS a movie, so they would agree whit graphics like FFXIII… only people that saw the movie and didnt played the game woulnt settle whit graphics like that.. mostly because the FFVII standards were set by the game and not the movie…

          So I agree whit Anon @ 14:06, except the thing he said about the towns a la FF X to XIII, the towns and exploration like that was very important in those games (FF I to IX) so i think its something that needs to be done aswell (tell me, woulnt be cool to ride you boogie or your black chocobo, or fly the highwind chasing down ultima weapon?)

    • Anonymous says:

      In what way is that relevant? Whether they personally like it or not, it’s profitable, and they’re hardly a company above releasing mediocre games for the sake of cashflow.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah but if you make a game just for money there is no soul in it. FF7 had deep roots to the make of the series cause his mother’s death was during dev time for FF7 which is what caused that story to come around. From what I recall FF7 was supposed to be about some detective.


        • Anonymous says:

          Wow I shouldn’t type while half asleep HAHA.

          Yeah but if you make a game just for the money then there is no soul in it(look at a chunk of EA’s games they keep re-releasing each year). FF7 had deep roots to the maker of the series because of his mother’s death which happened during deving for FF7, which is what caused that story to come around. From what I recall FF7 was supposed to be about some detective.


  • Anybody who wants a FF7 remake is a fanboy who only sees the game through rose-tinted glasses.

    The game was decent, but it’s nothing like the fans seem to make it out to be. I played 13 and 10 for longer than 7 for gods sake. (in before ‘omg you must be a fag lol’)

    If you want nostalgia, just replay the damn game. And I don’t get all this hate for FF13. Did I somehow play a different game to everybody else? It was gorgeous, had an okay story and the combat was fun. Yeah some bits got repetitive, but if I play FF7 now I can say the same things.

    If they are going to do a remake, I want them to do it for a game that was truly amazing like Chrono Trigger.

    I’ll get out now before the foaming-at-the-mouth fanboys descend on me and downrate this comment into the ground.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Anybody who wants a FF7 remake is a fanboy who only sees the game through rose-tinted glasses.”

      THANK YOU. I’m glad someone else sees it this way. Yes, the game was good, but it wasn’t the masterpiece people make it out to be. If you really want to play it again pop it in your PS1/2 and just replay the damn thing. I was under the impression that the graphics and everything else were part of the kitschy nostalgia of the older games. This horse has been beaten into oblivion by now. Let it die.

      If you really want a good game, take off your Squenix blinders and play Suikoden I or II.

    • Ok well here goes i’ll reply here aswell, i’ve played and own both VII and XIII, i’ve put far more hours in to VII than i did in my single run through of XIII, VII actually had other things you needed to prepare for, weapon battles anyone? that and the story in comparison is so much better than XIII which i dare say nobody here will actually disagree with, for nostalgia i do replay the game and have it on my PSP aswell as using my original copy on my PS3, i would be more than willing to play the £60 for a VII remake that i did for XIII which i’ve yet to even bother putting back in the PS3 since i finished it

    • Anonymous says:

      Chrono Trigger has had remakes, at the very least I’ve seen it on PS1 and the NDS. I wouldn’t ever want to see it realised in a, “modern”, 3D-rendered or whatever version. It’s already a beautiful game, doing that would just kill all the nostalgia.

      • Anonymous says:

        those were not remakes, they were ports… very diferent things…

        and a chrono trigger remake would be totally awesome, needless to say as a PS3 exclusive (dont get me wrong, i own a PS3 AND a 360) mostly because of the capacity of the BR, because i really dont want a 5 – 6 dvds game

    • ^ I’ll give you a +

      Most of the people bashing FFXIII haven’t even played the damn game at all. Only seeing reviews from elitist and shit and believing it’s the “in” thing to bash it.

      • Anonymous says:

        agree’d I thought ff13 was going to be crap coming in, but now i feel stupid for believing that. And why a remake of FF7? It had it’s fun with movies and spin off games, I didn’t see any love for FF6 which was the most advance spirit SNES game (tied with CT mind you). And a popular one, I mean FF6 and CT was the most advance spirit based games on the SNES, and FF7 was a N64 game ported to the playstation with bad graphics which FF8 and FF9 improved upon.

