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Monk Seduces Boys with Wii


A 46-year-old Taiwanese monk has been arrested for sexually assaulting a young boy, luring him into his home and seducing him with his Wii.

Perhaps even more interesting than the sordid details of the case is the luid CG animation Taiwanese media provides by way of explanation…

By Apple Daily:


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  • greenpoint0 says:

    Oh yes, Apple Daily in Taiwan has made famous CG clips for every scandal, including, believe or not, the Tiger Woods scandal with trimmings of bitch slaps and supposed scenario setups that may or may not adhere to fact.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    Hey it’s Apple Daily, the same Hong Kong/Taiwan media company that did the now legendary Tiger Woods car-crash affair CG, which is now all over YouTube.

    I always get a good laugh at their “speculative CG animations”, especially when it concerns celebrities.

  • Anonymous says:

    THIS PROOVE MICHAEL JACKSON IS THE BEST . Religion this day are begin to strange . May the this shit must join SUPER ADVENTURE CLUB from south park . MJ you`re the best father of all children

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh BTW fuck yourself to death for giving -1 shits because it shows you are just masturbating shit asses who jerk off to Satan and his demons only to rape you in hell when the time comes. I will personally rather erase your souls so you don’t even come back in the Universe loser shits!

  • Anonymous says:

    You are all fucking losers because my religion has a death curse for doing anything like this and so the Necronomicon is the best all other religions apart from Islam have been changed in their books. The necronomicon works with your mind and not so shit asses doctrines. We only take those and formulate in meditations what is to be right. You are all stupid to think religions are all bad.

  • Anonymous says:

    A 46-year-old Taiwanese monk has been arrested for sexually assaulting a young boy, luring him into his home and seducing him with his Wii…

    First I thought it was talking about this monk’s dick but close enough

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m not seeing much ‘wrong’ with what the monk did. They are not saying that he forced the boys into anything, they are basically just saying that he ‘seduced’ them with this Wii….. seduction is impossible unless you allow it!

  • Anonymous says:

    I can’t understand a word so it might be on more then one day, but it looks like the kids shirt went from blue to light blue/white striped to black in that animation. That whole thing was just lol.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:


    And I thought the “Stealth Crusader” a-holes were mostly from the “Jack Chick” type sects. But the Catholics have them too!?

    Nah, just joking.

    Given Asimov’s “Psycho-history” hypothesis, you can’t predict an individual but you can given enough people and statistical/psychological knowledge predict how they will act with results greater the larger the population sample.

    Thus, even da Bhudda-fans, get deviants of all sorts in their priesthood, including “Missed his calling, should have been Catholic!”

    Not that monks are above deviant behavior. An article here from a year or so had one “Screwin’ Da pooch” and it looks like he got fired from his post for it. -it’s in the square links just below the article- Guess they were “Ruff” on him!

    Then, reading “Not for Sale” a lurid rant by the haters trying to shut down “Gentleman’s Tours”, they mentioned some ladies “Used” by monks during their job. Sounded cool and kinky, but I was disappointed by the lack of luridness.

  • In my childhood, before piracy, I and you probably too, lacked such a good amount of movies and video games and shows I wanted to play, and could definitely have been seduced with some good gaming.

    I seriously don't think I wouldn't have said no at that age to even slightly painful sex, if my days were filled with awesome Chrono Trigger battles and so forth.

    "Oh hey, boy, er, now that we're at my house..uh…can I put my hands in your pants?"
    "Errrr…I dunno about that… I go pee from there."
    "I'll buy you Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest"
    "*Unzip* All yours buddy!"

  • Anonymous says:

    I have little idea what is going on there as I do not understand the language, but that angry woman is hot. I would do her.

    More videos of her, naked, and being molested by a monk – please.

    • Summary: Pedo-monk lured boys back to his apartment with promises of better games and a wii. A mother (angry woman) upon noticing that her son had stayed out the whole night looks for him and the boy confesses what transpired. Upon investigation, police discover that at least 4 boys of elementary to middle school age have been victimized. The monk is jailed despite his claims that the boys initiated the contact.