  • the already remade the OP sequence all that is left are the other cut scenes and a change to the world map traveling system
    yeah now that i think about it some things have to be remade from the bottom up so it would take a while but it will be worth it
    by remaking it will remind them how a real rpg should be like!

  • Anonymous says:

    If FFXIII sucks so much, then why is it still being played. I love XIII the only game I like more than XIII, this gen, is Red Dead Redemption. FFVII is overrated, IX is the best, and X is terrible.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because it looks good and has Final Fantasy in the name.

      Hardcore fans go “Fuck the haters” when reading bad reviews and people who go for the graphics ignore/ are oblivious to the reviews.

  • Anonymous says:

    They should just go with what works and make another Dissidia game. They could have 2 heroes and two villains per game just to make things more interesting. There are more than enough characters per game for that.

  • Anonymous says:

    I believe the remake of VII would probly take some time to complete..because more then likely its going 2 be different from the original to keep things new and refreshing for the returning players..i don’t know why Sqaure is holding off on the remake..if FF13 can sell 5.5 million worldwide then im pretty sure a VII remake wil sell 10 times more.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why they don’t like money.

    I like Final Fantasy VII, but the problem is that it’s from a time when 3D graphics were ugly and horribly slow. FFVI stands on its own pretty well because it used the 2D graphics it had pretty well. FFVIII also still stands on it’s own today because the graphics, while not HD, are perfectly serviceable as they stand.

    FFVII looks like the bastard child of two different art directors, thanks to the use of a relatively normal-looking model for battles and the superdeformed look for the rest. And to be honest, it’s hard to take stuff in the game seriously at times thanks to the SD characters (or the SD prerendered cutscenes). I really think that the game could use a remake, just so I can play something with a unified art direction.

    • Had beautifull 90h with this title…and I stil need to max my Meteor Spell!^^ But it is to slow for kids nowadays I fear that a remake has little chances. From my perspective it looks almost like a predecessor to Demon/Dark Souls. Even if you cannot really compare these 2 different gameplays but I think the people who loved Vagrant Story would be also great fans of Demon Souls /Dark Souls. It has the same feeling.

  • I have an incredibly tough time believing that it would take ten times the amount of time it took putting together XIII to do a remake of VII. Who gives a flying fuck if it has large cities? So do other next-gen games, and they seem to be capable of putting together functioning environments. And Square, who has on its working team some of the (assumedly) most talented programmers in the industry, is incapable of keeping up?

    I don’t know why they’re lying about all this, but I do think they’re doing such.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good to see Square-Enix admitting they used 10 times less effort on making FF13.

    Why shouldn’t they? Fanboys will buy anything with Final Fantasy stamp on it anyway. It’s just like those Eva fans who’ll snap up anything, even that crappy and overpriced bento.

  • well its not that they have to plan a lot with a remake, and if they keep the same art style as the original(wich most of us are more fond of thatn the ac one), and with just inproved animation but with the same atb, it wouldnt take so long.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why do people keep on wishing for a FF7 remake? It’d be totally different and ruin one of Square Enix’s best single player RPG games. Don’t you people understand that Square Enxi fails epicly at single player RPG titles now? They do however make godly MMORPG titles.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bwahaha, you mean that yawnfest FF14 where characters stand long enough for you to go walk the dog in between each attack?

      Yes, it’s a game sent from the heavens .. for old people.

    • Anonymous says:

      ok, take advent children looks and throw it all into an FF7 remake with no real changes to the battle system except the looks.

      Id buy 3 copies of the game and keep two safe and scratch free for years later when i want to play them again.

      Honestly Cloud looks awesome in advent children.

      13 sucked cause it sucked. as long as they dont try to be a hero with the gameplay of 7, they CANT go wrong.

      • I talk to a friend of mine he told me the reason he disliked 13 was it had no mini-games,no rare weapon’s,no towns.

        Sure they could get the models for reference concepts from Advent Children and CRISIS CORE that wouldn’t help them much considering Square Enix wants to kill there own franchise it looks like from what they are doing.

  • Anonymous says:

    God he’s been saying this shit for YEARS. I remember he said it’s take a 100-person team 5 years to make it like 5 years ago. MAYBE IF YOU’D SHUT UP AND JUST MADE IT, IT’D BE DONE BY NOW?

  • They are going to cock tease this into the ground. There is no way in hell Squenix would bother remaking this game currently. They are holding out for when they drop really low in sales. If they keep making crap like 13, that might happen sooner than later though.

  • jesus, what would take so long.

    they should still have everything from the cg parts on file somewhere and also the wire frames for the pre rendered shit.

    they have the ff13 engin, and they could add shit to make it more suited to ff7

    now add onto it the time to texture and the time to re sculpt areas for more detail, and there you go.

    and so long as they dont fuck with the battle system, they have a pre made blockbuster.

    all this shit about it would take 10 times longer is bullshit, unless the current ff team is realy that talentless, and if 13 is anything to go by, they may be.

      • do you honestly not get how “movie” cg works?

        ill run down what happend with ff7 movies quick

        #1 extreme detail is put into everything (ps1 era extreme) and has models with so many pollys that even todays systems would be hard pressed to run them real time.
        #2 it is rendered in a renderfarm, at either realy high detail, or at the size it would take to go on disc
        #3 assumeing that it was high detail, it would sent over to editing to add things that werent possible in 3d, or to add effects and for general editing.
        #4 it gets the shit compressed out of it, its hard to explain if you dont get it.

        now all that said, any given cg area they had had at least 10 mill pollys, and to my understanding even the shit in crysis maxes at arounf 4.5 mill

        every background in ff7 was made in 3d first rendered in high detail and compressed to be smaller sizes. in fact, im assuming that in some areas they would actually have to tone detail down (polly wise) to get it to run in game.

        and i have some experience doing textures, if you have the models and know what you are doing you can easily pump textures out for half of disc one in 1-2 days because alot of that shit can be reused over and over again for various backgrounds.

        the hardest things they have to do is fill in the the areas they didnt have to model at first.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. They have the storyboard, script, and probably stuff like item and monster data (excluding the models) already.

      And they also have the game engine from FF13 (which probably took a good chunk of time).

  • Did square junk all the old artwork are something?

    I could understand that statement if they were working from complete scratch, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to reuse the old geometry used in FF7 then retrofit it so it works in a realtime rendering rather than the pre-rendered system.

    • Actually the couldn’t re-use the same models from the original game. FFVII is very, very old, and the models from back then are nowhere near today’s standards. The low resolution of the original game was able to hide most of the low poly problems, however with the new HD systems around, any attempt to re-use their material would look really bad.

      With regards to the content of the game, while everyone would enjoy re-living the story from the original game, everyone would also become bored very quickly if they were simply re-playing the original game with different looks. Think of the original star wars movies, when they were re-made with some new effects, the result wasn’t very good because everyone had already seen the movies a dozen times already, so there wasn’t enough to hold people’s interest.

      So basically, they would need to redo all the scenes with contemporary models and effects, redo and improve all the gameplay and quests, yet still do it in such a way that the old players will feel the nostalgia from playing the old game. That’s much harder than trying to create a new game from scratch.

      • Anonymous says:

        “So basically, they would need to redo all the scenes with contemporary models and effects, redo and improve all the gameplay and quests, yet still do it in such a way that the old players will feel the nostalgia from playing the old game. That’s much harder than trying to create a new game from scratch.”

        They pulled it off pretty nicely with FF4. Admittedly, a game that was a good deal simpler, yes, but it was still possible.