      What I find surprising tho is that middle schoolers were victimized. Maybe kids are becoming dumber or just hitting puberty later.

    • children these days are just getting dumber and dumber which means that when they become parents they are so dumb that they don’t know how to raise their children. its an endless cycle of degeneration creating a society of humans with a huge lack of common sense and weak morals.

    • You tell’em.
      But to answer your rhetorical question. No, kids don’t learn anything these days. You can pick them up with the “Want some candy”-phrase and it’s bound to work. Parents nowadays just don’t care like their parents did for them. If the pedos only knew how incompetent most parents really are, they would rejoice.

    • “Hi, boy. Wanna play with my weewee? Here, hold it firmly and… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ”

      Oh shit… someone please beat the crap out of that monk and send him to meet his maker since he yearns to be closer to god.

        • Wrong, Buddhism is not about getting closer to god or becoming a god. It is about ending the endless cycle of suffering that is existence.

          since it is Taiwan it is Mahayana Buddhism where the goal is probably to become a Bodhisattva or just to enter nirvana.
          and most likely, since its Taiwan, it is a form of pure land practice where the people chant and pray to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to take them to their pure lands where they may become enlightened and enter nirvana easier.

          a Buddha is not a god because a Buddha is technically an entity that no longer exists because existence is suffering. although they “enter nirvana” nirvana is not a place or a realm, it is a state. there are also two states of nirvana where one can be in nirvana while being alive and one after death(parinirvana). the form after death is where the person will no longer be reborn into the world.

          a bodhisattva is not a god nor a Buddha because the difference between a Buddha and a Bodhisattva is that the Buddha enters nirvana, while a Bodhisattva remains in the world in the cycle of rebirth to enlighten others.

          at least learn something about a religion before spouting out nonsense…

      • Silly you. Atheism isn’t something you can take down. Religious people seem to have serious difficulties in comprehending that very fact. Let’s try explaining it in a way you might understand.

        Religion – something people believe in
        Atheism – something to describe all the people that won’t believe in a religion

        That is the basic, which you didn’t understand, so here’s the easy to comprehend version:

        Religion: uniting people with a believe and influencing them
        –> abolish religion = keep people from getting influenced
        Atheism: unconnected people
        —> abolish atheism = disconnect all the already unconnected people = incredibly stupid

        Do you copy?

        • Anonymous says:

          Believing in imaginary friends that tell you what you should and should not do is BAD, no matter if it’s organized craziness, like most religions or if you’re just bat-shit crazy on your own.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are just stupid.

          RELIGION is the organized worship and related society to that worship.

          The first religions were based on the organized worship of spiritual beliefs. But these days, there are lots of religions that are not based in any for of the spiritual.

          People can be spiritual without being religious.

          It’s religion’s organed aspect that bring out all the bad aspects of “religion”. As an organization, it seeks to protect itself from other organizations, and it seeks growth (although the means of that growth varies by the group).

        • Anonymous says:

          Atheist DO NOT “want to prove” that god doesn’t exist. You know why? Because they don’t have to, the burden of proof is on the people making ridiculous claims about burning bushes and other inane crap.

          You can’t prove that the Easter Bunny does not exist, is that reason enough for you to start believing in a egg-laying rodent?

        • no, its only kids that want to prove god doesn’t exist. well, kids and mororns.

          god of some sort will always exist for those who fear death, are to stupid to understand that there isnt a man in the clouds shooting lightning, or want to know that all there good deeds, while unrewarded in life pay off in death.

          and also, makes it a sin to just kill yourself. which i find funny.

        • Anonymous says:

          Atheism says they dont belive in god and they are interestet in all kind of religions.They want to prove that a god doesnt exist.Some with no interest in religons is just one normal men

    • Anonymous says:

      come on people child molesting is not a new development , Freud was right sexuality is HARD to repress .
      But i dont see why dont those priests sneak off into a brothel or something .

      aside : watch video and take notes , so you wouldnt get busted like him

        • Anonymous says:

          Many women do have penis envy. Not all— but certainly a large enough portion to be noteworthy.

          Some of it is purely biological envy— men have a lot less troubles, biologically speaking, and an easier time reaching orgasm.

          Some women’s envy is purely power envy— you know, envy of the patriarchial society. But that is always boiled down to “penis envy”.

          On the other hand, some women do not care in the slightest about either aspect.

          And there is a significant portion of men with vagina envy. Some for the power of reproduction, some of the social power of women.

          It all falls under “Grass is always greener…”

      • Anonymous says:

        It also used to be a cultural thing in Ancient Greece, which is probably where the whole thing started in the first place.

        I guess that’s at least one thing we have to thank religious moralism for abolishing. Oh wait…. damn!

        • Anonymous says:

          Boy fucking dates back to the first human hunter-gatherers. When boys went out with the hunters, they’d get ass fucked and have to pleasure the older males.

          Some for the girls and woman that accompanied the hunters out into the field. Girls would do it cause they wanted to see what was happening. Women did it for companionship, social status, and getting first dibs on the meat. Or so modern anthrology is currently teaching.

        • Anonymous says:

          The Catholic Church started the Crusades, which helped Europe pull itself out of the Dark Ages by bringing ideas and trade to Europe, and by making the surviving leaders more powerful by the opportunity to seize the lands that were left by the rulers that were killed during the Crusades.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon@07:36: Because knowledge and science is REALLY thriving in those fundamentalistic arab countries, right? It’s making leaps alright, to bad for you it’s in the wrong direction, they’ve actually leapt back to the dark ages!

          Speaking of the dark ages, that’s one of those historical periods you really need to check up on. You know, the period where Europe regressed from the worlds cultural and scientific leader down to a stagnant cesspool. Funny thing, the this time period is also called “the age of faith”, because the church was at it’s peak power during this time…

          Also, listening to what others have to say is a quite nice way to learn, you should have tried doing it during your history lessons in school. But then again you probably just labelled it as bullshit, seeing how it contradicted your fairytale book of absolute truth, aka the bible.

        • Anonymous says:

          07:36, over the course of at least the last two millennia, and probably before that but it’s hard to quantify, data on that period being somewhat scarce, scientific progress inversely correlates with religious influence.

          Maybe you should actually read a history book, instead of listening to bullshit others spew.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh please, your killing me! I’m litterary ROFLing atm!

          Those fundamentalist muslims are really the in cutting edge on numerous science fields, just looking at their research makes our western atheist researchers and scientist drool, “If only we had faith in a imaginary friend like they have! Then we could travel to Mars” they say.

          But there is still hope! A group of rabid christian creationists are trying to save us, by trying to force our children to learn utter and pure bullshit at schools they will hopefully regress the nation by at least a few 100 of years!

          Seriously, you need to look up some history. Start with the dark ages, also known as the “age of faith”, when Europe went from being the worlds scientific and economic number one to a stagnant hellhole, funnily coinciding with the absolute peak of the catholic church’s power.

          Also funnily enough, Europe climbed back up to take back the number 1 spot afterwards, coinciding, strangely enough, with the church’s power declining more and more. Purely coincident I’m sure!

          Take the arab world, which took up the mantle of worlds leading area for science and culture during the time Europe suffered from the dark ages. Strangely enough, this also happened during a decline in religious power in the area. Pure coincident again, right? Oh and then their decline, yeah strangely enough yet again when religion rose in power. How strange…

          Then we have those strange facts that atheism is more and more common the more education you have, where scientist and similar are in general the least religious people. Strange huh…

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s exactly why science and knowledge made a huge leap during times of religious influence.

          Maybe you should actually read a history book, instead of listening to bullshit others spew.

        • Anonymous says:

          Boy am I laughing so hard at you… trying to claim that religion is the reason we have science? Wow, just wow.

          Please read up on your history, religion has through history been one of the mightiest forces combating and trying to prevent things like logic, reason, the scientific method, liberty, equality, democracy. Currently religion is a CANCER, a mental virus, that we OWE the world to try to rid from the society because it only bring HARM to the world.

          You know what thing that’s actually been tried and found working much much better than religion? Reason, logic and the scientific method, you know, the three things that actually give us REAL miracles, everyday.