        That said: When are people going to wake up and realize that FF7 was good for back then, but would actually somewhat suck, now? It worked then because of the period the majority of players were at in their lives, and because of the other parts of culture it was surrounded by. To attempt to take and redo it without turning it into something that bears little to no resemblance to the original artifact is an order of such a large magnitude that Squenix likely just can’t do it. It was fun for what it was, then. Let it rest, already.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, the battle system -was- suck, for a big, big reason:

          Beyond limit breaks, visual designs, and range considerations(short vs. long), it didn’t matter one damn bit who you had in your party, because everyone could do the same thing, thanks to the Materia system. 6 and 8 suffered from this syndrome as well, with the whole problem of “Plug-in Party Members.” 4 and 9 had the better battle set-ups because damned if your tactics and way of problem-solving didn’t end up changing based on who you had in your party. For the tl;dr people: “There’s a reason it’s stupid to make everyone a Red Mage.”

        • “That said: When are people going to wake up and realize that FF7 was good for back then, but would actually somewhat suck, now?”

          I’m sorry but i must disagree, most RPG’s these days are horrid failures compared to what we used to have, FF7 had a fantastic story aswell as a decent battle system, what you’re saying is that 12 year olds these days wouldn’t be able to handle the fact that they might have to actually think about a game and work out what to do next without the game holding their hands every step of the way.

      • Also the budget would be expensive to make games in HD that’s why Square Enix is making more games for the Hand Held market then on the HD consol market its much more profitable and less expensive to make games on the DS and PSP then it is on PS3 and Xbox 360.

      • Hmm… damn.

        I was all set to tell you about how FF7 pre-rendered background’s were still up to par if they looked identical, but rendered in realtime.

        Then I went image searching, and it was surprisingly difficult to find FF7 images that were not battle or FMV or overworld map. Once I finally did, my first thought was, “those textures could use some higher resolution.”

        so yeah, I guess a lot more FF7 artwork would need to be redone than I was expecting. FF9, on the other hand, still has gorgeous looking backgrounds, just no one liked that game.

        • Honestly, I loved a whole lot of the concepts in FF9, it was just painfully non-streamlined. I suspect that the graphics were *too good* for the PSX which resulted in excessively long load times.

          In addition, random encounters seemed a little too frequent, and as soon as a battle started there was excessive panning before the fights started. There was over 10s between leaving the map screen and combat actually engaging, which is just unacceptable.

        • Anonymous says:

          FFIX was a little awkward looking, but the throwbacks to the first game were great (the gurugu volcano remix made me laugh so hard), and I much enjoyed being able to abuse reflect like never before =P

    • Anonymous says:

      How long did FF7-Advent Children take? I Betcha less time than the actual FF Movie-Spirits Within

      Square CEO talking like he took a years worth of crack, oh wait this is square nuff said.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      15 years old is plenty of time… I don’t want to play a remake 20, 30 years down the line when I lose my eyesight…

      If Monkey Island games are being remade now, it’s perfectly reasonable for FF7 to be remade, especially when it’s one of the worst-aged Final Fantasies ever made.

      That said, I’m honestly sick and tired of Square Enix WHINING about the game development process.

      Okay, so we know it’s hard. We don’t need these insane estimates on how much harder they need to work or listen to quack-math they put out as an excuse. Man up and confirm or deny the rumor.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fucking retarded 10 times more time?! what?

      Why the fuck will it take longer?

      The story is made already
      The engine is made already

      I don’t understand where the fuck they get 30 to 40 years from. Are they fucking retarded?

      Please send actual facts on why the hell it will take ten times longer.

      I mean for FF13 you needed to make the engine, and you needed to write a whole story.

      Those 2 fking steps are done already. The game should logically take LESSER time.

      AND AS A BONUS. The models used for advent children movie ca be used again, using the same models for cut scenes in the fucking game


      Cut scene engine=done


    • Anonymous says:

      @ Vitu. This ignorant CEO just suggested a remake of a simple game would take 30-40 years to produce, not a reasonable 10 *shakes head*

      I have absolutely no skill in making games, but even [I] would be able to completely remake FFVII in full HD standards at the time of its release in less than 40 fucking years.


    • Sounds like Sqyare-Enix is getting pretty damn lazy.

      Don’t they do market research to see if the idea of a FF VII remake would garner sufficient attention to warrant the expenditure of time and money to do?

      My confidence in them (which was getting fairly low recently with FF XIII) is starting to hit new lows.

      • Anonymous says:

        That what you get from lazy workers, all they have to do is just remake the graphic at most well they may need to add something new to the content or gameplay but maybe the main story would be the same, and that alone can save time for them

        But wow !! 30 to 40 years ?, do they write the program with their feet and eyes blindfolded ? it’s laughable, I’ve never heard any games that require 30-40 years of completion. Are they researching “cure for cancer” ? NO i think not. they are just plain LAZY

    • Anonymous says:

      “The quality of FF13” The fuck where they smoking when they tried to say FF13 was “quality”

      Anyways, who cares if it would take more effort to make. That’s the damn point, stop rehashing the same shit and half assing it and make a GOOD game for once..

      • I have to agree. What quality? the only decent thing about FF13 was its cutscene graphics, the game as a whole was the most dissappointing piece of shit i’ve played yet. FF7 was a good game, if it were remade it would probably sell millions of copies on name alone. However if they take the same suckass attitude to the remake as they did FF13, you’d probably see near 100% returns.

        30-40 years to make a game? Yeah maybe if you had down syndrome and were doing it alone on a sketchpad while locked in a pitch black closet.

        Greedy businessmen are worse than serial killers. Yeah i know its a controversial thing to say, but its true.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, at least the expactations on a FF7 would even higher than they were on FF13. So it might be even worse….when people think “FF13 is shit, the past was so much better” than SE can live with it. But when they make a remake people will say “fuck you SE, you destroyed such a good game” and they probably lose fans, because they expected too much.

          So I have to agree: a remake of FF7 would be only a “Final Fantasy” (remember like the name was made), because it really will sell because of its name.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think the man knows what he is talking about. 30-40 yrs to create a game? I think Wada is exaggerating..oh just a little bit. Or perhaps he wants to quell the FF geeks wet dreams about a remake ever happening because he’s tired of all the speculation. But 30-40yrs…no. I think it’s either hyperbole or he can’t do the math. In any event, if that were even true, there would be no possible way for them to recoup their losses because this would be the most expensive game/entertainment media ever to be made; There would be 2nd generation production staff working on this game; People working on this game would have died, retired, or the sane, just plain quit; The game would be delayed even further to catch up to current-gen technology. Furthermore, it took that long to make it would be the most spectacular failure because nothing would ever be able to live up to the hype of a game taking that long to produce.

        • Anonymous says:

          Bullshit indeed, especially considering that just the design for a game like ff7 is likely to take ~12 months, but with a remake all they’d have to do is the artwork, and scripting ( and maybe an engine, if their current ones can’t hold out ). Of course some design is required for a smooth ride, but still… Most of their design team could be working on the next game ~~

      • As long as it basically stayed the same game with just a massive facelift then i can’t see how it would have any issues topping charts, one of the theories i’ve seen posted is that SE might be saving it to use as a get out of jail free card so to speak incase of any extreme company issues, with FF14 round the corner who knows we might see it sooner rather than later 🙂

        • twitchforanime says:

          It pisses me off, but i think that ‘Get out of jail free card’ idea is probably along the right track, i mean if you take a look closely at all the games coming out of square enix’s ass lately, it makes tetris look multi-million its goddamn sickening, and the biggest problem is, that even if they managed to fuck up the remake idiots like me would still buy if only to support the original game and the developers themselves, because, i fucking loved that game…. although if they are going to remake 7m they may as well take the time to do 8 and 9 as well, i don know about anyone else, but i’d buy a remade 8 and 9.
          x-2 was retarded fanfare not even worth playing let alone buying, if i had the choice of downloading and playing 10-2 for free or paying 200 bucks for my next game, id be out 200 bucks
          that game was a piece of shit.
          i havent played 13 yet, but apprently there is no such thing as a story line in there, even in ff 11 there was a story line, like come the fuck on, this is getting disgusting,i think its time we dropped an angry mailman off at SE and just watched the fun >_>


        • That’s true, if you put your heart into something it will naturally turn out better than if it were created out of greed. Some game developers and writers don’t seem to have a passion for creating games that’s why you get millions of crappy spin-offs for a game that might have sold well. Instead of realizing what it was that made that game so good and work on trying to improve it for possible squeals, they think any game with the same title will sell. Which is kinda true, (it sure explains why we have 90 Final Fantasy titles) but they’ll never expand beyond the small fan base they initially had and as long as the game sells they don’t care, “they’re making money” rather than making a real game and drawing in an even larger audience for a much greater fortune.