        • Anonymous says:

          What a load of tosh.
          a) Secular societies tend to be nicer to live in than religious ones. In most civilised countries society isn’t tied together by religion, but by thinks like clubs, families, friendships, neighbourhood spirit and whatnot. And where it really is religion that performs this function, it creates a very stifling atmosphere; maybe it’s nice and tightly knit for the in-group, but for people with different world views (which in most civilised places is more than half of the population) things are different.
          b) Over the course of the centuries religions have done anything within their power to impede the progress of knowledge and science. Understandable, since it in turn has been the main factor in the erosion of religion. Furthermore, religions are anti-knowledge and anti-science in basic outlook, since they preach that there are things for which evidence isn’t necessary.
          c) If humans really are hard-wired for religion, we’re overcoming that remarkably well. Where I live (generic European country) over 80% of the population is non-religious, and you know what? We don’t miss it. At all.

        • Anonymous says:

          Religion works better than anything else tried by man. Right now, religion is responsible for society, knowledge, science, and common foundation that we will take into the future and create new societies on.

          Humans are hardwired to believe in outside forces working for and against them, so humans will recreate belief structures and superstious rituals to try and gain more postiive forces working for them and less negative forces working against them— even in one millium years from now— well, whatever humans evolve into by then.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Blame the human, not religion.” That adage is far from universally applicable.
        Firstly, religions tend to create power structures that are awfully convenient for pederasts and an open invitation to such people. And then the bastards get a considerable amount of protection from scrutiny and justice by their holy aura in the eyes of the faithful.
        In some cases the horror goes deeper. The Catholic church for example pretty much institutionalised child rape. Everyone in the power structure knew about it, up to the highest echelons (even up to cardinal Ratzinger) but rather than bringing the low-life to justice, they decided to shift priests around and press people into silence. And religions do not exist in a vacuum – they are comprised of their followers, who pay for and support the institutions and authority figures. There has been talk in the papers recently of possibly arresting and trying the pope for his share in the crime, and rather than supporting this like any decent person, Catholics fell over each other to argue whether the pope has legal immunity or not – as if this matters to any decent person.
        Imagine it being found out that Barack Obama was covering up the systemic rape of children by civil servants. Do you think any American would argue about legal details to get him off the hook? Yet it is the head of the Catholic church, that always argues that without religion we would be left immoral, this bastion against the rising tide of debauched secularism, who assisted the clergy in one of the worst crimes thinkable.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not exaggerations at all. The Vatican knew about this shit, but instead of providing full documentation to the police, they ran a massive cover-up campaign. The Catholic church deliberately shielded child-raping clergy from the law, for example by threats of excommunication, or by moving child-rapists to another parish when the ground became to hot beneath his feet. And the dioceses knew about it. And the Vatican knew about it. And the current pope knew about it. And now the common Catholic faithful know about, and instead of a mass movement to dethrone the pope and surrender him and his accomplices to justice, there’s just weak excuses, tumbleweed and the sound of crickets.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ Anon 04:27:
          Not lies, but over-exaggerations.

          The Vatican knows of the crimes done by priests, but they can’t take care of ALL of the problems. The diocese and local parish should deal with it, as well as the proper legal authorities, but why should we blame the Vatican for something that they cannot directly control?

          And all these assholes who claim to be “religious” are few. Majority of people who follow their dogma are normal people who want to live their life in a certain way that, as well, does not harm others. But no, one asshole from one group means that the ENTIRE group is just like that asshole. Non-religious folk talk about common sense, but I have yet to see them use it themselves when talking ill of the church.

          Again, religion doesn’t make one an asshole. The asshole makes himself an asshole.

        • Anonymous says:

          >I’m atheist, so I gave up after your first sentence. =P
          Sorry, your post read like a whitewash of religious crime, hence my reply. I’m sure now that you didn’t intend that, but I couldn’t have known, nor could any other reader unfamiliar with your background. I guess the takeaway message is: be careful what you say.

        • Anonymous says:

          ah well I havent heard of all that stuff but I know it makes sense I mean the catholic church is the perfect set up, having people be celibate helps you control them for one thing.