        • anon@15:19
          the game “companies” are in it for the money. that is true. but the writers and designers should be in it for the passion. to design a game that they’ve always wanted to play. that is just my personal opinion is all.

        • OK then…then how is it that a game like Uncharted 2 got released so quickly? The original was released in 2007 and the squeal in 2009 only 2 years later, in which the whole game was voiced, and contained entirely new backgrounds. Look at the amount of detail paid in Assassin’s Creed world map or hell, the research undergone, same as Uncharted, 2 years after the original a well done squeal is released, with a 3rd major platform Assassin’s Creed to be released what, later this year or something?.

          Call of Duty, Killzone, Resistance, Gears of war, are all games that have have had squeals including third installments for some within the past 3-4 years, 10 times fewer years as a Final Fantasy remake?

          Some of, if not all of the games I listed impress on levels all 100 Final Fantasy games combined would have a hard time achieving. It seems like the amount of time need to create masterful games has decreased greatly in the past few years leading one to believe that developers in the industry have a good grasp on it. So what’s Square’s problem?

          Erm, I mean Square’s time issues. There’s too many problems with Square Enix to debate it here, I’m focusing on why 30 years is the timeline for a FF remake.

        • Anonymous says:

          While I agree with you that remasteringFF 7 is not like creating a new game you are missing some important detail. SE will nevertheless have to create all the previous background of the game from scratch if they want them in HD and the same goes for about half of the characters in the game. To record all the voices for such a long game would take years upon years, and the original story had tons of flaws which will need to be ractified before recreating the game. I personally would wait for 10 more years, and the next console, before recreating FF7 and 8. SE will learn to use the crystal tools more eficently by then.

        • What a fucking drama queen!

          First off; no game should take 30-40 years to complete. If it takes you that long to develop a mediocre game you might as well drop out of the industry now.

          Second; the game is already complete! With FFXIII they had to create a whole new world, write a whole new story, create whole new characters, so taking several years to complete is somewhat understandable. But a remake of FFVII is just that; new graphics and voice work to an already finished game. So why exactly would it take them 30 years to redo the game?

          30-40 years is at least 2 more console wars, which means development of the game would continuously get pushed back as new systems and technology are introduced changing the future of gaming. And if they want to waste 30 years remaking an older Final Fantasy game start with IX.

        • Anonymous says:

          They could totally make a sequel or prequel to FF7 to ruin it for everyone with the linearity and shit. Because it’s still related to FF7, so it’s guaranteed some of the loyal shitheads that doesn’t know basic maths (like 10 times longer than 3-4 years is not 10 years, but 30-40, even if that’s unreasonable.) would still buy both. Not able to figure out how much money they spent on that shit either.

        • they expect us to believe that a single ps3 game would take longer to make than the life expectancy of the ps3-ps9? they are throwing out bullshit numbers. i don’t care for a remake of final fantasy 7. they would only screw it up now. they have no passion. they are just a bunch of traditional lazy business men only interested in money. they don’t deserve to be in the gaming industry, they should be in stocks and bonds.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well if FF13 took 3-4 years then 10 times as long would be 30-40 years.

          That means it would take a MINIMUM of 30-40 years.

          The above posters said they’d be happy with a 10 year wait which implies that 10 years is the upper bound. No, 30-40 years is the upper bound.

        • From which phrase did the above two readers mention that they were were multiplying from the multiplication table, to derive the number of years required?

          I believe they merely expressed their threshold for waiting to be around ten years.